Uranus Trine Neptune Synastry

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Astrology and astronomy were the same science, back in the day. In the seventeenth century, during the age of the Enlightenment, astrology was put aside, being considered unreliable and inconsistent, in contrast to astronomy.

However, before that, astrology was a very serious field of interest. Many notable names from the world of science have practiced astrology.

However, astrology is much older than names of Newton, Kepler and others. Astrology possibly originates from prehistoric times, although we could call it proto astrology.

Modern Western astrology is usually associated with Persia. Ancient Mesopotamian cultures all have had a profound interest and skill in observing the stars.

Greeks and Romans, as well. People in ancient China, Japan, India and Tibet have developed amazing astrological systems.

These astrological systems have also been tightly bound with other disciplines, such as medicine, for example. Roots of astrology are many, some seize back into the unknown past, and others could be traced around the world.

Nevertheless, all astrological systems share the same passion. All astrological systems dwell upon the idea of some mysterious thread that connects our, earthly human world with this incredible starry space and distant heavenly bodies out there.

Western astrology is based upon the postulate of hermetic tradition, as above, so below.

Everything that happens out and up there is reflected in the microcosm of a human being. Natal astrology is strictly focused on individual lives and individual destinies. Our destinies were written in the stars, astrology claims.

However, people are wrong to interpret this exclamation literally. Astrology does not foretell events in a way some divination practice does.

The concept of modern astrology is somewhat different from the older ones, in this regard. It was once believed that our entire destiny was literally written in the stars and that there was not much one could do about it.

Well, in modern astrology, your destiny is written in the stars, but it means that your potentials are something fixed.

We are not marionettes of destiny, but masters of our lives. To what degree our potentials would develop, depends on ourselves, not only of the stars. Stars provide us with a solid base for all of our actions.

Astrology, thus, could help us understand ourselves and the people around us, our own actions, our relations to people and so on.

Natal Astrology and Astrology of Relationships

Natal astrology deals with an individual’s destiny, as it was written in the stars. Let us explain this in more detail. You have certainly heard about natal, birth chart and horoscope? They were all the same.

Natal chart is a diagram that represents the exact position of planets at the time of your birthday, the exact date and hour, related to your place of birth.

These planets make a distinctive pattern; their energies correspond with one another and also affect other elements of the chart. This complex image is a reflection of macrocosm in your own personal microcosm.

Natal chart reveals one’s personality traits, character, temperament, flaws and positive qualities, tendencies, ambitions and so many more.

Natal charts are an important element of synastry report. Synastry compares natal charts; in case of romantic synastry, charts of two lovers, partners or those potential ones. Studying each chart isolated from the other is an important step in doing synastry.

Each individual’s chart would affect the interplay of energies already expressed in synastry.

Moreover, the astrologer would focus on specific themes, while analyzing each chart. The astrologer would see into each one’s tendencies towards commitment, marriage, family and else.

He or she would see how compassionate and emphatic they were, how emotionally open, how approachable and flexible.

In short, everything that is of primary importance regarding life as a couple.

Astrology of Relationships and Synastry

Synastry report could offer great insights into your potentials as a couple and serve as a precious guidebook.

For those who are already dating or were even married, synastry could be of great use, since it could point out certain things you take for granted or simply never think of. It could be amazing way to improve your connection and make it flourish.

For those who are thinking about dating someone, a synastry could offer an image of how your relationship could possibly look like.

It does not mean that things would go exactly the way it says, but the synastry gives great insight into the nature of one connection. It tells much about your compatibility as two unique individuals.

It could tell if your life goals match or not, for example. Of course, it does not mean that the synastry wants to tell you that you should give something up or not; it provides you with information you should process and think if you were willing to engage with it.

The same applies for a promising synastry; it does not guarantee you would live happily ever after.

Astrological Aspects and Synastry Report

Astrological aspects are to be ‘blamed’ for the above mentioned. Astrological aspects are contacts that planets from your natal chart make with those from your partner’s chart.

Aspects are, in fact, specific distances-angles between planets. Each planet has its own vibration and energy. Different distances make their contacts special.

Aspects alter planetary energies in one way or another. There could be easy or heavy aspects and each one of them manifests in a peculiar way, depending also on the planets involved.

Easy aspects are trines, the sextile, heavy ones are squares and oppositions, and there is the conjunction, the aspect that could be both.

We will deal with one isolated aspect, but you should always bear in mind that one aspect does not define the entire relationship. It affects the relationship, but the complex of all aspects would give you proper impression.

Therefore, if one aspect seems a bit threatening, it does not mean it would have a devastating impact over a relationship, considering other aspects.

Trine Aspect in Synastry

The trine is not a threatening aspect, but the most desirable one. The trine is easy and flowing aspect in which everything feels naturally harmonious.

This aspect inspires the best of energies and makes planet manifest their best qualities.

Talking about synastry, the trine is a very pleasing one, since it softens heavy aspects and brings overall joy and pleasure.

Some authors would tell that the trine has the nature of Jupiter.

Jupiter is the most fortunate planet in astrology, one that represents natural lack, easiness, fortune and expansion.

Trines work in the same way, making things in life 8and in a relationship) go smoothly and easy.

Uranus in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Uranus stands for an astrological rebel. This distant planet is one of the transcendental ones and it represents the spirit of innovation, of uniqueness, originality, of sudden and unexpected change.

In ancient mythologies, Uranus was the first ruler of the sky, after the chaos. Uranus represents change, revolution, rebellion, liberty at all costs, personal freedom.

Uranus loves everything that is new, unique, a step ahead of its time. With this planet, everything takes its place here and now, looking boldly into the future.

This is the planet of visionary people, of brilliant minds.

Uranus is the planet of people who are before their time, the planet of spirited leaders and geniuses.

Uranus could be particularly tricky in synastry, since it puts individuality before everything else. This planet could be inspirational and truly motivating, if it was in good aspects.

We shall see how it corresponds with Neptune, another transcendental planet when the two are in the trine aspect.

Both are transcendental and distant, but they could affect the relationship in a peculiar way.

Neptune in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Neptune is often regarded as the planet of illusions, of fraud and trickery, of lies and deception.

Well, Neptune is associated with the element of water, deep, mysterious, mutable and quiet. No one knows what the Neptune thinks, in this metaphorically astrological sense. Neptune rules the sign of Pisces, the most mystical zodiac sign.

In ancient mythologies, Neptune was the god of the sea, violent, hardly predictive god who would smash whole fleets and cause devastating earthquakes.

In astrology, its nature is closer to the mysterious aspect of the water element.

Neptune’s energy inspires, takes you on the journey through the invisible and often drives you away from the reality.

Uranus Trine Neptune Synastry – When Dreams Come True

This is an amazing connection that inspires mutual liberation. All the bonds that may have been restraining your expression now break loose; this especially applies to the Neptune partner.

Neptune is mysterious, imaginative, often lost in unexplored realms of mysteries and dreams.

He or she may have felt weird and perhaps unfitting for the world. Uranus takes all of these fears away and helps Neptune shines in all its unique glory.

Uranus is amazingly inspired by Neptune’s creativity and their mysticism, boosting their self-confidence and enjoying in seeing their progress.

Neptune’s awaken enthusiasm and creativity give winds into Uranus’ wings.

This is a connection of two highly unusual individuals, perhaps; you have recognized one another on a hardly reachable level and you should surrender to that energy.

This connection could be best described as a living dream.

You have finally found someone who appreciates uniqueness and unconventionality; you have a partner who would support your curious ideas and would think about them. You two possess the incredible creative power.

This mystical bond drives you towards one another.

This relationship could be a romantic journey of a lifetime. The connection is based more on spiritual than on physical level, but your strong intuition is so well tuned that the carnal aspect would definitely be satisfying.

What is most important is that this is a kind of a relationship in which no one would ever feel as if they cannot be who they truly are.