Sun Sextile Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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The earliest teachings say that thanks to the Sun, life on Earth is possible. The sun is a star, a source of light, energy, heat and vitality.

Therefore, it is considered the main source of energy has a huge impact on people.

In Astrology, as in life, the Sun is an extremely important “planet” even though it is in fact an astronomical star.

Sun – Meaning and Info

The sun is the mover of personality, “the first light of the horoscope”. When we are born, the light is different from the tame one and where the essence of the sun comes from.

It carries the quality of the ego of nature, self-awareness and the basic will of the person, especially in relation to the sign or position in the house in which it is located.

People therefore differ in the quality of his kodzi nose as well as in the character the kodzi got.

Thus, the Sun is astrologically related to self-awareness, personality, and ego and thus is an essential signifier of Defining a person.

However, the Sun in the natal horoscope can be a representation and authority, father or director, and even husband, especially when it comes to the female horoscope.

The way of experiencing authority and the very position of our consciousness in this Universe is described by the Sun.

It is an indicator of congenital temperament, physique, appearance and manners.

If the sign of the Sun shows how life experience is realized and assimilated by an individual, then Ascendant describes the nature of spontaneous perception of reality by a person and his spontaneous self-expression.

In the first minutes of acquaintance, it is the manifestations of the sign and aspects of the ascendant that are striking.

Through the position of the Sun, it is possible to see in part where we are traveling, how much we have the possibility of this life’s journey, personal progress.

The sun is the bearer of the masculine Principle in each of us, our driving will, our reality, our own Universe. The sun defines our personality.

It moves through the Zodiac very fast but much slower than the Moon. Unlike the Moon, which brings us emotions, the Sun gives us a physical body.

The sun crosses about one degree of the Zodiac per day, sometimes less, sometimes more, but generally about one degree.

It is easy for us to remember precisely because the Zodiac has 360 degrees, and the year is 365 days, so the Sun’s transition is probably one degree per day.

The sun and moon have no retrograde motion. In astrology, the sun is the planet of the element of Fire, the carrier of life.

Due to the importance of the Sun on the character and ego of a person, his self-awareness, the descriptions of the position in the zodiac sign will also differ.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

Asc is the fastest-changing and leading reason for differences in natal charts for people born on the same day, but with a discrepancy in time.

Also, people born at the same time, but in different parts of the globe, will have different ascendants.

Differences in the position of the ascending degree make cardinal changes in the reading of the entire cosmogram, since it is from this point that the stars and planets will be in which houses and which spheres of life they will affect.

If there is a planet near the ascendant, then the background of its influence will extend to the entire horoscope. The ascending zodiac sign represents the way in which the human spirit fuses with physical life.

It is an indicator of congenital temperament, physique, appearance and manners. If the sign of the Sun shows how life experience is realized and assimilated by an individual, then Ascendant describes the nature of spontaneous perception of reality by a person and his spontaneous self-expression.

In the first minutes of acquaintance, it is the manifestations of the sign and aspects of the ascendant that are striking.

This is what is stored in the memory as the so-called “first impression” of a person. The characteristics of the Sun and the planets in the first house of the horoscope usually become noticeable only after a few hours of communication with a new acquaintance.

It is impossible to fully understand what the ascendant is in the natal chart without considering another very important point in the horoscope – the descendant. The meaning of the descendant in the horoscope it is not difficult to calculate the descendant, knowing the position of the ascendant.

It is located exactly opposite the rising degree. For example, if Ascendant is at 28 ° Aquarius, then the Descendant will be exactly 180 degrees away from it – 28 ° Leo. Descendant (translated “to descend”) is the setting point of the ecliptic, the cusp of the 7th house of the horoscope.

The sun crosses the Descendant exactly at sunset and descends into the 6th house. If there is a planet near the descendant, then it colors with its energy all the daytime houses of the horoscope (from 7 to 12 inclusive).

Asc (analogue of 00 Aries in the cosmogram) describes the innate egocentric programs of the subconscious, when an individual does not take into account the needs of his environment at all when satisfying his desires.

Dsc, on the other hand, symbolizes everything that a person is not – the will, needs and requirements of the outside world to him.

You may be more or less a fan of horoscopes, but one thing is for sure: the sky we were born under determines our character. No wonder they say that she was born under a lucky star, to denote a lucky one. Or, conversely, “she was born under an evil star.”

The same expression is used for projects or relationships and is associated with astrology. Or, rather, a purely astrological belief that planetary conjunctions affect the fate of people…

And if not fate, then the hero will certainly. Otherwise, how else to explain certain characteristics inherent in a person from the moment of his birth, regardless of education? Some are born screaming, some are taciturn.

And there is a star that guides everything. In this sense, the ascendant has a fundamental impact: what is its significance? How is the ascendant calculated? Meanwhile, if you want to know what the stars have in store for you, read the horoscope of the month here.

The noun ascending comes from the adjective ascending, which, in turn, the participle of the present is ascending. Going up from the Latin ad- and going down means going up, going up.

Substituting the word ascendant, this word that gives a sense of height and splendor, indicates various things. For example, the person from whom you are descended by birth. But the ascendant also signifies influence or moral authority over others.

How many times have you heard the expression “Have a great influence on me”? Here the same thing happens with the stars. These are the planets and glowing stars that fill the sky every night, positioning as they please. At the moment of our birth, it is they who “have a great influence on us.”

Sun Sextile Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

You feel the need to express yourself so that others see you in the best possible light and, without any attention, to be paid attention to. Whether you will be noticed for good or bad deeds depends on other aspects of this connection.

With signs in the element of fire, there is a tendency to exaggerate your own abilities, but if used correctly, this connection can become favorable for expressing your individuality.

You are the type of leader (this is the Aries house associated with the power of the Sun, and sometimes it is difficult for you to endure and respect someone else’s authority and position generous and usually friendly and sincere, unless the Sun is in the 12th house. You tend to be important and want to be in the spotlight. But still you are a whole person, usually with a huge life pressure aspects can become selfish.

These aspects usually promise good health, the ability and opportunity for a very favorable personality expression, creativity and a philosophical outlook on life.

You are sociable and free, love to entertain others and often think too well of yourself. You are a sincere and open person who does not hesitate to show that you are bored if things do not go the way you would like.

You are flexible and, if confirmed by other signs in the horoscope, you can be interested in and excel in sports. The influence of the trigone and sextile is very beneficial if there are squares or oppositions that push you to use the opportunities at your disposal.

Sun-Ascendant Ascendant opposition, square in the natal chart Conflicts between the personality and the way of its manifestation outside. It is difficult for them to show themselves as they are. Conflict between consciousness and its expression.

The manner in which they approach business is not harmonious. Attempts to command and behave in an incomprehensible way, which leads to difficulties with the partner and the public. To gain recognition, you have to part with your individuality.

Aspects between the Sun and the Ascendant express the correspondence between the content, the true essence of the personality and its external manifestations.

If the Sun and the Ascendant are in opposition or square, then he can, albeit unconsciously, mislead others about what he really is, or take a position that can harm himself.

Sun in square-opposition-quicons with Ascendant- these aspects indicate an unusual amount of personal energy, but the results are achieved through an enumeration of different actions.


You often have to overcome health problems, sometimes there are conflicts in your relationship with a man who plays an important role in your life, usually your father.

When it comes to a woman, this can mean difficulties in marriage or with a business partner, especially with opposition.

Until you know yourself better, misunderstandings will often arise in relationships with people, and since you need people, you must learn to cooperate with them. Your strong personality needs to adjust a little to others, then you will achieve better understanding and more successful relationships with people.