Aries in 7th House – Meaning and Info

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He is a winner, a tireless worker, conqueror, combative, who likes challenges and competition, without scruples, without worrying about risks or dangers.

For Aries, life is a constant challenge. His fiery temperament, his frenzied activity make him hate failure, but he has enough energy to bounce back and get up for a new fight!

Aries rushes forward without looking back. On the health side, he has a tendency to severe migraines.

Aries – Meaning and Info

The Aries woman is very passionate, in all areas of her life. She is often thin, muscular, with a beautiful bearing of the head. She loves costume and imposing jewelry. She is an activist, very feminist, a liberated woman, who does not hesitate to embark on professions considered as reserved for men.

The Aries woman can be a great reporter, surgeon, financial expert, or even succeed in high level sport, politics.

She is a great competitor, who hates passivity and mediocrity. She finds it difficult to submit to a hierarchy, and does so only if she feels legitimacy and admiration for her superiors.

Very intelligent, she is lively, sharp, and very frank, endowed with a strong protest spirit, and can be aggressive, sharp in her words as in her actions.

The Aries Woman needs to let off steam in action, in activities that go beyond her daily life, in trips that open up new horizons.

Ardent, stimulating, daring, her immense energy and her passion for life are not always very easy to live with.

In love, the Aries woman is just as passionate as she is in life. She is a very great lover, who can even be quite teasing at the beginning of her sentimental life, igniting the time of a flash in the pan.

Hunter, conqueror, she does not hesitate to throw herself at the head of whoever pleases her. Fascinating, it attracts a lot men.

The Aries woman gets carried away, gives everything of herself until she loses control. But she is also a great independent, who will hate being a housewife, and has nothing to do with the security of the couple.

Once she finds her soulmate, she totally idolizes him, with a great sense of the absolute, and may suffer a lot, if not never recover from the failure of her relationship. She needs a loving, more thoughtful, strong and confident man who will support her independent spirit and strong character without being overpowered or feeling belittled.

On the side of love compatibilities, the Aries woman will spin the perfect love with the Libra man or the ascendant Libra: she will make him do what she wants, but he will always keep the power to disturb and charm her; very complementary, they are both enterprising in very different ways.

The understanding will be excellent with the Leo man, for his nobility, his warmth, his ardor, which fulfills his aspirations for the grandiose.

As with the Sagittarius man, strong man, adventurer, very free, with a hectic pace. Aquarius and Gemini men will attract the Aries woman by their liveliness and originality, their lightness.

Beware of friction with the Cancer man and the Pisces man, sensitive and dreamy, that the Aries woman dominates and terrifies. The same with the Taurus and Capricorn men, too rigid, who would not give in to him enough.

Often thin and nervous, the Aries man often reveals a carnivorous smile, dominated by the furious need to impose himself. His pace is frenetic, he is a Superman who likes to prove his superiority in everything, is stimulated by obstacles but refuses setbacks and does not often recognize his faults.

He is stubborn, sensitive, but on the other hand does not harbor an ounce of vanity. The Aries man is gifted for action and power. He excels in professions related to the legal (lawyer, judge) and the medical field, and can also set up his own business and be successful in business.

7th House – Meaning and Info

House VII is traditionally called the house of unions, marriages, associations, partners and contracts. In the past, it had a marked connotation in legal, contractual, lasting unions which came from the fact that we did not question unions very much.

Only a few decades ago, getting divorced or leaving work was an unusual thing. This state of society where unions lasted for life, for death, had connoted this house where we experience associations of a lasting, strong character, very anchored in legalized partnerships.

Today, it is important to understand that the mobility of society has included in this house all forms of partnership and association, from PACS to free union and from temporary employment contracts to Freelance.

Fundamentally, the 7th house does not contain any notion of sustainability, uniqueness or legality. The essence of this house is that of partnership.

House VII is the house that makes us come to terms with others that makes us collaborate with them and no longer just develop ourselves.

The first 6 houses had the function of developing our personality, our potential and its strengths to the point of awakening in us what we could use, or what part of ourselves we like to use.

In house VII, the experience changes. We are aware of our shortcomings and we seek in the experience of this house to complement our shortcomings.

In house VII we are sensitive to what we do not have and we open ourselves to the potential of others to complete our capacities in an association.

From the 7th house we learn to know, recognize and use the potential of others to complement our own skills. House VII is therefore a house where one becomes sensitive to others, open and attentive to who they are.

House VII is that of our partners in the sense that we seek to complete our personality people with character traits complementary to ours.

House VII is also the house of contracts, associations, partnerships insofar as to use the potential of others, to use this complementarity which does not belong to us, we must learn to associate ourselves.

House VII represents both our partners and our partnerships. It can be interpreted in both senses. We tend to form alliances with the same energy that characterizes those of our partners. Our partners and alliances have the same energy.

This is a fundamental point to understand. When we have a problem with a partner, we tend to blame the partner without realizing that we could question the way we have made our alliances with the same qualities and faults that we blame our partners.

Aries in 7th House – Meaning and Info

The loves of the Aries man are often a succession of love at first sight and cataclysmic ruptures, terrible scenes and great reconciliations. Dominated by his sexuality, the Aries man seduces women with anger and then leaves them eagerly.

But as soon as he comes up against the slightest resistance, he is capable of anything to conquer. The Aries man will therefore be very attracted to haughty women, not very accessible, with a strong and assertive character, whom he needs to admire.

Determined, charismatic and ambitious, Aries has everything to make us crack. And if it’s us, who wants to conquer it? How to deal with the man born between March 21 and April 20? All of our responses.

Not very expansive and not very romantic, he hates routine in the couple, but he can get married and live a long-term relationship, if his lover surprises him and dazzles him with her independence: he will stay if she shows him that she can. Live without him!

On the other hand, he does not admit in the other the pranks, which he can, him, agree of right.

On the side of his love compatibilities, the Aries man will spin a perfect union with the Leo woman, a dazzling, conquering, independent woman of power, whom he will admire deeply.

The understanding will be excellent with the Sagittarius woman, active, athletic, and very positive. With the Gemini woman too, whose lively intelligence stimulates him.

The Libra woman attracts him but tends to admire him too much, as well as the Aquarius woman whom he ends up finding too indecisive, and the Pisces woman whom he likes to impress.

Beware of friction with the Virgo woman, too critical and anxious for him, and with the Scorpio woman, mysterious, but far too domineering for him.

This point is important to understand. I’ll take my case to explain it. I am Leo ascendant. So I have an ability to stay focused on myself, to focus the power on my personality. In my house VII in front of my ascendant, is Aquarius.

This means that I seek in my associations to redistribute my power in an egalitarian way to balance my personality.

Likewise, I associate more with Aquarius personalities, that is, people who have a strong ability to put their personalities at the service of an ideal, of a collective. I need to develop contracts in the service of ideals and therefore I find partners who have a personality that is in the service of ideals.

And we enter into life contracts that allow us to experience exchange and sharing. Work for pay to express our professional skills, support and affection against commitment and self-respect to express our needs for emotional partnership.

House VII makes us experience association with the other to help us discover our shortcomings and how to fill them by learning to turn to the other.

The goal is not to dominate the relationship or to submit to it but to experience together a magical wholeness that one experiences when one develops humility for oneself and confidence in the other.


To summarize, I will resume my text on the course of the 12 houses: in house VI, we learned to create, then to make ourselves useful and to direct this creativity in a use for the others, we now need in house VII of partners for find complementarities to our potentials and skills through organized exchanges.