Taurus Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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While the Sun represents our consciousness and our visible side of personality, the Moon represents our subconscious content and our inner being, in some cases known only to us.

When a person’s Sun falls into the sign Of Taurus and their Moon is in Cancer, makes these people prone to seeking comfort and emotional security in all aspects of their life, especially in their romantic relationships.

These people are reliable and stable, although they might have a secluded personality and be prone to distance themselves when they fear the possibility of getting hurt by someone or something.

These people have strong personalities and kind hearts. They are willing to help and do it sincerely. They are also romantic and great fans of beauty in all forms. They are usually very creative and need to express their creativity in some way, even by decorating their house and environment.

Many of these people have excellent artistic skills, and are very musical. They often choose a profession somehow related to arts and creative crafts.

These people have a nurturing and caring nature, and have the need to take care of people, usually their loved ones. They often choose jobs where they can express their need for taking care of others, by caring for people they don’t know.

They also love being of service to others, and that trait often shows through the choice of their career.

People with this Sun/Moon combination love making people happy. These people usually have a great sense of humor. They also love to entertain the people they care about, mostly family members and their lifelong friends. They enjoy pampering them and preparing delicious food for them to enjoy.

Food is something these people love talking about, love preparing it, and love eating it.

These people are usually gourmand and great cooks. They are never bored with cooking, and enjoy preparing food for others, but they also enjoy preparing it for themselves. These people usually enjoy food so much that many of them often struggle with weight issues and obesity.

The downside of this combination is that it often makes people grumpy, stubborn with no reason, and prone to mood swings. This usually happens because of Moon’s influence on this person’s character, but Taurus can also be prone to sulking and anger for no apparent reason.

The person with this Sun/Moon combination doesn’t like to make changes. For these people changes are something they cannot accept easily because they need their time to adjust to a certain situation and sometimes that takes long.

They like things and people that are known and especially dislike sudden changes of circumstances which couldn’t have been predicted.

They are inflexible and have a problem changing their minds, even when they are aware that they should. These people are hard to influence in any way. Sadly, they don’t even accept suggestions which could benefit their lives immensely.

For the people they care about, they are prepared to do anything. They love to surprise them with gifts and fulfilling all their desires. In turn, these people love to feel appreciated. They are capable of achieving great success because they have the necessary determination and persistence.

These people have a reserved nature and they don’t open up to people easily. They prefer the safety of their home and known territory than some unknown place where there are many strangers and the situation is unfamiliar to them.

These people keep their privacy to themselves and only few chosen ones know how they really feel and what are their thoughts and beliefs about different matters.

Both the signs of Taurus and Cancer love comfort and financial security. They are motivated to earn enough money to acquire substantial wealth to be able to sustain the lifestyle they desire.

They don’t like to spend money, and prefer to save it. Only when there’s enough stashed aside, can these people relax and begin living the life they desire.

Even then they are could not be considered spendthrifts because they value money and the effort they have put into earning it.

These people are home types and feel their best when they are in the comfort of their lovely homes. They also love beauty and love to be surrounded by beauty objects around their house. People admire them for their beautifully decorated homes.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Taurus and Moon in Cancer: responsible, organized, reliable, faithful, traditional, beauty lovers, creative, artistic, love comfort, stable, financially well-off, they value money, hard-working, caring, nurturing, kind, helpful, good hosts, strong personality, confident, great sense of humor, romantic, family types, passionate, emotional, thoughtful, etc.

Bad Traits

The bad traits of Sun in Taurus and Moon in Cancer: stubborn, inflexible, moody, grumpy, distant, detach, withdrawn, don’t like changes, dependent, overprotective, etc. 

‘Taurus’ Sun ‘Cancer’ Moon in Love and Marriage

When it comes to love, people with Taurus Sun and Cancer Moon are very romantic and emotional.

These people are traditional and prefer to formalize their relationships. They are family types and many of them dream about having their own family even since a young age.

These people are very sensitive, but don’t allow anyone to know that. To strangers they appear very reserved and closed off, which is how they usually behave when they don’t know someone or when the circumstances are unfamiliar to them.

When they get to know someone, they begin showing their real personality which is warm and welcoming. Most of these people cannot be alone and they need a partner to feel complete.

This doesn’t mean that they are dependent and need a partner to support them through life, although some of them have these traits. These people love the idea of a traditional union of two people which creates a family together and they all live happily ever after.

These people are usually faithful to their partners and appreciate the relationships they have with them. They desire a partner who will be equally committed to building the stability and longevity of their relationship as they are.

These people don’t like changes and when they find a partner who matches their criteria they are prepared to spend their entire lives with this person without ever needing to change anything.

They are devoted and loyal spouses who value their marriage and family very much and they are in the highest position on their list of priorities. They are devoted parents who take great care of their children and all their needs.

They can be overprotective at times which can bother their kids, but they are indeed parents who give a lot of their energy to raising their children. They try to spend as much time as possible with their children, participate in their activities, and make sure they get to do all the activities they want.

They instill a sense of confidence and security in their children and their children have a natural sense of respect and appreciation for these people as their parents.

These people are passionate and emotional at the same time. They need both physical and emotional satisfaction in a relationship.

These people prefer quality to quantity and that is the main reason why they respect their partners so much. They don’t make haste decisions and it takes time for them to make a definite choice about their long-term relationship partner or spouse.

That is why, when they make that decision it is usually a life-long one. They know what they want in a relationship and know how to recognize it. They seek value and longevity in all their relationships.

They cannot stand people who are liars and cheaters. They would never forgive their partner if they cheated on them; that is one of the rare situations which could be a definite reason to end a relationship or marriage.

These people have a high opinion of themselves and their value, and this kind of disrespectful act is something they would not be able to tolerate, especially knowing how much they give themselves to their relationships.

Best Match For ‘Taurus’ Sun ‘Cancer’ Moon

People with Taurus Sun and Cancer Moon are a combination of earth and water element.

That is what makes them both grounded and emotional. These people prefer the stability and security of a formal relationship and they choose partners who can provide them with that.

They get along best with a person who has both these elements in their chart, but earth and water types are also good for them because both these elements share similar relationship and marriage values and desires.

Fire and air signs without any water or earth influence, are not a good match for these people because they are too active and unstable for their taste.


People with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Cancer are confident, stable, and emotional beings.

They love comfort and security and they are willing to put in the required effort to provide them. They are traditional and prefer to formalize their relationships. They are not open and easy going as some air or fire signs, and they need to get to know a person before they can relax in their presence.

They don’t have the need to experiment a lot and change a lot of partners to be able to settle down in a committed relationship.

Most of these people desire such commitment since a young age, and when they find the partner who matches their desires and criteria they are more than happy to commit to them and marry them. They make good parents and spouses.

They could be moody and grumpy at times, but in general have kind and gentle personalities. They are both passionate and emotional and seek partners who share the same qualities.

They don’t tolerate cheating, and that is one of the rare reasons why they would decide to end a relationship or marriage. They are good providers and care much about their family and loved ones.