Saturn Conjunct North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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When we talk about astrology we immediately think of the horoscope, that is, about your sun sign.

But, once we begin to know more about this science that brings together factors of astronomy, psychology and spirituality, we find a guide to achieve a greater knowledge of our existence.

Going deeper into astrology is like reading an endless tale, the next day you wait for the outcome but there is still more to discover and learn.

Saturn – Meaning and Info

With a strong energy, a person can become a black teacher, magician, with a sufficiently sober mind, but for his students and others, creating a distorted reality.

The North Node is the most important point in the natal chart. Let us now move on to consider two classic configurations of positive aspects.

From the point of view of the real state of affairs, since last year we have achieved a positive financial result.

Nodes of any configuration of aspects make fate more fatal and fatal, the consequences of which are almost impossible to change.

Mighty Truth Seeker Node North Lunar Node. Special thanks to Sunil for her passion for studying Brhgu Nadi Jyotish and a great desire to share this knowledge with others.

Harmonious aspects of the planets to the Ascending Node testify to a positive corresponding experience, and disharmonious aspects to negative. And the connection of the depositor of the Saturn node with Dubhe gave Adolf an innate brilliance, significance and the opportunity to succeed in his endeavors.

In the worst case, the ability to get a job at someone else’s expense is manifested, deftly to lead other people by the nose.

The Big Square the configurations of the negative aspects of the opposition and the square include the Grand Cross, otherwise the cross situation or the big square.

Rather, let’s see what the matrix of the outgoing epoch would do on the same configurations. Saturn Gemini discipline will develop primarily in the sphere of communication, and everything that a person writes or says will undergo careful thought. The main aspect of the Sun Lilith conjunction will be felt until the end of the week until November 13th.

Saturn’s conjunctions on the natal chart Saturn’s conjunctions with other planets on the natal chart are considered negative aspects rather than positive, given the dark, limiting, ascetic nature of Saturn. Saturn North node acceptance of responsibility in a group of acceptance.

North Node – Meaning and Info

We only dream about peace. It becomes very significant in the cosmogram and makes you pay close attention to yourself due to its evolving nature.

In general, the potential of the 8th house can also be used for peaceful purposes, but the line between good and evil is very thin here. I understand that I am called upon to consolidate my strength with those of my relatives in order to get their support.

The Aries point, the top of the house of the terrestrial horoscope, is the zero point of the ecliptic, and the coordinates of all planets are measured from it. The volume of sales in 2017 will amount to 31.5 billion rubles, he said.

However, do not relax! Transit Saturn conjunction with natal Neptune Such a conjunction of the north node and Saturn transit will make a person see the real state of affairs.

At the same time, various temptations and a desire to escape from reality and illusion are intensified for the individual.

As you remember, before the beginning of this cycle there was prosperity, both in the Roman Empire, especially during the reign of Emperor Trajan, and among the Proto-Slavic peoples.

If there are people you want to contact, choose a time just before these aspects to call them or send a letter. But what could have prompted them on a long and tedious journey?

It cannot be that the Gospel does not indicate the dates given from above for spiritual transformation. Conjunction is the strongest trine-sextile relationship — it’s friendships, and squaring is challenging.

Monday, November 21, 2016 3 km of additional tracks will improve the operation of the northern section of the Lyubinsko-Dmitrovskaya metro line

At a meeting of the Presidium of the Moscow Government, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin approved the planning project for the territory of the line facilities of the connecting line from the Verkhniye Likhobory station to the Likhobory depot and the dead ends behind the Seligerskaya station.

After a sequence of connections, the constant raids of the Sarmatians began. Remember that absorbing the vibrations of Neptune, we learn to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of the Light Idea, we learn to interact with our inner world.

The influence of the Descending Lunar Node is much stronger than the influence of the Ascending Node, since we are already accustomed to the first of the past life.

Fortunately, Saturn conjunct the south node in Capricorn until mid-October is not as intense, it is more universal. Like it or not, it is an unprecedented opportunity to outline the dynamics established by our past, level relationships, and reexamine our priorities.

Their whole life is haunted by tangled financial affairs, losses from speculation and difficulties in the spheres of the Houses occupied by these planets. Moon with Mars Cancer is dominated by the Moon, and this means that the will of a person will be subordinated to his state of mind.

Saturn Conjunct North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Among those topics are the lunar nodes, which are not planets, asteroids, or any type of physical body.

Basically they are defined as the two symbolic points where the plane of the moon’s orbit intersects the ecliptic of the Earth.

The north node, which as its name says goes from south to north, symbolizes birth and the entrance to the material world.

The south node goes from north to south, and symbolizes the exit from the material world, our internal knowledge.

According to Vedic astrology, it is very common to call them Rahu or north node, Rahu being the head of the dragon and Ketu or south node, Ketu being the tail of the dragon, according to legend.

One of the most interesting interpretations in the lunar node theory is that of reincarnation or past lives, which states that the south node, depending on its sign, house and aspects, indicates past life experiences and / or relationships, what we already know (even when we are not aware).

The north node in turn, we can interpret it as what we came to do in this life, where we are moving towards, what we must learn and experience. That is, the lunar node theory marks a relationship between the past and the future in which the wisdom of the south node can lead us to where we want to go — the north node.

Within the natal chart, it is important to use them in a balanced way, since they reflect the greatest challenges that we must overcome, manifesting in our life in a tense or harmonious way.

When the north node is highly emphasized, we think a lot and we like to experiment as much as possible, therefore, we must avoid impulsiveness and not try to have it all, since it knows no limits.

On the contrary, if the emphasized one is the south node, one must be careful not to want to live in the past, avoiding the future.

All this theory of the lunar nodes is very appropriate being that in a few days we will have a conjunction between the south node and Saturn in the sign of Capricorn. That is to say that both will be united and opposite of the north node in Cancer.

In practice, this meeting focuses us on the energy of security, on seeking a balance between family and professional life, on being imaginative and realistic, positioned between emotion and leadership.

Because the south node is involved, themes from the past, knowledge and experience that we already bring and that we must use to achieve our mission will be activated.

Therefore, despite the fact that we now live in an acceleration process, watching the days go by without realizing it and doing endless activities at the same time, it is likely that in some aspect of our lives obstacles and obstacles will arise. Delays.

When Saturn is strong, it makes everything move slowly in order to fix our attention on a specific point. It is about improving and learning to make better use of available resources.

Of course, by being involved, the south node returns us to situations of the past, being able to bring karmic moments with it. Of course, the level of demand that it requires will depend on that past, and of course, on the aspects that it forms in our natal chart.

In general terms, Saturn gives us a sad or melancholic energy for which it is not easy to give a universal recipe because each person lives it in a particular way according to his personal experience.

But, since depression leads us to stop, one way to counteract this transit is to get moving, even if it is slow and delayed, but to stay active.

Being the south node involved, we know that we have the knowledge — even if it is hidden in the depths of our mind — so that we can overcome at once, that situation or lesson that needs to be learned, since at the end of the story, Saturn is a great teacher.

Fortunately, Saturn conjunct the south node in Capricorn until mid-October is not as intense, it is more universal.

Like it or not, it is an unprecedented opportunity to outline the dynamics established by our past, level relationships, and reexamine our priorities.


And, as Saturn is a super worker, he invites us to live this experience from a more methodical perspective, not only to feel or remember all that, but to redo an action plan, even if it is slow.

It’s like doing repair work on aspects of our life / mind in relationships that we didn’t even know were broken.

Although there is no universal recipe, the best way to take advantage of this transit is by starting to work on ourselves. Pause, calm down and listen to our inner wisdom, it is in self-knowledge where the magic is to live in harmony, with ourselves and with the world.