Venus in 6th House

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Astrology is not only fun subject of conversation but also very useful; it can give us insightful information about people and situations.

Astrology, as an ancient technique of predicting the future by analyzing the planets and their placements in a certain moment of time can give us clue about people’s characters, their interests, beliefs, behavior, possible events they could encounter, their relationships and their success in life.

Astrology can give predictions about what future might bring into our lives, give answers regarding the potential of relationships, as well as predict the outcome of situations.

Astrology analysis consists of analyzing the positions of planets in a specific moment in time and getting the desired answers from their meaning.

The most common analysis consists of analyzing the planets in houses and signs, as well as the aspects between them.

Planets in houses – individual charts and synastry meaning

The analysis in astrology begins by creating a natal chart; it represents the image of the sky in the particular moment of interest, such as someone’s birth.

The natal chart is made based on the determined date, time and place. The chart has 12 houses, which can be angular, succedent, and cadent.

All houses rule different areas in our lives, and by analyzing their rulers and the planets placed inside, an astrologer can discover a lot about these areas. Especially houses with planets are important, because they show where the most interest, action, and energy is focused. The planets add their influence to these areas.

Besides analyzing individual charts, astrology also analyses the charts of people in relationships to determine facts about their relationship and whether it will be lasting and harmonious.

By analyzing the planets from one chart into another, the astrologer can determine how the house person will likely be influenced by the relationship.

The houses rule various areas such as: health, physical condition, character and personal traits, behavior, personal appearance, relationships, partners, enemies, friends, parents, children, siblings, ancestors, family members, education, travels, finances, love life, social life, home, interests, talents, career, communication abilities, neighbors, surroundings, etc.

Venus – Basic Qualities

Venus is a planet ruler of beauty and love. Just like the goddess whose name it carries, Venus rules romantic encounters and romantic love. It is the brightest planet on the night sky, easily visible with the naked eye.

This brightness was the cause why it was often called “the morning star” or “the evening star” since ancient times. Venus is a fast planet, and it circles around the Sun in 225 days approximately.

Venus is the ruler of art and artists, painters, musicians, poets, photographers, writers, diplomats, diplomacy, kindness, comfort, harmony, stability, pleasures, friendships, fashion, good taste, laziness, procrastination, selfishness, relationships, glamour, luxury, wealth, abundance, money, decoration, beauty items, clothes, love affairs, socializing, cooperation, compromise, etc.

Venus rules Taurus and Libra. It is also powerful in Pisces where it is in exaltation.

Sixth House Meaning

The sixth house is a cadent house mostly related to issues such as work, service, routine, health, responsibilities, personal hygiene, pets, etc.

The sixth house is ruled by the planet Mercury and it corresponds to the sign of Virgo.

The planets inside the sixth house and its ruler reveal our attitude towards the above mentioned areas of life. It shows our attitude towards our hygiene and health, our sleeping habits and discipline in life. It also shows how patient we are.

The planets inside the sixth house (if there are any) reveal a lot about our personal attitude towards these matters. The planets inside the sixth house could show the person’s state of health and possible health issues they might experience.

The planets also reveal the person’s attitude towards work, whether the person is someone overly concerned with their work, consumed with it and exhausting themselves with work, or they are lazy and not interested in their work.

This house also shows the person’s diet and attitude towards their physical condition. This house might reveal whether the person is someone prone to exercising to keep their body in shape or they are someone who is not bothered by whether they are fit or not.

The 6th house represents our routine jobs, including our work. It describes the attitude we have towards the jobs we are forced to perform on a daily basis.

It also shows our atmosphere at work, our coworkers and the relationship we have with them, our employees, the services we provide to others, possible voluntary work, etc.

The sixth house reveals the state of our health and our physical condition. Malefic planets inside this house are not a good sign, and sometimes might be an indication of accidents or illness. They could also negatively affect the person’s work and other areas ruled by this house.

It also could act preventively so that person is aware of their weaknesses and tries to stop them from harming them.

In any case, the sixth house is a reminder to everyone to pay attention to their wellbeing; it is a reminder to have healthy eating habits and exercise regularly so that the person keeps in shape.

Sometimes planets inside the sixth house are an indication of the service work the person will do for others during their lifetime. The person has a genuine need to help and serve others, usually in the field of healthcare. Nurses and medical workers often have this house full of planets.

This is also the house of pets, and people with planets inside are often pet keepers and pets have an important role in their life. They might use pets to help them heal.

Venus in Sixth House Meaning in Individual Charts

A person with Venus in sixth house usually has a harmonious work atmosphere and gets along well with their coworkers. They are also admired and respected by their employees.

These people have a natural inclination for kindness and serving people, which is why they are loved by the people they work with as well as by the people they manage and organize.

They have a soft and gentle approach to everyone at work and they always try to find a compromising solution to every situation and problem that arises.

Venus in 6th house is usually an indication of pleasant and harmonious every-day life. These people don’t get easily upset and are very appreciative of the things they have.

They give their best to maintain healthy and harmonious relationships with those they work with because they are aware of how important this area of their life is for them, especially because they spend so much of their life at work and around these people.

These people are often a favorite coworker or boss and that is a well-deserved title. For these people a harmonious atmosphere at work is an essential thing and they would do anything to maintain it.

Venus in sixth house people have a generous and helping nature. They often choose a career where they can be of help and service to others. These people are usually considered for their health and wellbeing and they usually pay a lot of attention to their beauty routine.

They enjoy pampering themselves, buying beauty products and products that rejuvenate their skin and entire body. They also pay a lot of attention to their diet and make sure they eat healthy and nutritious food.

In some cases, people with Venus in sixth house might choose a career in decoration.

They might be talented architects, interior or exterior designers, or choose some other career which has to do with decoration and creating beauty. They might be artistically gifted and can choose an art career.

For these people their daily surroundings are very important, especially at work. If they work in an ugly surroundings this might cause depression and anxiety.

If this is the case, these people will try to do anything to make their working space more beautiful, even if it means placing some fresh flowers on the table every once in a while.

Because Venus rules fashion and design, these people might in some cases choose a career in fashion designing clothes or doing some other job in the fashion industry.

For them it is important to be surrounded with beauty when they are at work as well as to create beauty, and every environment and profession that can provide that for them is a suitable one.

The position of Venus in 6th house could in some cases be an indication of work-related love affairs. Namely, these people might be prone to getting romantically involved with their coworkers and sometimes their bosses.

This can in some cases turn into a long-term partnership but in some cases, when Venus is afflicted it might be the cause of scandals and problems at work.

This person should be careful when deciding to enter such unions and always be aware of possible losses they might experience if the relationship doesn’t work out.

If Venus is afflicted in the sixth house the person might be prone to laziness, procrastination, postponing their work and daily routine, and neglecting their hygiene. These people might be prone to being overly concerned about matters at work, their health, or their daily routine.

They might not be able to control their fears even if they know that they are ungrounded. They need to learn to relax and stop being so stressed over minor details. 

Venus in Sixth House Meaning in Synastry

When Venus is in sixth house in synastry the relationship between the partners should be a caring and nurturing one.

The Venus person is sincerely concerned about the sixth house person wellbeing and they might be helping them in improving their physical condition and health by giving them some advice on their diet and exercising.

Venus in sixth house in synastry might be an indication that the partners met each other at work or in circumstances somehow related to work. The Venus person tends to be of service to the sixth house person and they are very interested in their daily routines.

These people show their love to the 6th house person by doing their choirs and helping them finish their work.

When the partnership between the two people is not a romantic one, these two enjoy working together.

They get along excellent and resolve all their issues in a calm and harmonious ways. They easily make compromises because they respect the relationship they have. This is true for any type of relationship between these two people, work-related or a romantic one.

These people enjoy being in each other’s presence because it has a calming effect on the both. Their daily routine is not as difficult anymore when they are with each other.

The sixth house person feels that they can rely on their Venus partner and that makes them feel calm and peaceful. They know that they can make compromises with the Venus partner and find the best solution in any situation without arguments and in a civilized manner.

They enjoy the Venus person sense of beauty and how they make any situation look better than it actually is. They are appreciative of the Venus partner sincere concern for their wellbeing and health and they accept their advice in these areas with gratitude.

The Venus partner might also help the sixth house person with their beauty routine, discovering ways to them of how to improve their look.

They might inspire them to work on themselves, exercising and eating healthier, changing their style and other things in their life, which will boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Venus person will enjoy in contributing to that process in the sixth person’s house life.


Venus in sixth house in an individual chart is often a sign of a person who seeks harmonious relationships with their coworkers and employees. This person is usually much loved and appreciated by the people they work with because of their natural kindness and appreciation of others.

These people love to be of service to others and enjoy helping them; that is why they often choose careers in the fields of service and fulfilling the needs of other people.

Because Venus is the ruler of beauty, this makes people with Venus in 6th house eager to decorate their work surroundings and make it pleasing to their eyes. They cannot spend so much time in a place that is offending their sense of aesthetics.

These people usually pay a lot of attention to their personal care and hygiene. They take care of their health, making sure they have a proper diet and that they exercise regularly.

These people try to stay balanced and centered and don’t allow negative emotions create blocks in their body and cause illness. When Venus is afflicted in the sixth house the person might be sloppy, have poor hygiene and disinterested in their diet and health in general.

When Venus is in sixth house in synastry, this often creates a harmonious and cooperative atmosphere between the two people. The Venus person can give excellent advice to the sixth house person regarding their health routine and diet.