Chiron Trine North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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The owner of this initially opposition has senile insanity, mental criticism, lethargy, boringness.

If a person does not practice, then he himself goes to unscrupulous doctors charlatans.

Her reproduction on two large sheets from Ogonyok in childhood evoked in me a feeling of some terrible mystery of the figure of three people in fabulous oriental clothes, as if they were shining, sparkling, flashing with a mysterious light from the dark depths of the past centuries.

Chiron If it is in the XII house, a person interprets well-hidden information.

A person believes in signs, is careful not to over praise, not to jinx it!

Chiron – Meaning and Info

Knots for Disease In this topic, we will look at knots that help with disease. The cult priest Jim Jones has this connection to Aries III house.

A connection to an upstream node indicates that the event is very important and has long lasting consequences.

The continuing instability of the square of Jupiter and Saturn to Neptune in September 1980 unleashes the Irano-Iraq War.

Both planets enhance the possibility of creative self-expression in the highest spheres of intellectual activity, contribute to the recognition of society and among loved ones.

Strengthening individuality, brilliant tendencies, and a person leaves his mark on this world.

When there is a conjunction of the North Lunar Node and Lilith in the synastry, the person of the North Lunar Node does not seem to “see” what to do, Lilith gives the wrong ones. And suddenly, after the next question.

Neptune is an expression of popular aspirations, the desire of a nation to liberate itself from the imperial framework.

Already only on the basis of this astrological emphasis, homeopathy, subjected to various attacks by the force of freedom in the revival of an incomplete understanding of its principles, has the right to its legitimate existence and development.

Whose Neptune or Planets? The square of Saturn to the Moon Scorpio focuses attention on the inner strongest experiences of the Moon Scorpio and makes them restrain Saturn, as all three seemingly frozen characters in the picture restrain the storm of emotions, and especially, in the center of the picture, Assur, restraining resentment over betrayed trust and the loss of a friend.

Jean-Claude Killy, the famous Olympic skier, has a precise conjunction of the Head of the Dragon with Jupiter in Leo on the Ascendant.

The difference in planetary conjunction with one of these points is best illustrated with an example.

That is, all life is built on one planet Mars, this is an example of the life of past generations when the planet was connected with the South Node, and the more accurate the connection is, the more the obsession was. It soon became clear that Chiron plays an important role in astrological charts.

But they are the points of connection of our will, the Sun, and our desires, the Moon, that.

There is something similar to the position of the planets in the Asz region from the side of the Twelfth House.

Having read wise books, having heard a lot of wise people, the native starts feverishly “to correct karma” without thinking about cause-and-effect relationships. Relationships cannot last long if people do not feel responsible to each other.

Previously, I treated my relatives as something imposed and unnecessary on me, avoided these contacts in every possible way and formed them myself.

Get distracted from routine daily activities and retire to solitude in order to know your self-destruction.

North Node – Meaning and Info

If Saturn suppresses Mars, a cautious person, but does not realize himself, inside is suppressed aggression, directed at the world and at himself, sometimes breaking through? I had a client whose rulers of the first and seventh houses turned out to be squared as a result of the progression.

People with these aspects find ways to help others based on their own understanding of painful trauma. The Nodes have the greatest influence, connecting with the partner’s luminaries. But I must say that you need to prepare for motherhood, setting yourself up for responsibility for a new creature.

It was the day of the exact conjunction of Mercury in the 28th degree of Sagittarius with Chiron and their exact opposition to Neptune in the 28th degree of Gemini.

Although Ireland is not a colony in the narrow sense of the word, its secession was a tangible territorial loss that dealt a strong blow to Britain’s imperial pride.

This is not an easy aspect, since in the spheres ruled by the Planet conjunction with Uranus, a person, whether he wants it or not, from time to time becomes the guinea pig of the Absolute, whose paths are inscrutable, especially at the beginning. Chladni’s ideas were very progressive for their time and were of great importance for the development of correct ideas about the material unity of the Universe.

He stopped appreciating you, he got used to being around and probably if you get close or the bridegroom after some time it will start again, but then you will already be with the child.

Opposition, square and quincunx may indicate the desire of the Jupiterian by all means to convert a partner to his faith, imposing his views and way of thinking on him.

Chiron Trine North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The connection of the Moon with the North Node of a partner – gives a great unconscious craving for each other.

The sense of humor is remarkably consistent with the public, a person laughs at the jokes of pop comedians, and maybe even writes reprises for them.

And such a super connection is by far the most reliable astrological sign of marriage. Partners with harmonious aspects of the horoscopes of the Moon and Neptune are well suited to each other.

If he adequately goes through all the temptations, his experience can later be used by others.

This person can make good use of changes in social conditions for their own purposes, quickly adapt to new conditions and use all possible chances, play a leading role in social reforms.

Any aggression is smoothed out; over a person, a force protective field is charming even to anger.

It turns out that EspirituSanto’s independence from the British-controlled New Hebrides was “unilateral,” and the declaration of independence was soon canceled.

And the fact that Chiron is in this square to natal Neptune testifies to the poor tolerance of the treatment situation for the child himself.

Chiron – the South Node of the Synastry – you can get the feeling of a long acquaintance. Improvement is a manifestation through physical strength is good if it is a fight, not a sport. Thanks to the activities of educators, first of all, Jean Jacques Rousseau.

If the inner planets in the horoscope of one of the partners are aspected by Saturn of the other, communication between partners occurs at a level that is often unacceptable for the first.

Views and opinions are not flexible, and irritability and stubbornness lead to disharmonious events and the accumulation of negative impressions.

Romantic super connections will indicate that the two love each other and want to be together, but their marriage is unlikely to be successful if it was concluded on an astrologically unfavorable day.

Often people with this aspect become nutritionists, teachers of health practices.

A person who has a retro planet on a natal chart often has a fair feeling that he knows and is able to do more than he can show. When the Sun and the Head of the Dragon are connected, intensification occurs.

You know, I loved you … I knew that … I confess … I confess … At the turn of the last years and the rabid beginning I was looking for you everywhere.

A person will work a lot and hard, and in a constructive version he will do a lot, but in a destructive one he will not do much, but if there is no trine for connection, then emotional satisfaction from what has been done is unlikely.

Chiron, in conjunction with the Setting Node in Aquarius, gave the famous poet and creator of the book The Rose of the World, Daniil Andreev, a visionary gift, the opportunity to receive some key information that he tried to convey to people through his work.

Mercury is the natural ruler of Gemini and Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius. I hope that they will turn out to be a new step in the development of astrology of science, which united the past, present and boundless future of the character and soul of an earthly person.

In other words, he must always come from the best intentions, approach any business with only pure thoughts.

The trigon of this combination gives a very fair, harmonious person who owns a lot, there are both material benefits and wisdom like King Solomon.

With this interaction, the planets act as allies, they are tied more tightly than with semi-sexuality, more energy is released.

Thus, we can use the presence of aspects between the planets we have identified as a kind of tuning fork showing how a particular event in the history of the British colonies was consonant with the theme of gaining independence.

People who have the Sun of the same element – the principle of similarity – get along well with each other.

Such people lead with enthusiasm on a voluntary basis or, when the knot is defeated, they deftly engage in demagoguery in the literal sense of the word that is, deceiving the masses, speculating with current slogans. This is good karma, friendliness and generosity in the past.


The more planets are involved in a transit situation, the higher a person’s potential for personal growth, the more chances he has to experience the moment of Kairos.

Taurus perennial cross is very hardworking, persistent in work, beliefs and delusions.

Basically, the main reason that we could not achieve this happiness in our past acquaintance with our past life is our imperfection. It is worth adding that this extravagant triad is expected by the sextile Venus Pluto from hot Aries.