Time Travel – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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We are all travelers through time. Like it or not, time pushes us relentlessly forward from birth.

Since day one, we are put into the path of time travel, forward, toward the future.

There is no going back on that path. And it is impossible to peek into the future, and this is the case at least for the time being, who knows what could happen in the near or distant future; anything is possible.

One of the most influential scientists of all time, Albert Einstein, says that with the theory of relativity, it is possible to time travel. True, only in the direction of the future.

For now, time travel, in reality, is not possible. Although it is possible in the direction of the dream, there are dreams with this dream motive.

Read here what they mean.

Meaning and Symbolism

Time travel is one of the rare dreams, it is not a motive that is common, but if you had this dream, it surely made an impact.

Few people have experienced a dream like this one, which has very different interpretations depending on its course.

We know that a person cannot fly on his own, so he dreams about it very often, and especially such dreams are common when a child is developing.

But time travel is absolute, and we can only follow it by watching some of the movies about it from our armchair, and most of us would like to see such a rare dream at least once.

If you dreamed that you ended up on a battlefield while traveling through time, it might mean that you will soon find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time by chance.

You may have stress because you will be present at a robbery in a public place, or you will witness a car accident that will avoid you like a hair’s breadth.

If you dreamed that you found yourself in the future, it could mean that you are a person who thinks about everything in advance and who plans in detail.

You are very successful in your business; you are highly valued and respected in your business circle and beyond.

Continue at this pace, and you will go far in life.

To dream that you have traveled through time and found yourself in prehistoric times means that you are a person who cannot accept that the world is evolving at this speed.

They bother you, and you can’t adjust to the traffic jams on the streets.

You are not too interested in new technology and what it brings with it. You are a person who wants your peace that you value more than anything.

You should consider changing your current occupation, retraining to one of those sought after on the outskirts of the city or perhaps even in the countryside.

You will solve the torment that the twenty-first century brings with you, and you will live much longer and happier.

Now, the dream that has a central topic a time travel is so diverse, there is so many versions of this dream, and one of that is one of the most interesting is the one where you have traveled though time, and you have seen yourself, what an amazing chance to speak to yourself and correct the mistakes from the past that have been tormenting you.

Decoding the Dream about Time Travel

If you have traveled through time and seen or talked to yourself in the future, it may mean that you are a person who has a clear version of yourself in old age.

You probably lead a quiet life with your family and have a vision of all of you in the future.

You know exactly what you want your life to look like from now on, and there is a high probability that your vision will come true.

If you dreamed that you found yourself in the future and attended the end of the world, whatever it was, it means that you are overburdened with unimportant things in your life.

You burden yourself to the point that you don’t see how much damage it actually does to you.

You are afraid for your tomorrow, where you will be, what you will do, and you are a fearful and worried person.

You need to make an effort to understand that some things you just can’t change, no matter what happens, will happen, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Try to focus on what you can do to make your life quality and happy at the moment, and the rest will be taken care of by fate and whatever it is, we should be grateful that we even had the opportunity to live in such a wonderful place.

If you dreamed that you returned to the past to correct a mistake you made and for which you regret bitterly in the present, it means that you will be able to gather strength and forgive yourself in the near future.

To dream that you have returned to the past to spend another moment with a long-lost love means that you are still suffering from some beautiful moments you spent with that person and that you still cannot muster the strength and move on because you after her, no one answered as much as that person.

No one after that person has evoked those feelings you crave so much.

This kind of dream indicates that you will be surprised in the near future by how much you actually sin and that someone quite unexpectedly can arouse even stronger emotions in you.

Emotions are the most common triggers of dreams such as this one. It may be the regret you feel, but it can be something else. It can be something pleasant and joyful, and powerful at the same time.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Now, in some version of this dream, there are scenarios where you are dying to see someone who has lost in the past or someone that is a soul mate from the future.

To dream that you have had the opportunity to see and talk to a loved one who is no longer alive may mean that you are still in pain because of the premature loss of that person.

It’s probably someone who was seriously ill on his deathbed, and you, unfortunately, didn’t get a chance to tell that person how much you cared about her.

Unfortunately, time cannot return, but here are our dreams, so we can sometimes experience the beauty and the ugly that may have happened a long time ago and learn a lesson from it and move on with our lives.

Dreaming that you have traveled through time and seen or even talked to an unborn child can signify your concern about whether you will ever have children.

Or if you have kids, it can be a dream that speaks as your worry about their well-being; about the fact is they are going to be happy and healthy. You also show your idea to be the best parent you can be, worried will you be able to do perform all of your parenting duties well.

It can be that you worry about it for health reasons, and always when it comes to that type of care, it is best to go to the doctor for a detailed examination and take that worry off your door once and for all.

But you may have had this dream because, for some reason, you are worried about finding the right person for yourself with whom you will be able and willing to have children.

You are probably at a turning point. Do you think about how much time you have left to find that person and start living together and start a family?

But try to understand that it is never too late for love and that there are so many people on this planet of ours that it is very unlikely that you will not meet.

Love is always there, and it is the one category that does not know the time, the past, present, or future. It is more than time.

To dream that you have traveled through time and that you have attended your own funeral in the future means that you are not sure what the people around you think of you.

It is possible that there is a room in your environment that you are not sure about how the state feels about you, and you like that person, and you are afraid to approach him.

And it can happen that you think that someone is doing something behind your back and pretending to be your friend and not showing their real face.

Mostly the dream indicates that the masks will fall off soon, and it will be seen exactly who is who – in the first place, who are you, are you showing your true face.