Sagittarius in 7th House – Meaning and Info

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The seventh house is the house of relationships, partnerships and marriage. It is located opposite the first, which characterizes the personality of the owner of the horoscope.

These houses aspect each other, that is, they mutually influence.

And if the first house reflects the external manifestations of character, then the seventh shows hidden features or what we clearly lack.

Sagittarius – Meaning and Info

So, usually insecure, always doubting Libra dreams of active partners born under the sign of Aries. And the talkative know-it-alls Gemini are looking for stability and constancy under the wing of the silent Capricorns. Planets in the 7th house will tell you a lot of interesting things! Astrology of love – in this article.

But dreams can come true if there are no planets in the seventh house of the horoscope. If a planet falls into the partnership house, it gives our reality a slightly different character.

Finding the planet in the houses of the horoscope acts like the presence of a guest in your abode. No matter how close the guest is, he still changes the behavior and state of people who are in the same space with him.

I wanted a spouse bright and active like Leo (if you are Aquarius, then your seventh house is in Leo), and a slow and cold Saturn settled in the seventh house. This may give the desired spouse, but will this marriage be a happy one?

You can be thrown into the heat under the influence of the Sun, then into the cold provided by Saturn. Or the partner will be much older. At best, the marriage will take place in adulthood.

Astrology of love and planets in the 7th house will answer your questions. Consider the influences of the planets located in the 7th house.

Pluto got into his own 8th house, the house of collective resources, and from the course on the basics of astrology, we know that the 8th house is the house of other people’s money, the house of crises, serious illnesses and debts. So how do you explain Pluto’s position in the 8th house?

Since Pluto is an energy of influence, then in the 8th house Pluto can influence: collectives of people (politician, activist), management of huge cash flows (financier), scientific developments (for example, scientist, and nuclear physicist).

The problematic Pluto in the birth chart can go into eternal debts and dependence on someone, for example, a spouse, a bank (loans, etc.).

Also, this situation gives one indication of serious illness (once) and powerful life crises.

To compensate for the 8th house Pluto, it is recommended to engage in energy practices, periodically merge with the energy of the crowd, for example, attend loud music concerts, consciously add controlled risks to your life (be it sports or business).

The transit of Pluto in the 8th house can tell about the following events: financial (for example, took out a mortgage, lent to others, stole money), death of relatives, cases related to restraint of freedom (arrests), litigation, and inheritance cases.

Be sure to double-check your conclusions by crossing indicators with other forecasting methods (directorates, solariums, transits).

This bright and hot guest in the seventh house. If at the same time the Sun is in Leo, then the partner will be noble and caring. And the sense of justice cannot be taken away from him. If the Sun falls as a sign of strengthening – Aries, then the spouse’s hot temper will have to come to terms in order to keep the harmony in the family.

With a weak Sun, for example, in Libra, problems should not arise. After all, now the owner of the horoscope is born under the sign of Aries. He himself likes to be the first. Life with a guided partner (weak Sun) will be harmonious.

The moon, falling into the seventh house, speaks of the sensitivity of the partner. With good qualities of the Moon, when it is not influenced by harmful planets (the Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn), the whole stream of your partner’s concern will be directed to you.

Gentle, courteous speech will make your family a role model. If pests affect the moon in the seventh house, then the partner can be melancholic and pessimistic. And the influence of Mars will “give” a hysterical and jealous spouse.

If Pluto is well expected, marriage will change both partners forever, but in a good way. The 7th house transit of Pluto, even an intense one, will help partners to function well and dive deeply into union, helping to discover the abandonment of their own ego and the connection into a new whole a couple that acts as one person.

They simply cannot live without each other, and it will be more difficult to separate them than trying to break an atom into protons and electrons.

This aspect can lead to a fairly long-term relationship, which will only get complicated if some slowly moving sinister planet forms a complex transit aspect. Even then, the couple is most likely to overcome the difficulties and move on to a new stage of rebirth.

7th House – Meaning and Info

Partnership tensions can also serve as a lesson to us. For this reason, the Seventh House also focuses on the darker side of our alliances.

Divorce, lawsuits and contracts go into this house. In the worst case, partnerships can create enemies – and on a more global scale, these rifts can worsen in a war against former friends, partners, lovers. The Seventh House is ruled by Libra and the planet Venus.

A complex knot of relationships can arise in your life if Mars is located in the 7th house. Mars gives its owner activity, belligerence, irascibility. If at the same time the spouse goes in for sports, it will be just wonderful. Then all his fuse will go to sports activities, and you will get his sexual fervor.

Mars in the 7th house is not terrible for Cancers and Pisces. They will skillfully be able to bypass all the difficulties that arise. Astrology, numerology and palmistry really work!

With the help of this knowledge, you can harmonize your personal life: find a suitable partner, get married, improve relations with your husband, save your marriage, and remove the blocks that prevent you from being a happy woman.

And of course – overestimated expectations, from which the most important and insidious trap grows (especially characteristic of Jupiter in the 7th house, and to a lesser extent for Sagittarius) – this is the delegation of responsibility for your own happiness to your partner!

It seems to the owner of the horoscope that the partner should come into his life and make him happy – Jupiter – the planet of “great happiness” got into the partner’s house. His task (from the Native’s point of view) is to make the Native happy every single day. But of course, no matter how wonderful our partner is, he cannot make us happy for us!

Happiness lives inside the person himself, it can be CONNECTED with a partner or with a child or something else, but it cannot be CREATED for us by a partner, a child or something else. No matter how hard the other person tries, he cannot make us feel him. Remember the ingenious phrase – “if you want to be happy – be it!”

If the owner of Jupiter in the 7th house does not understand this, then he runs the risk of being disappointed in partnerships, believing that on the way he comes across only “soap bubbles” that promise a lot (Jupiter), but give nothing.

And the trick is just to stop waiting for someone to make you happy, and try to create your own happiness together with another person, try to become his happiness.

Jupiter is in your 7th house. More precisely, happiness is quite achievable at any rate, but in the case of Jupiter, this requires several times less effort than with the struck Saturn or Pluto in the 7th house.

It is not in vain that I focus on this factor – I have to see people with sufficient regularity, with a beautiful 7th house, in which the Sun or Jupiter stand – and a complete lack of decent relationships.

Remember – you can spoil anything, as well as live happily with the most difficult indicators – everything will depend only on how consciously we approach the indicators of our horoscope (well, or without a horoscope – just to our life).

Sagittarius in 7th House – Meaning and Info

Generally speaking, it is a VERY good indicator on the DCS. Starting with the fact that the owners of Streltsovsky DSC (or Jupiter in the 7th house) are rarely deprived of the attention of the opposite gender.

As a rule, they have a lot to choose from. And ending really, a high probability of luck or luck in marriage. But first things first.

Seeing Sagittarius at the DSC, it should be assumed that the Native chooses people who are interesting, educated, possibly rich and successful (but another question – who doesn’t like that?), or at least just promising people. It is important for them that the partner should be interesting, optimistic, constantly strive for something, develop, and be easy-going and interesting in communication.

Usually, the owner of Sagittarius in the DCS or Jupiter in the 7th house wants a partner who can be proud of. And of course, the basis of this pride should be a person’s personality, and not his appearance, for example.

By the way, it is not uncommon for a partner to come from a wealthy family or from a family with “status” (some son of a professor, a well-known doctor in this city, director of a prestigious school, head of some significant enterprise, etc.).

Often, the owners of the 7th house in Sagittarius say that they would like to be near a person from whom they can learn something, who would stimulate the development of Native and maintain a lively mental interest in him.

Obviously, having Gemini at the ASC, characterizing the Native himself as an eternal student, it becomes clear their need for a partner-teacher. At the same time, many note that in marriage, respect from the partner is also important to them – that is, the partner should not only be the object of Native’s pride, but also respect the owner of the horoscope for his part.

It goes without saying that, like all other Signs on this axis, DSC can reflect the professional activity of a native, his social position. Therefore, it is not surprising that such a person can be paired with a lawyer, teacher, and scientist and, of course, the most beloved for all astrology students, a foreign partner.

By the way, this love “for a foreigner” may not be expressed in the fact that the partner will actually be from another country, but he can often represent a different mentality, a different way of organizing the way of life. Most often this is expressed in inter-ethnic marriages.

It has already become a tradition to believe that dual Signs on the DSC give multiple marriages. But as practice shows, this statement is not entirely true. It would be more correct to say that a person with such an axis on the horizon can enter into as many marriages in his life as he wants, he will always have proposals. It is not a lot or a little – it is AS MUCH AS WANTS.

At the same time, it is worth noting that Sagittarius’s overestimated requirements can create a subjective feeling that there are no WORTHY offers, but that’s another story, objectively – there are always candidates for marriage with the Native.

Of the traps – of course an overly narcissistic partner, proud and arrogant. In the negative, his “noble” origin can form a disdainful attitude towards the native as a “poor relative”, according to the principle “don’t forget where I got you from”, therefore, by the way, you need to be careful with people who are obviously higher in the social sense…

Here, it is “with caution” – that is, you do not need to run away from a person, just for the reason that in a social sense it will not be an equal marriage, but it’s worth paying attention to how he himself reacts to your social inequality.

Of the negative – a person filled with a sense of his own superiority, who does not respect and does not value anyone but himself.

At the same time, or instead, he can be an empty projector who grasps at everything, but brings nothing to the end.


It seems to the owner of the horoscope that the partner should come into his life and make him happy – Jupiter – the planet of “great happiness” got into the partner’s house. His task (from the Native’s point of view) is to make the Native happy every single day.

But of course, no matter how wonderful our partner is, he cannot make us happy for us!

If the owner of Jupiter in the 7th house does not understand this, then he runs the risk of being disappointed in partnerships, believing that on the way he comes across only “soap bubbles” that promise a lot (Jupiter), but give nothing.