Sun Trine North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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The tense aspects of the Sun can slow down this process, but with a sufficiently strong (or well-developed) Sun, they increase the motivation to grow and develop.

The topic of working out the Sun, however, is worth a separate article, so I will not go into details here.

An easier option for a person. Here he almost immediately understands why he was born and what to do with it, and successfully goes to this, using the experience of past lives (and the position of the Sun, of course).

Sun – Meaning and Info

Today we begin a series of stories about each planet in detail. And let’s start with a star called the Sun, at the center of our solar system. It holds all the bodies of the solar system together by the force of its gravity and gives warmth and light to all living things.

And in the same way in man the Sun is his center, the source of light and life. Astrologers call this beginning in a person differently: spirit, consciousness, higher “I” – the source from which a person who was born into this world begins.

Before the very first thought appears, there is already a sense of self, the feeling that “I am.” Everything else – feelings, thoughts, actions – then, and in the beginning the first manifestation of consciousness of oneself, intelligent life begins with it. You may doubt this: is consciousness already present even in such a small child? –

Of course, it is present, it is present even in animals. It has not yet become a thought or feeling, but it is consciousness that allows us to perceive the external world, to feel pain, hunger and everything else. But in man there is also something that animals do not have.

And the animal has feelings, but it cannot even mentally say: “I feel this way,” it cannot look at its internal processes – at thoughts and feelings – from the outside, and therefore cannot control them.

A person is also not from birth capable of controlling his feelings and thoughts, this takes time, but he can learn this thanks to the fact that he has self-awareness.

Consciousness and self-awareness is the light that allows us to see what is happening around us and in us. And it is associated in astrology with two sources of light, with two luminaries – the Sun and the Moon.

But the Moon gives twilight light, weak, with it, objects are not so clearly visible, and it shines with reflected light. And the Sun is the true source of light, with it everything can be seen clearly and distinctly.

North Node – Meaning and Info

There is only one minus – if the Sun is weak and affected, the owner of the card may choose the wrong direction of development, and it will be difficult to understand the error, because the trigone works by itself.

The sextile still requires work, and here it is easier for a person to understand his mistake. The owner uses the trigon without hesitation (this is the danger of almost any trigon with personal planets and with the Sun in particular).

The option when the Sun is in square to the axis of the Lunar Nodes requires separate consideration. Being engaged in self-development, creativity, making decisions, not only often thinks about the initial and final goal, but also comes to thinking about the eternal.

The search for oneself and goals pushes to develop oneself and the themes of the house, which is ruled by the Sun, and all the forces that, in theory, should be directed to the search for the Path, are directed to creativity and work on oneself.

And in this case it is not consistent with the “plan” of incarnation, therefore, resources (time, effort, energy) are spent by a person in the wrong direction, which his soul chose when he came to this world again.

This complicates karmic development, contributes to the emergence of karmic knots, but allows you to achieve great success in the Sun – to become a noticeable figure, gain fame and individuality, and also succeed in the affairs of houses in which the Sun stands and rules.

If the Sun is strong and supported by aspects, a person can take the affairs of these houses for his purpose in life, even identify them with himself. With a weak Sun, doubts, throwing and uncertainty are possible, which can also negatively affect business (energy is spent on nerves in quadrature’s, and not on the Sun or Nodes).

Sun Trine North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Due to the fact that the topic of karma in the natal chart finds a significant response among readers, I begin a cycle of posts on the topic of aspects of the planets to the axis of the Lunar Nodes.

I start, of course, with the “head” of the natal chart – the Sun. The sun, its position in the sign and in the house, its aspects reflect the main characteristics of a person’s personality.

Let’s consider the main aspects of the Sun with Nodes and how they reflect the karmic position of a person. We remember that the Nodes are always in exact opposition to each other.

This position of the Sun in the chart means that a person’s path, desirable for karma, is directly related to his development as a person, with work on strengths, and the elimination of negative manifestations of character.

Most often, such a person, from childhood, is looking for something that will be interesting to him in life, making attempts to develop in the direction he has found. The owner of this aspect will improve his dharma (karma in the current life) with the help of self-expression, creativity, self-knowledge, as well as through the affairs of houses in which the Sun stands and rules.

For example, if the Sun stands in the 11th house and governs the 9th house, the experience necessary for development can be obtained through science at universities and research institutes, through teaching in groups of people, through research in the field of culture, law, philosophy, linguistics; in a simpler version – traveling with friends, interacting with classmates at the university.

The sun in this example will best reveal itself in the affairs of the 11th house, and the spheres of the 9th house will feed its strength and brightness.

An important point here is belief in yourself and your ideas, recognition of your services to the group, open expression of your plans. The owner of the connection of the Sun with the North Node is able to see himself in the reflection of the world, and knowing it, he can better understand his essence.

When the planet is on the South Node, a person “brought it with him” from a past life (it’s not for nothing that the South Node icon looks like a full bowl.

The North Node, by the way, like empty, or rather, inverted, which needs to be filled during life).

In this case, the person showed himself quite clearly in a past life, developed, and had a pronounced individuality. He infected others with his ideas, was an example (or an anti-example). The man was a person and could,

Without wanting to, lead others. More specific information can be given by the house, sign and aspects of the Sun.

In this incarnation, past experience will be reflected on the state of self-esteem and perception of a person, on his character, ability to desire and desire to create.

If the Sun is strong in sign, at home, then a person “inherited” from the past a healthy self-esteem, an adequate perception of the world, the ability to understand, realize their desires and aspirations, the ability to create something new and present their creation to the world.

Aspects set certain nuances, for example, a trine from Jupiter can give a desire for overestimated self-esteem and excessive optimism in relation to oneself, and a square from Saturn, on the contrary, will push to self-criticism and distrust of oneself.

If the Sun is weak in sign / house (it is in exile, fall, 7/11 house, and is also affected by aspects), then there is a high probability of the presence of a “karmic knot” – an unresolved problem of a past life, which is not easy to bring to the surface and eliminate.

There will be self-distrust, shyness, downturn, insecurity, and lack of faith in oneself, a desire to please others (sometimes to the detriment of oneself). Standard methods may be powerless here (although they are certainly worth trying – for example, contacting a psychologist). If this is the case, it is recommended to contact a specialist regressologist for the elimination of the blocks by returning to the memory of a past life.

Cases where the Sun is neither strong nor weak are the most common. The principles of the Sun in this case depend on the degree of its elaboration in a past life.

If the Sun is both “strong” and “weak” at the same time (for example, it stands in Leo in the 11th house), we have a case when the acquired skills according to the Sun were used for other purposes or too often, or (if the house is “strong” (1, 5 or 9), and the sign “weak”) a person was placed in conditions when he needed to create, develop and lead, but he did not do it too much.

In the first case, a person is limited in the manifestations of his harmonious Sun, since he received too much such experience in a past life, in the second – on the contrary.


Trigon as an aspect is stronger than sextile, and works without difficulty on the part of the cardholder, as if by itself.

Accordingly, a person lives using what he gained in a past life, and he does it very well. There is only one nuance – in this life he needs to get the opposite experience in the direction in which the North Node “points”.

However, the Sun in the chart illuminates those points with which it has an aspect, which means that a person is well aware of where he should move. Initially, the owner of such a card can enjoy success living along the South Node (according to the principles of his sign and home), but then he notices that he has a true.