Jupiter Square Uranus Synastry

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Astrology is often referred to as the science of the stars. While astrology definitely studies the stars or, better to say, planets, their motion and distribution over the solar system, we cannot classify it within what is traditionally considered the category science.

The place of astrology in the modern world is much different from what it was back in the day.

In ancient times, astrology was astronomy or the other way around. The two disciplines were considered the same. The place of astrology within the domain of sciences is an ongoing debate. Lack of consistency of its results and mechanisms are a common critic of astrology.

Astrology remains within the domain of the alternative, although it is widely practiced and many people take it very seriously

It seems that, in recent times, we have been getting in touch with astrology in a similar way as it was in the past. There would always be skeptical ones not to try anything that has not been traditionally and scientifically proved accurate.

In addition, there are always those who would think about anything that steps away from the conventional as being awkward and even dangerous.

Nevertheless, astrology survives all this. Modern technologies, digitalization, global network and more, make astrological analyzes accessible easily, to everyone and in a matter of seconds.

You could simply surf the internet for a free natal chart or synastry report, for instance, and there you go!

However, a professional astrologer would give you a much better insight into meanings of your charts.

Therefore, it would be better to think of astrology as a skill, a study and even an artistic, creative process. Astrology has its principles and methodology, fixed as in any other science.

However, the ideas upon which it was based are not that easy to check out and claim to be accurate. At the end of the day, a great part of understanding depends on one’s perspective and conceptualization.

Synastry in Astrology

Astrology could, however, give us answers to questions no other science or study could.

There have been innumerable examples and individual cases that proved there has to be something in it. You should take astrology seriously, but also with great understanding.

It offers a great insight into your destiny, but it does not offer information set in stone.

Astrology could pinpoint some very important events in one’s life, but mostly it tells about potentials. Synastry reports are something many people are interested in; it is the most widely searched astrological analysis. What does it tell about?

Synastry is about the compatibility of individual natal charts, usually the compatibility of (potential) romantic partners.

In a synastry study, the astrologer compares two natal charts and interprets relations they made to one another.

More precisely, synastry focuses on aspects planets from both charts form amongst themselves. Now, before studying the synastry itself, the astrologer has to look into each chart separately.

It would give him or her an insight into what kind of people are to be analyzed for compatibility. When doing a synastry, the astrologer accesses the information given with logic, applying astrological methods and principles.

However, it requires creativity and true passion for astrology, in order to deliver a meaningful and through interpretation.

Synastry is a very sensitive field, since it tells about the relationship, in astrological terms, of two people. It reveals weak points in the connection and marks the good ones. Each relationship, ongoing or potential is a complex of various aspects and symbols.

The insight into synastry helps people understand themselves better as well as their connection.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss Jupiter square Uranus synastry aspect.

Before we do so, we have to introduce you to the meaning of those planets in astrology.

Remember that an aspect taken separately does not make the whole insight into the nature of your relationship, though it would definitely affect it.

Jupiter in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Jupiter was the Roman god of Justice, in ancient Greece known as Zeus, the supreme deity and the ruler of all other gods.

Zeus defeated his dreadful father Cronus (Saturn in Greek mythology) and divided the rule over the universe with his brothers Poseidon (Neptune) and Pluto (Hades).

From the Olympus Mountain, where Greek gods were believed to have lived, Zeus would come down and walk amongst the common people, dressed as a man or an animal. Jupiter or Zeus was identified with all great celestial phenomena, such as thunders and lightning.

Jupiter was the lord of all laws, of just rule, one who protects oaths and human laws. He was also considered a god of wisdom and generally a fortune bringing and very powerful god.

Astrological Jupiter is pretty much the same. Jupiter is believed to be the most fortunate planet of the system.

Jupiter represents expansion and optimism, wisdom and justice. This is the largest planet in the solar system and benevolent. Many would call Jupiter the lucky planet. In horoscope, Jupiter creates the sense of goodness, of morality, value and justice.

In Jupiter, the Soul rules over the matter. Its energy encircles generosity, mercy and goodness, all in one.

Primarily, astrological Jupiter is associated with great knowledge, high education, and the material aspect in terms of concrete opportunities for gaining wealth.

Jupiter is also associated with travel, with foreign countries, foreign languages, and distant lands. Jupiter symbolizes gurus, religions, priests, faculties, philosophies, fortunate circumstances, faith in overall goodness.

Uranus in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Uranus, the god of the sky, is a very interesting planet from the point of astrology. This planet is associated with primal sky deity, the first ruler of the universe, after the chaos, in ancient mythologies.

Uranus represents new beginnings, reformations, revolutions, visions, idealism. Uranus represents this moment in time and, for this planet, it is all now or never.

Uranus’ energy is sudden, electric, airy, shocking at times. This planet is associated with events that shake the destiny of the humankind; it breeds rebellion, the need to change things, the need to destroy old, conventional order of things and introduce new, modern, advanced.

Uranus could give brilliant people, those who would definitely make a mark on overall history of human world.

However, it could also give dangerous characters. Uranus is one of the transcendental planets; the first of them.

It is commonly considered that it does not affect one’s natal chart much, but if it occupies a significant place within the chart or forms strong aspects with personal planets, its influence will be felt.

In synastry, Uranus brings instability, because of its uncatchable, rebellious nature.

Great inventors, leaders of revolutionary movements, reformers, spiritual figures and generally all that boldly stand out of the masses either for their visionary ideas or some inventions, are all under Uranus’ patronage.

Uranus is associated with unusual occupations, metaphysics, occultism, psychology and more. Uranus looks into the future and has to change things. Uranus is an untamable idealist.

Square Aspect in Astrology – Synastry

Square aspect is generally not much desired to be seen in synastry, but is not something that cannot be managed.

Square represents tension, pressure and conflict, because energies of the planets involved do not flow without obstacles and, very likely, do not understand one another. Square itself is not much in favor with compromises and is not a tolerant one.

This aspect creates a tense atmosphere, full of arguments and conflicts. In synastry, it could be a difficult situation, though the manifestation would greatly depend on the planets involved with the square.

The field of life, whether it was in a natal chart or in synastry, affected by this aspect calls for patience and for effort.

Square tensions could be managed, but only once you become aware of them.

Jupiter Square Uranus Synastry – General Information

With Jupiter square Uranus in synastry, there could be a problem of very different views on life, life goals and especially on the idea of freedom.

This relationship is very likely to have started suddenly, which is a common scenario with relationships in which Uranus was involved.

In this case, it is very likely that exactly what would possibly distance you was what has attracted you to one another, in the first place.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, generally optimistic, positive and open would find extraordinarily free minded and intellectually engaged Uranus quite attractive.

Jupiter’s overall positivity and everything associated with its, in terms of knowledge and expansion, would please and attract Uranus. However, the two would very likely discover that their goals in life were different.

It is very likely that these two would simply do not have so much interests in common so that the connection could survive. Of course, we remind you that other aspects are of essential importance, so this one does not determine things will fall apart.

The major problem is that, after the initial excitement, each one expects that the other one keeps being exciting the same way.

Jupiter Square Uranus Synastry – Challenges

This is an unreliable and inconsistent connection overall. However, it could happen that one starts accusing the other for that overall sense of instability, rebelliousness, lack of reliability, irresponsibility, recklessness et cetera.

It is very likely that both cause and maintain this overall relationship inconsistence, but would project it to another.

This usually happens with the aspect of opposition, but is worth mentioning. Jupiter square Uranus should stop expecting that all excitement come from the partner’s side.

Each should focus on their goals; yes, there is a risk it would only make you more distant, but it is not a rule. Forcing things would not make sense.

Different goals do not have to be separating, depending on what sort of goals we are talking about.

Each should give enough space to the other one to explore their own goals, thoughts and ideas. It could be beneficial and healing to the relationship. If other aspects bind you strongly, this one could work out fine.

While exploring your own worlds you would probably come to those areas that you do have in common.

Jupiter Square Uranus Synastry – Unconventional Adjustment

Jupiter aspects with Uranus synastry is often marked by mutual love for travel, expansion, introducing new ideas, learning. The square makes things tense and difficult and emphasizes differences within the mutually shared interests.

Jupiter would accuse Uranus of being unreliable; Uranus would accuse Jupiter of being judging.

This relationship would start dynamically, which is great, but it lacks stability in terms in which Jupiter person needs it.

Although Jupiter is open, Jupiter person would feel the need for some structure, even if unusual one, inspired by the originality of Uranus.

Uranus does not want structures, but if Uranus person recognizes the potential of an extraordinary and non-typical one, the two could finally unite their incredible energies and work through the challenging aspect.