Virgo in 10th House – Meaning and Info

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Each zodiac sign has some ‘irritating’ trait that everyone resents. One sign is specific in this regard and there is almost no person who will not comment on his memory that ‘they have never met a more complicated person’.

While other signs have traits that no one likes, the Virgo’s need to complicate even the simplest thing in the world seems to have surpassed them all.

Virgos like to analyze a lot, and when making a decision, they must be familiar with the smallest details. They are unyielding, critical and worry too much, and this is exactly what annoys people in their society.

Virgo – Meaning and Info

They are known as petty and meticulous people who like everything to be in perfect order, and if you do something bad to them, be sure that they will never forget it and will use every opportunity to remind you of the injustice you have done to them.

They have no flaws. It offends them, it is impossible for it to happen to them. Their brains are similar to Gemini’s which is not strange when we know that they are ruled by Mercury. Unlike Gemini who are crazy and fun, Virgos don’t know how to have a lot of fun.

They just don’t know how to shorten. If they don’t explain everything as if they didn’t say anything. They get very offended if someone interrupts them.

Being terribly nervous, they suddenly start raising their voices, to screams to explain to the end what they started. They do not allow them to be interrupted.

Their fuse is very short. They are terrified of human stupidity, ruthlessness, inaccuracy, opposition… Their nerves are too thin, and their reactions are very violent, they are very angry, they will dig up details in a conversation that everyone would forget, but Virgo never and never.

Their memory is photographically, mathematically accurate. Possessing this strong logical intelligence brings them into conflict with themselves and emotions.

Everything must have logic. And there is the least of it in emotions. Thoughts like this will catch them sitting their heads. They don’t know how to break down these illogical things.

In everything that lacks logic, accuracy, Virgo loses ground under her feet, looking for support.

He does not know how to live and walk on unreal, unreal paths. You have to know everything and have a basis, a beginning, a middle and an end.

They expect and seek purity and accuracy. And they themselves can be sloppy and inaccurate. Virgos are usually late. This does not apply to work, of course, but to everything else.

With the Virgin, everyone will lose. There is no chance of them being overpowered. They are looking for data that they have memorized and packed into oblivion in their brain. Many are tired of their accuracy, but Virgos cannot live differently.

Their minds have calculated everything and there is no room for omissions. That’s the only way they feel good. It may be difficult for us with them, but it is the only thing that is so normal for them. Hypochondria are most often born in this sign.

There is no greater slipper behavior than that of Virgo and they masochistically enjoy it. They love money very much, but they don’t wash with it.

Of course, Virgos also have a lot of positive qualities that make them simply irreplaceable to people around them, even if when they get annoyed.

In love relationships they love to infinity and back. They give themselves unreservedly, others love more than themselves, which can amaze this analytical mind.

Their love is pure as a tear. When they love, they don’t cheat. For Virgos, this is almost like an impossible mission. People born in this sign are the least likely to cheat. It doesn’t make sense to them. That’s where the logic comes in.

They are terribly distrustful of their partner. They suffocate him, they are possessive and terribly jealous.

There is no more strenuous being than the jealous Virgin. They will do all that nonsense to get proof if their partner is cheating on them.

He would eavesdrop on conversations, call them a hundred times a day. They will ask him to call them, hire a private detective. While this madness lasts, it is difficult to watch and listen to them, at the same time very sad.

They really don’t believe it. Their suspicion makes fools of them. Although they are aware of that, it is stronger than them and until they drive the thing to the cleaner – they do not give up. When they find out the truth, they come to terms with it, whatever it may be. They just wanted her, to prove to themselves and that person that they were right.

They cope fantastically in stressful situations and under pressure, they are practical, and they will keep their worries to themselves and will not allow them to negatively affect other people.

They are strong, resourceful and compassionate. They instinctively feel other people’s bad moods and are always ready to help them. He will never spare you his brutal honesty and that is why you always know what you are up to with Virgos.

10th House – Meaning and Info

Astrologically, the midheaven is the highest point of your birth chart. Cusp of the 10th astral house, the last house on earth, and territory of the Saturnian sign of Capricorn. Midheaven has to do, directly, with your public image, with those ideas that people who know about you (but don’t know you that much) have about you.

How do you want to be seen? How would you like to be remembered? What mark would you like to leave in the world?

What will be your legacy? This is the midheaven, and that is why, astrologically, the midheaven indicates the vocation and potential for success of the individual. Next I will give you three keys to understand the energy of your midheaven and suggested actions to begin to have greater clarity in your professional life.

Once you know your MC sign, have this post at hand with the characteristics of all the signs at hand. Then, in your notepad, write the characteristics of the signs that I will tell you to explore.

Just as it is a lie that there is only one “special person” waiting for you to spend the rest of his life together, it is a lie that there is a profession for each person according to his midheaven. As I always say: There are infinite possibilities of manifestation for each zodiacal and planetary archetype.

A person with midheaven in Taurus, for example, can dedicate himself to being a successful financial manager, shine in business related to real estate, or serve as an excellent coach of self-esteem, it is all related to bullfighting characteristics. !

There is nothing set in stone, because the human being is constantly creating his reality (from his mind). Where understanding the midheaven does bring us clarity, it is in the characteristics that the person would have to look for and expose in her professional life.

For example, if I have midheaven in Aquarius there would be (and it was) quite futile on my part to seek to be happy in conventional professions and with little social impact. My life changed when I began to use those passions that made me “different” and I made them my job.

Look for the sign of your midheaven (use the image that I left you above to identify it) and write down its key characteristics (essential energy of each sign), this will give you the initial clarity to know what type of characteristics the profession must have let your talents shine through.

Different, eccentric, visionary, interest in the use of the internet and technology, futuristic, humanist, innovative, revolutionary, libertarian.

I combine astrology, psychology, and metaphysics to help people create a life they love. The internet is my main means of dissemination and exposure. My way of working with astrology breaks traditional predictions and gives people freedom.

Virgo in 10th House – Meaning and Info

We inaugurate the last quadrant with this house. It contains the experiences that lead to the completion of a singular adventure: that of the subject who completes himself after a cycle in which the personal and the impersonal, the individual and the universal have to be combined in a unique way.

Until now, we have witnessed a kind of process of completion of the being and its modulation according to a world of relationships. In this house the result of this process must be seen and how said result leads, in the following houses, to an integration of that individuality in a universal Whole where its destiny has to find meaning and full confirmation.

If in the 9th house we were witnessing the encounter of man with the divine, here it must be understood that such an encounter does not take place so that man takes care of God, but so that the divine finds confirmation of him in the world.

The discovery of the 10th house is to realize that there is a divine sense in the world, therefore, here all revelation takes on the face of a requirement and a mission. The fullness of the terrestrial experience arises when the action is supported by the divine.

A power that in an earthen house is always a power to act, to be able to shape in the world, to be able to effectively build a concrete form that complements and gives weight to individuality. A kind of culmination is reached by this process. One achieves recognition and authority because he works well.

He is one of the best in the field in which one moves. A lifetime of efforts and work allow us to hold a place in the world that implies recognition and prestige among fellow men, the expression of which is, most of the time, being able to enjoy a position clothed with honors, power, authority and dignity.

Evil begins when said power or authority does well in itself. This distorts everything, changes the attitude of the one in power.

From creator and servant he becomes conservative and despot, from the pioneer comes the “policeman.”

If the honor belonged to the position, it was not for me and if it belonged to me, it had nothing to do with the position.

With this uncertainty and taking everything into consideration, I had no occasion to find out if men considered me important or insignificant. ”

How far are current politicians and almost everyone who holds some kind of power from the wisdom that this story gives off!

It is very difficult for the one who succeeds to preserve the necessary humility, the modesty that is nothing more than pure lucidity and openness.


The frequent thing is that when someone reaches notoriety his countenance, and with it his life, they close the doors and windows to the outside. His eyes only look at those above or at themselves.

Their minds only devise how to increase the power attained. A deep hunger for power develops that hardly finds human limits.