Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Wondering if someone is interested in you, or if you two would be a good match can be exhausting.

You keep searching for ways to find out more about this person and try to figure out whether he likes you, but sometimes there seems to be no way of finding the answers.

Fortunately, astrology is a means which can give you thorough information about the compatibility between you and the person you are interested in. You can make compatibility (synastry) analysis between your natal charts.

This analysis is made by comparing your natal planetary positions and the person’s planetary positions and determining the aspects between these positions.

The meaning of these aspects describes the quality of the relationship with this person.

If the overall meaning of the aspects is good, the relationship has a good chance of being a stable and lasting one, while if the meaning of the aspects is bad in general, the relationship usually doesn’t have a chance to pass the test of time.

Also, by doing a person’s natal chart, you will be able to find out a lot about that person’s character and their weaknesses.

Making a natal birth chart requires having an accurate data of birth, which means that you should know the exact time of birth, as well as the place and date of birth of a person (you need the same data to make your own natal chart as well).

These data are not easily obtainable because asking about them could put you in risk of looking weird or nosy.

It’s a good thing that you can use their horoscope sign as well to make a comparison, not as precise, but useful enough to determine whether you are compatible to some person, as well as to discover more about their personality.

In this text, we will make a compatibility analysis between the traits of a Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman, to discover how well they get along in various types of relationships.

Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is a confident and powerful personality. They are fearless and know exactly what they want, so they go after it. These traits often enable Scorpio men to reach great heights and achieve their goals and desires. When a Scorpio man puts his mind into something, there’s almost nothing that can prevent him from achieving it. These men have great endurance and determination.

Scorpio men are very passionate beings. They consider physical intimacy a very important part of their lives and they have a natural talent for love making. They possess magnetic attractiveness and women are irresistibly drawn to them.

Because of their attractiveness to women, where they don’t have to do much to conquer them, except being themselves these men have a lot of options for dating. That often causes them to indulge in multiple dating and changing partners (mostly in their younger age).

Although these men usually have a great number of sexual encounters with various women, they honestly desire to encounter a woman with whom they will feel a deep bond and union of soul and body, to which he can devote his entire life. Most of Scorpio men consider physical pleasure as an extension of a love bond with a woman.

Scorpio men are very emotional and they are capable of experiencing great emotional depths. If they are hurt by a woman, their suffering can last a long time. They are also prone to self-destructiveness (just like Scorpio women), and that can lead them to extreme behavior, which can range from hurting multiple women without reason, or completely retracting from interacting with them for a long period.

The energy that these men possess is enormous. It is so magnificent, that people around them can actually feel it. When they are in their creative phase, these men are able to build worlds. They are unstoppable. Their major disadvantage is the destructiveness of their nature, which can either be directed against themselves or against other people.

When they use their enormous energy for destructive purposes, the consequences can be devastating, and opposite, when they use it for creating something, the results can be grandeur.

Scorpio men have a dominant nature, and the woman who chooses to be with this man should be aware of that.

They respect women who are independent and have created something in their lives, as well as women who are direct and open about their desires, especially their sexuality. They usually don’t like timid and shy women (unless they have some other planetary influences in their natal charts), and admire women who have confidence and great energy like themselves.

What they do mind, is when the woman is acting overly smart and behaves like a bigger man than them. They are traditional when it comes to the role of the sexes and they know that a man should be the leader. It is his natural role and he plays it very well. Women, who have other ideas about a partnership or have a desire to control and lead this man, can forget about him.

This man cannot be controlled, and he does only what he wants. He can’t be manipulated either, because he is a great judge of characters, and an excellent psychologist, so he can see through people’s intentions in an instant.

Scorpio men can be very possessive and jealous, and that is something to have in mind when you are considering a commitment with this man.

These men usually have some mystical powers inside them. They are often able to read people’s minds and know their reactions in advance. They are also interested in gaining secret knowledge and are attracted to all that is mysterious. Women who share their interests and have similar abilities are very attractive to them.

They adore a dose of mystery in their relationship, and the woman he falls for needs to be a closed book, and a person he is not able to see through easily, if at all.

If a woman is not confident, she might get frustrated and intimidated by this man. He sometimes enjoys teasing people, women especially, just to see their reactions. He detests weakness in any form, and believes that any person is capable of achieving anything they desire if they are determined and persistent enough.

Although he seems cruel (and sometimes acts in such a manner), this man has a good heart and is always ready to help the ones in need.

The one thing he won’t do is feel sorry for you or support your weaknesses. He is brutally honest and will say his opinion whether you want it or not. The strange thing is that these men have the power to influence others and motivate them to begin working on improving themselves and building their self-confidence.

If he chooses you to be his woman, you should be proud of that fact. If you respect this man and let him be the leader of your relationship, you are headed towards of life of bliss, love and support beyond your wildest imagination. Just relax and enjoy.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius women sometimes appear as if from another planet. They are so different from most girls; they look different, they dress different, have unique hairstyles, unique way of living, attitude, interests, and activities, etc.

These women are wonderful human beings, in love with humanity, and often in a mission to save it in some way. Most of them have true humanitarian nature and they are often involved in some activity with a worldwide cause.

The Aquarius woman is a confident being. She knows what she wants although she might appear ungrounded and flaky. It is just her appearance, and her open-mindedness.

She is never bias, or judgmental, and she accepts people who are different than her. She enjoys being around different people and is often in a position to make new acquaintances and friendships.

These women are often in some kind of action, and are very independent.

They love company, but they can also be loners, and are perfectly satisfied being in that role. Most of them are very creative but in an unusual way. They are unique in any sense of the word. Many of them have unusual hairstyles, and many of them even shave their heads. Partially these acts are their personal statement, and partially they do it because they like it.

These women are very intelligent and they prefer men who are similar to them. They are not at least bit traditional, and men who are should better skip trying to approach them because the relationship between them would never work (unless they are bonded by some other planetary placements, in which case it might).

A man who wants to be in a committed relationship with an Aquarius woman must be ready to accept her completely as she is because she most likely won’t change just to be with him. He needs to accept her need for freedom and independence, as well as her need for humanitarian work (even if it means saving stray dogs on the streets).

If you accept her as she is, you will be rewarded with a wonderful experience of being beside her and feeling the energy of her uniqueness.

These women are passionate but in a different way than most women. They are often a bit perverted and are open about their sexuality. They often don’t have any constraints and are direct about their desires, which can intimidate many men. Most men are afraid of her uniqueness, her decisiveness, and her confidence.

Because of their direct approach, these women are often misunderstood and taken for granted by men, which is a pity. That leads to disappointments, and suffer. These women are emotional, but they don’t appear like that on the surface.

A relationship with this woman can be a very rewarding experience, unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Love Compatibility

A love relationship between a Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman is not an impossible one.

These two are both unique personalities and can be very drawn to each other because of these qualities. They are both very energetic and confident, and there can be a great deal of attraction and passion between them.

She has an attitude of openness that he is looking for in a girl, and she also exudes an aura of mystery and almost indifference that drives him to keep pursuing her. She might be attracted to this man’s energy and determination to pursue his goals, and she will certainly respect him.

The problem might arise if they enter a phase of serious commitment, where she will want to keep her freedom, and his jealousy and possessiveness won’t agree to that.

If they have some neutralizing factors in their mutual natal charts, this relationship can be a lasting one, but if not it will probably end after the mutual infatuation ends and the issues and differences in their characters begin to become apparent to the point that they cannot be ignored.

Marriage Compatibility

Although not impossible, a marriage union between a Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman usually isn’t a lasting one. This marriage is usually a result of a temporary infatuation between these two and lasts until the passion is strong.

After things begin to cool down, they both realize how different they are.

He realizes that she cannot be controlled and he can’t accept the fact that his power doesn’t work on her.

Although he might admire her for that, his masculinity won’t be able to cope with that fact.

She, on the other side will have a problem getting used to being the girlfriend or the wife of this powerful man, instead of her own self. She won’t be satisfied being in his shadow and this union will most likely dissolve.


A Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman can be friends, if there is no physical attraction between them.

These two have weird interests which sometimes match, and that can be their bonding point.

They will both respect each other’s personalities and enjoy each other’s company.

Cool Facts

The Scorpio man has great success with women, and the Aquarius woman might intrigue him because of her apparent indifference and non-attachment to his charm.

He is used to women hanging on his neck, and this woman actually draws him to her with her withdrawn and uninterested attitude.


The Scorpio man and the Aquarius woman are usually attracted to one another, and there is a potential for a passionate and interesting relationship between them.

Unfortunately, if they are typical representatives of their signs, there is not much potential for longevity, due to the difference in their characters and their basic preferences in life.