Chiron in 11th House

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People have used astrology for centuries to find out important details about themselves and others, such as their personalities, beliefs, interests, and the possible events they could experience.

Astrology can give us answers to almost any question we can imagine, as well as the outcomes of situations as well as relationships.

In most cases, astrology analysis is done to determine personalities and possible future events of people.

The natal chart is made for the time of their birth and contains the image of the sky at that exact moment. It has 12 houses and the planets are placed inside them. By analyzing the chart, the astrologer answers our questions.

Planets in houses in individual charts and synastry meaning

The beginning of the analysis is the creation of the natal chart. In earlier days, this was a challenging and time-consuming task.

It required a lot of knowledge and skills, and the calculations weren’t as accurate as they are today.

With the making of computer programs, the chart is calculated in seconds, and now everyone can calculate their natal chart and doesn’t need to ask an astrologer to do that for them.

The analysis, on the other hand, requires a skilled astrologer who can make some accurate predictions.

Astrology can be a very important helper in preventing us from making mistakes or making some important decisions.

The basis of analysis is analyzing the chart and house rulers as well as the planets placed inside the houses and the aspects they are making.

Those houses with planets inside are the most revealing because they show where the focus of action and most activities is. They give details about the areas which are ruled by the house where they are placed and add additional meaning to them.

The planets inside the houses are responsible for many personal traits as well as the events the person could experience during their lifetime.

The 12 houses rule our personality traits, appearance, personal beliefs and interests, education, attitude, profession, career, business, workplace, coworkers, friends, enemies, partners, relationships, family members, ancestors, parents, children, brothers and sisters, neighbors, home, social skills, communication abilities, talents, hobbies, travel, possessions, finances, health, physical condition, diet, etc.

Chiron – Basic Qualities

Chiron is a strange astronomical body; it is not a planet, and is not an asteroid as it was previously believed. It is a mix of asteroid and comet.

This astronomical body is a hybrid, hence its name Chiron, like the being centaur with the same name from ancient Greek mythology. Centaurs were beings half human half horse.

Chiron was the son of Cronus the god, and a water nymph who abandoned him because of his odd appearance.

Chiron was adopted by the god Apollo, who was the patron of music, arts, astrology, prophesy, archery, poetry, and healing.

Apollo taught Chiron all these gifts, and Chiron became a known healer who helped many with his powers. Unfortunately, Chiron wasn’t able to save himself and was thus called “the wounded healer”.

The astrological Chiron rules parts of our life which need healing. These are areas where we usually experience disappointments and failure. It seems as nothing is working out for us in these areas, and yet they seem to be the most important for our wellbeing.

These are areas where we feel insecure, ashamed, or lack confidence. We cannot seem to achieve success and we keep driving in circles. The wounds often come from some previous lives.

To heal our Chiron wounds we need to discover them first. This can be done by analyzing the sign where Chiron is placed in our natal chart, as well as the house where it is placed and the aspects it is making to other planets.

Chiron’s wounds can also be discovered by analyzing our life and the areas where we seem to experience failure with no apparent reason, areas where we feel ashamed and lack confidence to act, or where we take action with no results.

When we discover these areas and accept we have an issue with them, overcome our shame and fear and decide that we want to heal, that is when the healing begins.

It is important to ignore our ego and the feeling of shame and admit the issues we have which is when we begin confronting them.

Without healing these wounds first, we will never be able to experience satisfaction in these areas and we will continue making the same mistakes and experiencing the same results.

Eleventh House Meaning

The eleventh house is the ruler of our friends and friendships, social groups, social interactions, networks, as well as our salary.

By analyzing this house and its planets the astrologer can discover details about our friends and social life, as well as how much we earn.

This house is ruled by Uranus and its sign is Aquarius. It shows whether you have many friends and the importance of friendship for your life.

It might show the relationships with your friends and whether it is likely that you experience more satisfaction or disappointments from your friendships.

This house shows the types of friends we are drawn to and can describe their personalities and appearance.

The 11th house also reveals our need to belong to groups or whether we don’t have such inclinations.

This is the house of our activities and interests, which motivate us to join some network, group or a club.

This house is the house of our dreams and hopes and can show the astrologer whether we will be able to accomplish them.

Chiron in Eleventh House Meaning in Individual Charts

As we mentioned earlier, Chiron shows where our wounds are.

Being the house of our friends and group memberships, Chiron in eleventh house is often a sign of some deep wounds the person has experienced through their friendships and attachments to their friends, in this life or some previous lives, as well as the wounds and hurt they have experienced through being a member of a group of people with similar interests.

When Chiron is placed inside the 11th house, this is often an indication of a person who feels discomfort in making new friends, fears being abandoned and rejected by their friends, or experiencing some similar disappointing situations.

These people find it hard to open up to people and let them become their friends because of their deep seated fear of being let down and betrayed by their friends.

They often cannot explain the existence of this fear because they haven’t experienced anything bad in their friendships during their lifetime, and this is the case when these unknown fears stem from some previous incarnations.

In other cases, the wound and the fear comes from a bad traumatic experience the person has gone through during their life which has made them distrustful and cautious in all situations involving friendships and socializing.

In drastic cases, the person completely isolates in their own world, refusing to make friends with anyone, fearing that the wound might repeat.

This behavior of the person is unacceptable because the value of friendships for everyone’s life is indispensable.

This is why the person needs to find the courage to confront their fears of betrayal and rejection, and even seek counseling if necessary in the process.

It is important for this person to start believing that not all people are bad and that there are people with good intentions which can make perfect friends and supporters in life.

When they realize that their fears have been keeping them away from valuable people that have been in their life, these people slowly begin to open up and experience the bliss of true friendship.

With Chiron in 11th house, these fears and wounds can also have roots in being abandoned by a group during childhood years, or during teenage years, where the person wasn’t able to overcome the sense of inadequacy and low self-worth.

This feeling might have kept the person locked inside their world, consciously blocking anyone’s attempt to bring them back to the real world because they feared they would be hurt again.

The realization of the wound and acceptance of their role in hurting themselves brings these people on the right track.

As with all Chiron issues, the most important is to discover the root and confront it, and the healing starts automatically after that.

Chiron in Eleventh House Meaning in Synastry

Chiron in 11th house in synastry can be an indication that the Chiron person has appeared in the 11th house person’s life to help them understand their issues with matters of the 11th house.

The eleventh house person might have retracted from their social circle because they have experienced some deep wounds by some members of their group, or some close friends and have problems getting back there.

The Chiron person might help this person forgive the people who have wounded them and be able to trust people again. Chiron might help this person regain their faith in people.

Sometimes this happens through some mutual experiences these two could experience, and sometimes the Chiron person realizes the wound this person has and helps them become aware of it so they can heal.


Chiron in eleventh house is usually an indication of deep wounds and hurts the person feels in relation to friendships and groups.

These people have experienced a trauma and betrayal from a close friend or group of likeminded people and this scarred them for life, preventing them to trust other people and making them isolate themselves from their surroundings.

With Chiron in 11th house it is important for the person to realize that their experience doesn’t have to be repeated and that people who can appreciate them and be their true friends exist.

The most important in this case is to overcome the fear of rejection and betrayal and gaining faith that there are good and kind people who would never betray or hurt them.

With Chiron in 11th house in synastry, the Chiron person might help the 11th house person overcome their issues of the 11th house.