Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Do you believe in power of stars? Do you think astrology could give you some answers regarding your love life and your relationship, if you are currently in one?

There are people who are greatly interested in astrology and firmly claim our destinies and all of our connections with other people throughout a lifetime are written in skies. There are also those who think astrology and horoscopes are old women’s tales and total waste of time.

We believe it is the best to keep in between; while astrological aspects should not be denied as an important factor in our lives, we should always keep our common sense and include all of other factors, such as our cultural background, personal experiences, genetics and many more.

Everything plays its role. Today, we will talk more about astrological factor. When it comes to love and romance, not all people are compatible.

Just imagine how dull and boring this world be if everyone would instantly find their perfect partner or if all people match each other perfectly.

Fortunately (and sadly, as it appears at times), we are all different.

Astrology and zodiac play an important role here. Some zodiac signs simply cannot get along, especially when it comes to love life.

Relationships between people of totally opposing zodiac signs are often turbulent and short term.

However, in some cases such combinations could work amazingly!

If each partner find understanding for the other and if they find a way to harmonize their differences, their relationship could be long lasting, perhaps a bit tough, but generally enjoyable and happy.

Let us show you how it works on an example. Today we talk about a Taurus man and Sagittarius woman compatibility.

Taurus man

Taurus man is reliable, strong and confident; he is a firm support, never to leave a person behind. He is persistent and determined in life. Taurus men are capable of keeping focus and continually, but without rush, work on plans and goals they have set their mind onto.

Although people tend to see their slow pace as laziness, the truth is different.

Taurus men are known to be patient and dedicated to their goals. They truly believe wisdom lies in patience, organization and systematic work. A Taurus man is rarely surprised; he is extremely gifted in seeing through people’s intentions.

You cannot trick or manipulate a Taurus, no matter how indifferent he might appear. He is methodical, tactful and knows how to distribute his time.

A Taurus loves relaxation and rest, so he would always manage to save some time for precious nap, sleep or else. These men are known to be gentle, polite, kind and generally calm and peaceful.

You would have to do really hard to provoke them; their patience and tolerance are almost immeasurable, but even a quiet Taurus could be enraged.

You do not want to experience that! Taurus men are old style gentlemen; they know all the manners, they love classy clothes and things. They see women as ladies and treat them that way.

A Taurus man knows what he wants and he will not hesitate taking action. He enters projects with full commitment and dedication, if they could see a positive outcome. Taurus loves to be certain; he is inclined towards stability in life.

Financial stability and steady income matters to him the most. He loves luxury, but that of old style.

He is a true charmer! A Taurus man is ready to invest in things he sees worthy, in emotional, physical, material and spiritual sense. He does not like wasting money on unnecessary trinkets and he would not waste his emotions on shallow relationship.

He is simple and open. He is confident when it comes to love and approaching women. A Taurus needs a partner who will understand him, who is caring, tender and affectionate.

Taurus men would love to get married, have children and live harmonious, pleasant, comfortable and happy family life. However, they are unlikely to enter a relationship, not to mention a marriage, before they are financially settled.

He would make sure everything is ready, before he even thinks of getting married. In love and marriage, he is ultimately devoted to his partner and his family.

Although a Taurus man is known to be patient, tolerant and full of understanding, gentle in love, sensual, sexual, emotional and caring, he will never accept compromises in terms of some semi-connection or so.

He does not accept ‘open relationships’, ‘pauses’, short-term break ups or so.

Once he has turned his back on a relationship, he does not look back. If you hurt a Taurus, he will never return.

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius woman is a true ‘iron lady’. She is an incredibly strong personality, capable of handling every challenge in her life. She has high self-esteem and invests in herself very much.

Personal development and growth on all levels are what a Sagittarius woman puts all efforts into. Sagittarius women are bold, self-confident and ready to face challenges; they are fearless and positive minded.

They work hard in order to improve their skills, talents, knowledge and career.

A Sagittarius woman cares about herself and she nurtures every aspect of her being; she invests the same amount of dedication, work and love into her physical appearance, her health, and her material, spiritual and emotional well-being.

She is intelligent, clever and determined to reach her goals. This incredibly charming lady would not hesitate using her charms in order to achieve professional success. She will do it with style and incredible cleverness.

She is not likely to obey orders; we could say a Sagittarius woman is inflexible when it comes to teamwork. She would rarely accept a lower position and is not particularly cooperative.

She is born to be a leader and to have all the power of making decisions. She loves to command and feels comfortable on top of the scale. She is particularly skilful in professions regarding finances and law; a Sagittarius woman could be an excellent lawyer, jurist or a judge.

A Sagittarius woman would always make sure she leaves a good impression; she hides her flaws quite well.

She is a philosopher and knows no boundaries when it comes to intellectual explorations.

She sees through people very well; a Sagittarius woman combines her intuition and reason perfectly. She loves to explore, she needs excitement and challenges, mostly in the intellectual sphere.

Sagittarius women are versatile in thinking and they equally love science and sports. A Sagittarius woman is a challenging interlocutor; she enjoys debating over various subjects, from morals and philosophy to sexuality and intimacy.

There is no a taboo subject for this incredible lady. She is also aware of her charms and is not shy. It is not easy to impress a Sagittarius woman.

If you want to win her heart, you would have to give the best of yourself and never to counteract her opinion. She has to be in charge, but you have to turn on all of your imagination and intellect to seduce her.

Love Compatibility

Love connection between a Taurus man and a Sagittarius woman is not the best one. These people are completely different in their nature.

Taurus is Earth; he is grounded, patient, does not need much excitement. He is conservative, traditional, old-fashioned and loves comfort he could find in well established routine, with only occasional moments of luxurious pleasures; when he feels the need for it, which is not often.

Sagittarius, on the other hand, needs to be challenged all the time. She is fire; she is ambitious, but sharp, not as patient as Taurus, executive and active.

While both find stability and especially material aspect of life of great importance, they perceive many things differently.

Sagittarius woman would often end up emotionally empty and disappointed with her Taurus, because he simply does not always feel the need to invent marvelous exciting surprises for her.

Taurus, on the other hand, could become frustrated and disturbed by Sagittarius constant activity and need to command.

He is a gentleman and he does not want his woman to act so ‘manly’, as a beautiful Sagittarius tends to. He wants their roles well determined and divided. He would try to bond Sagittarius with himself, which is, honestly, an impossible mission.

In such a relationship, it is most likely a Sagittarius would feel caged and she would miss her freedom, while Taurus would feel neglected and lonely. These two, however, match well physically and their sex life could be pretty explosive and energetic.

A fiery Sagittarius woman would awake flame of sexual energy in romantic and gentle Taurus, while he, in return, will please his Sagittarius in all ways imaginable (and unimaginable!).

This connection is not stable and is at great risk to fail. However, if personal horoscopes match, particularly, if Venus and Mars are in good and harmonious positions, they have pretty fine chances for success.

They would have to work hard and build up this relationship steadily. If they find a common tongue, all of their differences could serve to their relationship’s advantage.

Sagittarius women are noble, intellectual and they have good intentions towards others, while Taurus men are tolerant, easy going and benevolent. The major problem with these two are their different dynamics and opposing expectations.

However, they are both quite firm and determined in their goals and they share the idea of stability and success. If they manage to handle their initial disagreements, this relationship could grow and become particularly firm and unbreakable.

Marriage Compatibility

In general, a Taurus man and a Sagittarius woman could be a good match, although they are different in nature. Fire and earth do not always fit and details decide whether a couple would be happy or not.

Taurus and Sagittarius are compatible when it comes to physical, sensual level, while they are not as compatible on emotional level.

The problem lies in their different expectations. Taurus is calm and peaceful and he expects his partner to be kind and gentle all the time.

On the other hand, Sagittarius needs her partner to impress her and to excite her. She is not half as romantic as Taurus! She is an iron lady and she just fails in understanding romantic gestures and sweet talk.

She needs different kind of romantic amusement, something original, something active and unique; Taurus can easily get tired of trying always to come up with new ideas, because it is not in his nature. Recognition of these differences comes early on.

If they manage to get over it and simply accept their differences, trying to tolerate them, not try to persuading the other one to change their personality and nature, they could build up an amazingly strong relationship.

They both are tactful, organized and inclined towards stability in life. They could be amazing parents, although perhaps a bit strict ones, no matter of different stances.


Friendship between a Taurus man and a Sagittarius woman is perhaps the best option for these two. They could become great friends and learn much one from another.

If they do not have to share living space and try to harmonize their routines, such as in marriage, they will have enough time to vent out from one another’s energy and, actually, better to understand each other.

A Taurus loves to learn from smart, bold and wise Sagittarius, while Sagittarius needs the sense of romance and tenderness Taurus possess.

Oh, they would fight over numerous ideas and subjects and, that way, learn something more about themselves. They would never hurt each other and would always apologize for being harsh and intense.

Cool Facts

Interestingly, Taurus and Sagittarius both love food and would often settle their problems over a tasty lunch or dinner.

Sagittarius likes trying new and exotic food, while Taurus simply loves food in general!

If they were in a relationship, they would fight over options of staying in cozy bed and ordering some cool Asian food or pizza and going to dine in the city.

Guess who votes for food in bed and who for the restaurant.


While this combination is definitely not the luckiest of zodiac matches, it does not have to end up with a break up.

Well, both love sex and food, which is definitely something to have in mind.

They can establish a deep connection only if they get over initially recognized differences in dynamics and expectations. Yes, it could be challenging, but not impossible.

There could be a great attraction between these two, exactly because they are different.

However, both have to think through it and decide if it is worth their time and emotions.