Venus in 3rd House

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Many people still don’t know how useful astrology can be, and their only knowledge about it contains knowing their Zodiac sign and couple of details about it.

Astrology can give us essential information about people and situations and in some cases be a great advisor helping us make the best decision or choice, or preventing us from making some horrible mistakes.

Astrology can give info about someone’s personality and other traits regarding their life and individuality; it can give predictions of possible future events, outcomes of situations, reveal relationship potential, and give much other insightful information.

Planets in houses – individual charts and synastry meaning

Astrology analysis begins with a natal chart; it is a chart of the planetary positions in a certain moment, usually someone’s birth. It has 12 houses and the planets are placed inside the houses.

The houses which contain planets give the most information because they show the focus and action.

The energy of the planets merges with the energy of the house where they are placed, influencing the areas ruled by these houses.

In synastry, which is a technique in astrology for analyzing relationships and their potential, the astrologer compares the natal chart of the people in relationship and analyses the planets from one chart placed inside the other chart, to determine how the relationship will influence the partners.

The 12 houses of the natal chart have different areas of rule. The houses can reveal details about the person’s appearance, physical condition, health, behavior, interests, education, character, ancestors, siblings, parents, children, different family members, relationships, partners, travels, business, career, finances, education, social life, friends, etc.

The houses can be divided in different categories. One category divides houses in three groups, according to the elements of the signs that correspond to these houses: cardinal houses, fixed houses, mutable houses. These houses are also called: angular, succedent, and cadent houses.

The first group are houses: 1, 4, 7, and 10; the second group are houses 2, 5, 8, and 11, and the third group are the houses 3, 6, 9, and 12.

The houses can also be divided in two categories: personal (from 1 to 6) and interpersonal (from 7 to 12).

Venus – Basic Qualities

Venus is a bright planet, and can be seen during bright nights on the night sky. It is close to the Sun, and moves fast; it takes it about 225 days to orbit the Sun.

The planet Venus carries the name of the Roman goddess of love and romance. This goddess was a well-respected deity for the ancient Romans.

The planet Venus because of its brightness and the fact that it could easily be seen on the night sky is often referred to as “morning star” or the “evening star”.

In astrology, Venus rules love, beauty, attractiveness, art, aesthetics, photography and photographers, music, musicians, paintings, painters, money, banks, poetry and poets, creativity, comfort, friends, diplomacy, women, girls, girlfriends, dating, luxury, decoration, quality, pleasures, good taste, laziness, harmony, procrastination, style, love affairs, overindulgence, marriage, social affairs, flexibility, judicial system, judges, leisure time, etc.

Venus is strongest in Taurus and Libra because it is the ruler of these signs. In Pisces it is in exaltation and is also powerful. In Aries Venus is in detriment and doesn’t feel good.

Third House Meaning

The third house is a personal house; it is also mutable and cadent house. It corresponds to the sign Gemini and is ruled by Mercury.

The third house rules communication, our siblings, surroundings, neighbors, daily movements, creativity, self-expression, thinking process, the way we make decisions, etc.

This house shows how our mind works and the way we prefer to communicate. The third house shows the way we speak, reason, think and write.

It is the house of our siblings and our neighbors. The third house shows how we analyze information and confront our daily issues. It shows the way we learn and the sources we prefer to use for learning; it is the house of elementary school, teachers, books, trainings, courses, etc.

The third house shows the basic skills we have acquired through learning and basic education.

This house reveals what are the preferred ways we choose to collect information about the surroundings we’re in. This house rules news and messages.

It also rules the knowledge we gain from the people from our surroundings or siblings. It shows how we tend to make contacts with people and communicate with them on a daily basis.

The 3rd house also shows our preferred types of communication with other people; some might prefer to communicate to others in person and some might prefer communicating through texts and other kinds of virtual communication.

The third house might also show whether someone has problems with communication and what these problems are.

The planets placed inside the 3rd house describe the ways the person communicates with others, especially the people from their close surroundings as well as their brothers and sisters.

These planets reveal whether the person has an easy-flowing communication or experiences problems and issues when they are communicating with others.

Malefic and afflicted planets placed inside the 3rd house show the person’s problems in communication, aggressive talk, conflicts, disagreements and problems in communication with their siblings, neighbors, and similar issues.

This could also be a sign of issues with vehicles and communication means, like phones or computers, which are also ruled by the third house.

Well-aspected planets in the third house are an indication of a communicative person who easily makes acquaintances and is generally communicative.

They love any kind of communication and love to be informed. These people know how to express their thoughts and they do it with ease, and they can be talented writers. They are usually great drivers as well. 

Venus in Third House Meaning in Individual Charts

Venus in third house will increase the person’s creativity. This might be a writer of romantic novels, poetry, and art books.

These people are gentle and pleasant, and others enjoy communicating with them, especially people from their close surroundings. This placement of Venus gives harmonious relationships with the person’s brothers and sisters.

Venus in third house might be an indication of beautiful brothers and sisters. This position is often an indication of having sisters.

They usually express their thought in a calm and organized manner. These people express themselves both when they are talking and when they are writing.

Because Venus rules love and romance and the third house is the house of our surroundings and neighborhood, people with Venus in third house can often experience relationships with people from their close surroundings or their neighbors.

This position of Venus can give the person beautiful voice and in some cases this person can be talented singer. Sometimes Venus in 3rd house can give the person artistic skills.

Because they are so skilled with their words they might become great at manipulating others if that is their preference. They can be very flattering and this brings people towards them.

This isn’t always done with some purpose in mind, because in general, these people are naturally gentle and kind to everyone.

The position of Venus in 3rd house is often a sign of pleasurable moments in primary school and gaining their basic education. The person surely enjoyed learning and socializing with their school mates.

This position of Venus often gives a talent for languages and it is likely that the person knows more than one foreign language.

Their tendency for calm and warm expression makes them irritated to conflicts and people who tend to aggressively communicate and express their thoughts. They will tend to avoid the presence of such people. Bad manners repel these people.

If beneficial planets are in the third house besides Venus, this gives the person harmonious relationships with their neighbors and people from their surroundings. People just love being in their company; this also refers to their brothers and sisters.

Venus in third house might make the person eager for short trips for pleasure reasons and relaxing. Their artistic interests might make them a frequent visitor of museums and art galleries.

These people love spending time in nature; if nothing else is a possibility at the moment, they will be satisfied with a short walk and rest in the nearby park.

The person with Venus loves to read, especially magazines, romantic books, all kinds of creative literature, books about photography, art, architecture, etc.

They also enjoy talking about these subjects to people who share similar interests. They have a lot of interests which is why it is never difficult for them to start a conversation on various subjects.

Because of their harmonious nature and approach to others, they can be very good at neutralizing conflicts between other people, and helping them resolve their differences.

These people are diplomatic and tend to keep good relationships with everyone. They don’t let any unresolved issues linger between them and other people, which is why they are highly respected and appreciated by everyone. They are very tactful.

These people might choose professions such as creative writing, music, art, journalism, mediation, teaching, public speaking, etc.

Venus in Third House Meaning in Synastry

When one person’s Venus is in the third house of another person this is usually a sign of a beautiful relationship, full of romantic conversations and love feelings shared between the partners.

These two care much about each other’s feelings and they pay a lot of attention not to hurt one another with their words.

Especially the Venus person tends to choose their words carefully and has a tender approach towards the third house person.

The communication between them is smooth and filled with expressions of compassion and love. They don’t allow their issues to pile up and they resolve them as they appear. They love to communicate about every problem they have so they can maintain their relationship lasting.

This position is usually a sign of a relationship where the partners don’t allow arguments and conflicts and tend to settle all their issues in a calm manner.

The Venus person and the third house person most likely share same interests of art and literature. They also share their love for communication.

The third house person feels inspired to talk to the Venus person in a kind and gentle manner. These people might awaken new interests in each other which will deepen the bond between them.

These two might enjoy talking about books they both read, and the artists they love the most; they might enjoy going to art galleries and museums together, and afterwards talking about their experience, sharing their impressions about the things they saw; they might also enjoy going on short trips together, where they will please their mutual interests, or gain new interests.


Venus in third house in individual charts usually creates a person who is very good at expressing their thoughts in a kind and gentle manner.

These people are focused on creating balanced and harmonious relationships with everyone in their surroundings, and especially with their brothers and sisters.

It is important for them to be diplomatic in their communication because they don’t want to offend anyone. They respect others and carefully choose their words. These people are preferred company by many because of their calming influence.

They can be talented speakers and writers and are often interested in different artistic forms. They can also be very creative themselves as well. They often have a pleasant voice and sometimes are talented singers.

For these people balance and harmony in their surroundings is essential and they tend to keep it at any cost.

When Venus is in third house in synastry, this often creates a couple that will enjoy their interaction and spending time together. They will enjoy their talks and shared interests.