Virgo Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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When people meet someone they find interesting and think about the prospects of dating this person, they try to find out more about them. Usually, they go through their social media looking at their pictures and statuses and search for information which could help them get closer.

Astrology can also be helpful when we are trying to discover information about someone.

Their birth data can give us a lot of information about their personality, but also about the compatibility between two people. By comparing two people’s natal charts, a detailed astrology analysis can be made about the compatibility between specific people.

And these analyses can be amazingly accurate up to the tiniest details. The only thing is, is that is not very likely to have a precise birth data upon just meeting someone because it would be considered rude and weird asking for someone’s birth details.

They might view you as a person who is pushy and tries to invade their privacy, and that is not a thing anyone desires to happen.

Luckily, there is information you could also use and receive useful information, and that is the person’s horoscope sign. All horoscope signs have general traits which most people born under the same sign share.

By comparing these traits between two people, we can get useful conclusions about their basic compatibility and the potential discords between them.

In this text, we will compare the traits of a Virgo man and a Cancer woman, and see how well they would fit together in various relationships.

Virgo Man

A Virgo man is usually detached from people. He has his own inner life which he shares only with the ones he is most intimate with. This man is very independent and often doesn’t need a partner to feel complete. They have high criteria when it comes to choosing a partner and they hardly ever make compromises about them.

They are not overly emotional and they usually approach matters rationally. They also make emotional decisions by using their mind and not their heart. They can be considered cold by many other signs, but it is just the way they are.

The sign of Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of intellect, communication, travel, commerce, etc. This planet also gives these men a gift of organizing things and precision.

They are also very detailed and prone to create order everywhere they find themselves. Their house often resembles a pharmacy and they require the same standards met by the people who are inside or they are living with them.

A woman he chooses to be with needs to have high standards regarding order and personal hygiene. He can’t stand messy and disorganized women, and people in general. They often appear stiff and tense around people because of their need to keep everything under control.

These traits are imminent to their nature and only a person who shares the same traits or someone who can influence them in changing these traits can be with them. Other people might consider them difficult to be around and usually skip on the chance of beginning something serious.

Not many people want to be told how to spread the sheets so they don’t crease, or how to put the socks on the drying rack.

Virgo men are not overly sexual and passionate. A lot of Virgo men are not very keen on sex, and they focus on other aspects of a relationship with a woman. Women who are passionate and enjoy sex usually don’t match up well with this guy.

Of course, many Virgo men love and enjoy physical pleasure, but they usually have some other planetary additions which point to that fact. Typical Virgo is an intelligent being who is stimulated by the brains rather than the body, and that is a trait most Virgo men have in common.

These men are attracted to intellectual women who have a quick wit and know how to respond to their teasing. They usually provoke the women they are interested in to see how well they would react to their provocations.

If she is not intimidated by that and handles well the conversation with this guy, evidently enjoying herself, there is a big chance he might get hooked. Beauty without content doesn’t impress this guy.

A woman, who is incredibly good looking and doesn’t have anything to say, will make this man indifferent to her bodily charms. He is not into that. He often has a weird taste in women, and he likes women who look different from the majority. That might include short hair, very thin, or with unusual dressing style, etc.

They are usually not family types of guys and they are not very sociable. They are more into intellectual activities than physical activities, and that is often revealed on their physique.

These men can be good looking but they are usually not very muscular and they are usually thin. They can be tall, but they are usually average height.

They don’t make decisions very easily and are very detailed about that process getting into consideration every detail, and when they do make a decision to get into a relationship with someone, it is usually something they consider it will be long term.

The reason for such behavior is the fact that these men are ruled by Mercury, which gives them a tendency to change their mind and make other changes in their lives.

They don’t want to hurt someone by making a rash decision to be in a relationship or even get married, when they don’t know if they will feel like it in a short while. That is why, when they do make the commitment, it is long lasting.

These men are usually not prone to cheating, although there might be some very promiscuous Virgo men out there. When they do tie the knot, they comply with their relationship/marriage duties without hesitation and the best they can.

Virgo men (like Virgo women) can be prone to criticizing and that is another fact you need to be aware of when you consider dating or marrying this guy.

Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman is a delicate being. She is very emotional and her feelings are easily hurt.

Because her sensitivity and on the other hand her love seeking nature, she often appears naïve and is usually hurt in her young age by more experienced men who seek easy prey.

These wounding leave deep scars in her heart and make her cautious and hard to open to love. She is prone to retreating whenever she senses the potential danger of being hurt. Her fears are often ungrounded, but it how she is.

A man who wants to win her heart needs to be patient, gain her trust and wait for her to open up to the idea of loving him. She can’t risk being hurt again and that is why it is so difficult for her to relax.

These women seek the warmth of family life since their early age. They are born to be wives and mothers more than every other woman sign in the Zodiac. Being single or unmarried for them is a big disappointment. They are usually not very independent and self-sufficient and they need a man to rely on.

Because of these needs, they often appear needy and clingy and that puts off many men they want to date. On the other hand, the men who seek this kind of woman are delighted when they meet them.

One of the main traits these women have is their sudden unexplainable behavior. One minute they are fine and in a good mood, and out of the blue they become silent, or grumpy, reproaching, demanding, accusing, and behave in other ways differently. They don’t explain their behavior, and you wonder what happened.

Many times something provoked them and instead of being honest about it, they begin behaving strangely without an explanation. The reason for their behavior and moodiness is the fact that their sign, Cancer, is ruled by the Moon. The Moon in general rules our emotions and our subconscious content.

Like the phases of the Moon, this woman’s mood changes accordingly. In times, you will get used to this, and you won’t be noticing it because it most likely isn’t related with you. You might start encouraging her to talk about her feelings and things that bother her openly.

That way, you can avoid many unnecessary misunderstandings and potential conflict.

Cancer women usually combine sex with love, and often cannot be intimate with someone if they don’t feel anything about that man. They prefer hugging and kissing to the actual physical contact, but they can be very passionate once they relax and get to know the person well.

These women are excellent cooks and they enjoy preparing delicious food for their man and their loved ones.

They enjoy spending time around the house in the presence of family members and friends. They usually don’t have a large group of friends because of their shyness, but they treasure the ones they have and usually manage to keep them during their entire lives.

It is a pity that she is not more comfortable around strangers because this woman is usually very funny and is fun to be around. The fortunate ones who are close to her get to enjoy the beauties of her nature. And there are quite of them.

They need a strong man by their side so they could feel protected and secure. These women are not very ambitious and are often satisfied with the role of being the wife and the mom.

Most of them can’t wait for them to try out the role of a mother, and they often become moms at a very early age.

They are excellent mothers, but sometimes overly attached to their children and influencing their lives too much. They are devoted and loyal wives who support their husbands in their endeavors and are usually quite satisfied being beside a successful man and enjoying their man’s success, considering it as their own.

Love Compatibility

A love combination between a Virgo man and a Cancer woman is not an ideal one.

He is usually not very emotional and distant, while she is full of emotions and needs someone who is open and direct to pull her out of her shell so she could relax and become open to give and receive love.

The Virgo man is usually not that kind of person and these two rarely form a romantic bond, unless there are some other elements in their natal charts which create it and maintain its endurance.

He also doesn’t have the powerful and reliable personality she seeks in a man.

A Virgo man is usually self-sufficient and prefers women who are independent and don’t wait on a man to provide for them. It is usually a bad match and if it happens it usually doesn’t last long. 

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between a Virgo man and a Cancer woman is not a good union. It could happen by chance or during their earlier years. The Virgo man soon realizes that he cannot deal with the river of emotions coming from this woman which he finds overwhelming.

This man is not very emotional and is more rational than emotional, while she is quite the opposite. Her emotional reactions and his inability to properly react to them will cause a gap between them, which will eventually lead towards the end of this marriage.

They are a wrong choice for each other because they both have different needs in a relationship and marriage.


As friends, a Virgo man and a Cancer woman can establish a great deal of harmony.

They belong to compatible elements, earth and water, and they have a basis for a harmonious friendship, although not as inspiring one because of the lack of similar interests between them. 

Cool Facts

The Virgo man tends to rationalize everything, while the Cancer woman tends to emotionalize everything.

These two are on opposite sides and they have a completely different approach towards dealing with things. They lack a basic understanding of each other. 


A relationship between a Virgo man and a Cancer woman is unlikely to be a lasting one.

These two are best to remain acquaintances who see each other once in a while and avoid any romantic and physical contact because it will likely not be a satisfying one, unless they have some other bonding ties between their natal charts.