Uranus in Cancer

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Mysterious and distant, planets have always fascinated humans. We have incented various ways of trying to understand the universe and see how everything happening out there affects our life on Earth.

One of the ongoing concerns of all humankind, yet still unanswered, is about life in the cosmos, life on some other planet. We have always been intrigued by these immeasurable spaces, millions of light years away.

One particular discipline, a pseudo science, is involved with something else. Astrology, an ancient ‘science of the stars’ have been trying to interpret meanings of planetary movement since the first days of civilization. It connects planetary influence with peoples’ lives.

Astrology is a complex and serious approach to understanding the life and its connection with those mysterious far away spaces, regardless of what one might think of it.

There are different kinds of astrology, to say so, developed in different parts of the world. They all share the same main idea; cosmos and planets directly affect peoples’ destinies and even shape up their personality. Some of the greatest astrological systems are, for example, Vedic and Chinese and, of course, Western astrology, which is what we turn our attention on.

Western astrology observes ten planets of Solar system, including the Sun and the Moon. It places them in zodiac circle and carefully analyses aspects all elements create amongst themselves. There are other elements besides planet, there are also astrological houses and all of these create a unique picture and horoscope. Horoscope is delivered from a birth chart.

A birth chart is a graphic representation of all elements mentioned an image of sky, taken at the time of someone’s birth. That is a birth chart in natal astrology and it gives a detailed personalized horoscope.

However, astrological analyses and horoscopes could be delivered even for plants and animals, the whole nations and countries. This is good to know.

Natal astrology is, however, what interests the most of people. We would all like to know what the destiny has in store for us.

Are we going to live happily, are we going to achieve great professional success, are we going to get married and have children, are we going to be happy and what about our closest and dearest ones? This is what most people ask an astrologer.

He or she, however, would not give you straightforward answers. For the most part, it is you who shape up your own destiny. Your horoscope tells about all sorts of things, your natal chart tells about your personality traits, temperament and character.

All information help you have much better insight into yourself, as a person, and into circumstances given.

Uranus and Horoscope

Some of information a birth chart reveals are positions of planets. This, of course, does not mean much to you, if it is not interpreted by an astrologer who possess great knowledge about astrological planetary in total.

Let us talk about one particular planet, Uranus, one of transpersonal planets. Uranus is a modern planet, discovered in the late eighteen century and it was not known in the earliest days of astrology.

Astrological planet Uranus represents everything that is the opposite of mundane and usual, everything eccentric and innovative, original.

Uranus symbolizes innovative and revolutionary ideas, turnovers, rebellion, sudden changes in course, transformation, surprising events and genius ideas. Many would say Uranus could make one either a genius or a complete lunatic; the thin is line between the two.

It of course depends on the place Uranus takes in your natal chart.

Uranus travels around the Sun for something less than one century, in terms of earthly years. It is a long journey of eighty-four years, to be precise. It changes its position in the Zodiac slowly; Uranus occupies one zodiac sign for seven years.

Astrologically, it means Uranus affects whole generations, because all people born during that period of seven years will most likely have Uranus in the same zodiac sign.

Although sometimes it is claimed that Uranus does not affect an individual greatly, since it is definitely not a personal planet, such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Sun and the Moon (yes, the last two are enlisted as planets in astrology), we would say its effect is not completely negligible.

Finally, Uranus does bring rather shaking changes that definitely affect humankind as a whole, but all such changes would affect an individual as well.

Uranus is the ruler of eleventh astrological house, the one that is related to all kinds of success related to ones character. Eleventh is the house of friendship and all sorts of relations with people.

It is associated with romantic love, especially platonic kind of love. It is the house of humanitarian conscience, sympathy and help. It is related to our nervous system, fields of interest, progress, all kinds of incomes, the ability to profit and move forwards.

Eleventh house breathes the libertarian energy of its ruler Uranus. It represents openness towards unexpected and unpredictable situations in life and one’s ability to understand and accept them. This is the field of the purest form of freedom, good fortune, but also challenges and trials.

All of this is closely related to freeing and wild energy of the innovator Uranus. Uranus is a modern planet and its energy is thus associated with everything modern and progressive.

To have Uranus in particular zodiac sign in your natal chart is important to understand. The way it is going to manifest depends greatly on aspects and of all other elements in your birth chart, especially your most personal traits and temperament. Uranus is considered a cosmic transformer.

It is the planet of revolution and everything new, original and innovative. In modern astrology, Uranus is associated with revolutionary technological ideas, for instance.

Uranus shapes up new ideas, in all areas of life. In general, Uranus changes perspectives, attitudes, points of view. It rules over the sign of Aquarius; its nature is libertarian and humanitarian.

Uranus puts an accent on human rights, freedom and humanitarian ideas in total. It opens new horizons, awakens new ways of thinking, challenges you and makes you dare do things you could only imagine. We could say it is a planet of progress, in a way.

In one’s birth chart, Uranus directly affects intellect and one’s sense of uniqueness and originality. Uranus always seeks for positions of power and it breaks all bonds; Uranus does not accept limitations and restrictions, because its energy is sudden, breakthrough energy, wild and unleashed.

It could bring major changes on a global plan, but also in an individual’s life.

We have entered the age of Uranus in Taurus, so you could find out more on how this is going to affect all humankind and our world, as well as people of particular native zodiac signs. Today we talk about Uranus in Cancer.

We will try to find out what are people with Uranus in Cancer like and how this particular astrological combination could affect one’s life.

Uranus in Cancer – General Info

Uranus in Cancer definitely affects the emotional side of these individuals. People with Uranus in Cancer in a natal chart have a very active and rich imagination and they are distinctively creative.

They have unusual interests and hobbies, mostly artistic or educational in nature; they are not extreme in physical performance terms.

They are incredibly sensitive and their mood is dramatically changing. Cancer is the sign that is characterized by deep emotions and emotional vulnerability. Uranus in Cancer makes these people be very sensitive to changes, in emotional terms.

They have tendency towards dramatic reactions and they are more sensitive to sudden changes in general.

People with Uranus in Cancer are more oriented towards themselves. The sign of Cancer indicates a family person, oriented towards others’ needs; Uranus in Cancer changes this nature and makes ones more individual, more self-aware and open to changes of their traditional attitude towards family matters especially. They bring innovations in traditional conceptions of family life.

Uranus Cancer people observe things from a deeply psychological perspective. They have natural inclination towards mysticism and fatalism. Uranus in Cancer awakens one’s need to experience something different, especially in a spiritual and emotional way.

Impression is what they are thrilled by, so they like to travel to distant, unusual places.

These people are of rebellious nature in terms they do not fit well into community; they always feel as if they do not belong into a larger group of people. They feel as no one understands them.

However, they have amazing intuition and they instantly recognize others with similar interests to their owns. They have no trouble in starting a conversations and making connection with such people.

However, Uranus Cancer always think good of people and their deeply emotional nature is also deeply humanitarian. Even if they do not fit into community, they feel as if this is how things are meant to be and they never blame others for not getting them very well.

They are empathic and they generally love people; they love the idea of humankind and the humanity as a whole.

Good Traits

People who have Uranus in Cancer in their natal chart are marked by many positive traits.

They are emotional by nature and this combination makes them affectionate, compassionate and very generous people. They are also insightful and they would always try to understand others.

What is also very important is that they have good sense of the importance of independence and self-reliability.

They consider themselves unique and different from others on a deeply emotional and spiritual level. They do not fit in masses and they usually have few very close friends.

However, connections they make are most likely going to be permanent. Uranus Cancer people are eccentric when it comes to ideas of home and family. They listen to their incredibly good intuition.

Their intuition is their best and the worst part, exactly because it rarely fails them.

On one hand, it saves them from making bad decisions and from engaging with bad people. They can use their intuition not only to their own benefit, but also to the benefit of the whole community.

On the other side, it could make them nervous and anxious, because they are capable of seeing terrifying possibilities others are completely unaware of and, thus, not scared.

Bad Traits

As we have mentioned, Uranus Cancers can become very insecure, even though they are independent and generally self-reliable people.

Sometimes they feel as if nobody understands them and, for the greatest part, it does not bother them that much. However, when it comes to possibilities they see and others do not, they feel desperate because no one believes them.

People tend to misunderstand Uranus Cancers and take them for lunatics, dream chasers, those who live according to the sound of the wind or the rays of the sun.

They appear lost in their fantasies and many would describe them as dreamers. They actually feel things differently from most of people, so they often remain misunderstood.

They might become discouraged by this, if scenarios in which their opinions and visions are rejected and taken for granted repeat too often. They start retreating into their shell and become more and more insecure.

It is a very bad thing to do, because they have a lot of potential that is not being used.

Uranus in Cancer Man

Uranus Cancer man is particularly a sensitive individual, sensible and emotional. He is more emotionally sensitive than most of the zodiac men.

Uranus brings revolutionary ideas and sudden changes, so his mood is changeable as well and all sorts of outer factors easily affect him. He is insightful and intuitive.

This brings him to brilliant solutions of problems and to amazing ideas that could make him successful.

It also helps him find his true love, someone as intuitive and unusual as he is.

However, there is a great risk of becoming insecure and hypersensitive.

Uranus in Cancer Woman

Uranus Cancer woman is open minded and particularly oriented towards making changes in her own perception of family life and romantic love. She is spontaneous and a deeply sensible personality.

Love matters to her a great deal, meaning a romantic type of love. She has original ideas on how to improve her own family’s life and make it enjoyable.

This woman is creative and imaginative. She searches for a man she understands her passions and shares her ideas and perspectives of the world.

Like her counterpart, she has good intuition and is capable of recognizing individuals similar to herself and of making strong bonds with such ones.


Uranus in Cancer shapes up an eccentric and unusual personality that does not fit well into common society standards.

However, these intuitive and insightful people are capable of carrying their burden of individualism.

On the other hand, there is a very small gap between the degree of being seen as ‘awkward’ they can tolerate and the point they feel uncomfortable with that.

If circumstances lead them over the gap, they might get emotionally hurt, insecure and hypersensitive. They respond to emotional challenges intensively.