Sun in Aquarius

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One of the most widespread opinions on astrology is that an individual’s personality and life could be explained simply by his or hers native zodiac sign.

It is far more complex than that, because your ruling sign is just one of the elements that constitute you as a person and affect your astrological destiny. It is a very important element, but not the only one.

Native signs are pieces of the puzzle called natal chart.

Natal chart is a graphic scheme that represents the sky; it is like a photograph of the sky, turned into a graphic pattern, taken at one exact point in time. This scheme represents heavenly bodies as they were at the time a person was born.

Such charts are a base for creating horoscopes. They could be taken not only for individual people, but also for countries, nations and else.

If you want to learn about the astrological destiny of a country, for example, you should take the date of the foundation of the country the same way you would take someone’s birthday. When it comes to individual natal charts, they are based upon one’s date, time and place of birth.

It sounds simply, but each natal chart represents unique, almost artistic piece.

Why is that so? It is because an astrologer is greatly responsible for a natal chart’s interpretation. He or she creates, in a way. Astrologers take your data, create a chart and interpret it with all their knowledge and experience in practice.

Astrology is a serious business, based upon well-established principles and methodology, just like any other science, although astrology is not officially acknowledged.

Each natal chart is a piece of art, a creation of an astrologer, based upon reliable and exact data. He or she could tell you how heavenly bodies affect your personality and life, according to their positions and relations they create amongst each other.

What you learn from an astrological analysis are precious guidelines and valuable insight into who you are and what you might become.

Sun and Horoscope

The first element anyone would look out for in a natal chart is the Sun. the Sun is the central element is modern, Western astrology. In birth charts, it represents your conscious, your spirit as it is manifested in the world, your real self, your essence. It is the core of your horoscope, but affected by other elements in a birth chart, of course.

The Sun is the main source of light and life, in both spiritual and physical sense. In cultures around the world, from ancient times until the day we live in, it has been considered divine, life giving and powerful.

In old times, the Sun was often identified with the mightiest heroes and supreme deities.

It is a masculine principle, associated with the element of Fire, with the metal gold, orange, yellow and gold color.

In astrology, the Sun is the ruler of the sign of Leo. It is associated with creativity, mind, conscious, will and personal strength. It is the main source of our inner strength; in a horoscope, it represents the area of life someone takes the energy from and feeds up personal strength. The source depends on the place of the Sun in one’s natal chart.

This makes sense, because, in reality, some people find their family the main source of strength, others find it in their occupation or else.  The Sun does not exclude other sources of energy, focusing on one only; other planets and elements shape up our complex personality, as well.

The Sun affects our dignity, pride, authority, leadership capacities, health, vitality, spontaneity and personal creativity.

The Sun is our Ego. It affects the entertaining, exciting part of life, affects the way we perceive things in life and our attitude towards the world and the people.  The Sun guides us through life and lightens up our way.

It helps us reach our full potentials; it determines what our potentials are, for a great part.

The Sun travels through the Zodiac for one earthly year and it spends about a month in each of the zodiac signs. The sign it sits in at the time you were born is your native, ruling sign. The house it occupies in your birth chart represents the field in which we should seek ways to prove ourselves.

The Sun is ambition, effort, creation, motivation and courage. It is associated with royalty, luxury, leadership and integrity.

When the Sun is afflicted, in not so favorable relations with other elements in a birth chart, all the qualities it offers could show their bad sides. It turns into narcissism, despise, arrogance, vanity, cruelty, ill intentions and ambitions, excessiveness in every single sense.

It is important to know what aspects are there in your birth chart, so that you could channel your moving, core energy the best way possible.

The Sun is one of the Luminaries and one of ‘personal planets’. Personal planets are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars and these are the planets to determine our personal traits.

Each one affects specific part of our personality. For example, Mercury is about communication, the Moon about our sub-conscious and emotions and so on.

Sun in Aquarius – General Info

Sun Aquarius or native Aquarius people are personalities with an inborn desire to change the world for better. They are often associated with some higher levels of conscience, as they come from a distant future.

Many would say Aquarius is not of this world. These people step in front of their own time.

They have brilliant ideas and their mission and purpose are to share them with the world. They have to enlighten others.

Aquarius people love community and consider everyone their brothers and sisters. They, however, always stand out of the mass, so that is, perhaps, where their need to create harmony and unity with others originates. Their spirit is free and independent, their mind open and unrestrained.

Aquarius is like the wind; no one could stop these ones. An Aquarius person represents the whole humanity and has a mission to pass on the ideals of the humankind.

The Sun in Aquarius leads to higher levels of existence and conscious and it is not an easy road.

The Age of Aquarius is all about that; the period of the Sun in Aquarius opens up our mind, widens up our dreamy sub-conscience, makes us feel more awake and alert, ready to reach the sky and all of this with the same goal. The purpose is to make the world come into balance.

Finding this balance and reaching beyond our conscience is the most challenging part. This is the reason why Aquarius people are full of contradictions and paradoxes. They could be very different amongst themselves. The Sun in Aquarius makes one a king or a beggar, a genius or a complete lunatic.

Playing with higher forces and energies is a dangerous business that could end up with enlightenment or a disaster.

Aquarius people are flexible, very intelligent, and very open to new ideas. They are unique and unpredictable. Aquarius is an intellectual and thoughtful sign. Aquarius is perhaps the least materiality-oriented sign of all.

They feed on ideas, not on possessions. Aquarius is oriented towards future, progress of ideas.

Good Traits

The Sun in Aquarius makes one eccentric and unique in the eyes of others, in a positive way.

These people are highly instinctive and intuitive, but also very intellectual. They are very self-reliant and flexible. Aquarius are thoughtful and quick minded at the same time. They often stand out of the mass and it pleases them. They often have much to offer the whole society.

Aquarius people are tolerant and they do not bother themselves with mundane inconveniences. They respect others’ opinions, they know how to listen and always keep some kind of philosophical distance, which is good.

Aquarius people would never try to hurt others’ feelings. They are ready to help those in need, without second thought. They love contributing overall world peace.

They are great philanthropist and humanitarians. They rarely have prejudices and they are not skeptical. They truly believe in positive sides of the humanity as a whole and are capable to find positive sides to any bad situations. They accept people as they are, without trying to change them.

Aquarius people are genuinely interested into humanity questions and they look towards the future.

Sun Aquarius are kind, understanding and pacifistic people. They could be amazingly inspirational leaders. They bring changes and are full of revolutionary ideas. They are idealists.

Aquarius people are amazing, faithful friends. People that stimulate their intellect attract them.

Respect, honesty and good talk are bases of a good relationship for an Aquarius.

Bad Traits

The Sun in Aquarius could lead to over-idealization. Aquarius people tend to dwell in their idealistic dreams and to lose touch with the reality.

They could spend days, nights, months, years and so on in forging great plans, but nothing ever comes into realization. They could be irrational and once something gets them back down to earth, they feel devastated by the facts of the reality the live in.

Aquarius people are indeed unconventional, but sometimes it takes drastic forms. Others cannot understand them and see them too awkward.

Some Aquarius ones truly believe they are above others; they think they are incomparably smarter and more capable of other people.

They would never admit any mistake. Aquarius could be fanatic about things they believe in and it could be dangerous.

Sun in Aquarius Man

Sun Aquarius man is a person guided by ideals. Moreover, because he knows ideals are something to search for, he accepts people the way they are, with all their good and bad sides.

He is more intrigued by a sharp, intellectual mind than fancy looks. He is reliable, supportive and trustworthy person. Aquarius man believes he has some higher purpose in life.

Aquarius man is a humanitarian, open-minded, very sociable and friendly. However, he rarely has many good friends and he appears an eccentric in the eyes of others. It suits him fine: Aquarius man is proud of who he is. He is not an offensive personality and is most tolerant.

Aquarius man values his freedom above all. Moreover, he believes the freedom is ultimate value.

He is an optimistic personality, capable of seeing beauty in things others miss out. He is far more spiritual and philosophical than materialistic. He is imaginative and creative, so he always finds something to occupy his mind. He is an excellent team worker, regardless of his unique, very individualistic and eccentric style. He is flexible and cooperative with intelligent, friendly people.

He falls for women with a sense of good, smart talk. Aquarius man needs intellectual stimulation or he would be completely indifferent towards a woman, no matter how attractive she is. He is more intellectual than passionate, so he needs a lover who understands that.

He would love to start a stable, fulfilling relationship, but he will never stay with a woman at all costs.

Sun in Aquarius Woman

Women with the Sun in Aquarius are independent and open in every sense. There are no taboos or prejudices in her world.

She is intuitive and open to new ideas. She is a woman who goes in front of her time. She is a visionary, innovative and very creative personality. This woman is a pacifist, usually well educated, with strong desire to learn and widen up her horizons.

Like her counterpart, Aquarius woman is a humanitarian by nature.

She is full of tolerance and understanding for the people as a whole. She is a kind spirit who believes this world could be a better place if some of her brilliant ideas were applied. She could inspire others, move them and make them act.

Aquarius woman always lives by her own rules; her freedom is golden to her.

She is a person attracted by intellectual people in general. She is very self-sufficient and does not rush to enter a relationship. She would flirt and get into romantic affairs, but when it comes to a stable relationship, her reason prevails over her emotions. She is not very open about her feelings, which might send a confusing message to a man interested in her.

She needs a man who intrigues her intellectually and the one she could fully trust. It has to be a man equally self-reliant and independent as she is, because she needs freedom and she respects others’ freedom.

The Sun in Aquarius in female horoscopes represents exactly such type of a man.


The Sun in Aquarius is associated with enlightenment and philosophy.

People born under this sign head for the stars; they want to reach beyond the common and they see themselves as ones to share higher wisdom with the world.

This is why others often see them strange, eccentric and as if they come from the future.

However, everyone sees something special in Aquarius ones. The Sun in Aquarius opens up new horizons and widens everyone’s perspective on life and humanity.