Moon in Scorpio

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Since the dawn of civilization, we have been asking questions about our purpose in this universe we call our place. We are still not sure of why we are here in the first place.

What mysterious force created us and constituted us as thinking beings we are? Was it only nature? But then, how the nature begun?

If we answer to that, we go beyond and ask questions about how the whole universe begun?

Ancient civilizations believed answers to such grandiose questions might lie in the skies above, in stars, planets and constellations; in their movement and their positions, their vibration and energies. In ancient times, heavenly bodies were associated to divine forces.

There are still many alternative spiritual paths that base upon belief that some mysterious force is all-present and that it has to do with all objects and elements found in space.

Religious systems all have in common the idea that sacred, powerful divine forces come from heavens. Astrological paths are closely focused solely on starry sky and the effect of planets upon our life and existence. Astronomy, physics and other exact, officially recognized disciplines agree planets and the universe definitely affect the life on Earth.

All of this leads us to conclusion that planets definitely have something to do with our lives.

Astrology goes deep into this and deals with questions official scientific disciplines do not. This is also why astrology is not recognized as an official science, but an alternative, a pseudo science. Astrology tries to answer to questions on how planets affect our destiny. It claims planets play a major role in constituting one’s personality.

Astrological analyses could be done not only for individual human beings, but also for nations, countries, even plants and animals, according to some. You could analyze a past event, such as a foundation of a country, taken as the time of its astrological birth and see what stars have in plan. This is only an example.

People are generally mostly interested in what stars have to tell them about their own life, particularly their future. Do not mix things; astrology is not divination and foretelling. Astrology could give answers based upon your natal chart. These answers would most likely not be straightforward like: “This thing will happen at that point of your life.”

Having an insight in your birth chart reveals what your potentials are, are stars inclined towards a fortunate future in general, what sort of troubles you may expect, on what plan of your life and many more.

These answers could help you understand who you really are and why you are like that. It could help you understand what kind of people please you and where should you invest your energy.

Personal Planets – The Luminaries

As we have mentioned, planets are of vital importance in analyzing a birth chart. They are an essential element. Astrology claims planets determine who you are and define you as an individual, unique personality. They can reveal your psychological profile, see what you are good at and what you are not. There are three classes of planets constituting a birth chart.

These are planets of the Solar system, in Western astrology, including the Sun and the Moon, which we are particularly interested in here. As you know, the Sun is a star and the Moon is a satellite, but these bright heavenly bodies are astrologically always enlisted with planets. These two are the Luminaries, meaning the bright ones.

The Luminaries are the most important of the first class of planets, which are ‘personal planets’. Personal planets include the Sun, the Moon, mercury, Venus and Mars. These planets move fast and change positions in an astrological chart very often.

They change places, houses and zodiac signs quite quickly, which makes their influence unique in each of birth charts.

Bright heavenly bodies, the Luminaries are the first and the most important of this group.

The Sun is your active self, your Ego, everything who you are and how you as a person are manifested in reality, to say so. It is the planet that defines your native zodiac sign. If the Sun in your natal chart is in Scorpio, then you are a Scorpio, to be precise.

The Moon is the layer behind this one. It represents your emotional, inner self, your connection with the world on a more subtle, mysterious, sub-conscious level. In following paragraphs, we will talk more about it. Personal planets in total define your personality traits, temperament and character.

Each gives you special qualities and features that make you unique.

Other planets are ‘social’ and ‘transpersonal planets’. They move slower and they stay for years in one place. Their transits are slow, especially those of the furthest ones. This means that they affect more generations and have greater impact on people as a collective.

However, they are also important to look for in a natal chart, because they create relations with other ones.

Moon and Horoscope

Why is the Moon so important when it comes to analyzing a birth chart? The Moon greatly affects our own planet Earth and the life on it. The Moon affects all waters on Earth and so we consider it the planet of the Water, in spiritual sense.

The element of the Water is the essence of our emotional selves and so the Moon is closely related to our emotions. Some astrologers call the Moon ‘the second light’.

The Moon is associated with fertility and motherhood; before a child is born, it dwells in water, so that is where the association also comes from. The Moon symbolizes the figure of a mother, the connection with the mother.

It is interesting that the Moon in a male horoscope usually represents the mother, before a native gets married. After that, the Moon represents his wife.

The Moon also represents one’s emotional self, the way we feel the world around. The Moon is deeply associated with impressions and with the past. It means impressions of the past have made us who we are.

The Moon is a feminine principle in any horoscope. It is also a symbol of patriotism, closeness with our family and dear people.

The Moon represents our sub-consciousness, our moods and our inner voice. If we observe its relation with the Sun, it is as if we observe our emotional self as connected with our rational self. The one cannot exist with the other.

The place the Moon occupies in a natal chart is of vital importance for the personality of the individual in question.

Let us find out what kind of personalities are those with the Moon in Scorpio.

Moon in Scorpio – General Info

The Scorpio is a Water element sign, the one known for its emotional and passionate, but intense nature. The Moon is closely related both to water and emotions, but it rules the sign of Cancer. What is you have the Moon in Scorpio?

Although Scorpio is a Water sign, its nature is too aggressive for the subtle and soft feminine Moon.

The Moon is its descending position when in Scorpio and this is not a comfortable place for it. The Moon in Scorpio personality is often described as a soul that wants to suffer and struggle.

Scorpios are known for their particularly dark and heavy emotional side; with the Moon in Scorpio, this is accentuated in people with this combination, regardless of their ruling sign.

These people seek for deep hidden roots of their emotional pain and are ready to destroy themselves emotionally until they find them.

They are prone to depression, fears, anxiety, fatalism and exclusiveness. They feed on their tragedies, which is, you have to admit, a pretty strange and tough way of going through life. Moon Scorpios often have at least one fatal or tragic love.

However, they are very strong and they are capable of rising after the fall only to find another reason to suffer more. They are difficult and hard to deal with, but they have certain velvety and mysterious aura that intrigues and attracts people.

People with the Moon in Scorpio are emotionally incredibly deep; they dive deep into dark waters under the surface.

They often appear cold, distant, unreachable, exotic and divine in a strange, dark way. Moon Scorpios are mysterious, quiet and their aura is magical. They secretly enjoy the attention they attract, which is a definite thing.

People are enchanted by their presence, but afraid of them at the same time. No one approaches Moon Scorpio with ease.

There is certain high degree of the sense of security found in these mysterious individuals. Moon Scorpios do not let people in easily and it takes a lot of patience and effort to make them let you close. However, once you enter their mysterious kingdom, be sure they will never let go of you. Moon Scorpios prefer long-term relationships and they seek for an ideal partner.

Their standards are high, in every area of life. They tend to go to extremes. Once they find something that drives their motivation and inspiration, they would give themselves in to the fullest. Fatal romances are so typical for Moon Scorpios. They love unconditionally, but choose carefully.

Moon Scorpios are obsessive, possessive and extremely protective.

They like to be in control over things and they prefer deeds to words. It happens they cannot find right words to express their feelings. They are often sharp and not very gentle. However, they are passionate and they are known to be lovers you would remember for your life.

They are passionate about everything they love and they do not mind being hurt and are not afraid of failure.

Good Traits

These intense, deep and passionate personalities appear dark and distant, which make them incredibly attractive, at the same time. They enjoy being enigmatic and appearing exotic in other people’s eyes.

However, Moon Scorpios are not tricksters and deceivers. They value justice and the truth and are loyal. They are loyal to their own causes, sometimes fanatically, but also to people whom they trust.

Many would call them distrustful and suspicious people, but the thing is, Moon Scorpios are very independent characters.

They do not like being commanded and controlled and they fully rely on themselves. They are fighters and they truly believe their passions are worth of any pain they could experience.

Although their emotional life, which is the base and essence of everything else, is usually complicated and tough, these people have incredible power of regeneration.

They are also very intuitive and creative; they could find a way to be born again, like Phoenix from ashes. They see themselves are martyrs of love, not as victims.

Bad Traits

Bad sides of Moon Scorpios often prevail, because of this complicated emotional structure. These people tend to become possessive, obsessive, controlling and even aggressive.

They cannot take it easy and they are almost always tense. They could become extremely jealous and even vengeful.

Moon Scorpios claim their rights over ideas that are not meant to be possessed by anyone at all.

The worst part of their dark side is not even their depressive mood and fatality in decisions, but their unbearably manipulative nature. These individuals cannot stand being out of control of anything they believe is theirs to control.

This could be another person, such as their lover, partner, their child, even their friends or coworkers.

Moon in Scorpio Man

Moon Scorpio man is a deeply passionate figure who would sacrifice anything for the sake of the realization of his dreams.

He believes true love is worth of any pain; this applies not only to romantic love, but also to anything else.

In male horoscopes, the Moon in Scorpio also represents strong, protective, controlling and dominant motherly figure, who suffers a lot for the sake of her child.

Moon in Scorpio Woman

Moon Scorpio woman is this devoted, protective and dominant motherly figure.

She believes it is hers to control everything, she invests all her emotions into a cause she find the most important.

She loves unconditionally and deeply, almost fanatically. She is fierce and fearless, enigmatic and incredibly attractive, in a dark, exotic way.

She is true femme fatale, but be very cautious around this dangerous lady.


Moon Scorpio people are individuals who spend most of their time in their deep, dark and emotionally rich kingdom of shadows. They do not let people enter easily and their own emotional nature is complex.

These people are used to suffering emotionally and, in a strange way; it even brings them some kind of satisfaction. They cannot take it easy; their nature is fatal.

They have incredibly strong intuition and they often consciously choose things that might hurt the, if they decide such decisions would bring them fulfillment to that degree that they would sacrifice only to experience it.

They have incredible power of regeneration; Moon Scorpios are difficult, complex personalities, but they have power to rise again.