Leo Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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What would you say if someone tells you your destiny lies in stars? Do you think of astrology as an interesting but overall nonsense way to entertain yourself in spare time? On the other hand, maybe you take it seriously and even try to live according your birth chart?

Well, whatever you think of it, astrology is a rich and definitely inspiring field to explore.

It is not only for fun, although there are many misinterpretations and misuses of this pseudoscience. There is much more in it than short daily predictions from the latest newspapers.

Astrology was, in past, part of an official science we have to pay credits for numerous findings, astronomy. In old days, astrology was as equally appreciated as astronomy is now.

Zodiac is particularly an interesting aspect of astrology. There are variations throughout the globe and they are somewhat different. You have surely heard about Chinese zodiac, for example. It is much different from Western one, but the main idea is one the same. You could even combine the two; there are also other ones, we have mentioned the Chinese for being very popular around the world.

In Western zodiac, there are twelve signs; sometimes the thirteenth is mentioned. Each one covers a period in a year, so people born during particular time are considered to be born under this or that sign.

It partially explains their personal traits and character, according to astrology. Your zodiac sign does not solely determine your life and destiny, because there are other aspects to have in mind.

Experts in astrology would make you personalized birth chart, based on the exact time and place of your birth; you could even get a precise one online free. However, you need a good astrologer to interpret it for you.

Birth charts hide amazing things about you, but all about them should be always taken with caution and analyzed combined with your real life experience and background.

Many people would like to know if they fit with someone they are interested in, and not a few of them ask astrology for help.

If you want to know if you get along, both birth charts are needed, they get compared, combined, thoroughly analyzed by an astrologer.

However, the first step could be a comparison of your ruling zodiac signs. How one zodiac sign responds to another is what interests us here.

Leo Man

Today we will see how compatible Leo man and Libra woman are. We do not offer personalized analysis here, but basic interpretation of relation between these two exemplars of signs mentioned. Each person is an individual of unique character and set of traits and so on.

However, his others zodiac signs tells a great part. Compatibility of zodiac signs could be a useful tool and guideline for further interpretation. Let us begin.

What could we tell of Leo man? He is the king of his own kingdom, but he fancies himself the king of the world. There are not many things that could discourage a brave and honorable Leo.

He truly believes he is very important; a Leo simply fails to see that the world is not about him. He is brave and proud, but not particularly arrogant in nature. He is more of a righteous ruler than an aggressive, intimidating leader.

His reputation is what he cares the most for and he would see to maintain it even through the hardest of times. A Leo would show his emotions, but you would never perceive him as a miserable or weak person, even if he shows his softer side.

Leo man has the heart of gold; he is protective, passionate and caring. A Leo always sees that justice wins. This is very important to all Leos.

He is a true charmer, a person you would easily notice by a bright smile and astounding appearance. There is certain sparkle in his eyes you would fail to resist. He is relaxed, calm, easygoing, friendly and talkative.

However, he would talk mostly about himself. While his stories are always inspiring, he would repeat himself very often, if there were nothing new he could share. This could be tiring for people around.

Leo man does care for other people and he would help anyone, especially if he sees the situation unjust; he is a brave, gallant knight ho will make things right.

Although he does not demand flattering and gratitude, he expects it and would feel very surprised, if not a bit offended, if there are none. Leo man needs to be respected, admired and adored. He is sociable, but independent. He rarely asks others for help.

Leo man is a static personality and he would like to settle down and start a family. Although his life commonly appear extravagant to others, it is because he wants you to see it so. He does enjoy luxury and all sorts of expansive pleasures.

For a Leo, money is something you earn and spend, then earn again and spend again. He could be very successful in business, but he could also lose everything.

He would also try hard that no one sees his failures on the outside and he is capable of handling things on his own. Particularly  a good side of his character is that Leo man is adaptable and flexible; he enjoys fancy things, but he feels comfortable with much less and never loses hope things could be improved.

Having mentioned that, we have to say Leo man is ready to commit to work and see things improving.

Leo man is not a genuine romantic, but he is noble, charming, polite gentlemen with impeccable manners. He would easily seduce a lady, with a bit of flirt, but openly and boldly. If he is rejected, he will not feel broken; Leo thinks too well about himself for that. He needs self-confident, beautiful lady that shares his main goals and interests.

Libra Woman

Could a Libra woman be the perfect match for a Leo? Let us find out more about this incredible lady. She is relaxed, patient and self-confident. She is very intuitive personality and she handles stress perfectly.

You cannot provoke a Libra woman easily, because she knows what she needs her energy for.

Libra woman is exactly the opposite of ‘drama queens’, such as, for example, a Scorpio lady could be. She simply takes the best out of every situation and feels good with it.

Libra woman is flexible, not overly ambitious, but also not the one that is satisfied with less than she believes she deserves. Oh, she will work hard to get where she wants, but she would also change plans or transform them, if situation requires so.

Libra woman is not stubborn, but she is firm in her opinions, especially if there is justice that must be heard. She is the voice of reason in any argument. Libra woman is very flexible; she could be okay with modest provisions, but she would never refuse any luxury.

She feels at her best everywhere. You could meet her backpacking over the world, but also at a bar of a fancy hotel.

She is incredibly self-confident and sociable. She is friendly and helpful, very open to others. She also knows her emotional limits; a Libra shows her feelings openly and does not care about what people think of it. Actually, that is what makes her strong in eyes of others.

She is a warm personality and she does not suffer of need to have all the attention for herself. If she is in the mood to share something with others, she will do so; if not, she will remain silent and feel good with it.

Libra woman is intelligent, creative and artistic. She has an eye for art and loves to make things with her own hands. She could work in a collective as good as she could do on her own.

Libra woman is perhaps a representative of zodiac least prone to suffer from vanity or greed.

She is determined to reach her goals and she has patience to do it gradually. However, her indecisive side shows up when it comes to love. She could be in an endless doubt about whether she likes someone or not. She would play games, trying to find out if you are the right for her and it could be exhausting.

However, when a Libra falls in love, she is passionate about her partner and loves him to the bone. A Libra is not afraid of being left alone or anything like that, because she is ready to give all of herself to you, without losing her integrity.

She falls for romantic and intelligent guys, while outer appearance is not that important to her, in general terms.

Love Compatibility

One of the best matches in the entire zodiac. Leo man and Libra woman could be the perfect couple and their relationship has an amazing potential to grow into harmonious and happy marriage. They are naturally compatible; Leo’s fire is pleasantly sparked by airy Libra and vice versa.

Their connection is smooth, clear, and honest and there are no reasons for jealousy and suspicion amongst these two.

They could fall in love very quickly. Leo likes to see his charms working and Libra enjoys flirting and being seduced. She would let Leo impress her and he will enjoy it. They enter a relationship with ease; there are rarely obstacles to their love. What is very important, these two function perfectly in their bedroom.

Their tempo and sensibility match almost one hundred percent. They do not experiment a lot and, interestingly, do not seek perfection.

They enjoy one another the way they are and know how to please themselves. Their sex life is pleasant, warm and full of lazy Sunday mornings cuddling together. These two are both faithful and loyal to one another.

Leo man could sometimes make a drama over small things, if he feels their relationship needs some additional fire, but his charming and diplomatic Libra would always find a good way to harmonize things again.

They are not particularly adventurous but are playful. They are capable of finding some fun in anything they do and they could do many things together, which is awesome. They continue to find ways to impress one another, but they do it without any stress and pressure; it is simply in their blood.

That is why such a relationship is rarely dull or troublesome. They are both open and warm and usually have numerous friends who often come visiting them.

They also engage many social activities together. They commonly share company or they have met through mutual friends. They love events featuring many people; both of them love to be seen and like to share their experiences with others.

They always support one another and have a lot of admiration for what the other one is doing. They are, probably, the friendliest of couples.

Marriage Compatibility

Leo man and Libra woman could be the perfect couple and they have all chances to have a lifelong, steady and harmonious marriage.

They are both warm hearted and passionate; if they are in love, there is nothing that could bring it down or make them suspicious about one another’s doings. They bas their connection on firm and full trust.

Their doors are always open to their friends.

They usually have more than one kid and love to send time with their families and their friends. They would welcome everyone into their home and they are perfect hosts.

Leo could become reckless about money, but Libra is a bit more rational about it, so they would rarely face financial problems.


Just as they could become lovers and spouses, Leo man and Libra woman could be great friends, the best ones.

If there is nothing of physical attraction between them, they are likely to build strong, long-lasting friendship.

They have many things in common, a bit different temperament and both are open, friendly and positive.

What is more important, Libra woman is one of the rare people who could really keep Leo’s attention and vice versa.

Cool Facts

These two are supportive of one another and any form of their relationship is likely to be steady and amazing.

Leo and Libra could be seen organizing a huge barbeque party for their friends, at their own residence.

It is a typical image of a Leo man/Libra woman household; always full of people and fun.

They are the perfect team and they very cleverly share duties, responsibilities and activities.


Leo man and Libra woman are one of the most natural matches of zodiac. They feel comfortable together, their energy is warm and open and friendly.

Their pace and tempo are pretty much similar, which is very important. They could match one another on all levels and, at the same time, they are different enough so there is no rivalry and no boredom.