Venus in 8th House

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Even though astrology arouses a lot of interest because people naturally desire to know things about themselves and their future, most are still not aware of the real power of this pseudoscience when it is used by skilled and experienced astrologers.

Astrology can give answers to almost any question about a person or situation we can imagine; it can also predict events that might happen in the future.

The basic astrology analysis uses the positions of planets in signs and houses of the birth chart, as well as their aspects.

Nowadays, astrologers create the natal charts they will analyze using computer programs.

Previously, calculating the positions of planets and the houses of the natal chart required some time and a lot of knowledge.

By analyzing a person’s chart, the astrologer can get a lot of insight about that person; the natal chart reveals their personality, interests, focus of attention and action, and their personal appearance.

The chart can give insight in the events the person could experience during their lifetime.

Planets in houses – individual charts and synastry meaning

Natal charts are the beginning of an astrology analysis. They are images of the sky for the exact moment of creating a chart, and these are usually the moments when someone was born. They are made using the exact time, date, and place of birth.

Every natal chart has 12 houses, but there are various systems to determine the exact degree and sign of every house.

The essential houses for the analysis are the ones containing the planets; these houses show the center of activity and attention. The energy and meaning of the planets inside the house influences the areas of rulership of that particular house.

Synastry astrology analysis is a special technique in astrology that analyses relationships between people and determines whether they have potential or not.

The astrologer doing this analysis analyzes the meaning of the planets from the natal chart of one person placed inside the natal chart of the other person to determine how the relationship and that partner influence the partner owner of the natal chart.

The houses of the natal chart rule many areas of our lives; they rule our personal traits, appearance, behavior, interests, education, health, physical condition, career, work, coworkers, partners, relationships, partnerships, friends, enemies, parents, children, family members, siblings, neighbors, finances, home, travels, social circle, habits, talents, communication skills, etc.

The houses can be divided in various categories. The most common is the division on angular, succedent and cadent houses. There is also the category of personal and interpersonal houses. 

Venus – Basic Qualities

The planet Venus is the ruler of romance and romantic love, just like the goddess whose name it carries.

This planet is a very bright object and can clearly be visible on the night sky when it’s not cloudy.

Because of its brightness Venus is called the morning or the evening star from ancient times. This is a planet close to the Sun and needs around 225 days to make a circle around it.

In astrology, besides love and romance Venus rules art, artists, glamour, friends, girlfriends, pleasures, females, female principle, beauty, fashion, decorative objects, decoration, pleasures, luxury, comfort, indulgence, wealth, abundance, money, harmony, kindness, gentleness, peace, good taste, style, creativity, justice, leisure, laziness, marriage, love affairs, literature, procrastination, social gatherings, etc.

Venus rules Taurus and Libra, and its exaltation is in the sign of Pisces. In Aries and Scorpio Venus is weakest.

Eighth House Meaning

The 8th house has an unpleasant reputation; the ruler of the house is Pluto and it corresponds to the sign of Scorpio.

This house rules areas such as transformation, birth and death, physical intimacy, deep bonds with people, investments, property and money of other people, inheritance, etc.

This is the house of debts, taxes, alimony, bank loans, outcomes of lawsuits, secrets, intuition, secret knowledge and sciences, occultism and occultists, and similar matters.

In general this house is revealed to matters related with death and death itself. It also rules deep emotions and emotional experiences with transformative effect on the person’s life and soul; it is like the person dies after a transformative experience and experiences rebirth as a changed person due to this experience.

The 8th house is the ruler of secrets that we want to maintain hidden.

This house also indicates transformations and changes that might happen in the areas ruled by the sign on the beginning of the 8th house and the planets in this house, when there are some. The 8th is also the house that reveals fated encounters with people and obsessions.

The state of this house can reveal whether the person has an obsessive nature or not.

Planets placed inside the 8th house should be carefully analyzed and shouldn’t be ignored. These planets can reveal details about areas ruled by this house. The planets can also be an indication of someone’s death.

People with the 8th house full of planets might possess a secretive nature and interested in obtaining knowledge of occult and secret sciences. They might practice them as well.

These people might have an obsessive and jealous nature, prone to manipulation, control, domination, hatred, revenge and similar negative feelings and behavior.

The eighth house is the ruler of other people’s money, especially our partner’s money. It might reveal the financial situation of our partner and whether we will benefit from it or not.

Beneficial planets inside the eighth house are a sign of a wealthy partner or spouse. Malefic planets inside this house tell a different story; they might be an indication of a partner that might cause us financial problems and debts.

When beneficial planets are inside the 8th house this is often a sign of a person who is fortunate with dealing with other people’s money. These people might have no problems getting a loan or a credit from the bank.

In some cases, this could be an indication of inheritance they might receive from someone.

These people could also have no problems paying off their debts and getting their loans back.

Planets with malefic nature placed in this house are often a sign of debts and problems with repaying them. This is often a sign of business partners who struggle with their finances which might cause debts and financial problems to the person as well.

The eighth house can show whether the person might experience some mystical experiences during their life. If there are a lot of planets in the eighth house, they might be obsessed with such experiences.

This house shows the potential hurtful experiences we are likely to go through so that our soul can evolve.

Because the 8th house rules transformations, it can reveal the things and situations which can trigger a change or transformation in the person’s life.

This house also reveals which people and situations the person should let go from their life to experience progress and movement towards their goals; they don’t serve any purpose in our life anymore, so we need to remove them from our reality.

This house is considered by some astrologers as the house of physical intimacy and deep physical attraction to someone.

Venus in Eighth House Meaning in Individual Charts

People with Venus in eighth house might experience some element of mystery, secrecy and fear related to love.

Because this is the house of death and Venus is the planet of love and our romantic partners and spouses, in some cases, when Venus is badly placed in the eighth house this could indicate the death of a partner or a spouse, often in a violent way or under some mysterious circumstances.

The person with Venus in 8th house might be drawn to Scorpio types who are magnetically attractive and possess a dose of mystery which this person might find irresistible.

These people might be lured into practicing some secret knowledge and magic by their long-term romantic partners, which can sometimes have negative impact on the person’s life.

Because the eighth house rules obsession when Venus is inside this could indicate obsessive romantic relationships and attachments to people.

If Venus is ill-placed in their natal chart, these people might become involved in toxic relationships with people that could become obsessively attached to them, in some cases stalking them.

The placement of Venus in eighth house is often a sign of painful relationships the person could experience during their lifetime which will cause great transformations in their personality and change the way they look on love and choose their partners.

It is often true for these people that they completely change the type of person they are attracted to as a result of past hurtful experiences.

They finally become aware of the pattern that is repeating in their relationships and the same type of toxic and problematic people they tend to choose which results in pain and hurt feelings.

Until that realization comes, the person is destined to experience similar types of relationships and cycles.

At the end of their transformation process these people begin to appreciate other things in a romantic partner and begin choosing different type of people to be in a relationship with, which is a sign that they are healed.

This is not an easy house for Venus to find itself in, and it is often a sign of traumas and hurtful experiences these people go through in their love life.

They are often involved in abusive relationships or experience connections with people that refuse their love or abandon them, etc.

In some cases, this happens because these people carry traumas from their early childhood, living in abusive environment, where their parents or other family members abused them in some way.

Sometimes they come from healthy families but they carry traumas from their past lives which bring them to these toxic relationships in order to transform them and end the cycle of toxicity.

Although these people might be the abusers, they are usually on the other end, being controlled, abused, manipulated, or hurt in some other way. It’s often hard for these people to realize that they need to change something and end the cycle of pain in their love life.

Many of them spend a major part of their life in very abusive and toxic relationship before they gain the strength to end them and move on with their lives.

Sometimes they simply come to terms with their destiny believing that there’s no other way for them to live their life and end up falling sick or experiencing some other bad things because of lack of will and strength to move on.

People with Venus in 8th house often get involved in relationships where the other person takes them for granted and doesn’t appreciate their love and effort in the relationship. They often feel as if they are forced to beg for love and affection and put their partners and their needs first.

These relationships fill them with resentment towards their partner, and yet many of them don’t gather the courage to say something or end their torture.

In many cases, the reason for these experiences is the low self-esteem, self-love and self-appreciation present in the personality of the eighth house person. They don’t value themselves and they attract such behavior from their partners.

They also don’t realize that they need to work on changing their beliefs so that their partners could change and begin appreciating them more.

It is easier for them to harbor anger, resentment, jealousy, and desire for revenge than to look deep within and realize that the reason for their experience lies within their personality.

The main advice for people with Venus in eighth house who are experiencing similar things in their love life is to do some soul-searching and discover their share of responsibility for what is happening to them.

When they transform, their love life will transform. If they have issues with abuse and traumas from the past, it is advisable to try to confront them and release them from their being; if they are not able to do that on their own the best thing is to seek professional help.

They need to be healed emotionally to experience a balanced and harmonious relationship full of love and appreciation.

They need to consider themselves worthy of being loved and experiencing the love relationship of their dreams. If they don’t, they are blocking themselves from getting what they truly desire.

We should also note that Venus in 8th house usually makes the person magnetically attractive and gives them a lot of opportunities for a romantic relationship.

And while they don’t lack opportunities, they need to work on their ability to choose the right person from the ones that are offered to them. Only then will this person be able to be satisfied with their love life.

The fact that others find them psychically attractive might only lure them to the unwanted territory of bad relationships so they also need to be aware of that.

Venus in Eighth House Meaning in Synastry

When Venus is in eighth house in synastry, this could often be a sign of an obsessive and toxic relationship between the partners.

There is a lot of physical attraction between them, but the Venus person might be overwhelmed with the eight house mystery and physical appeal.

There is usually an element of secrecy and unknown in this type of relationship, and although it is intense and magnetic for both partners it is best to be avoided if the interchanged aspects between the two partners’ charts are generally challenging.

This relationship might trigger some deep wounds in their personalities and help them confront them and heal, which is a positive impact of this placement of Venus.

This could lead to possessive relations between the partners; it could also lead to jealousy as well, which in most cases is grounded, because there is also a possibility of betrayal between the partners.

There is a strong physical attraction and the partners will enjoy in their physical intimacy.


Venus in 8th house is a sign of intense love relationships that bring the person pain and hurt but also have a transformative effect on their personality.

These relationships cause the person to confront their weaknesses and mistakes and change their approach towards relationships in their life.

When Venus is in the 8th house in synastry it often causes obsessive and toxic relationships which the person should stay away from if there aren’t some supportive aspects between the partners’ natal charts.