Sun In 11th House – Meaning, Synastry

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The Sun represents the energy of life, ourselves, the way we are, our identity, personality, character and temperament. The Sun in astrology represents our manifested self, as others see it and as we sense it. It is our consciousness and our reason.

The bright golden star lights up the core of our being, making us self-aware. The Sun makes you aware of your qualities and your inner strength; the Sun is your personal strength.

This luminary is the most important astrological planet (the Sun and the Moon are considered two of the ten planets astrology counts). It is the first of the personal planets that tell about our personality.

We do not expect of the Sun to ‘do’ anything in our horoscope. It is a figure portraying our essence our genetic content, the code that we bear, everything we have inherited. It is constant, present, everlasting and inborn.

The energy of the Sun is not static, though, for the energy flows eternally. It is the ever-flowing energy of life.

We could say that the Sun was a passive principle, since it simply is; other planets and aspects would amazingly affect the balance and imbalance of the core energy of the Sun. In horoscopes, everything is intertwined. Everything affects another.

The Sun marks your ruling sign; the position of the Sun decides your zodiac sign, which is called the Sun sign. People commonly take the Sun sign as a determinant of the whole personality, but this is wrong.

Your Sun sign tells much about who you are, but not everything. Many people have the same Sun sign and yet, you are all very different and unique individuals.

Let us go back into the ancient past, for a moment. The Sun has been adored and worshiped since ever. It was deified and celebrated as a deity. Take a look into the Greek mythology and seek for beautiful light-bringing Sun god Helios or his sister Eos, the goddess of Dawn.

See into numerous pagan cults of the Sun and traditions and rituals related to the celebration of the Sun. People have always been aware that the Sun is the source of life as we know it.

In astrology, the Sun also plays the central role. It is associated with vitality, light and life. The Sun also signifies ambition, glory, success, self-confidence, courage, bravery, nobility, valiance, warmth, generosity and many more.

Depending on its position and the aspects, these qualities could present in a bad light, so to say. The Sun is associated with dignity and honor, but also with arrogance, egoism and more.

The Sun alone is a constant principle, as we have said and it is a masculine principle, ruling the mighty sign of Leo. What is very important to look into is its position within the astrological chart.

In the following passages, we shall see how the Sun ‘behaves’ if it meets the Eleventh astrological house, within a natal chart or in a synastry overlay. Let us first see into astrological houses and their significance.

Astrological Houses – Meaning

Astrological houses are segments of the astrological chart. There are twelve houses, analogical with twelve zodiac signs.

There are different systems of dividing the chart into these twelve fields, so the houses could appear equal in size or they could vary.

Planets pass through these houses and, in a natal chart, we observe the frozen image and the fixed positions of planets within the chart. Each house represents our experience within a particular field of life.

Planets within those fields affect the way we would experience the area of life. There were twelve houses, but only ten planets.

Moreover, more than one planet could find itself within one house. What does this mean? Will empty houses lie dormant? Not at all.

Houses with more planets would be very dynamic, but the empty ones would be active in their own way. Look for the ruler of the house, in order to understand its dynamic.

Houses are different in nature, each one is specific, but they could be divided into groups. We have angular, succedent and cadent houses.

Angular or cardinal houses present with cardinal qualities of their ruling signs, which are – cardinal signs, those of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Angular houses are about acting within the present moment.

Succedent houses are about fixed and stable qualities, being ruled by fixed signs of Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius.

The third group, cadent houses, are ruled by mutable signs and they are about what comes before taking actions; they are ruled by Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces. Houses could also be divided by elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Each of these groups manifests in a peculiar way. Fire houses are related to one’s identity and life experience, with one’s view on life and his or hers attitude towards it.

Earth houses represent our needy nature, our connection and bonds with the material world, the experience of physical life. Air houses are houses of relationships and of sharing concepts. They are related to our social and intellectual aspect of life.

Finally, we have Water houses that are spiritual and emotional houses, so to say. They deal with matters of the soul and the emotional experience of life.

As one might assume, the distribution of planets within these houses would shape up one’s experience of life as a whole.

For example, people with emphasized Water houses would mostly experience the world through emotions, while those with accentuated earth houses would be, well, down to earth, in touch with the material.

Individuals with an emphasis on Fire houses will be driven to success and self-realization on the whole, while Air houses individuals would be turned to social relations and intellectual development.

The Eleventh House in Astrology – 11th House in Astrology

The Eleventh House represents your capability of making friendships and connections with people around you.

The key terms to this house is social awareness, so it generally represents all kinds of social relations. It represents your attitude towards your friends, acquaintances and generally people you make contacts with.

This house is also about things in life you want the most. It represents your goals, all that you receive from others, money you earn and gain, as well.

This house is associated with adopted children and stepchildren, when talking about family relations. Circumstances you cannot control could also be visible in the Eleventh House.

The Eleventh house is also the house of humanitarian interests, the house that describes the way you look on other people, the house of wider and smaller circles you belong to, the house of social organizations and all areas of social life that have to do with your job and career.

The Eleventh House indicates all the rewards, acknowledgments, gain and earnings, profits and pensions, victories and accomplishments. It is related to plans, intentions, areas of activity, attitudes, boundaries and limits, social activities, progress.

This is also the house of unity, joining forces, associations.

The Eleventh House represents neighbors and older siblings. On the whole, we could associate it with many aspects of social interactions.

This house has to do with rest, vacations, calmness. It helps one recognize opportunities in life. On the level of the physical, the Eleventh House is associated with joints, blood circulation, veins, nervous system, thyroid gland, cerebral disorders.

The Eleventh House could be understood as the house of gain and it relates to success in any field. Prosperity and progress, realization of life goals are associated with this house.

These are all connected with one’s social activity, as the Eleventh House represents all the connection you make and associations you participate in. Its nature is that of the planet Uranus, so the Eleventh House makes one open to the unpredictable and novel.

People with an emphasis within the Eleventh House are open to share with others; they are very selfless.

They selflessly share their emotions with other people, because the energy of this field allows them to receive the love of others without any obstacles; it flows freely. It includes love shared between married partners.

The Eleventh House is the field of the greatest freedom, of fulfillment of our hopes, sympathy we receive, but also of great challenges that come along.

The position of the ruler of the house would show where we have the greatest chance to express the highest level of freedom and innovation.

Sun in the Eleventh House – The Visionary

Sun in the Eleventh House indicates that friendships are very important to you. You rely on your friends’ presence and help.

People with Sun in the Eleventh House often engage with a great number of people and they have friends in various circles. These individuals are flexible and they find it easy to fit into different social environments.

People with Sun in the Eleventh House are excellent colleagues; they are cooperative and enjoy working on a team.

In general, these people have great chances to achieve amazing results on a professional plan and to enjoy fruits of their work. People with Sun in the Eleventh House are incredibly humane and altruistic.

They have a strong need and desire to help people; they want to contribute to the whole of humankind, by their noble and good deeds, which are always something striking, original and innovative.

Their contribution to the world reflects on a big plan or, at least, they plan and hope so; they could be ingenious and incredibly inventive.

Scientific discoveries, inventions, management of global problems, strategies to overcome crises on a bigger scale are their thing. These are visionary individuals and idealists.

They want the world to be a better place and they would never give up their hopes in a better tomorrow. They would not only hope for it, but act towards it.

Sun in 11th House – The Activist

The Sun represents our personality, energy, individuality and originality. When the Sun hits the Eleventh House, it shapes up a personality with a very strong Ego.

However, these self-confident individuals are bent towards using their strength to help others, to make the world a better place, as we have said.

They are selfless individuals or remarkable self-integrity, which is worth of all praise. They are sociable and friendly.

Others greatly enjoy their company and conversations. People with Sun in the Eleventh House typically participate in social organizations, activism and movements.

They do so, following their vision. They are very optimistic and spirited people. They make projects and enjoy discussing about it.

These people love debating over advantages and disadvantages of their projects, all in order to make it better and more useful, more suitable to their big plans.

There is something about them; it would strike you easily and inexplicably. It really feels as if they are a part of something bigger, as if they have a significant role to play in a cosmic game of life.

Throughout their lifetime, they would invest great effort into trying to know more about humanity and to figure out how everything works. They are dedicated to their path, as they strive to improve the world we know, the society as it is.

Sun in the Eleventh House – Crisis Expert

People with Sun in the Eleventh House are flexible and adaptable to new circumstances.

They know with people and they remain calm in even the direst of circumstances. They keep their head cool in the time of crisis and they know how to calm others down. They are the voice of reason in situation in which the panic takes over the majority.

By their rational and calm approach, they bring in harmony and balance, need for critical things to be resolved efficiently.

Sun in 11th House – Synastry

Sun in the Eleventh House synastry overlay awakens the inspiration in the owner of the field.

The Sun inspires the owner to formulate his or her ideals and often helps them make these ideals come true. This is a friendly, reliable connection.

The Sun takes up the leading role and it advises the owner of the field. The Sun would offer constructive criticism and it would not bring the owner of the field down; in fact, the Sun is ready to accept the other one the way he or she was.

This overlay indicates mutual scientific goals or cooperation. Friendships marked by this connection are mentally very active.

In love life, Sun in the Eleventh House synastry overlay brings friendship above physical level of a relationship. This mixture of shared ideals and romance is based upon strong friendship.

The relationship could be eccentric and very specific, but partners will be loyal to one another, there is no doubt about it.