Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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If you wonder how useful astrology can be for determining how compatible you are with a particular individual, and what are the prospects of having a satisfying and harmonious relationship with that person, the answer is “yes, it is very useful”.

Astrology can give us precise details about a person’s character, preferences, and to some extent, an insight into what their future life might look like. It can also describe the relationship potential between two people to the tiniest details.

For astrology to be as precise, you need to have the precise birth data of the person you’re interested in, and if you want to determine how compatible you two are, you’ll also need your birth data as well.

That means you will need the exact time of birth, the date and the place of birth for you both. You need them to make your astrology natal charts.

A person’s natal chart describes their personality in precise details. You’ll only need to analyze it.

If you want to know how you two would get along, you can make a comparison of your planetary placements and determine the existing aspects between them.

The meaning and the overall energy of the aspects will reveal the nature of your relationship. If the planetary aspects are predominantly good in nature, the relationship has good chances to be a stable and lasting one.

If the aspects are bad in general, you two don’t have much chance of establishing a relationship that will stand a test of time. It is most likely that it will be filled with conflicts and disagreement which will eventually end the relationship.

If you don’t have the needed birth data, you can still use astrology for the same purpose, only in less precise detail.

You can use their horoscope to discover some basic personality traits, as well as to compare your basic horoscope traits to theirs to determine the overall compatibility between you two. It won’t be as detailed, but it can be of great value to you.

In this article, we are comparing the basic traits of an Aquarius man and a Cancer woman, to see how compatible they are.

Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man is an amazing being, although he might appear confused and not from this planet. These men are visionaries and are usually ahead of their time. Uranus, their ruling planet is responsible for their unusual nature, and often above-average intelligence.

These men are usually very intelligent, and many of them are brilliant in their professions.

Their interests are always in the sphere of innovation and doing something which hasn’t been done before or at least doing the same thing in some unusual and innovative way.

These men tend to leave their mark in any area they are involved with. They are usually leaders in their chosen fields, often high technology and have successful careers in that area.

Aquarius men are often into extreme sports and activities. They are excited by everything new and potentially dangerous. They are often fearless, and they are prone to taking great risks simply to raise their adrenaline. They often choose professions which enable them to live their passion, such as pilots or race car drivers.

These people love the company of people but might appear unadjusted and awkward in some situations. They can be very stubborn and refusing to accept other people’s point of view. They have mild characters, but their reactions can be aggressive and unpredictable at times, surprising people around them, who are not used to them displaying such behavior.

Aquarius people are helpful by nature and are often true humanitarians, who devote their lives to a higher purpose, helping humanity in some way.

They are eager and ready to help any living creature, not just humans. They are often activists for some organization with a humanitarian cause, or they simply help the people, nature and living beings in their surroundings. They are readily available when you call them for help, at least most of these people are.

They have an open approach to people but take their time until they get to know someone well. They tend to be friends with a girl before deciding to take steps towards committing her. These men are very independent and value their freedom very much.

They don’t jeopardize it easily and that is why they take a lot of time to decide whether to commit to a woman because they want to be sure that she is the right one.

Their ideal woman should be very intelligent and interesting. She also needs to have a sense of humor like theirs. These men are attracted to a person’s intellectual beauty and knowledge. If a woman is gorgeous looking and empty inside, this man probably won’t be interested in taking her out.

These men are not very passionate and many of them don’t care much about physical intimacy. They tend to bond with a woman intellectually, and desire to be friends first and other segments of the relationship follow that.

When they are in a relationship, these men are usually devoted and loyal. They ask for a great amount of freedom, but they are also willing to give as much freedom to their woman.

They can’t stand jealousy and possessive behavior because they suffocate them. If they sense that a woman is becoming clingy or that she is asking too many questions about their activities when they are not around her, they begin to feel nervous and pressured.

Such behavior is a way to chase this man away from you, so be aware of that if you are interested in an Aquarius man or you are already dating him.

These men are prone to adventures and pushing their limits. They also love to be in a company of people with similar interests. They have a lot of friends and acquaintances and a few good friends, which they keep investing in their entire lives.

These men are prone to making changes but take time and often careful thinking before making them.

Although they might be prone to taking risks and having unpredictable reactions, they don’t always rush into things. These men are very intelligent and are usually aware of the possible consequences of their actions, but they do them anyway.

These men are not very tender and used to express their emotions.

They are not very emotional either, unless they have some prominent water element in their charts. They have difficulties expressing their feelings, both in words and physical actions. They tend to do it with their deeds and making you aware that they are there for you.

Cancer Woman

Cancer women are very emotional beings. The Moon, the ruler of their sign is mostly responsible for that. The Moon is also responsible for their well-known moodiness, and tendency to change their mood with no apparent reason.

The Moon rules emotions and has a great influence on nature and human beings in general. It mostly influences Cancer people because it’s their ruling planet.

Although they do tend to be grumpy and sulky at times, Cancer women are usually happy and outgoing. They love people, but usually take their time to get to know someone before they can relax in their presence.

When they are relaxed, their true nature shines completely. Their sense of humor is great and people love being in their presence.

They are good at entertaining people in their homes. They are home types and prefer spending their time off in the comforts of their home. Only their closest friends and family members usually have the honor of being in their house.

These women (like Cancer men) don’t like strangers and need time to get to know and trust a person before they can invite them to their house.

They are very sensitive and easily get hurt, so they tend to protect themselves with their reserved behavior and refuse to open before knowing someone well. These women love people and love company, but it is usually the company of the people they already know well where they truly relax.

These women are very caring and nurturing towards people in general, especially the ones they care about. They have strong bonds with their family and tend to spend a lot of time with them. Many of these women spend their entire lives in close vicinity to their parents and/or siblings, even long after they have established their own families.

One of their greatest desires is to have their own family and become mothers. They seek a caring and protective man who can provide them with financial stability so they could both create a ground to start building their own family together.

These women make wonderful wives and even better moms, although they might be overly attached to their spouses and their children. A Cancer person, both men and women, often have a tendency towards clinginess to the people they care about.

Cancer women (and men) are usually good in the kitchen. These people love preparing delicious food, and love eating it as well. Their love for food is often evident in their physique because they tend to be overweight and struggle with diets and eating regimes.

They also enjoy preparing food for the ones they love, especially their children and their partners.

These women are not passionate and usually have a passive approach to relationships. They are traditional and wait for the man to make their first moves. They prefer tenderness to passion and can be appalled by the aggressive approach of an overly passionate man.

Cancer men love to pamper their man, but they also love to be pampered and feel loved by their man.

They need to feel secure and protected. These women are not overly ambitious and don’t have an issue with giving up their job to stay home with the kids and take care of the household if their man is capable enough to support all their needs.

Love Compatibility

A love relationship between an Aquarius man and a Cancer woman is not a likely one, unless they have some other connections between their natal charts.

They have different personalities and personal preferences in life.

She can appear too needy for this independent man who doesn’t like dependent people. His ideal woman is independent and capable of taking care of her needs.

Although there are Cancer women who are independent and able to live without anyone’s help, most of them desire a man who has a desire to take care of them and their needs because it is their vision of an ideal man.

This man loves freedom and loves action, while she is mostly an indoor type of woman, who enjoys spending most of her time there beside her man and her kids.

He usually doesn’t fit in that role and there needs to be a lot of effort put in on both sides for this relationship to work out, and usually none of them wants to make such a big sacrifice. 

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage union between an Aquarius man and a Cancer woman is not a common one.

If they are typical representatives of their signs, they will have a hard time maintaining a relationship, let alone a marriage.

These two are different characters and they don’t have the same goals in life. Their lifestyles are also different.

If they happen to get married, they could put in a lot of effort and the union might live, but at great cost on both sides, and with a possibility of eventually ending when one of them or both cannot take such situation anymore. If they have some beneficial influences between their natal charts, the situation could be significantly different.


An Aquarius man and a Cancer woman are not likely to be friends.

The Cancer woman has a traditional outlook on the world, and she might get shocked by his attitude and his beliefs.

She might appear too boring and common for his taste, and both won’t have a desire to move this relationship past the meeting each other part. 

Cool Facts

Both the Aquarius man and the Cancer woman appear reserved when first meeting someone.

They both take time to get to know a person and gain their trust before opening to them.

For both the main reasons are their natural shyness and sense of inadequacy and for the Cancer woman is also her fear of getting hurt and the need to protect herself. 


The Aquarius man and the Cancer woman don’t make a good couple in either of the above-mentioned relationships because they are very different and need a lot of adjustments to make this relationship work.