Venus Trine Neptune Synastry

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The science of the stars is one of the oldest scientific preoccupations of the human world, so to say.

Well, no one knows where does it come from, but some evidences prove even in prehistoric times humans were very interested into stars, constellations, luminary planets and general impact the cosmos has over the world.

They were aware of the connection between the universe and human life.

We cannot tell for certain if our technological development has brought us closer to universe or, paradoxically, it made us even more distant. However, it seems that the transcendental and scientific have been getting closer once again.

Perhaps it is just a variation in the infinity of space and time. Prehistoric or ancient people have perhaps been in a more intimate connection with the space.

Leaving this mystery aside, let us deal with astrology we know. In older ages, astrology and astronomy had the same treatment. In fact, it was the same thing and highly respected.

For example, many military commanders would anxiously consult their astrologers as the most trusted advisors, regarding some important strategic and tactic decisions.

Many kings and emperors and other prominent figures of authority had an interest in astrology or they have simply relied on their astronomers/astrologers. Astrology was praised amongst scholars, as well.

Many philosophers, mathematicians, physicists, astronomers and else were also astrologers. Mysteries of the universe have also been one of the greatest poetical and artistic inspirations.

We could say that astrology remains somewhere between all of these disciplines. It is elusive and many would take its inconsistency as a criterion to cast it out the world of science.

Well, this is what exactly happened to astrology during the age of the Enlightenment. Astronomy took the pedestal of an official acknowledged and the exact science and astrology was put aside.

Astrology has often been known as a mysterious, even occult and esoteric practice, but it seems that is has been popular nevertheless. In the twentieth century, the astrology has been getting more popular.

Today, people regularly discuss their horoscope signs, but also their natal charts, synastry reports and else. It also seems that horoscope talk is kind of hype and trendy.

It is also funny how people would take it as an advantage or an excuse. You know, you must be so emotional because you were a cancer or you are all dark any mysterious, a typical Scorpio and such.

Well, these were some stereotypes and, perhaps, archetypes. There is some true in it. People are wrong only because they thing horoscopes are only zodiac signs.

There is much more in it. Your Sun sign determines one part of you as a person, but it does not define the whole of your personality. What makes you unique is the complexity of your natal charts.

When two persons get together, their natal charts make a wonderful and an incredible cosmic connection. We will be talking about both natal charts and relationships.

Natal Astrology and Comparative Astrology

Natal charts represent individual astrological destinies. According to astrology, the image of the sky taken at the time of your birth is like an astrological identification card.

It makes you unique, not because you were the only person born at that time, hour and place (which is not true), but because it provides you with the set of specific potentials you are about to develop.

Human factor, taken as the individual factor is the most important thing in here. People think that everything has been written in the stars so they have nothing to do with it.

One could blame the universe for being the way he or she was. Well, it does not work that way, sorry, but you have to be yourself, by yourself.

Natal charts give an amazing insight into such aspect. You could learn more about yourself than you could imagine. The same applies if we talk about synastry.

Before the astrologer stars doing a synastry reading, he or she would analyze natal charts of the individuals involved. The synastry is a comparison of individual natal charts, made in order to see how compatible they were.

The astrologer would access the information with objectivity.

He or she would learn about each individual and about their tendencies regarding life as a couple, marriage, commitment and else. He would learn about each one’s emotional opens and approachability, compassion, kindness and everything else.

Astrology of Relations and Synastry

When the astrologer compares the charts, he or she would see how compatible they were, point by point.

Synastry is different from the composite chart, which represents two charts merged into one. Synastry report offers a wider perspective and gives a good insight into different elements of the connection. Synastry does not define it nor does it guarantee any specific outcome.

It tells about the tendency for certain potentials to develop in this or that direction. Synastry report would reveal your weakest and your strongest points as a couple.

It will tell about how you get along with one another regarding certain areas of life.

For example, it could tell about your goals as a couple. Synastry would represent the nature of a relationship.

Astrological Aspects and Synastry

The most important thing to look into are astrological aspects, of course. Everyone talk about aspects, when someone mentions comparative astrology. Why is that so?

Well, aspects are contacts between your charts, if we talk about synastry.

Planets from your partner’s chart form angles with planets from your charts. Your individual charts affect these connections and aspects themselves affect one another.

There are five major aspects and they include the conjunction, the trine, the sextile, the square and the opposition. These aspects could be divided into two groups, with the conjunction being an exemption from both.

The first are easy aspects, the trine and the sextile, the second are heavy aspects, the square and the opposition. The conjunction could be both.

A quality and harmonious relationship would present with a mixture of all aspects. Only ‘good’, flowing aspects could make you a boring couple and you could simply get enough of it.

Too many ‘bad’, heavy ones are not desirable, as they could be destructive. A fair amount and a good combination of both would work.

Trine Aspect in Synastry

The trine is the most pleasant and the most favorite aspect. It is the most flowing aspect that is usually compared to the energy of the planet Jupiter.

This planet is the greatest benefactor in astrology, the planet of joy, fortune, easiness, expansion and natural luck. This is precisely the case with trines.

They provide natural positivity, easiness and harmony.

Moreover, trines could be of the incredible use, if there were some rather nasty challenging aspects.

Trines could make them softer and milder. Trines are overall positive vibes. This aspect inspires the best of the two of you as a couple.

It leads to mutual understanding, tolerance, harmony and lovely shared times. The area of life affected by the trine will be your most pleasant together zone.

Venus in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Lovely and charming Venus was the most beautiful of Greco Roman goddesses. She was the goddess of love, beauty, aesthetics and art, fertility and abundance.

The myth tells that she seduced mars, the fiercest of all gods and that the two of them had many children. Venus is a feminine planet, the elusive and beautiful Morning Star, Lucifer.

In astrology, Venus represents beauty, love, spiritual part of ourselves ruling over physical. However, Venus also represents passion, pleasures and joys of everyday life. This planet inspires love and it makes us feel loved.

It also helps us realize how much other people love us; it makes us willing and capable of sharing love with other people.

Venus is the planet of harmonious connections, of pleasant relationships. Venus inspires everything that is beautiful and loving in ourselves. This planet wants us to feel attractive, desirable and loveable. Venus wants us to enjoy life.

This planet helps us see beauty in the world around us and to inhale it to the fullest. The planet of love would play the essential role in a relationship.

Neptune in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Neptune is a mysterious and distant blue planet that has much to do with our inner self, intuition and inspiration. Neptune is one of the transcendental planets, so people usually think its effect would not be of much importance, be it in a natal chart or in synastry.

However, if it forms aspects with personal planets or takes up a prominent place, its effect would manifest more distinctively.

Neptune is the planet of illusion and of dreams, associated with deceptions, lies, with everything hidden and mysterious.

Its effects could be tricky, since too much of its energy would definitely lead to confusion and it would act like a poison. A little bit of Neptune is cure, just as the fresh water was healing and good.

Mysterious Neptune is responsible for our dreaminess and spirituality and it could drive us away from the physical, real world, the soul wants to escape the boundaries of the material.

In synastry, the aspect Neptune stands in would determine the way its energy is going to manifest. A little bit of Neptune’s dreamy romantic spirit could be beautifully inspiring.

Let us find out about Venus trine Neptune.

Venus Trine Neptune Synastry – Fairytale Romance

As expected, this is a loving connection filled with emotions. This is a connection that inspires affection, nurture, gentleness and makes you enjoy one another’s presence, even if you have been together for long.

This lovely aspect does not let your affection to fade away. This is what we could call a true romance, a poetic, fairytale relationship.

You hear and feel your lover’s heartbeat and he or she feels yours.

This connection is one of unconditional love. This romance is intuitive, passionate, almost magical. There are no illusions or any delusions; you are freely expressing who you are.

Venus’ charm, gentle feelings and need to love and be loved perfectly suits dreamy and romantic Neptune’s vibes. You are both creative and your creativity is easily seen in the way you treat one another.

We could describe this connection as subtle, tender, full of mutual love, support and understanding on a level many could never reach. You enjoy simply by there by your lover’s side, looking his or hers face, touching their hair, their lips and hands.

Your love is gentle and pleasing in any sense possible. Mentally, spiritually and physically you two are tuned in.

Venus trine Neptune is like a dream come true. There is a lot of tolerance and understanding between you two. Lovers in this connection are flexible, as they have full trust into one another.

It is not difficult for one to change something if it would please their partner, without losing anything of their own identity.

This is a relationship of mutual trust, shared passions, shared inspiration and a natural willingness to please one another.