Hair Loss – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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The realization of hair loss is one of the most disturbing moments a person could experience.

All people relate their hear, with their personal identity, and losing their hair is considered as losing a part of their body. Hair loss can be caused by many reasons. It can be a caused by aging, mechanical damage, medical treatments, illness, or in some other way.

Men lose their hair more often, but women also experience losing their hair. Hair loss is often a subject of people’s dreams and represents a very important dream symbol that shouldn’t be neglected.

In some cases, these dreams could be triggered by actual hair loss in reality, but in most cases, they have a deep symbolic meaning for the dreamer.

Hair loss is a state which is difficult to accept by most people, especially because it is such visible and ruins the image of a person. Nice and healthy hair is important part in building the confidence of a person, and the fact that is falling off can be detrimental for the person’s self-esteem and confidence.

The main reason is the fact that beautiful hair is in most cultures around the world considered a sign of health, attractiveness, and general wellbeing. That is why losing it is considered such a shock and causes despair.

Most people have had a dream about hair loss at least once in their lives.

In some cases, these dreams could be a reflection of some real life occurrences the dreamer has experienced during day time. In other cases, these dreams reveal the person’s fear of actual hair loss or are a result of their shock caused by the realization that they are losing their hair in reality.

These dreams can be totally unrelated to some real life events and in these cases they reveal some other things about the dreamer and their subconscious mind.

In such cases, these dreams could reveal the person’s lack of confidence, feelings of self-love and self-worth. This person might think badly of themselves and their qualities and often has a problem interacting with other people.

A dream of hair loss can also be a reflection of the person’s feeling about their attractiveness and the way they believe they are being perceived by others. A dream of hair loss often reveals the person’s vulnerability, insecurities and the details of the dream point to the areas of life where these insecurities exist.

A dream of hair loss often is a sign of being out of control in some circumstances and feeling helpless.

Losing hair is not something that can easily be prevented or stopped completely, and the person often feels helpless in this situation; that is why, this dream scenario is used by our subconscious to depict situations where we don’t have control over the circumstances.

In most cases, the message of the dream and our subconscious is to embrace the circumstances and make the most of the situation. Regardless of the situation, we should try to embrace it and consider it as a part of our life and don’t let it disturb our peace.

Men nowadays have an easier way to accept this situation; when they start losing their hair, most men simply shaves off their entire head and does that regularly. In that way, the person completely changes their personal style and it helps them noticing the problem on a regular basis.

Although it cannot be compared with the real life experience of baldness, dream about hair loss is also a horrible and very disturbing experience.

Such a dream usually speaks to the dreamer about the issues they have in their lives which they need to confront. The person should ask themselves after such a dream whether they have issues of self-esteem and self-love, and whether they are confident enough about how they look.

Oftentimes dreams about hair loss reveal the person’s realization of aging and becoming older. It is a symbolic representation of the passing of time. In some cases, this dream reveals the person’s fear of growing old and becoming less attractive.

Dreams about hair loss can be caused by different reasons, and some of the most common reasons can be:

Actually losing hair – In many cases, the dream about hair loss reflects the person’s feelings of despair and disbelief because they have realized that they are losing their hair.

Worries about losing hair – Sometimes, the person could dream about losing hair because they fear that they will start losing their hair. The hair loss isn’t actually happening, but the person fears it might start happening to them.

Worries about aging – Dreams about losing hair can be triggered by the person’s fear and worries of aging and their inability to accept that fact as normal.

Experiencing some loss – Often the dream about hair loss can be triggered by some real life loss the person has experienced. Sometimes the dream is caused by the person’s fear of loss of something precious and the details of the dream can describe in more details the area where the person fears potential loss.

Fear of death – In some cases, the dream about hair loss could be caused by the person’s fear of dying. At first glance, there isn’t an obvious link between the dream and the fear, but in fact the fear of death is masked with the fear of aging. The person fears getting old which eventually leads to the person dying.

Losing power – Hair is often considered a symbol of strength and power and losing hair in a dream is symbolically representing the loss of power the person fears of experiencing.

Losing energy – Hair is also symbolically related to the person’s energy and the dream could indicate the person losing energy. It could be a sign of physical deterioration and worsening of the person’s health. It could be a sign of the person’s fear of losing their energy.

Health problems – In some cases, the dream could reveal the person’s fear of their health worsening. This dream often reveals the person’s fear of being sick or having some health issue they are not aware of. In some cases, a hair loss dream could be a sign of illness and warns the person to check their health.

Becoming less attractive – For some people physical attractiveness is a very important attribute of their personal appearance and their confidence. The thought of not being as attractive as they used to be seems frightening to these people, and in some cases their fear reveals itself through a dream about hair loss.

Hair Loss – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about hair loss in general – Dreaming about losing your hair is usually a sign of lack of confidence and low self-esteem. It is often a sign that you began losing your confidence and you fear that you are not as attractive anymore.

The loss of confidence is often a result of realization that you are aging and that you are going to be less attractive as time goes.

This realization usually makes you feel bad and causes dreams like a dream of losing your hair.

A dream about hair loss could also be a sign of losing opportunities or money. It could be a sign of decline in social status. It could also be a sign of losing people’s respect.

Dreaming of someone losing hair – If you dreamed of someone you know losing hair, the dream might be a sign of not having many things going in your life, and leading a boring life.

Someone losing their hair in your dream is a sign from your subconscious that you need to find some activities which will inspire you and improve the quality of your life.

Dreaming about losing hair during your dream – If you dreamed about losing your hair during your dream, when in the beginning you have hair and you suddenly see that your hair is falling off, the dream is usually related to your fear of getting old or realizing that you are getting old. It could be related to issues of accepting your age.

Because you are starting to lose your hair during the course of the dream, the dream could be a sign of slowly accepting that you are becoming older and learning to feel ok about it.

Often we realize that we have issues with getting old only after having such a dream. This dream could be a sign sent by your subconscious to begin accepting the fact of aging as something normal.

Losing hair during dream could also be a sign of anxiousness and stress you are exposed to.

Maybe you are overwhelmed with some life situations and you are under an extreme pressure.

It could be a sign that you should release the accumulated stress. If you are around people who are negatively influencing you should try to remove yourself from their energy and presence if possible.

Dreaming of losing hair by pulling it out – If you dreamed of pulling your hair and losing it, the dream is a sign of extreme stress you are undergoing. You are probably experiencing some major pressure and it is important for you to try to release it and try to find a way to ease the stress and anxiety that are caused by this pressure.