Saturn in Leo

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Endless mysteries of stars on the sky vault have always inspired people around the world, from ancient past, until modern days.

We have always been trying to find an answer to our existence, which is still the greatest mystery of humankind. We have come to amazing discoveries, researched our own home from its bottom to the top and yet, we have no answers to all questions that bother us.

An average human being is not that interested into so grandiose questions, but is focus on ones related to their own destiny.

Life is a wonderful thing, indeed, so we would all like to know the secret of what we deem a successful, fulfilled life. When misfortunes come our way, we wonder what we have done to deserve it. When great things happen, we are thankful to our fortune.

Many of these things come from our own doing, of course and, regardless of if we are conscious of it or not, there is, perhaps, something more. As astrologers suggest, skies above play major role in our lives.

Planets and other heavenly objects we see from our home Earth affect overall life at home. It is not just a speculation, but there are firm scientific evidences proving it is so and why is it so.

However, no official science deals with an individual. Astrology, which is today considered a pseudo science, answers to that.

Although it does not fall under the category of acknowledged and officially recognized disciplines, well, it has all elements of a scientific approach. It has its principles and rules, theories and methods and people dedicated to studying the sky from an alternative perspective take it very seriously.

Astrology has many sub-categories and paths, but we are interested in personalized astrology or, how it is called, natal astrology. It analyzes individual human destinies, based upon their birth charts, which are based upon and consisted of precise planetary positions at the time a person was born.

If you are interested in having your birth chart done, you have to provide your astrologer with your place, date and exact time of birth. He or she would recreate the image of the sky the way it was at the time you were born.

According to astrology, this image determines both your personality and your lifeline. To some point, at least.

Saturn and Horoscope

We commonly say that our destinies are written in the stars, especially when we face situations and circumstances that seem unchangeable. It is true there are indeed things we cannot affect and change, ones that should be accepted.

Sometimes, it seems just as an easier way of dealing with things; other times, it is necessary if we are to progress and move forward.

Our birth chart and planets in it could tell us more about that.

Planets, however, do not tell us what to do and what will definitely happen. Our complex birth charts consist of many elements and all of them together create our potentials not facts that are in total unchangeable.

This chart or horoscope delivered from it is like a precious, heavenly guideline.

Planets affect our destiny and our personality; by knowing how they do it, we could take the best of what destiny offers. Today we focus on Saturn, which is one of ‘social planets’. The other one is Jupiter.

Social planets affect a whole generation, because they spend pretty long time in one zodiac sign. Saturn spends about two and a half year in each one.

Therefore, people born in the same year or a couple of years would have Saturn in the same position. Social planets are responsible for our relation with the outer world. Saturn and Jupiter affect us differently.

Saturn is the planet of restrictions, withdrawal, inhibitions and seriousness. It is also associated with time, structure and boundaries and it rules the signs of Capricorn.

Many see Saturn a maleficent and unwelcome guest in horoscope. Some astrologers even claim it brings only misery and misfortune, because of cruel way it works. Saturn is there to teach us life lessons, but its lessons are commonly hard to deal with. This astrological planet is cold and dry.

It rules our elderly age and is associated with everything that lasts for long and usually it is something we do not want, such as depression, illness, poverty and so on. Some astrologers say Saturn always brings bad luck, even if aspects with it are good.

However, not all are of such an opinion. Saturn could be a good teacher.

Saturn helps you see the light in the darkness and realize there is always something good, even if circumstances are dire. Saturn offers valuable lessons of patience, of the importance of perseverance, persistence, calmness, strictness, responsibility and seriousness. It makes us mature and diligent.

Saturn is associated with both solitude and loneliness and you are aware these two are very different.

Saturn in Leo – General Info

Saturn does not feel comfortable in the sign of Leo, the bright sign, ruled by the golden and glorious Sun. Saturn is cold, and the Sun is warm. The sign of Leo is definitely one of the most unwelcoming places for this cold and heavy planet.

Everything that is characteristic of Leo becomes heavy, difficult and often completely inhibited by the energy of Saturn.

The nature of Leo sign is to be praised, adored, to be seen, respected and glorified, to rule, lead and inspire. It is all opposite from the energy of Saturn. People with Saturn in Leo try hard to present themselves in a good light, to gain everything that Leo expects, but they always find it hard and troublesome. The lesson of this Saturn is hard.

It is about overcoming your ego, your personal needs and desires. If you want to be successful in life with Saturn in Leo, you should step away of your personal needs and observe a wider image.

You should think first of others and then about yourself. It does not mean you should neglect yourself, but that you should try to find another, wider perspective.

You should listen to others, try to understand them, give them space and give them spotlight. It is not an easy task. Leo is egocentric. Although usually not malevolent and actually deeply passionate and warm, this sign is always self-obsessed.

Leo needs to feel important; Saturn turns this trait into dictatorship.

People with Saturn in Leo are commonly extremely stubborn and unforgiving. They would do everything on behalf of their ego. Because of their complex of ego and inferiority, people with Saturn in Leo commonly make themselves extremely aggressive personalities, very prone to tyranny.

Bad aspects of Saturn in Leo are commonly seen in horoscopes of dictators.

For example, people with Saturn in Leo are often strict and demanding, not particularly sensitive parents. They are utterly egoistic and want to control everything, because it gives them the sense of power.

However, Saturn in Leo still has its good sides. For example, people with good aspects could reach great positions in educational sphere, but also in fields of sports and entertainment. They could become influential personalities, worth of respect and admiration.

People with Saturn in Leo are generally very self-demanding, but there is also fear of failure present.

Good Traits

Saturn in Leo does not find itself very comfortable, but it could show its good sides, if aspects are favorable. This is a tricky position and it could easily turn bad.

However, here are some bright sides. Saturn in Leo indicates huge self-esteem, dignity and determination; a person sees clearly how important it is to value others, just as he or she values himself or herself.

Only that way a person can reach true heights and be sincerely admired and respected by others, not because they see an authoritative character, with dictatorship approach to everything, but a noble, honorable and self-confident figure that cares about others.

Good aspects of Saturn in Leo make this person open to educational fields and make him or her easy to learn and reach rather good positions. These people face no major difficulties in career and in love life. They express their creativity openly and have all predispositions to create quality life conditions.

They are unrestrained in expressing their romantic feelings, very interesting, educated and honorable personalities. With such good aspects, they know their partner needs at least equal attention as they need. This leads to harmonious relationship.

Positive aspects for Saturn in Leo also make this person overcome their egoistic needs.

Here, Saturn opens their mind and helps them see other people. Leo is a passionate sign and good aspects of Saturn spread their passion to all society, not only to those closest or, worse, only to themselves.

Bad Traits

With bad aspects, egoistic tendencies of Saturn in Leo excel and consume everything else. Such a person is a tyrant, a dictator, highly demanding of everyone. This person cannot find a good way to express their qualities, which there definitely are.

Instead, they choose bad channels, such as controlling others, always demanding impossible things from others and everything else that suits their ego and feeds it.

They choose wrong sources of inspiration and food for their ego. They cannot get over it, because, deep inside, they are extremely afraid of failure. All of their noble qualities are inhibited and they become insensitive and merciless.

They cannot make others like them because they have done something beautiful, but because they make them feel afraid. It is the worst kind of extorted worship and attention in general.

Their creativity turns bad and everything they do is oriented solely towards creating themselves figures of great influence, but in a hostile, aggressive and cruel manner. They could be figures that inspire only fear, just as they could be bright examples of those who inspire positive vibes and make a positive mark on this world.

They are also one of the stubbornness types of personalities.

They are rigid in many aspects and they are not the most cooperative personalities. While it is good to be independent, it should come from positive background, not because of fear of being seen inferior and unimportant.

They are a kind of people determined to show others they need no one, at all cost. They are inflexible when it comes to making compromises and teamwork.

Saturn in Leo Man

Men with Saturn in Leo are those who always keep their promises and stand behind their words. A man with Saturn in Leo has firmly established principles and he would never go against them, no matter what.

His will is unbreakable, just as his opinions are hardly changeable.

You could see him as unfaltering and even cruel, but also as just, righteous and honorable.

He is egocentric, that is for sure, but it greatly depends on other aspects if his egocentrism would consume the whole of his personality. He always follows a straight line that leads to his goals.

He us usually daring and strong willed, although it could happen he just present himself like that. However, one must possess incredible inner strength to do so.

Saturn Leo man is very self-confident when it comes to love life. He could be incredibly attractive, in a sharp, intelligent and straightforward manner. What is more important, he is well aware of his qualities and advantages.

He could be a successful businessman, a leader in any field he is interested in.

Saturn in Leo Woman

Women with Saturn in Leo have an extremely realistic and somewhat rigid approach to life.

They could be very venturesome and pragmatic. Saturn Leo woman lives by rules she made herself. It is equally bad as it is good for her. On one side, others cannot control her; on the other hand, she is the creator of all sorts of inhibitions.

Saturn Leo woman finds the most important to have control over her own life. She usually has a critical mind, mostly self-critical, and is demanding of herself. She is not ready for compromises and needs those around her to be on the same level.

She is competitive and hates being disobeyed. She is strict and some would even say intimidating.

However, there is some magnetic attractiveness in her personality. Her attitude is proud and dignified, so people find her inspiring. She usually has no problem in seducing a man, but it is hard for her actually to find a partner that fulfils her expectations of a relationship.

He has to show his integrity, but not to deny her own.


As we see, Saturn in Leo is not the most fortunate aspect in a natal chart, but it could turn out good. Lessons of a Saturn in Leo are hard to comprehend, let alone to accept.

Saturn in Leo deals with extremely sensitive subject and that is the question of our ego.

Its main goal is to make you overcome your ego and that is not an easy thing to do.