Aries Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Every relationship is a mystery. The reasons why some people connect and form a harmonious relationship can sometimes be unexplainable.

There are many differences between the psychology of men and women.

Some astrological insights from their charts can give valuable advice on overcoming and neutralizing many of them.

The simplest way to determine the basis of compatibility between two people is the comparison of their zodiac signs.

Regardless of how incredible it might seem to skeptics and people who don’t believe in Astrology, even the general astrological data about the base characteristics of the zodiac signs can tell much about a person’s character.

Having that in mind, in the next lines we will talk about the potential of a relationship between an Aries man and an Aquarius woman.

Aries Man

A man born under the sign of Aries is usually very confident about his abilities. Aries man isn’t the least bit shy and is very straightforward in his approach towards people. He has the initiative and directly approaches the woman he likes with a concrete offer. If she is shy, she better pass on it.

This man is open about his desires. Aries men are very sexual beings and they openly express that side of their nature. He is also very aware of his attractiveness and loves to show off his body.

Aries men are often sports types and are usually very handsome with beautiful muscular bodies. Not all Aries men look like Greek gods of course, but they all have a great sex appeal which attracts a lot of women.

The Aries man is usually not a very patient guy and doesn’t like to wait a long time for a girl to make up her mind if she wants to be with him or not, at least if he is a typical representative of this sign.

If he is under some other planetary influences, that can be a completely different story. A typical Aries man likes women who are not shy and are confident about their woman qualities.

There is nothing more stimulating to this guy than a woman who is pleased with herself and her life in general. He also loves women who won’t back up and get scared from his strong personality.

These men are leaders and are used to do all by themselves or tell others what to do. They are also egotistic and self-centered. They usually have problems making compromises with their ladies and allowing them to lead the way in some situations.

They often experience relationship issues with their partner because of their attitude of always being “mister right” and “know it all.” Only women who can tolerate such attitude can end up being with this guy.

For women who don’t have a problem with following the lead of their man, this man is a perfect choice. They will be provided in every sense of that word.

When an Aries man falls in love with some women, he will try anything to win her over, but only if she gives the signals that she is worth fighting for.

An Aries in love is a loyal and devoted man. If his woman is willing to play her feminine role in their relationship, she will have a man she could be proud of and their relationship can last a long time.

Although these men are usually not the faithful types, he knows how important to appreciate the relationship with the woman he loves, and will rarely put it in jeopardy. If he is not much interested in you, you might become one of his conquests.

They are very sexually active and love proving themselves in bed. Not all of the Aries men are like that, but many of them are. These people are not very romantic as well, and if that is important to you, you better skip this one and look for a more sensitive type.

They are not very communicative and they don’t like texting and long phone conversations. They are direct and sharp and don’t need a lot of words to tell you what they want.

Sometimes they can be overly direct in their approach without paying attention to the harshness of their words, and can end up hurting you without meaning to.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius women are unique representatives of the female gender. They often appear as if from another planet. Both women and man of this sign often appear as if they don’t belong to the planet Earth.

They seem so advanced about their beliefs and ideas and most people don’t understand them.

These women appear mysterious and are very intriguing. Men find them irresistible because they never know what is on their mind. They can appear present and interested in what you are saying, but in reality be miles away in their minds.

The sign of Aquarius belongs to the air element, and these women are true intellectual types. Aquarius women are usually not very interested in sex, unless they have some prominent fire or Scorpio in their charts.

They are turned on by interesting conversations, which arouse their imagination and take them over the boundaries of reality. Like the male representatives of this sign, these women love science fiction and most of them strongly believe in the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

If you want to seduce a woman Aquarius, you need to be able to keep her interest and attention. If she finds you smart and interesting, you have a great chance to conquer her heart.

They can be very eccentric and often refuse to obey the social rules. Many of these women have unusual styles and they openly demonstrate their uniqueness. These women can appear distant and somewhat unstable, but they have a powerful and strong personality.

They can appear to be in the clouds, but they know what they want and what they don’t want, perfectly well. They think fast and are very intelligent. They can often surprise you with their reactions and often appear irrational and thoughtless.

These women have kind hearts and beautiful souls. They love all humanity and are often in a mission of saving something or someone. They are not judgmental and accept people as they are, with all their diversities.

They can sometimes appear unemotional and distant even towards their closest and dearest. When this woman falls in love, she can do unimaginable things for her man to prove her love.

You won’t always understand her motives and her love can be proven in ways you wouldn’t expect. When you get to know her well, you will understand how precious and wonderful this woman is.

Although she might be different from anyone else you have met, and sometimes surprise you with her reactions, you will be hooked for life.

This woman appreciates her freedom and she is not willing to give it up for any man. She needs to have her activities and the time to do them, with or without you.

This woman also has a lot of female as well as male friends, and you need to be aware of that fact and accept it.

Aquarius women are usually not jealous and possessive and often cannot stand possessiveness and jealousy.  So, be aware of that fact if you are a possessive or a jealous type of man. 

Love Compatibility

An Aries man and an Aquarius woman are not exactly a match made in heaven, but they can get along fine. Their elements of fire and air get are compatible and with the help of some other placements in their charts, these two can find common ground to create a good relationship.

The Aries man is all about action, while the Aquarius woman prefers intelligent talks and mind inspiring activities.

The passionate Aries might not be able to satisfy his emotional and sexual needs with an oftentimes cold and distant woman Aquarius.

These two signs often have a different view of how a relationship should look like, and these differences are usually not easy to overcome. If the interest isn’t very strong on both sides, this relationship won’t go too far and will usually end right at the beginning.

The Aries man can often be shocked by the irrationality and eccentricity displayed by the Aquarius women. If his chart doesn’t have any placements which can accept such behavior this relationship will grow sour and eventually end.

The lack of emotional equality is the thing that will most likely kill this relationship. 

Marriage Compatibility

Similar to what we have said about the love compatibility between these two, a marriage between them is often a difficult one to last a long time.

If they don’t have other ties which bond them together, a typical Aries man and an Aquarius woman don’t have that much in common which will keep them in a stable and committed relationship like a marriage for a long time.

The marriage between these two might be a result of a momentary infatuation on both sides, but as time goes by, these two realize that they don’t have that much in common as previously thought so.

The differences between them become apparent by the day, and they inevitably walk the path towards the end of their contract.

Of course, there are cases of stable and long-lasting marriages between male and female individuals of these signs, but in general, there is not much glue which can keep these two together for a long time.

They have different interests, different sensibilities, different tempers, etc. and all that comes to the surface as time goes by. 


From all potential relationships between a male Aries and a female Aquarius, the friendship relationship is maybe the best and the longest lasting one.

These two have different personalities, but they belong to compatible elements (fire –air) which enable them to get along well as friends. They don’t irritate each other and they can be supportive of each other ideas and goals.

Aries sign people are generous and love helping others, and Aquarius sign people incline towards helping everyone as well. Their need for helping others can be the bond which will bring them closer together.

They can both participate in accomplishing a common goal, often related to helping someone or helping humanity in general. They are both active types and can end up traveling together or doing some other fun stuff.

The Aries man will know to appreciate the strong, although a bit strange personality of his Aquarius friend.

Cool Facts

Both Aries and Aquarius value much their freedom and they don’t allow anyone to jeopardize it. Both of them are charged with energy and always in action, although their activities might differ a lot.

Aries men are sports types while Aquarius women might be completely uninterested in sports. Aries men are very passionate and sexy and they love sex.

On the other side, sex might not be a priority in an Aquarius women’s life or she might exhibit some sexual eccentricity which might not be very appealing to the traditional and simple approach to sex that an Aries man has.

The Aries man is often very self-centered and demanding a leadership role in any situation, and the Aquarius woman will most likely be willing to surrender the steering wheel to her man completely.

While he is practical, she is irrational and sometimes completely impractical, and she will appreciate having someone beside her to organize things around and take care of the everyday stuff.


Briefly, these two are not exactly a match made in heaven. They have entirely different personalities and the best relationship between them would be a friendship relationship.

In this kind of relationship, both the man and the woman will be eager to demonstrate the best parts of their nature, and this friendship could actually last a long time.

On the other side, this combination is not a good one for a romantic or a marriage partnership. If both partners are true representatives of their signs, they would not feel comfortable in this role.

Their emotional nature is different and they could end up being hurt for not receiving what they need and what they expect in a relationship.

So the conclusion is, stick to the friendship.