Venus Opposite Mars Synastry

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Have you ever got your natal chart done? Does astrology make you wonder about your destiny and think about your life in a different way?

Well, if you know something more about astrology, but you would still love to learn, let us take you on an astrological journey. If you know nothing about it, but astrology has always intrigued you, now it is the time to introduce you to its realm.

Astrology could possibly be the oldest science on earth. Some authors claim astrology could be traced back into prehistoric age.

Well, it was not a systematized astrology as we know it today, but it was definitely something that resembles it. Prehistoric humans would observe the sky and take it for navigation map, which is very similar to what we do today.

Stars and constellations are of vital importance for us to navigate in space. Moreover, it seems that these earlier humans knew very well that the Sun, the Moon, and their phases play an incredibly important role in the earthly life.

Animal bones scientists have discovered, originating from prehistory, present with human made marks that accurately represent the phases of the Moon.

These proto astrologers, to call them so, were aware of the connection between our earthly life and the cosmos.

Later on, people have started naming stars, constellations, planets, associating natural and celestial phenomena with mysterious forces of the universe and so on. It made humans closer to that ineffable, vast space.

Modern astrology is associated with ancient civilizations. The first horoscopes are associated with Babylon.

All ancient Mesopotamian civilizations were greatly interested into observing the sky patterns and trying to unravel the mystery of the space. There are many evidences that prove they knew much more we could assume.

The alignment of ancient temples and many other similar discoveries prove ancient civilizations were well aware of our cosmic relations; perhaps they were closer to space than we are, all our technology besides.

Astrology has been very popular during different times in history. Many great philosophers, inventors, mathematicians, physicists and others have been inspired by it and they practiced astrology.

Astronomy and astrology have enjoyed the same status, until the Age of Reason, the seventeenth century.

The Enlightenment era secularized much of the western world and discarded all sorts of practices and beliefs associated with otherworldly, spiritual and elusive as unreliable and nonexistent.

Thus, astrology ended up as an occult, esoteric and alternative science.

However, the interest in astrology has started to flourish once again in the twentieth century.

Today, we could say astrology is pretty popular around the world. Some take it seriously; others would argue it is a fraud and trickery, or simply an alternative practice that cannot be taken as an official science.

Astrology of Relations and Natal Astrology

Natal astrology tells about ones’ connection with the cosmos, with the planets of the Solar system, to put it simply. As astrology claims macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm, natal chart represents this reflection on a diagram.

This natal chart diagram is a graphic representation of the sky at a precise moment in time, that is, someone’s birth.

Since each planet presents with specific energy, it is logical to assume that the specific combination of such energies would make one a unique personality. This is exactly how this is, but there were many factors to consider.

For example two persons could be born at the same time, same hours, even the same minute and at the same place. Their lives will not be different.

It is about not only the outer factors, but also the very nature of natal chart. It could reveal some major events in a person’s life, but it is greatly about your potentials.

That said, it means that the way you use them would shape up your life. The cosmos and the human cooperate.

This is very important for any further astrological interpretation, such as, for example, a synastry report.

Astrology of Relations and Synastry Report

Synastry report is a specific type of astrological reading. It is a comparison of two natal charts, not to be confused with composite charts.

Synastry compares charts, while the composite is a new chart made out of the two individual charts merged into one. Synastry reports analyze the elements of the connection point by point.

Synastry reports could be of great use in understanding romantic relationships.

People would ask for a synastry report about their potential connection with someone they fell in love with or someone they are simply attracted to.

Synastry report would tell about the compatibility between the two of you. It would give you a look into the potentials of a relationship.

If you were already dating someone (or even if you were married), synastry could also be a wonderful guidance.

It could explain some unusual or misunderstood behaviors. It could help you understand your partner better and vice versa.

In any case, a synastry report could not make any harm. It could only serve as an astrological guidebook.

Synastry Report and Astrological Aspects

Astrological aspects are here of vital importance. They are contacts between planets and the interplay of their energies. Astrological aspects are distances between planets and there could be five major ones.

These include the trine, the sextile, the square, the opposition and the conjunction. Now, each of these presents with specific energy.

Some of these aspects are considered heavy and these are oppositions and squares. Others are easy, the trine and the sextile.

The conjunction could be both easy and heavy; it depends on a particular case.

None of these should be taken as an isolated determinant of the relationship, but as a part of a complex of different aspects. Aspects affect one another, as well.

Opposition Aspect in Synastry

The opposition is the notorious one. Many consider this aspect ‘negative’, but it is not a well-chosen word to describe its nature. Oppositions are troublesome and conflicting aspects.

On an individual plan, oppositions provoke and maintain an inner conflict, which could leave you with torn from within feeling.

On a relationship plan, they lead to conflicts, lack of understanding, stubbornness, arguments and such.

However, both on an inner plan and on a relationship plan, oppositions could act as stimulants. This aspect could move you towards an action in order to resolve the problem.

Some of oppositions could never be resolved; others could be soothed and well played, so to say.

The opposition does not have to destroy your relationship. In certain cases, it could be quite the opposite. It could make you even a stronger couple. It would depend on many factors, so you would definitely have to look into the whole of the synastry.

Some really nasty oppositions could be softened by other, pleasing and soothing aspects.

Venus in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Venus was the goddess of beauty and love in roman mythology; Aphrodite is the Greek version. Venus has been believed to be the most beautiful goddess, one no one could resist.

According to the myth, Venus was so charming and lovely that she seduced Mars, the fierce and fearsome god of war, one who rejoiced only to the sound of clashing armor and battle rage.

Venus and Mars are essential planets to look into if you analyze synastry. The aspects the create would tell much about the romantic connection; they both represent attraction, passion, seduction and lust, each in its own manner.

Mars is raw masculinity, libido and carnality, while Venus is charming femininity, unconditional love, pleasure and seduction.

In short, the two need one another and the aspect they form in synastry would tell much about the nature of a relationship.

Venus also represents artistic tendencies, the sense of aesthetic and our ability to recognize and appreciate everything beautiful in life, from small everyday pleasures to bigger one. Venus represents our ability to love and to be loved.

Venus makes our connections pleasant, harmonious, gentle and kind. This planet awakens the desire to be attractive, to be likeable and it awakens our natural, inborn charm and charisma.

Venus is also the patron of all that have to do with the concept of beauty, in any form. Venus represents loving the life itself.

Mars in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Mars is a different story, though complementary with Venus. Mars represents masculinity, strength combatant spirit, aggressiveness, rage, activity, daring spirit and force. Mars enjoys a good chase. Mars wants to be victorious and it wants it now.

With Mars, physical overpowers everything else. Even the body part associated with Mars in a natal chart would become our advantage.

Mars is associated with battle, with war and injury, but also with healing, regeneration and recovery. As a god, Mars was appreciated by Romans, but Greeks were not much in favor with their Ares.

Nevertheless, astrological planet is given the attributes of these gods. Mars is a malefic and its effect upon a natal chart or a synastry could be destructive, just as it could be dynamically productive.

This planet represents activity and motion. In synastry, Mars represents physical attraction, in the first place. It represents the active partner who enjoys the excitement of a relationship.

Mars represents desire and lust, in their rawest form. As we have said, Mars and Venus are very important for any relationship.

Venus opposite Mars sounds a bit threatening, dramatic and fatal. Lets us find out.

Venus Opposite Mars Synastry – Fatal Attraction

Venus opposite Mars is a fatal carnal connection, by no means. This connection is primarily based on consuming physical attraction in the first place.

However, this physical attraction is deeply rooted; it is not a shallow connection.

The opposition could make this connection extremely dynamic, for good or for bad. It would depend on other factors in your synastry and your natal charts.

It could happen that everything remains on a physical level. This magnetic bond does not guarantee you would understand one another mentally or even emotionally. However, you could learn to do so, if there was willingness from both sides.

Venus is the more emotional and the more spiritual partner, Mars is the more energetic, impulsive and physical one.

Both represent desire; the myth about Venus and Mars tells about Venus’ irresistible charms and Mars’ fierce nature finally tamed by Venus’ love. Venus was the only one who could soften Mars’ rage and his combatant spirit.

The same is in astrology; these two are the two sides of love. These planets are essential for synastry.

Venus Opposite Mars Synastry – Is It Only Physical?

It also happens that these planets could make your relationship a love-hate one, since there is no guarantee you would actually communicate well, although the carnal attraction remains strong and is unlikely to fade away.

Even if things get really bad and you end up separated, you would long for your other physical part, no doubts.

Venus could become too pleasing, too submissive, for instance, but Mars loves a good chase, Mars enjoy challenge and competition. A good measure of everything would make the connection work great.

However, it is not an easy thing to do, considering this is the opposition aspect and not a flowing one. Self-awareness is very important in here.

Venus opposite Mars is a connection of fiery attraction; the two of you would recognize one another out of millions of people. You will definitely spend some rather exciting and fulfilling tie together.

However, this connection needs more to it, in order to grow into something more than a love affair that would bring you both many sleepless nights.