Taurus Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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When we meet someone, and we want to know about the possibility of getting along with that person, we often don’t have a chance to discover all the data needed for a detailed comparison analysis and the most we usually get is information about that person’s zodiac sign.

That is more than enough for the initial stage.

Astrology signs can give us a lot of data about the basic compatibility between two people.

They are the starting point in determining whether two people, regardless of their gender will get along together.

There are many other details which give the final verdict whether a relationship will be a good or a bad one, but zodiac signs are a good beginning.

They determine the underlying tone of someone’s personality, firstly through the element (fire, air, water, and earth), as well as through the modality of the sign, i.e., if it is a cardinal, fixed or a mutable sign.

For example, fixed signs don’t get along well with cardinal signs because they are inert and often slow comparing to the action-oriented and quick-minded cardinal signs.

Taurus Man

The sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love. Taurus people enjoy the beauty and the pleasures of life and often get into situations where they begin overindulging in these pleasures.

This is earth and a fixed sign, and that gives these people groundedness and difficulties in accepting change.

The Taurus man often lacks initiative. They are not quick at taking action. These people plan their actions and don’t react hastily. They take their time and first observe the woman they are interested in to form an opinion about her.

They need to decide first whether that is a woman worth investing their time. When they realize that it is, they are very persistent in courting her and don’t give up until they manage to win her over.

They are gallant men, who love to pamper the ones they care about; especially if that is the woman they care about. They will take her to the best restaurants, buy her flowers, cute gifts, and in general be present in her life as much as he can.

Taurus man can appear slow and they basically are slow, but when they make up their mind, nothing can stop their action to achieve a goal, whether it is related to their career, making money, pursuing a dream or winning over a girl they would like to be in a committed relationship with.

These men appreciate quality and beauty – the woman they choose to be with needs to be well-mannered and feminine. They can’t stand women who look and behave cheap and aggressive (unless there are some other influences in their chart which makes them tolerant or even attracted to such behavior).

They are very traditional and they think that women should be women and man should be the man in a relationship, to put it simply.

Although they have a deep respect for women, they don’t like the overly aggressive feminist type of women, who have an attitude of humiliating men and underestimating their qualities and their role in the world.

A typical Taurus’s women should behave like a real lady who respects her man, and in return she will receive the same respect if not more. He won’t tolerate a woman who opposes his opinion aggressively, especially not in public.

This man loves the good things in life, and food is one of these things. A woman who is good in the kitchen and prepares great food is a big turn-on for him. He likes to be pampered and taken care of, and a woman, who is cuddly and knows how to pamper him, has a great chance of winning his heart forever.

This man is good with finances, and often accumulates a lot, in real-estate as well in cash. He likes to be secure and does all he can to provide for himself and the ones he cares about. He likes his woman to feel secure and well taken care of.

This man often has great taste in things and prefers quality over quantity. His house will probably be cozy, and pleasantly decorated. That is very important for the Taurus man because that is the place he prefers to spend most of his time.

Taurus men love spending their money on their women, buying them expensive clothes and jewelry because they also enjoy when they are beautiful and satisfied. If you are a type of woman who prefers a practical, traditional, generous, and steady man, the Taurus man is a perfect choice for you. 

Aries Woman

The typical Aries woman has a strong personality, and can be very direct when she likes someone. This woman is very passionate and openly expresses her sex appeal, either through their words or through the clothes they are wearing, or both.

These women are sexy, there’s no doubt about that, but their attitude can be overbearing for many men who don’t possess the same amount of energy and passion as they do.

The Aries woman isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She can be brutally blunt when she speaks, hurting people along the way, but she doesn’t have a bad intention underneath. She is very honest and has the need to speak her truth.

People who are sensitive and don’t like to be told the truth about themselves, or about some matters, better avoid these women.

Aries women are very ambitious and aim to reach high in life. They aren’t afraid of putting in hard work and they are very determined and persistent when they are focused on achieving some goal.

If this woman decides something, you can be sure that she will eventually succeed in accomplishing her desires.

She is not hesitant to approach a man if she is interested and as much as that can be stimulating to most men, it could have a counter effect if she is interested in a long term commitment with someone.

Most men still prefer to be the ones pursuing the woman and not the other way around.

She should try to control her strong personality and often aggressive temper. They usually don’t have the tactical approach in speaking their mind, and are often very loud in expressing their opinion, which most people consider rude and intolerant. Not all Aries women are like this of course, but many of them are.

They prefer a strong and ambitious man who can stand up to their abilities. Aries women are usually sports types and are often active throughout their lives.

They often have a good shaped muscular body, and they are fit way up in their old age. They like men who are psychically fit and take care of their physique and health in genera. They love outdoor activities, and prefer men who have the same interests.

They are very sexually active and want a man who can have an adequate response to their needs.

These women are not home types and are not a suitable match for a man who is such a type. They are often not good in the kitchen and doing choirs around the house and tidying is not something which is on the top of their list.

They consider it boring and a waste of their time. It is not that they are sloppy and messy; they just don’t like doing those things. These women don’t have a problem of getting a house made for doing these things instead of them.

They would much rather do anything else than cooking or cleaning. It is how they are usually, and they expect their man to accept that.

These women are often occupied with their career and they focus much of their energy on their career advancement. Marriage and family are not one of their main priorities, and they consider them a thing which is implied by itself and not as something which is their heart’s desire.

The Aries woman is not very emotional and is not prone to expressing her emotions frequently. She is a woman of action and her acts speak more than her words. She is not a good choice for a man who needs a constant emotional reassurance. 

Love Compatibility

The Taurus man and the Aries woman are not an ideal match. He is earth and a fixed sign, while she is a fire and a cardinal sign. He is all about calm and steady approach, while she is all about action.

These two will probably skip this relationship right at the beginning. They are way too different for something long standing like a relationship.

The Taurus man loves a woman who is the personification of femininity, while the Aries woman is usually the opposite. These women often have a rough and unpolished appearance. They probably won’t notice each other.

The point of attraction between these two can be the fact that they both have a passionate nature.

But when the passion and attractiveness between these two disappear, that is when the conflicts and disagreement start, and the relationship between them usually ends, because there aren’t many bonding ties between them.

The Aries woman is very harsh with her words, and the Taurus man doesn’t get angry easily, but when he does, he looks like a raging bull. These two can hurt each other very much, and it is best not to involve in a relationship which can have grave consequences for the both.

It’s important to note that if the couple with these signs placements has some other placements in their charts which help neutralize the differences in their characters, they can build a lasting relationship, but these are not common situations.  

Marriage Compatibility

Although there are marriages between Taurus men and Aries women which have passed the test of time and lasted a long time, their marriage compatibility is not great, and is not even average.

They have completely different expectations from life, and that is why it is hard for them to stay together for a long time.

The marriage between the two of them is often a result of an initial passion which exists between them at the beginning of the relationship which they mistake for love. When they cool down and reality strikes, they both realize that the marriage was a mistake, and often decide to part ways. 


The Taurus man and the Aries woman are rarely in friendship relation. They have such different characters, that they usually don’t even try to establish something more than a mere acquaintanceship.

The Taurus man is irritated by the rashness and aggression of the Aries woman and the Aries woman is smothered by the slow and somewhat lazy approach of this man.

They also have different interests, and there are not many touch points for their friendship to even start, let alone blossom.

If they do form a friendship it will often be one filled with conflicts and disagreements, always on the verge of breaking up. 

Cool Facts

The Taurus man and the Aries woman have an entirely different understanding of good time.

Taurus man idea of good fun is staying in the comfort of his home and having people visit him.

He is the perfect host, cooking the best food for his guests (usually close friends and family), and serving the best drinks.

The Aries woman on the other side prefers going out to the best night clubs, dancing all night with friends (and strangers), going from place to place until early in the morning.


In general, it is not wise for a Taurus man and an Aries woman to form any relationship.

There need to be much mutual understanding and other bonding influences in their charts to nullify the issues which can arise from the core difference of their characters.

The relationships formed between these two are often filled with conflicts, anger, fights, misunderstandings, quarrels, and other disturbing factors.

It is wise for both the man and the woman to realize these facts at the beginning of their relationship and be aware that both of them need to put in a lot of effort for this relationship to survive.