Sun In 3rd House – Meaning, Synastry

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The most important astrological planet of all is the Sun. In astrology, luminaries, the Sun and the Moon are also labeled as planets.

The Sun is the first and the most important element to look into, when you read one’s natal chart report.

The Sun represents the Self, the rational, active, manifesting and transparent part of one’s personality. The Sun defines our basic personality traits, temperament, character and attitude towards life.

People usually equate the whole horoscope with one’s Sun sign. However, the Sun sign alone does not tell everything about a person and his or her life.

There were many other elements to look into, such as astrological aspects and else. Today, we will be talking about astrological houses.

We shall see how the golden Sun, the light of our life affects the Third House and how it reflects on one’s personality and life.

The Meaning of Astrological Houses

Astrological houses are fields within an astrological chart. These fields are related to specific areas of a person’s life. Houses are affected by astrological elements you could find in them.

Planets and their energies would affect a house in a specific way and make a particular area of life more dynamic than others, for instance. This dynamic depend on planets and energies involved.

Houses that have many elements marking them would be your most dynamic life fields. Empty houses do not mean there would be no activity in that particular area of your life.

In that case, you should see into the position and aspect of a ruler of the house in question. Your astrological chart is a unique complex of many elements.

Houses in astrology could be divided into angular, succedent and cadent houses. Angular houses are the first, the fourth, the seventh and the tenth house.

Succedent are the second, the fifth, the eight and eleventh house. Cadent houses are the third, the sixth, the ninth and the twelfth house.

Astrological houses are also divided by four essential elements, so we have Fire houses, Air houses, Earth and Water houses.

The Third House in Astrology – 3rd House in Astrology

The Third House falls under the category of Air element houses. These are houses related to relations and relationships, but also concepts.

We could say that people who have an emphasis on any of the Air houses are those who think through and form concepts, which are to be shared with other people.

The self of these individuals is best understood through shared experience, communication experience. These houses have to do with mutual understanding.

We could call them intellectual and social houses, as they deal with one’s mind and with what is happening inside one’s head, but also with sharing all those thoughts, ideas and – concepts, with people around.

Socialization is what we could easily associate with the Air houses. Besides the Third House, other Air houses are the seventh and the eleventh. Sometimes these were called the ‘trinity of relationships’.

The Third House in natal chart is primarily associated with close relations, with family and siblings. This house describes one’s relationship with people within their family, in the first place.

However, it is also related to wider circles and it affects relations outside of one’s family. This house affects one’s relations with neighbors, colleagues, fellow students, for instance, friends and acquaintances, of course.

As we have said, this house is one of those associated with an individual’s intellectual capacities and abilities.

The Third House has to do with one’s potentials and capacities for learning, making practical and logical decisions and being pragmatic and clever when it comes to work.

This house tells us how resourceful would one person be in work and life, regarding their intellect.

The Third House is about one’s education, profession and overall experience related to these spheres. If Mars or the Sun hit the Third House, it indicates very positive qualities, such as bravery and courage.

If these astrological houses were in the Third House, there are great chances for the individual to travel a lot, to gain world experience and to change the place of living a lot.

Sun in 3rd House – Masters of Persuasion

Sun in the Third House indicates a personality that is lively, hyperactive, joyful, enthusiastic, a bit dramatic, eloquent and, above all, self-confident.

People with Sun in the Third House are strong-willed, they know how to express themselves and how to be authoritative in certain situations. They are masters of persuasion, because these people rule verbal expression. They instinctively know how to pick right words and influence others.

What is very important is that these individuals are very practical and constructive. In times of crisis and in moments that require quick and clever solutions, they play great. They are courageous, not afraid to step forward and boldly present their often efficient solutions.

What is more, they are amazing presenters and performers; the stage is theirs. It is important to note that these were no pretenders; they know how to use stage constructively.

They could be very self-focused and they would use their talents as great spokespersons in order to achieve their own goals; however, we would never say these are malevolent people, who would run over dead bodies to reach heights.

They are also very flexible; they know with people, they do extremely well in communication. These people know how to make the best out of a situation, simply by using words.

Third House Sun people learn quickly and they are optimists. They are also people others look up to and could learn a lot from them, especially things regarding social interaction, self-representation, how to express your thoughts and ideas.

They are adaptable and they do not find it hard to adjust to new circumstances.

Their reactions are quick, efficient, clever and insightful. Others respect them and like them for their charismatic attitude.

Sun in the Third House – Make a Name

People with Sun in the Third House would often make a name for themselves and leave a mark in the world. They would easily build a respectable socials status, which is likely to stand firm and unshaken.

Other people see them as strong willed, authoritative personalities, but not as cruel and insensitive. They simply emit positive energy and self-confidence others find admirable and respectable.

Many would love to be like people with Sun in the Third House. These people rarely suffer from inner insecurities, which are masked by their eloquence and their excellent self-presentation. As we have said, it is in their veins.

They do not play the role of someone else. They are skillful and courageous, not afraid to stand up for their own causes. What is more, they do it in a charming, efficient and rational way, all at once.

Sun in 3rd House – Verbal Enthusiasts

People with Sun in the Third House are very communicative, skillful with words, but also extremely rational and of a logical mind. This makes them efficient when the situation requires quick action.

They use common sense and do not waste time ‘beating around the bush’, so to say.

Their common sense, sharp mind and rational view of life make them successful on both professional and private plan.

Their inborn flexibility and mental agility could easily be seen in the way their communicate. They are extremely adept for verbal expression of any kind, be it spoken or written. They usually opt for speaking things directly.

Live, face-to-face conversation they value above anything else; live word is their ‘weapon of choice’. They master arguments and logic in conversation.

Third House sun people make any conversation go smoothly, flowing and constructive. They always have good reasons and arguments to present and to defend. No, they are not aggressive; they are very rational and also extremely self-confident.

Their self-confidence rarely happens to turn into arrogance; they stand behind their arguments by using logic and pure ratio.

Many people with Sun in the Third House have a talent of theatrical performance, acting in general, for speaking, writing and else.

They would do best if they opt for a profession actively involving use of these skills, such as being an actor, a spokesperson, a journalist, a writer.

They could be amazing diplomats, professors, teachers and else. Although they have a gift for public presentation, their occupation does not necessarily need to be associated with the public appearance.

They are adventurous and curious individuals and so they love to travel. From everything we have mentioned so far, one could easily assume that people with Sun in the Third House are open minded and open to new life experiences.

Travelling could be a great passion to them; visiting different places and meeting new, interesting people enriches their being and satisfies their thirst for knowledge and information.

Sun in the Third House – Family Bonds

People with such positioned sun are inclined towards forming and maintaining pleasant, harmonious and close relationships with their family members and with other people dear to their heart, such as good friends.

They often feel special connection with their brothers and/or sisters; the emotional bond between them is usually very strong.

In addition, people with Sun in the Third House are protective of their family.

An individual with sun in the Third House would always stand up for those dear to him or her, especially for members of their family.

They have a strong protective instincts and they would do all that is in their might to makes their loved ones feel good. They are selfless when it comes to that.

However, their protective instinct could appear to be too strong and even oppressive.

They sometimes tend to care too much, so their protectiveness turns into too much control. They could be seen as very strict and overly protective individuals. This is usually seen in their attitude towards their brothers and/or sisters.

They tend to act like parents, which could be difficult to deal with. Their authoritative attitude is well intended , but it could be too strict and limiting.

Sun in 3rd House – Synastry

Let us see how your Sun in partner’s Third House would affect your astrological compatibility. We should focus on this element when analyzing Sun’s position in a synastry report.

When the Sun is in partner’s Third Hose, we should be talking about basic mutual understanding through communication.

It is very likely that you two know one another through mutual friends, mutual interests, environments and such.

Communication and the social aspect of life probably have to do something with you two getting to know each other and falling for one another, as well.

When one’s Sun is in partner’s Third House, it means the two share many interests, mostly regarding intellectual subjects, inborn curiosity and education.

You probably love to read the same genre of literature, are well educated, love to travel and soon.

When it comes to family and children, you most likely share the same concept of it. Sun in partner’s Third House means your communication is good and flowing, which is a base for a good, honest relationship that make you feel strong and stable.

There is no need for suspicion, as you could rely on one another. Good communication helps you easily deal with any problem.