Venus Conjunct Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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The cusp of the 10th house, where the Meridian of the Midheaven passes, shows our true purpose, influences the choice of profession, and the connection with the planet also indicates the topics that a person puts above all in life.

In the case of Venus, at a low level of development, love is manifested for oneself as the crown of creation, wealth, beautiful things, and for creativity, aesthetics, ennobling the world around with high spirituality.

These interests will lead to success and influence the choice of vocational work. It is also necessary to consider the spheres of the zodiac sign of the 10th house.

Venus – Meaning and Info

A person will become happy if the profession is associated with art, the beauty industry, fashion, design, cosmetology and any humanitarian areas.

Work colleagues and bosses love the native, and so much so that office romances lead to both a happy marriage and scandalous layoffs.

These are the lucky ones and favorites of Fortune, with a light disposition and inexhaustible optimism.

People are drawn to them for a portion of inspiration and good mood. If Venus is aspected by trines and sextiles, then all desires are fulfilled instantly, and the native’s talents immediately find their admirers.

However, this is the case when additional squares and oppositions benefit a favorable planet in the 10th house, since they act as the engines of personal progress of the owner of the horoscope, preventing them from getting bogged down in laziness and luxury instead of development and creativity.

Women with the conjunction Venus – Midheaven are helped in their careers by high-ranking patrons in love with them.

However, these ladies really know their worth, are confident in beauty and charm and do not lack money.

Men with this aspect are helped by wealthy and influential women with whom there is no kinship. In any case, the native will not go unnoticed.

The desire to project your uniqueness onto the general public literally attracts the right circumstances by a magnet.

The profession is often associated with the physical education of a healthy body: gymnastics, fitness, cosmetics, as well as travel, weddings and diplomacy.

Personal relationships Since Venus is the significator of the 7th house, the connection with the Midheaven Meridian brings the themes of personal life closer to business partnership.

A woman with this aspect is often seduced into sexual relations by high-ranking men, as in the case of Marilyn Monroe, or she uses their patronage for a career takeoff. The best option is to combine sincere love and joint business.

In general, the state of falling in love inspires the carriers of the Venus-MC connection, enhancing their charm and attracting favorable opportunities for the manifestation of the world of talents.

It is interesting that even enemies cannot be angry with the owners of the aspect for a long time, thanks to their qualities such as cheerfulness, optimism and sincerity.

The conjunction of Venus with MC in 90% of cases is the indicator of marriage for love, for a person or for a partner’s money, this is another question, but other factors must also be taken into account: the figures of the aspects or connections of the 7th and 8th houses, since some partners can destroy the native’s idyll both on work and career, if you do not work out in time, for example, the Trapezium or the Finger of Fate.

Usually, having achieved popularity and financial stability by vocation, the native always meets worthy companions, but whether he will keep them already depends on the person’s personal qualities.

Practical interaction with the Venus – MC conjunction When Venus is high, it is really important to find your personal brand, an image through which the native values ​​will be transmitted.

The owner of the horoscope feels better in expensive clothes and accessories. In the search for a style, the definition of the elements of the 10th house will help. If this is Air, then it is recommended to choose light colors in clothes and sublime images.

Fire will require brighter accents and luxurious accessories, while Earth loves austere or democratic style, and Water is calm and gentle (with the exception of Scorpio).

Holders of Venus on the MS are not required to have a higher education as well as a specialized and creative one.

Midheaven – Meaning and Info

This could irritate your self-esteem so much that you no longer trust yourself. Or you become a downright workaholic obsessed with the need to restore your self-esteem by all means. Your status awareness can become obsessive.

Learn to accept yourself for who you are. If you succeed in accepting that you are the only person who can respect and appreciate you in everything that really matters, it is not far to realizing your unique contribution to this world. You can heal yourself by accepting yourself. The real success is happiness and contentment.

You strive for fame, power and status, but without looking at their side effects, or maybe you are well aware of the disadvantages, but ignore or suppress them. You do not allow others to influence you or you are completely unaware when someone is using your power to your disadvantage.

Perhaps your demands are too high and you overwhelm yourself with obligations in the partnership or for the general public. You just don’t accept rules and instructions. For this you have a great potential of creativity and a huge need to live out your individuality.

With a lot of ambition and zest for action, you will pursue the path to high status or a management position.

The most important thing for you is the honor and recognition associated with it, as well as the appreciation of your fellow human beings – for this you do your best. The desire to do something for the general public motivates you more than your own gain.

Public criticism from an authority figure hits you deeply – you may find this extremely inappropriate and unjust. This can create a violent urge for satisfaction or revenge in you. You stand in your own way when it comes to playing a healthy and adult role in society.

Ascending lunar knot (north knot) in the 10th house and descending lunar knot (south knot) in the 4th house. You want to “win” honor and recognition for your professional or personal achievements. You have the gift of inspiring people and changing their lives. You could build a career on this skill.

Deep down inside you would like to retreat to your cozy home and enjoy home life, but that feeling is fleeting.

For people with the south node in the 4th house, the focus is on family and home. You hold onto an idealizing vision of a happy family sticking together, just as you did when you were a child. For you, home is where you can find security.

You see and appreciate only the good in your family members and leave everything else aside. Don’t let yourself be irritated by differences within the family either, but stick to the overall picture.

You are far less likely to dare to venture out into the world and prove yourself there. For you, the world is above all fast-paced, ruthless and aggressive – at this speed and such an atmosphere you feel out of place, like a lost child.

Yet there is always this voice in your head that reminds you to go out into the world and, for example, earn money there.

With a successful career and social prestige, you could feel more complete and satisfied. Your home is the safe haven to return to at the end of the day, but not a place to retreat to and bury your professional hopes.

Trust your ability to be competitive and successful at work and take the plunge into the world out there.

Venus Conjunct Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

This aspect is great for artists, actors, diplomats and public figures. Often, such people use all their personal charm and lovingness to establish particularly close relationships with management and accelerate career advancement.

Often such people turn out to be vain and ambitious, often they reach a high social position, connecting their lives with an influential person. They want to succeed and attract the public, since the ego is directly related to the approval of others for their appearance.

They strive to devote themselves to a creative profession in the field of art, psychology or aesthetic forms of activity (gymnastics, cosmetics, excursions). Often such people are full of inexhaustible optimism. They are sure that life is good and beautiful, and therefore it makes no sense to be zealous in order to achieve success.

This is often true, especially if the Planet is not affected. However, in order to become significant and significant, such people need to work hard. They thrive in public relations and entertainment because they love people and have a good relationship with them. (Venus conjunct the Midheaven).

Developed public ambition. The situation can be improved by marriage, especially if Capricorn or Taurus. Objective love; attachment; benevolence, charity; artistry; devotee; attractive person. Vanity; swagger; jealousy; absent-minded. Lover; artist; fan.

Many peoples of antiquity associated Venus as the patroness of love, family life and beauty. Mesopotamia, Persia, Greece, India – the ancient treatises of these peoples had their own Venus. She had a different name and appearance, but her spheres of influence did not change.

In astrological treatises, Venus is considered a primordially feminine planet. In the writings of Ptolemy, it is mentioned that this is a night planet. She patronizes Taurus and Libra. Its symbol is represented as a circle, at the bottom of which is a cross. It is drawn in the same way as the mirror of the famous goddess in antiquity is indicated.

Astrologers have long come to the conclusion that the planet Venus is a representative of love, relationships between people, desire, beauty, aesthetics, life values ​​and social perception.

If the planet appears in the natal chart, then a person is more or less inherent in such properties as artistry, creativity, beauty, gentleness, harmony, positive thinking.

If Venus manifests itself in a negative configuration, then its carrier will be too sentimental, capricious, vicious and reckless.

In horary astrology, Venus is a good omen. Since the main principle of this astrological current is to answer the question by calculating the position of the planets in a specific period of time, then if Venus “participates” in the calculations, the answer to the question will definitely be positive for the questioner.

In mundane astrology, Venus is believed to show the natural process of the unification of nations into states.

It is customary to associate the planet directly with social aspects (in particular, pleasures), fashion trends, idols.

And also she is credited with a connection with the economic institution of the state.


In elective astrology, they are mainly concerned with calculating favorable dates for important events (mainly for weddings).

Since Venus rules the 7th house, which is associated with marriage, she should be in a favorable position at the time of the wedding.

That is, if the planet is in the houses of the horoscope of Aries, Virgo and Scorpio, then it is better to postpone the event, since Venus is weakened and can have the opposite effect on fate.