Uranus in Gemini

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Astrologers claim one’s destiny is written in the stars. Astrology is an ancient discipline, a pseudo science, in modern terms. Astrological analyses were highly praised on royal courts of the past.

Today, astrology is accessible to anyone; you could easily get your astrological reading online. This does not make astrology less valuable or less complex.

Our story focuses on natal astrology in western astrology and birth charts. We do not give personal analyses, but we would be glad to offer some basic understanding of astrological interpretations in general.

How they work and what they could reveal to you? The base of any individual astrological report is one’s birth chart.

Each element of an astrological chart is very important. Planets, zodiac signs, houses and all relations and aspects they create define one’s destiny.

What is a common misunderstanding is that people think an astrologer could give them all answers and literally tell them what to do. Astrology tells you what it is supposed to be or, better, what potentials are there.

For example, on a bigger plan, if we analyze transits of planets and try to figure out what awaits our country in future, an astrologer could tell it comes a period of turbulence and conflicts over territories.

All sorts of scenarios could happen, both good and bad ones.

An analysis of your own natal chart could tell you detailed information about your own life in such circumstances, for instance, but still no concrete answers.

Uranus and Horoscope

These answers are for a great part shaped up by planetary position in one’s birth chart. The first five, besides Earth and counting the Sun and the Moon, are ‘personal planets’. Jupiter and Saturn are so called ‘social planets’ and the last ones are ‘transpersonal planets’, also considered modern planets, because they were discovered lately, in comparison to other known ones.

Uranus is one of these transpersonal planets. It has great impact over whole periods, generations, but also in an individual’s life. The position of Uranus and its transits are always interesting to observe and the interpretations of its position could be of a great importance.

Uranus is the planet of revolution, of sudden and of radical changes, of transformation, rebellion and of uniqueness.

This planet is unique itself. Well, each planet is unique, but Uranus is very different from other planet of our Solar system. Mythical Uranus, the deity of skies, according to Greek mythology, created the mighty titans, along with Gea, the goddess of earth. Uranus then denied his terrifying and powerful children and made Gea very angry.

She made a deal with one of the children, cruel Saturn, who mutilated his father and overthrew him. In Western astrology, some of the ideas about these ancient deities remain in the form of archetypes.

Distant and mysterious, planet Uranus travels spaces of the universe, away from Saturn, its first neighbor, millions of light years.

Uranus is not visible with the naked eye, so it was not known in times of ‘old’ astrology, in ancient times. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are modern planets, recently discovered, in terms of astronomy and science in general. Uranus has a long and slow journey around the Sun. It takes eighty-four earthly years for Uranus to finish its circle around the Sun.

Along with its five large satellites, Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Titania and Oberon, Saturn passes only five degrees of the Zodiac in a one-year’s time, which means it stays in one zodiac signs for seven years.

The English astronomer William Hershel discovered Uranus in late eighteenth century, eight years before the French Revolution. From its first days of recognition, Uranus was labeled a rebellious, revolutionary planet.

Uranus has been keeping the same reputation since ever. In modern times, Uranus is considered the planet of revolution, innovation and changes related to overall humanity. This planet is considered an eccentric entity, impetuous and strange.

Manifestations of Uranus’ astrological qualities are sudden changes, surprising turns, unexpected events, everything that is considered strange, awkward and unique, eccentric and distinctively different and unusual.

It is thought that Uranus directly affects one’s intellect, by which it affects our personality as well as our physical body. Depending on its position in a birth chart, Uranus gives genies, but also lunatics.

Each astrological planet affects certain parts of human organism. Uranus rules our most sensitive parts, which are our nerves. Since Uranus travels slowly and does not change position too often, some astrologers claim Uranus does not affect one’s individual life in any significant way.

However, there are many examples on how Uranus can affect personal horoscopes. It always brings changes, sudden and unexpected. Usually, it is associated with bad events, such as natural disasters, unexpected social situations, life changing moments of all sorts, loses.

Not all of these are personal by nature, but they definitely affect an individual. It depends on other elements in a birth chart how would one react.

In general, Uranus, the planet of changes and reforms is associated with scientific discoveries, inventions, genies, electricity, light, aviation, astrology in general, psychology, public sphere, politics, revolutionary movements and activism and so on.

You see, Uranus perhaps embodies the old saying according to which there is a thin line between being a genius and being insane.

Uranus in Gemini – General Info

What it happens when Uranus is in Gemini? How does Uranus in Gemini affect different people in general and how it affects those with Uranus in Gemini in their natal chart?

Uranus is a generational planet, so, how Uranus in Gemini affects generations of people born in its period? People who have Uranus in Gemini in their birth chart are restless, curious and versatile.

Rebellious and innovative effects of Uranus play well in Gemini; these people are often interested in many fields and they often find it hard to keep focus.

They are very likely to start a project and then abandon it, simply because they have found something more interesting, thrilling, exciting. They are likely to abandon it, as well. They are definitely not easy to follow; they seem uncatchable.

However, it is mostly how they appear. They are indeed impatient and restless, as well as they might have too many different, even opposing interests, but Uranus Gemini people are not that hot headed.

On the contrary, they could be very organized and they feel comfortable in surroundings that might appear chaotic in the eyes of others. They know perfectly well where they stand, but they need more excitement, more activity.

They are especially well-informed about everything that is happening around. They are distinctively sociable and extroverted people, never afraid of speaking things aloud and publically.

They are born to entertain, but also to inspire. They have original ideas on how to change things so that they become more interesting and amusing to people. Uranus Gemini are excellent with words, they are charming and communicative.

They are interested in all sorts of improving communication between people and you can find them working in the area of communication technologies. They like connecting people and they enjoy being in others’ company.

Uranus Gemini are eccentric and they enjoy everything thought to be strange and exotic. They are also thrilled by impressive, innovative and new scientific discoveries and they could be amazing researchers or scientists themselves.

Moreover, they possess the incredible power of persuasion and they easily win attention of others.

They are dynamic and always on the run. They have one distinctive flaw and that is emotional shallowness. They simply do not have enough time to dedicate to someone or something, because something else grabs their attention.

This makes their relationships instable and short term. However, they are very used to it and, for long time, they do not ask for more.

Good Traits

Although restless and pretty nervous if not active, Uranus Gemini people are benevolent and good hearted.

They could play some intellectual tricks on others, but never with ill intentions. They could debate over something for ages, but they would never deliberately insult or hurt anyone.

Moreover, Uranus Gemini stand criticism very well, which is quite not a common phenomenon in general.

Uranus in Gemini brings amazing communication skills in an individual, while, on a bigger plan, it improves the channels of communication between people. Uranus in Gemini helps us get in touch with people.

This does not mean people are necessarily develop lasting, firm relations, but they will enrich their knowledge about people in general, become more understanding and tolerant.

People with Uranus in Gemini in a natal chart could be great tutors, teachers, guides, narrators, performers, but also scientists and explorers. Their eagerness for new experiences and their impressive vocabulary make them truly awesome people to have around.

They are rarely isolated from the community and they enjoy inspiring people and making them think about something.

It is also very good that the urge for discovering is so strong in these ones that they are always in search for new channels and ways to express their talents and to improve their work.

They are quick minded and efficient in processing tons of information. They are masters of multitasking! They easily absorb knowledge, process it and pass it on to others in a concise and understandable manner.

One could even call them renaissance people, because they are often involved with several different jobs, interests, hobbies and so on.

They often come up to brilliant ideas, but they have to learn how to be more patient and focused on one thing. More about that follow in the part about negative sides of Uranus in Gemini.

Bad Traits

Yes, Uranus Gemini people are versatile, original, intelligent, great with words, practical and quick minded, but they really lack patience and focus. It is not that they lose determination or motivation out of s depressive mood or shaken by negative events.

They are positive and optimistic people, but the thing is they easily lose focus, because something else catches their attention. They are not indecisive, either, just too impulsive.

It is very common for Uranus Gemini to work parallel on several projects. It is also common that he or she works on something and then completely leave it, on behalf of something more exciting.

It is as if a person buys a common strawberry ice cream and then sees there is a passion fruit-pistachio one, which appears more exotic, so they throw away the strawberry and take this exotic one, until they see one even more attractive.

This is a funny illustration, but that is how Uranus Gemini people act. It might make you laugh, but if you apply the same principle onto relations with people, it is not that cool.

Uranus Gemini people could just leave without any explanation.

They could even become those who value quantity over quality; they like to be seen as people with many friends, while they have no true close friends by their side. Eventually, they would realize that.

Uranus in Gemini Man

Men who have Uranus in Gemini are open minded, open to new ideas and experiences and eager to make some daring steps in their life. They usually try to cover more interests and to master a few.

This is not easy, but Uranus Gemini men are unstoppable. It of course depends on other elements in a birth chart.

A typical representative of Uranus Gemini man could be a travel blogger who is also interested in martial arts and practices some. It is only a simplified characteristic portrait, but that is the point.

This man wants to live to the fullest.

He likes organizing gatherings for his many acquaintances and to visit ones. He is sociable and friendly guy, with brilliant sense of humor and with a hell lot of interesting stories to tell.

Uranus in Gemini Woman

Uranus in Gemini women manifests in the similar manner. These women are versatile and they are usually capable of handling many different tasks at the time.

Nothing is too hard for them to do, unless it is boring and mundane. They seek excitement in the world around and nothing is ever enough. However, they are capable of valuing small things in life.

Ladies with Uranus in Gemini are playful and kind.

They are welcomed in any company, although they could be hard to understand at times, because they change their mind too quickly and without doubts and second thoughts.

A typical Uranus Gemini woman talks about that cool dress that she saw and then buys completely a different one.


Uranus in Gemini definitely makes people unsteady and restless, but also inspires them to search for new excitements and opportunities; it gives them energy to do so, without being afraid they might fail.

This is, perhaps, the best side of it.

People with Uranus in Gemini are not afraid of taking risks and trying completely new things, without much thinking about it and wondering if it is the best thing to do. They believe it is the best thing and so they will do it.