Taurus Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Astrology can give us many answers and offer useful advices and most practical guidelines, when it comes to managing our own decisions and actions.

Nothing is to be taken for granted, astrologers claim.

There are no such coincidences that could make major changes and transform our whole lives. If you meet a person, there is certainly a higher purpose than simply filling your time.

Most of people are suspicious of astrological predictions. However, if you try to connect the dots on your own, deeply personal example, we are assured you will find something more to it.

People are usually the most interested in, to say, love astrology or, better, love compatibility of zodiac signs.

While there is a good and stable ground when interpreting zodiac signs relations in their essence (meaning, without any traits of certain personality), you should always have in mind all the other factors.

Our experience shapes up our destiny and our views on life for a great part.

However, we all have certain astrological background, as seen in our birth charts. Our ruling planet, the distribution of other aspects etc., all play significant roles in development of our personality.

Matching our astrological background with one of another person could be truly an amazing and the most intriguing experience.

Of course, it does not necessarily mean that, if your zodiac sign is, astrologically, opposed to that of your potential or current partner, you two cannot establish a decent relationship. Of course not.

Nevertheless, it is something you should bear in mind; knowing your own and your partner’ astrological basis could help you better to understand the nature of your connection.

Taurus Man

Taurus men are, by the rule, some of the most stable and decisive men in general. They know what they know at any moment.

Taurus men are known to have talent for organizing and planning; you could rarely see a Taurus man making any drama over something, acting chaotically or losing his temper and control.

He is perfectly capable of handling things in life; he is unlikely to give up his causes, unless he calculates it could bring him certain advantage.

A Taurus man is calculated. He rarely falls for surprises and such. He is thorough and precise in analysis and calculation, but he does not tend to over-analyze things, which is, for example, a characteristic of a Capricorn.

If he finds himself in a completely new situation, which is unlikely (he would have at least an idea about a possibility), he will feel comfortable, applying one of his already prepared sets of solutions.

For a Taurus man, job, career, ambition and money are very important. It does not mean they are senseless and unemotional, but they do not like entering a serious relationship before they secure their future or find any source of stability in life, in terms of finances, living and materiality in general.

If it happens that a Taurus man is in a relationship while his career is still in development, it is very likely to be just a temporary pleasure.

Taurus men are true charmers; stylish, very manly, usually handsome in a raw, pure masculine way.

They have an aura of a classy gentlemen. They like sports and would rarely neglect their physical health and appearance; they love to be fit and to look decent. Taurus men usually appear calm, steady, and even slow.

They are not easily irritated or provoked, but if you try hard, you would not like to see a Taurus enraged.

He is, indeed, strong, energetic and quick in actions, if a situation demands so. He is an embodiment of persistence, endurance and true strength. These men could become quite intimidating if you drive them mad.

They are stubborn and extremely persistent in their intentions.

A Taurus man is not afraid of hard work; once he sets his mind onto something, he is ready to twist his sleeves up and get in action. He will not be discouraged by minor failures or provocations from the outside.

However, he would never foolishly invest his effort, if he does not see the possibility of a great reward. Much of his efforts are meant to secure him wealth and material security.

Taurus men simply enjoy luxurious lifestyle, but they are ready to make it on their own; they do not expect money to fall from the sky. Taurus men are generally tactical, but hedonist in nature, which is a good combination.

He likes expensive watches, luxurious suits, fancy cars and good, aged wines. He simply likes his life to be comfortable and pleasurable. Taurus men love to be in love!

Once they secure their material stability, they are ready completely to surrender the magic of love. They are passionate, they are totally unrestrained when it comes to love, they show their affection openly and would do anything to please their women.

Taurus hates shallow relationships; he loves deeply and expects the same from his partner.

He takes things simply, so do not ask a Taurus to take ‘a short break’ from a relationship or have ‘an open relationship’ and such. Either you want to be with him or not. He is the same towards his partner.

A Taurus man is very romantic and affectionate and, at the same time, a steady support to his lady. He expects his lover to be everything to him, a partner, a lover and a friend. He is loyal, devoted and never makes false promises.

Leo Woman

Leo women are astounding beauties that take the spotlight wherever they show up. These fearless ladies are eye-catching in both appearance and gestures.

She would be the one to have the most pleasant and loudest laughter around the table; she will look like a million dollars without much effort and would take breath away of any man. These women are lionesses; beautifully intimidation, charming and irresistible.

Lionesses are born to lead and rule. These women are capable of taking care of themselves on their own, although they love to be pampered.

They do not make compromises and are very ambitious, especially when it comes to career. They often prove great in leading positions and find it hard to obey to others.

A Leo woman does not like people around her to be significantly more successful; they believe they naturally deserve to be the first.It is unlikely a Leo woman would ask for help.

She loves to be in control of everything in her life. It is interesting that a Leo woman would be attracted to a successful man, but she would do everything to reach the same level of success.

What is more important, it is very likely she would succeed. Leo women need strong, self-confident men who know what they want and who could answer to a demanding lioness’ needs.

Leo woman feed on attention and worship; they are goddesses. Leo women spread positive energy around.

Even if they face hard times, they would never let the sadness to be seen on their faces. A Leo woman is brave and goes courageously through all life challenges.

She would keep her tears for the darkest corner of her room, but she would smile and shine in public. She is full of life energy and it takes a lot of effort and a lot of misery to break her spirit.

Leo women have very high self-esteem and they truly believe they are the best. Indeed, these women are the best in many areas.

They are commanding, well-organized and ambitious, which makes them excellent leaders.

They are to be obeyed. Leo women are capable of discerning professionalism from romance; they rarely mix work with pleasure. In both, they love to be dominant. It is not hard to fall for a seductive, beautiful lioness, but it takes a lot of work to win her.

Leo women need their men to be strong, decisive, macho and classy at the same time. They expect no less; their ideal partner is a man who can follow their pace or to whom she could look up to, but not the one that would put her into a dependent position.

Leo women are true predators, astonishing in appearance, strong willed and determined in their decisions and desires.

Love Compatibility

Taurus man and Leo woman combination is not a common and successful match, according to astrological interpretations. There is a lot of stubbornness here and these two do not share almost any of values in life. Their match considering values is sad 1%!

Perhaps the only mutual goal is some sort of security they find in a romantic relationship (seen as the most solid source of security and stability in life).

They are unready to make compromise, which could lead to disaster. While both love luxury and are inclined towards material stability, their view on distribution of money is completely different. Both are ready to give the best of themselves in order to earn not a small amount of money.

However, Taurus is more organized and responsible towards spending money, while Leo is likely foolishly to spend it, convinced they normally deserve all the luxury and that the money could be earned again.

She is not incapable of making money herself, we have seen that, but overloading her wardrobe with more fancy clothes that she would wear could drive Taurus mad.

If they argue over anything, both will keep their side; both are strong willed, very self-confident and unlikely to obey. If they manage to find a way to settle these money-spending issues, they could build a strong bond between themselves. If it happens so, this couple could be very stable.

They are a couple to be admired; both partners are usually successful in their professions (the perfect recipe is that they do completely different jobs); both have style and love to indulge themselves with various pleasures and are passionate.

When it comes to their sex life, situation is somewhat fifty-fifty. The problem is, both enjoy being lazy.

They have worked hard, so they truly believe they deserve lying down whole daylong, resting and simply be. The trouble is, Leo women expects to be taken the best care of, served and indulged, while Taurus expects something similar; he would love to be pampered and cuddled.

They need motivation in sex, but once they find it, they match really fine. A Leo woman brings fire and excitement, while Taurus brings sensuality and tenderness.

This couple does not have much issues concerning trust. They are both honest and loyal.

Their major difference are their different rhythms. Taurus man likes routine, order and total stability. Leo supports the idea of stability in general, but she changes plans as it fits her, attends all sorts of social events, stays out late and so on.

These two would hardly find any agreement on this.

Marriage Compatibility

Enough is said about potential troubles these two might have. A marriage of a Taurus man and a Leo woman is quite an unusual phenomenon, especially a long lasting, stable and happy marriage.

There must be other positive aspect involved to maintain this connection and make it work. It usually happens that these two cannot settle their differences and decide to break up or divorce, if married.

If planets were in favor of this relationship, it would be seen in a form of a steady relationship in which each partner builds up their own box and make a consensus on boundaries. If they can handle their social life and finance distribution issues, they could maintain a healthy and enjoyable relationship or marriage.

It is possible only if they stay out of each other’s business and know exactly how each of them should spend money.


A Taurus and a Leo could be good friends, because they have no need to settle down matters of shared income or anything like that.

They would argue over such things, but then, it could only make their friendship lively and dynamic.

It is hardly to imagine these two would split up over disagreements on financial matters.

Even better, they could learn something from each other, without being harmed in the process.

Cool Facts

Taurus man and Leo woman couple would shine anywhere they pop up.

These two people really make an impression together.

They would grumble over each other in public, but through a bright smile. They could poke one another in company, mostly in matters regarding money, but they would never be openly offensive or try to undermine one another’s integrity and authority.


It looks like Taurus men and Leo women really have to work hard in order to make things work out. It is so, indeed.

They share certain characteristics, such as love for comfort and luxury, temporary laziness, trust and need for affection, but they would also have many disagreements.

Popular Taurus men are, for example, Al Pacino, Andre Agassi and David Beckham.

Famous lionesses are Sandra Bullock, Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lopez.