Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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When we like someone, and we want to know our chances of being in a relationship with that person, the thing which interests us the most is the potential for a harmonious union with them.

Usually when we meet someone, we don’t know much about this person and we want to know as many details about their personality the things they like, and they are interested in, etc.

Astrology is one of the means we can use to discover more about someone and even find out the basic compatibility between two people.

If you don’t have the person’s detailed birth data, which include their exact date, time and place of birth, their horoscope sign should do the work for you; not in that much details, but more than enough to start with.

Every horoscope sign has its own general traits and people born under the same sign usually exhibit most of them.

By comparing these traits of two people, we can conclude about the potential of a good and lasting relationship between them, as well as the potential issues.

The text below is making a comparison between the basic traits of a Leo man and a Sagittarius woman to determine the prospects of a lasting and harmonious relationship between them.

Leo Man

The Leo man burst of confidence and pride. He is aware of his qualities and is not afraid to demonstrate them publicly, even if that means provoking others to consider him pompous and self-centered.

That isn’t far from the truth, but Leo men usually deserve the right to behave in such a manner.

They are more than likely to succeed in life and accomplish all their desires, which include wealth and high social status. These men consider that only the best is good enough for them. If you think that such an attitude is not modest, you are right, but what other people think about them usually doesn’t bother them.

These men are focused on their goals and desires, and regardless of what others think, these men manage to acquire all they want mostly because of their trust in their abilities and refusal to quit.

They usually manage to provide a solid financial base which enables them to live the lifestyle they desire. These men (like Leo women) are hedonists and love to please themselves.

They enjoy spending money on expensive clothing and luxury items and that makes them happy. They are usually fortunate enough to be able to fulfil their desires.

Leo men often brag about their possessions. They have a strongly developed ego which needs a constant boost. Many of these men are not able to control their urges to spend money and indulge in various pleasures, which in some extreme cases leads them to jeopardize their financial security and in worst cases, bankruptcy.

Fortunately, most of these men can provide a constant inflow of cash which enables them to spend money without worrying about the future. As much as they love spending money on themselves, they enjoy spending money on other people as well, especially their woman.

If you are the woman he has chosen, be prepared for showers of gifts and attention.

This man is overwhelmed when he is in love and he wants everyone to know that. Nothing is too good for the woman he loves, and he is willing to spend a great amount of money to make her shine even more.

The women this man likes are confident and successful and they look good as well. They are also types who like to attract attention and are not at all shy. The woman he will fall in love with will love the glitz and the glam, just like he does.

She will also need to be self-confident and consider herself a prize because nothing inspires this man as much as pursuing something others cannot have. The same goes for women as well.

He will consider his woman his prize possession and he will proudly demonstrate her to the rest of the world, but there is nothing wrong with that; it is just his way of showing others how happy is to have found such a jewel of a woman and stolen it from other men. It is male pride combined with his enormous ego and a desire to be the best.

For a woman who doesn’t mind that, he will be the best possible choice. She will be well provided for, nurtured, respected, and most of all, loved by this man.

The Leo men are very masculine and passionate, and they have great success with women, but when they fall in love and make a choice to dedicate their lives to one woman, they become very devoted and loyal.

They respect the woman they are with and their love, and they usually wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that, although they are always being tempted to cross that line, by other women who consider him very attractive and desirable.

Regardless of these frequent attacks, these men usually manage to stay away from cheating and they are faithful to their women. If a woman respects them, demonstrates their love for them and fulfills all their needs in a woman, they don’t have any reason to cheat on her.

This man has a very developed ego, and it is important never to provoke him without reason. He likes to always be right, at least in public, and he won’t tolerate a woman who openly criticizes him or confronts him in front of others.

He will consider that as a grave humiliation and that might severely jeopardize their relationship.

This man is not a tyrant, but a woman needs to have the right approach in communicating with him. Lack of respect is something that he cannot easily forgive, especially when it comes from someone so close.

Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman is a very active being. She is also very sexy, but oftentimes she is not aware of that fact. These women are not always the epitome of femininity, but many men find them adorable.

They might hang around men all the time, and they could consider them as one of their buddies. They are usually into sports and adventurous activities. Long girly talks about guys, makeup, clothes and other similar things that women usually talk about often bore them.

These women are all about action and are very direct. If they like someone, they will find a way to tell them that as soon as possible. Many men don’t consider that approach very attractive because it ruins the magic of them being the conquerors and discovering slowly whether a girl is interested in them or not.

With a Sagittarius woman usually there isn’t a lot of mystery because she will tell you that almost instantly when she realizes herself that she is attracted to you. You might stand a chance of approaching her first if she didn’t realize yet that she fancies you.

She usually considers courting games a waste of time because things are simple: you either like someone or you don’t.

Unfortunately, her approach often turns man away from her because she takes away their need to put in effort into conquering a girl. Men usually don’t want to know right away if a girl likes them or not because they need to keep it as a mystery so they could keep pursuing her, and many women use that fact and play the game.

Sagittarius women often have problems due to their honesty and directness. They don’t believe in playing games and consider being honest about their feelings enough. They usually never learn to play games with men and eventually end up with a man who values them as they are, and appreciates their sincerity.

These women are very passionate and love passionate men.

They are most compatible with other fire signs, but Scorpios can be very attractive to them as well. They are open about their sexuality and are not shy at all. They enjoy spending time with men, whether it is just being friends with them or being in a relationship with them.

They are not typical women in any sense of the word. They are also very independent and opinionative and speak their mind even when the wise thing would be to do the opposite and be quiet. Some people, and men especially find this trait of theirs very cute.

They are a mutable sign, and they can be prone to changes in opinion and that could lead them to problems when they are dealing with fixed signs, which have a difficulty to change their opinion or change anything in their lives for that matter.

A Sagittarius woman is very open and ready to help anyone. She is good at making friends and acquaintances, and she often has many strangers as friends or friends living in different countries.

She also travels a lot, or has a career somehow related to foreign countries.

These women are also very intelligent and knowledgeable. They read a lot and learn a lot. They prefer men they can discuss with about the topic which interest them both. She is not a house type of woman, and uses her house as a place to fulfill her basic life needs and to sleep.

She is always in some action and planning the next one. She is not a good partner for a person who is stagnant and prefers the status quo.

Love Compatibility

Leo man and a Sagittarius woman are usually a good match. They are both fire signs, and that is both a bonding factor, but also a fact which can cause issues between them.

These two usually get along well in bed and in other activities outside bed, but problems can arise because of the Sagittarius woman direct approach and the need to demonstrate her opinion regardless of the time and place.

She might unwillingly hurt her man’s feelings by saying something completely inappropriately in front of others, and he might find it difficult to forgive her. She is also very independent and problems can arise when he asks her to fit into his plans and ideas of their relationship.

She assumes that she is entitled to her opinion and decisions and believes in compromise rather than just agreeing to someone’s decision. If she learns how to control her temperament and if he learns to accept this side of her personality, they could have an awesome and lasting relationship.

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between a Leo man and a Sagittarius woman is not always a good idea. The reason can be their different views about life and their future.

The Leo man loves to settle down and build his empire with his family and wife by his side, and the Sagittarius woman might not be the right woman for that role.

This woman is way too independent and stubborn for this man. They can have a nice marriage if there are some other complementary planetary placements in their natal charts, but otherwise, there is bound to be some issues between them.

If the love between them is strong there can be a strong will to overcome these differences and meet in the middle, so in the long run, this marriage can be a success.


The Leo man and a Sagittarius woman are a very good match as friends. They are fire signs, and have similar interests.

They are both very active and often do things together.

The Sagittarius woman often has a lot of male friends and in general, she enjoys male company. Men appreciate her and respect her and often consider her as one of them. 

Cool Facts

The Leo man loves comfort and enjoying the fruits of his labor. He also enjoys sharing the comfort with the ones he loves, especially the woman he loves.

The Sagittarius woman on the other side is an adventurous spirit who is often away from home. They both enjoy each other’s company. 


A relationship between a Leo man and a Sagittarius woman is often a good thing.

These two are fire signs and have similar nature up to a certain point.

The differences between them can represent an issue in their relationship, but they are not that difficult to overcome if both parties have a desire to preserve the relationship.