Sun Opposite Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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The position of the Sun within our natal, speaks of what our life energy will be like and in which area we will have the opportunity to express ourselves in the best light.

The sun in our maps also represents all the authorities, father, wife, and boss.

The Sun describes what our creative potential and vitality will be like, and the field in which the Sun finds itself will tell us a story about the life priorities of natus.

Where the Sun is, there is a “lit light” in the horoscope, so that area of ​​life will be emphasized.

Of course, from the aspects that it forms with other planets, it will depend on which way and with how much success we will achieve results in a given area.

Sun – Meaning and Info

The health condition is generally good, unless the sun is severely affected. They are characterized by self-awareness, security, and even a dose of insolence. Don’t touch their ego! That is their weak point.

They don’t have time to deal with others, so they won’t gossip or work behind your back. Everything they have, they say right away and right in your head! So who is wrong, who is right.

People with the Sun in the second house are characterized by a strong desire to achieve material stability. The income comes exclusively from their own work, and they are here under the protection of the Sun.

These people will have favorable opportunities for earning a lifetime. Even in cases of afflictions, this position of the Sun protects the natus from heavy losses. In his youth, the support of his father and later bosses and rich, respectable people became more frequent.

However, it should also be noted that the position of the Sun in another house brings the urge to overspend, so sometimes it seems that a person does not have the best control over the flow of money.

The money usually comes from large transactions, where a person often enjoys significant privileges from the state. Losses could come from the fields, from where the rulers make bad aspects towards the Sun. Despite everything, these people do not need to worry about their existence.

The third field is the field of intellect, thoughts, relatives, neighbors. The person to whom the Sun was found in the third house, has accentuated intellectual potentials. She will be focused on all mental disciplines, where she can achieve notable results.

This is also a field of traffic, so people with the Sun in the third field can often meet in occupations related to traffic and communications.

Very often, this position brings a big car, as well as a tendency to frequent vehicle changes. If the Sun is in good aspects, the person will have harmonious relationships with brothers, sisters, neighbors, and will also enjoy protection in the field of traffic.

Their communication skills will be widely known. If there are afflictions, we will look at where they come from, so we can know where the difficulties will come from. This position of the Sun often indicates siblings in position.

The fourth field rules our house and family. People with the Sun in the fourth house can boast of respectable family members and good genetics in the male line. In some cases, people with this Sun have an aristocratic origin. Harmony with parents is certain, if there are no afflictions.

People have a pleasant childhood. These are people who, due to life problems, often retire to their house, which is an oasis of security. If success does not come at an early age, it is certain that these people will experience fame under the “old days”.

The position of the Sun in the fourth house is very common among people who experience posthumous decorations.

The fifth is the field of love, relationships, youth, children, fun, sports and games of chance. This position of the Sun brings a very exciting life path. This position of the Sun is possessed by people around whom something is constantly happening, boredom is not a part of their world!

They are the ones who organize outings with friends and choose places for them. The loves are very dramatic and the passions are strong.

Sparks are shining in all directions! The joy of life radiates from them. People with the Sun in the fifth house will do great in high school, if the Sun is under good aspects.

The possibility for the spouse to meet at the party places is expressed.

Often, these people have an honorable place in their favorite club, cafe or theater.

People with the Sun in the sixth field can boast of good health, and every problem in this area ends positively for natus, no matter how difficult it may be.

These individuals enjoy respect from authorities and bosses. They are very organized and meticulous.

Strong will and ability for long-term planning is what provides them with a secure business situation and existence.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

Without a doubt, we all know our zodiac sign. But do we also know our ascendant? How is the sub-sign calculated, and what does the sub-sign even mean? Do we need to know the sign in the horoscope, and what does it mean to me if I find out that I am in the sign of Libra, Leo or Taurus?

Let’s first explain why it’s important to know your ascendant. As you know, our zodiac sign defines us in many ways: each Aries carries some energy, each Virgo is adorned with at least a little sense of detail, and each Aquarius from time to time surprises everyone around him and shows that he is a little different.

Here I will tell you a secret: you may indeed be a completely typical representative of your zodiac sign, but it is easily possible that only you know it! And everyone else? Believe it or not, it’s possible they see you in a completely different light. And so, here we come to the horoscope ascendant.

Because it is this famous ascendant, sometimes stronger than the zodiac sign, that determines how the environment sees us! And so it is possible that some Capricorn acts more like a Leo to everyone, precisely because of the fact that he was born in the ascendant of Leo.

And that is no accident. Namely, the sub-sign also shows how we want to present ourselves, that is, how we would like people to think of us!

Astrology defines the zodiac sign as that sign which was on the eastern horizon just at the time we were born. We will explain with an example – see the natal chart in the picture below:

You can see that the horizontal line in the middle of the circle, i.e. the natal chart, passes through the zodiac sign of Gemini on the left (marked in red). You guessed it, it means that for this person the ascendant is Gemini!

Two people born on the same day and in the same place can therefore have different sub-signs if they were born only a few minutes apart! And as our ascendant largely determines how others see us, it is clear that the two “outwardly” will seem completely different.

Okay, it’s all nice and theoretically clear … But how do you actually determine the sub-signs? Well, for that you will need precise tables (ephemeris), excellent knowledge of astronomy and a lot of patience … We’re kidding, of course!

You don’t need anything but as accurate birth time information as possible. We have prepared a ready-made program with which you will be able to determine your ascendant without error.

Sun Opposite Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

No one wants a broken heart, so many avoid connections with incompatible zodiac signs. However, maybe you should still try, because, you know how they say – opposites attract. It can happen that things “click” between you.

Here are the pairs that, according to astrology, are not compatible “on the first ball”, but they could actually succeed.

Aries and Pisces have very different personalities. Aries is ruled by Mars, so they are always active and combative, they like everything to be as they imagined. Pisces, however, have a gentler nature, they prefer to wait, to see the situation.

Still, together they can be a good couple. When you think about it, you will see that all this makes sense.

Aries is independent, and Pisces gives Aries a lot of freedom, because they need time for themselves, so that they can retire to their dream world.

On the other hand, Aries will understand that Pisces needs more time for themselves, because they respect personal space and privacy. They complement each other well, because Pisces has ideas, but Aries can help make everything happen, so everyone is happy in their role.

At first glance, they are almost opposite signs, it seems as if they have nothing in common. Taurus loves a sense of security, and Sagittarius constantly wants to step out of his comfort zone and explore new horizons.

When it’s a bad day, Taurus wants to lie under a blanket, maybe read a book and enjoy food. The shooter will probably go for a walk or play in the rain. It’s just important that something happens.

However, there are many things in common that share these two signs. First and foremost, Taurus and Sagittarius are sensual beings.

Chemistry is almost certain, and they also have favorite places to eat and listen to similar music. They are very honest and do not like to lie and cheat.

This can lead to the relationship progressing, to having a lot of trust in each other, and that is the most important thing in a relationship.

Childish Gemini and maternal-minded Cancers should not be able to go together.

However, there are many couples who are married, and they are happy. How is this possible?

Gemini and Cancer can be mood swings, each in their own way, and a lot of characters struggle to understand this couple.

But when one of them has big mood swings, then the other person knows exactly what to do and how to cheer up the partner.

Also, not everyone can tolerate the behavior of Gemini, which is constantly childish, but Cancers like it.

Specifically, Cancers act as protectors and can get angry if you say anything against their beloved Gemini. So this couple has a chance to succeed!

While other couples are advised not to be together because of the differences that divide them at first glance, Leo and Scorpio are not advised because of the similarities.


People who have the Sun in the first field cannot fail to notice. Wherever they go, they bring in dynamics.

Their energy is contagious, and they leave no one indifferent. You may like them or not, but the chances of not noticing them and being phlegmatic in their presence are almost nil.

These people are the leaders of the masses, the initiators of events, and often the leaders in revolutions, if Uranus and the Sun have an adequate aspect.