Venus Trine North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Venus in the natal map is responsible for everything that has a relation to the sensual and emotional aspects of life. Venus manages relations between partners, spouses, lovers, as well as mutual relations between presenters of a certain floor.

In her sphere of influence there is also a social status and behavior in the community, as well as moral and aesthetic values, a sense of pleasure and pleasure. He nourishes Taurus and Venus.

The value of beers in the natal map C is not associated with attachment, pleasure, enticement, support, communication, love and beauty, but also important.

Venus – Meaning and Info

On the intellectual, as well as on the emotional levels, the influence of the planet is the same. It lacks joy, intoxication, and expression of feelings, grace and endeavor, carelessness, tranquility, insanity, laziness.

What concerns health, Venus is responsible for the neck and throat, thyroid gland and vein system. It also controls the state of the kidneys, lower back, and muscle tone and relaxation skills.

First of all, it is responsible for emotions and feelings, as well as behavior, relationships between people (especially in romantic situations, marriage and female friendliness.)

It symbolizes morality, artistic vision, value, physical attractiveness and ways of getting pleasure from life. Manages Telts and Bets.

Great influence has on the heart, art, affection, enticement, excitement, morbidity, peace of mind, and socializing. According to emotions and mind, the situation of the pox.

In both cases, there is joy, peace of mind, grace, negligence, sensitivity, as well as laziness and indecision.

The physical body receives beauty, elegance, and also craving for profit, jewelry, values ​​and various material property.

Among the orgs, the blow comes along the waist, neck, throat and throat, veins, kidneys, thyroid gland, as well as muscles and the ability to relax.

Venus is a moderately nocturnal planet, which means that it is still more outwardly oriented than a show of power.

Venus is known as the “alluring light.” Basically, this means that when we are under her influence, we tend to overlook the flaws of the object of our love and over-emphasize its good qualities.

In a relationship, Venus is more likely to “smooth out the rough edges” of our partners than to “sharpen” them. Venus indicates what things we consider important – what we value in life.

These are the romantic ideals that we strive for, the qualities that we look for in others and hope to develop in ourselves.

Venus has a very fruitful and creative energy, she seeks expression both through visual arts and music, and through crafts, gardening, poetry, etc.

Most of all, however, Venus is preoccupied with relationship issues. She strives to achieve perfection through unity and carries the idea that the whole is more than the sum of all its parts.

Nowhere is this more evident than in our natural desire for camaraderie in all its forms. Venus shows both how we express our love and affection, and how we want to receive it from others.

When touching the energy of Venus, it is useful for us to remember that it works best of all at the highest – spiritual level.

And finally, Venus is always where we are looking for opportunities to reconnect with the rest of the universe, to reconnect with all of creation.

Nevertheless, more often we are carried away by its more material, physical aspects, and we forget the higher nature of this planet.

North Node – Meaning and Info

When the luminaries move towards evil stars, or when evil stars are in opposition to the luminaries, especially if they are located with the Moon in any of the Nodes, the born will suffer some kind of injury, or a hump, or the destruction of some organ … Other sayings of Ptolemy give an interpretation of the Nodes. One of them reads:

If the Moon were with the Lunar Nodes, then this would increase the insight of the soul and make you act more lively. In Ali Ibn Ridwan’s commentary on the second book of Tetrabiblos, it is said that the Dragon’s head is hot and the Tail is cold:

If Saturn is in conjunction with the Tail of the Dragon, this indicates great hunger and cold. If he is in Pisces, people will experience horror, fear and lack of fish, and great pain and longing will reign among believers.

If Mars (quadrature) forms an aspect to them, they will be killed; if Venus – they will be turned into slavery, if the Sun – they will praise the king.

Gemini and Sagittarius obey the Head of the Dragon and the Tail of the Dragon more than all other signs, and therefore the Nodes bring more misfortune in these signs.

The Dragon’s head does a terrible evil, for with bad planets this evil grows.

On the contrary, it is a great blessing, for her kindness grows with benefic planets. The Dragon’s Tail, on the contrary, is opposed both in position and in meaning to the Head.

From these aphorisms it follows that the South Node has unfavorable qualities – this is the attitude towards it that prevails in the views of Western astrologers.

Over the centuries, through the Jewish and Arab astrologers, we receive the most valuable information about the interpretation of the Nodes.

When the Head of the Dragon is located in the Ascendant along with the Sun, Venus and Mercury, the born will be stingy. This interpretation can be associated with symbolism, in which the Head of the Dragon absorbs everything, swallows, hides, hides, acting like Saturn in his dark incarnation.

The following statement also has a similar meaning, but instead of interpreting it as a character trait, the author interprets it as a bodily affliction, which, however, can be overcome provided that the benefic planet is aspect with the Node. Thus, it is concluded that aspects with Nodes should be considered.

When the Dragon’s Tail is located in the Ascendant and there are evil luminaries in the same place, the born will be without one eye, if the good planets do not form a favorable aspect with the Ascendant. In the following aphorism, which refers to the South Node located on the Ascendant, contrary to the fact that

it could be assumed, it is said that the born will not be unhappy, and even a meaning is given associated with the performance of a certain role, which presupposes the presence of significant life experience, otherwise Albubater’s assumption could not come true.

If the Dragon’s Tail is in the Ascendant, the native will become a troubadour, a performer of ballads about exploits in other lands.

In order to talk about exploits or events that happened in other lands, first of all, you need to go there in order to experience what you have to talk about.

In other aphorisms, interpretations are given based on the position of the Nodes in the Houses and on the aspects, especially the connections that they form with the rest of the planets.

In the following statement, basic information is drawn from the House where the North Node is located and from the planet with which it is connected.

Venus Trine North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The Fifth House governs children, romance, creative expression, entertainment, sports, and speculation. Appearance contains something mystical, they are able to understand with their hearts strangers, just acquaintances.

The Neptunian personality will have to overcome all the problems associated with the lack of practicality, and the Mercurian person will try to develop a sense of intuition and imagination.

Connecting your life will face the destructive influence of momentary, passing trends. Chiron 13th degree Aries trine with Neptune 14th degree Leo and semi-square with Mercury 27th Aquarius. At every moment of time on our map, there are many radical and transit planets.

Do I need this? And your Sun or Ascendant will activate mainly that sphere of your partner’s life, for which this planet is responsible for his horoscope. North Node in Sagittarius, relying on multiple sources of information and communication skills, you need to cover as many opportunities as possible.

In firdars, there are periods of the Moon Saturn at conception, up to about years and 7 months. In the 9th harmonic the Moon and Saturn sextile, Saturn house, square with Mars. The aspect strikes the character, as a result of which a person becomes rather selfish, cunning, caring only about his own interests, falling into periods of anxiety, anxiety, doubt, self-doubt, gloom and despair.

Lilith 1st house – extraordinary ambition and overactive manifestation of herself, charismatic appearance. If the planet is in conjunction with the setting node, then this node is able to weaken the function of the planet or disguise it.

The discrepancy between dreams and reality, they are attracted by the possibility of realizing the greatest desire, but the realization does not occur. The power of Venus means gift, beauty and harmony, material well-being and attractive magnetism for those people and things that an individual loves and wants to have next to him.

This can be because you tend to impose serious mutual responsibilities on the relationship, which leads to ambivalence, subconscious fear of loss, and ultimately rupture.

Sextile and trine and some of the connections will be the glue that holds people together tightly to work together, leaving aside the adaptation problems that tense squares or oppositions point to. If other areas of the male chart indicate stability, this aspect can bring happiness to lasting relationships. Trine to the Sun The birth of a grandson is a favorable period for art.

At the highest level, this is a very strong position, the general view and philosophy of Jupiter, combined with the thoroughness of Virgo, give tremendous opportunities to any endeavor. Pleasant communication is especially necessary for Pisces, since they feel a deficit in this area. Shows stupid generosity, you can pity him with a fictional sad story and get money out of him.

Is it not Freud who enriches him with his knowledge, and at the same time, his friend Jupiter rules the 11th house? This is a significant reason for a good mood and improvement in the well-being of even seriously ill people.

The real picture is always a miracle, and attempts to dismember and understand it in parts destroy the Neptunian synthesis, and then the miracle disappears, and a more or less perfect technique ruled by Mercury and Saturn remains.

Nevertheless, it is possible to improve the course of some diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Do not count on receiving loans and credits, beware of rash spending, difficult promises, taking on unnecessary responsibility and obligations.

He will have to realize the value of social and cultural traditions and rules and lead a prudent, noble and healthy lifestyle.

Their artistic abilities are known to everyone, and their behavior and lifestyle are marked by a special aestheticism.

This year was a crisis and for Rutland, Pluto was in opposition to its Sun, Saturn conjunction with the stallion Libra is recalled.

Now the individual must be independent, boldly defend Venus in the trine to the north node for his rights, and fight for personal freedom and independence.

In the very center of the burning zone, there is a tiny oasis called kazimi cazimi, which means the heart of the sun.

Fear of losing magical power over people can make you give up material wealth.


The day is favorable for the exchange of views, the expression of the interests of both parties, for speeches and advertising events, for the conclusion of contracts, consultations, and the establishment of useful public relations.

10 in the partner card means that we like what a person strives for, like his job, like his status in society.

Their role is rather mediating, they represent the features of the dynamics of human development, his personal evolution and his participation in evolution.