Venus Conjunct Uranus Synastry

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Astrology is an old science, which is, in fact, not a science in a conventional sense. The very term astrology derives from two Greek words, astron, meaning ‘a star’ and logos, meaning ‘science’ or ‘a word’.

Therefore, we could translate it into the ‘science of the stars’ or, perhaps even better, the ‘language of the stars’. An astrologer is a star reader, in fact.

No one knows how old this ancient discipline of star reading was. Some claim astrology has existed long before people would name it so. In prehistoric times, people would observe the skies and constellations and use them for navigation.

Movement of planets, constellation patterns, sunsets, sunrises and Moon phases were all of great importance to old ages nomads and hunters.

Some scientific discoveries prove they, for example, valued the importance of Moon phases. Some mammoth bones were discovered featuring markings that correspond to Moon phases.

This implies that humans knew celestial objects were somehow important to earthly existence, which we now know for sure.

Astrology we know today, a systematized (pseudo) science probably comes from Persia. It is known that ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, ancient Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians and Romans have all been practicing astrology. Other astrological systems arose in Far East. Chinese, Hindu, Tibetan and Japanese astrology are all of precious importance.

All these systems are different, though all have the same thing in common. Each one of them is based upon the notion that celestial phenomena, cosmos and earth are inevitably bound.

Western astrology is based upon the postulate reflecting old hermetic tradition, one that says ‘as above, so below’. Needles to say, this postulate applies to other alternative and mystic paths.

Astrology was considered a ‘serious’ one until the Age of Reason, the seventeenth century.

From that point onwards, astrology has been strictly separated from astronomy and put aside, considered unreliable and non-scientific. Up to that point, astronomy and astrology had been treated together.

Many argue astrology cannot be an official science, since it lacks consistence and proper methodology.

Nevertheless, this alternative science has survived ages and ages, some turbulent, others glorious and also quiet ones. Although arguments against its scientific nature certainly have some ground, astrology does present with principles, rules and methods.

In addition, one cannot do any astrological reading without having profound knowledge of stars, planets and astronomy, in fact.

Astrology of Relations and Natal Charts

Astrological romantic compatibility is what most are interested into. Curiosity would definitely play some role in it. Synastry reports are one of the most common types of astrological analyses.

This is not a modern phenomenon; astrological advices regarding romance and marriage have been popular ever since. What is the first step of a synastry report?

Since synastry compares natal charts in order to see how compatible they were, it is logical to assume that the astrologer would first look into each chart alone.

In order to read the compatibility, so to say, the astrologer has to meet the people involved.

The astrologer would carefully analyze each chart and focus on elements regarding romantic tendencies, conceptions about relationships, marriage, et cetera.

Emotionality and emotional expression would also be an important thing to see into. However, all other traits and details in each chart would play a role.

Synastry compares charts and analyzes contacts between them point by point. Each chart as a whole adds to the complete synastry image.

Let us see what a synastry report could possibly offer.

Astrological Compatibility and Synastry Report

Synastry is a comparative study of two natal charts, in case of romantic astrological compatibility. What this means and what could such a reading offer?

If you think that a synastry report (or any other of the sort) could predict the ‘outcome’ of your relationship, you are wrong. Synastry offers valuable information about the nature of a romantic relationship.

This means that such a reading would point out your weakest and your strongest points as a couple. This report could give you a better insight into areas of life that somehow do not function very well between you two and this help you find a solution, perhaps.

It would also point out your meeting points that have possibly been neglected.

Each synastry is unique and rich in information. There could be certain elements that would possibly even discourage you of entering or continuing a relationship, but also those that would further inspire you.

Each synastry depends on many elements and nothing you see in it is a determinant. It describes your potentials as a couple, which could be of amazing value.

Astrological Aspects and Synastry Report

Astrological aspects are the most important elements of synastry reading. Astrological aspects are distances or angles between planets from two compared charts. There were five major and six minor aspects.

We will be focusing on major aspects and on the conjunction in particular. Other aspects are squares, oppositions, trines and sextiles. Each of them is unique.

Some of these aspects were heavy. They are squares and oppositions. Such aspects could build up tension between partners, lacking understanding and tolerance.

These heavy aspects could be very challenging and they could also potentially destroy a relationship. However, they are not necessarily destructive.

Easy or flowing aspects are the trine and the sextile. Each contributes to better understanding, conjoined energies, tolerance and harmonious behavior in a relationship.

The conjunction could be both; we will talk about it in the next paragraph.

In any case, your relationship would most likely be a combination of challenging and easy aspects.

Depending on each natal chart and its particular involvement with the relationship, these aspects would manifest in one way or another. A good balance between different aspects would make for a rich and a dynamic relationship.

It is difficult to give any stereotypical description of an aspect, since it would be affected by all other aspects in one relationship.

Conjunction Aspect in Synastry

Conjunction aspects are the strongest ones. The thing is that this aspect represents a very small distance between two planets, meaning that they either match positions or stand very close to one another.

When in such a relation, planets’ energies become intensified, both of them. Energies in a conjunction are conjoined and powerful.

This means that a conjunction would definitely make for a binding agent in one relationship, but its nature would depend on the planets in one particular case. All other aspects would affect the way this powerful energy is going to manifest itself.

Malefic planets are expected to produce bad energy and vice versa. However, let us not rush about the conclusion.

The conjunction between two different planets, meaning those of different basic natures, would require a lot of experience and work; such a connection could be very dubious, depending also on which planets were those different ones.

Another type of prognosis depends on the zodiac signs. Conjunct planets in the same sign are considered favorable and the other way around.

Venus in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Venus or Aphrodite was the goddess of beauty, pleasure, fertility and love. Born out of the sea foam, according to one myth, Venus was considered the most beautiful of all goddesses.

Even fierce, bloodthirsty Mars could not resist her seductive powers. In fact, only charming Venus was capable of softening the heart of the war-lover Mars.

Venus is associated with love, beauty, harmony and everything that makes us feel pleased, happy and comfortable. This lovely planet awakens the sense of compassion in our hearts.

It also makes us want to feel desirable, attractive to others.

Venus gives us the sense of how much other people love us and it also makes us not to restrict our feelings towards others.

This planet is also associated with art and aesthetic, with everything that moves us and inspires us, in that sense.

Venus is of essential importance for synastry, along with Mars, the planet representing purely carnal side of intimate relationships. Venus also has to do with our passions, though in a gentler, more delicate and sophisticated way.

Uranus in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

One planet that does not favor commitment very much is certainly Uranus, the planet of the eccentric, unusual, innovative, original and highly individualistic.

This planet represents sudden changes, revolutionary events, inventions, and discoveries, natural and social phenomena that shake the world.

With Uranus, the need for personal freedom flourishes.

This planet is usually strong in people who stand out of the masses, those who could become either complete lunatics or brilliant geniuses. When talking about synastry, the effect of Uranus would greatly depend on other aspects and other elements.

This is a visionary planet and, in this regard, it could represent shared visions and ideas, beautifully inspiring.

On the other hand, Uranus is, indeed, associated with individual originality, with rebellious attitude and inability to commit.

It could be a factor of instability in a romantic relationship, but let us not be too hasty with conclusions.

Uranus could be destabilizing, but not necessarily determining. We shall see how it plays along the charming lovely Venus when conjunct.

Venus Conjunct Uranus Synastry – Artists of Romance

Now, this one is particularly exciting relation! Venus conjunct Uranus inspires the creative the unusual, unconventional in one another.

The passion of Venus combined with Uranus’ originality and uniqueness would make the one a relationship to remember or, perhaps, a sparkling and passionate love affair.

This connection does not guarantee any long-term commitment, because of the overload of enthusiasm and unconventionality.

We could dare call this relationship ‘artistic’, since these energies would definitely inspire the most creative and visionary part in each of you.

Venus’ sense of aesthetics, beauty and art in general would fit beautifully Uranus’ visionary, unconventional and unique attitude towards life. You would be willing to experiment and to try new things.

This connection also manifests with a lively social life. As a couple, you have to be out there, enjoying life.

While this could be exciting and definitely inspiring, not to mention lively intimate life, there are literally no guarantees that it would last.

Venus may be the one to start imposing more of ‘traditional’ values, but it is unlikely to work, since Uranus’ is usually not into it.

Whatever the case, this is going to be a thrilling and wonderful, electrifying experience.

This experience could be best described as an artistic project, in which the interests may cease and then fire up again, just as the inspiration comes and goes.

See into other aspects that would possibly support this wonderfully inspiring energy and turn it into something lasting.