Virgo Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The sun sign in our natal chart describes our rational behavior; the moon, on the other hand, describes our subconscious and represents our inner being.

We openly present our sun sign traits, while our moon sign traits we usually keep to ourselves or share them with the people who are closest to us.

People with sun in Virgo and moon in Taurus have a double earth element influence in their personalities. That makes them stable and enduring.

These people don’t change their mind easily. They have firm beliefs and usually try to convince others of them. These people have a high opinion of themselves and their qualities.

They are well-mannered and usually have artistic skills. They don’t make rash decisions and take the time to analyze a situation before taking actions or deciding something.

These people are often rigid and very stubborn. They are also slow and take long to take actions. They think a lot before doing something, but usually when they begin taking action they don’t stop until they accomplish what they have started.

These people have a strong will and determination and challenges don’t discourage them at all.

They are often very creative and love beauty. They love to be surrounded by beautiful things and their house is usually full of them.

Taurus loves beauty and luxury, but people with this sun/moon combination usually don’t allow themselves to spend too much money on beauty items.

They tend to make rational decisions and don’t spend much to satisfy their need for beauty.

They try to combine beauty and quality at a reasonable price and usually manage to find it.

They are usually physically good looking and have a talent for accentuating their best physical traits.

These people can be very ambitious and love success. They climb slowly on the ladders of success, but eventually reach where they want to be. One of the main motivators is their need for a relaxed and comfortable life and that requires money.

These people usually earn more than enough to satisfy their needs for a comfortable lifestyle.

They are usually home types and enjoy being at home. Their homes are usually beautifully decorated. These people usually have excellent taste and are stylish. They often have issues with their weight because they love to indulge in food.

They also love cooking and that adds to their food issues. These people are often on weight regimes because of their unhealthy eating habits.

These people are usually very warm-hearted and welcoming. They love to entertain their guests, usually friends and family members.

Some of them could have a character which is difficult to deal with. They could be prone to one-sided beliefs and refusing to accept other people’s opinions.

These people often believe they “know it all” and they act like that. They could exhibit controlling traits and criticize other people’s behavior and actions.

They are good providers and make sure the house is full. They take good care of their family members and need to feel financially secure.

They are usually hard workers and don’t mind spending an extra hour to finish their tasks on time.

They are detailed, precise, and very organized. These people also have good analytical skills and are excellent problem solvers.

One of the worst traits they often have is a tendency towards grumpiness, sulking, and getting angry at people because things aren’t as they want or as they have planned.

These people have a strong will and won’t rest until they accomplish what they want.

They are usually honest and straightforward and despise liars. They also tend to keep their words and do what they have promised.

They are not very active and prefer activities which don’t involve a lot of movement. These people love their homes and prefer spending most of their leisure time there.

Their homes are often an oasis of peace and tranquility and other people enjoy spending time there.

These people are usually not very sociable and tend to stick to a narrow circle of close friends.

Their socializing often consists of them inviting their friends at their house and spending time there. They love preparing food for their friends and people they care about.

These people have strong and confident personalities and people usually admire them for their qualities.

It is not easy to get them angry because they can put up with a lot, and are usually very patient, but when they do get angry, their reactions can even be violent.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Virgo and Moon in Taurus:

– organized, detailed, precise, determined, persistent, enduring, protective, creative, confident, strong personalities, home types, strong-willed, analytical, honest, straightforward, punctual, well-mannered, successful, welcoming, problem solvers, patient, commitment types, reliable, affectionate, tender, etc.

Bad Traits

The good traits of Sun in Virgo and Moon in Taurus:

– not very sociable, prone to anger outbursts, grumpy, prone to sulking, controlling, critical, judgmental, etc.

‘Virgo’ Sun ‘Taurus’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with Virgo sun and Taurus moon are down to earth and stable. They are commitment types and know what they desire in a relationship or marriage.

They usually don’t settle for less and take their time to carefully choose their partners or spouses. They usually have high standards and make sure the potential partner meets their criteria before committing to them.

These people don’t make rash decisions and analyze all the details. They want to try to prevent potential mistakes and want enough time to eventually spot some red flags.

They are not the easiest partners to live with. They often have some set of rules and behavior they would like their partners or spouses to respect.

They are usually nothing special but can be bothering to some people who don’t want to change the way they usually do certain things just to please them.

These things could be a cause for conflicts between them and their partners. These people could learn to be more tolerant of their partners’ differences and different ways of seeing and doing things.

They are usually very organized around the house and make sure everything is in its place.

They usually have some household rules they expect their partners to follow. They are good cooks and enjoy cooking for their partners.

These people are emotional and affectionate. They need some time to relax, but usually enjoy expressing their feelings to their partners. They are also passionate.

Their ideal partner should be good looking, tender, affectionate, and attractive.

They also need someone who is confident, reliable, and stable, just as they are. Their partner should be someone who is trustworthy and honest.

They want to be able to relax and enjoy their union being able to completely rely on their partners.

These are independent and usually don’t need their partner’s support; they consider their relationships and marriages as unions where both partners contribute to the growth of their relationship.

They are nurturing and caring towards their partners and spouses, as well as their children.

They are very protective, especially towards their children. If someone harms them in any way, their reactions can be severe and even violent. They are good parents and make sure their children have everything they need.

They try not to spoil their children but try to teach them to be appreciative of everything they have. They also try to instill love and appreciation for beauty and nature.

These people usually love and enjoy the physical side of the partnership. They are very passionate and desire their partners to have an adequate response.

They are very loyal and devoted to their partners and are able to give them big support and encouragement through difficult times.

Best Match For ‘Virgo’ Sun ‘Taurus’ Moon

The best match for a Virgo sun and Taurus moon is another earth sign or a water sign.

Fire or air sign could be a good match, providing they have some earth or water element in their natal charts.

The main reason is the basic difference in the nature of earth and water signs versus air and fire signs.


People with sun in Virgo and moon in Taurus are very stable and down to earth. They are aware of their priorities and know how to accomplish their desires.

They need time to get started, but once they start, they don’t stop until they finish what they have planned. They are very determined and persistent, and challenges don’t discourage them easily.

These people are very reliable and independent. They are good providers and love to be financially secured.

They could have a character a bit difficult to get along with because of their tendency to criticize and judge other people’s behavior.

They could also be prone to outbursts of anger when provoked. It takes time for them to get angry because they are patient and can endure a lot, but if and when they get angry, their rage could become violent.

These people love beauty and are usually very creative.

They are home types and love spending time there. Their homes are comfortable and beautifully decorated places with their personal touch visible in every corner.

They have a welcoming nature and love to entertain their guests there. They are not very sociable and carefully choose who they hang out with.

They are commitment types and take their time when choosing a partner or a spouse. They give themselves time to spot the red flags if there are any.

They don’t rush into things and prefer diminishing the chance of making mistakes. They are detailed and precise and consider all the facts before making a final decision.

They can be a bit nagging and people who live with them could be expected to follow a set of rules they have established, which not many people are fine with.

They are protective parents and take great care of their children, making sure they don’t spoil them.