Goldfinch – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Goldfinches are small birds. They belong to the finch families, native to North Africa, Western Asia and Europe (the European goldfinch or just goldfinch) and native to North America (the American goldfinch).

The European goldfinch has a red face and black/white head, black wings with a yellow marking. Their backs are brown, and their tail is black and white. Males look similar to females. This bird is around 13cm long, weighing up to 19g. They usually live in open areas, or partially wooded ones. They are usually migratory.

Females build the nests in around one week. The male is around but doesn’t participate in the building of the nest. The nests are hidden in trees. It usually lays around 4 to 6 eggs. The females incubate the eggs during a period of 11 to 13 days, while the males feed them. Both parents feed the chicks.

During winter they form flocks of around 40 or more birds. Goldfinches are often kept in captivity because of their beautiful song.

American goldfinches are also small passerine birds. They have the same name as the European goldfinch but are not directly related. They are migratory as well. Males and females have different colors.

The males are yellow during summer and olive color during winter, and the females have an uninteresting yellow-brown color. They are social birds and usually gather in large flocks when feeding and during their migrations. They are mostly monogamous birds.

They are up to 14cm long, weighing up to 20g. They prefer open country habitats. During the breeding season the males react aggressively towards intruders in their territories. Females have the same reaction to other females.

American goldfinches are considered slightly aggressive birds which often display aggressive postures and movements, and they attack their supposed opponents.

They display different courtship rituals. After finding a mate, the male selects and marks a territory.

Sometimes pairs share territories to defend them with more ease against potential predators and intruders. The male might help the female collect the material for the nest, but the female builds the nest alone.

These nests are made with such precision that they can often hold water which can sometimes be fatal to the chicks if the nest is not covered in time. The female incubates the eggs (usually 4-6), and the male brings her food.

The male continues feeding the chicks for some time after they live the nest when it hears their call. The chicks stop producing these calls when they become entirely independent.

What does the Goldfinch Symbolize?

The Goldfinch has a strong symbolism in Christianity. It is associated with the crown of thorns which Jesus wore on the day of his crucifixion.

This bird is often depicted on paintings of the Madonna and Christ child, where it represents the prior knowledge they had about the crucifixion.

In works of art and in general, this bird often symbolizes persistence, determination, endurance.

It also symbolizes opportunities, prosperity, abundance, success, optimism, positive outlook on things, happiness, satisfaction, simplicity, joy, diversity, adventure, community, communication, sociability, feminine power, energy, inspiration, dependability, gratitude, appreciation, etc.

The Meaning of a Goldfinch as a Totem Animal

The goldfinch totem has many different meanings. Some of them are:

Opportunities. The goldfinch symbolizes a waste range of possibilities that are available to us. It teaches us to be alert and seize the opportunities as they appear before someone takes them before us. This bird also reminds us to make plans for our future and have a clear picture of what we desire.

Adventure. The goldfinch totem teaches us to seize the day. It reminds us not to waste our time in everyday routine but do everything we can to break it. When this bird appears in our lives it is a call for adventure and experiencing something we have never experienced before.

Communication. Goldfinches produce different vocalizations to communicate with each other. This totem animal teaches us of the importance of communication between people and encourages you to be open about your opinions and not be afraid to express them.

Goldfinch as Your Totem Animal

If you have a goldfinch as your totem animal, you are most likely a person who is optimistic and happy.

You know how to appreciate the value of every moment. You tend to focus on the things which function properly in your life and feel happy because of that. You consider life as one big journey with obstacles you need to overcome not making a big deal out of them.

You have an adventurous spirit and you are very communicative and sociable. You want to enjoy life as much as you can.

You are a good parent and usually a faithful partner. You value the importance of relationships in your life.

Your happy and easy-going attitude, draws people to you and you are usually surrounded by many friends and acquaintances.

Sometimes you can express somewhat aggressive and bossy behavior and that is a negative trait you should work on getting rid of your life.

What if a Goldfinch Appears in Your Life?

When a goldfinch appears in your life, that event might be an encouragement to become more optimistic and begin looking at the brighter side of life.

Stop thinking about the things you dislike or the things which are wrong in your life, and instead focus your mind and attention on the things that are great and are working in your favor.

Be appreciative about the good things you possess and the areas of your life which are running smoothly.

Don’t forget to express gratitude for the success you have achieved and the help you received along the way. Appreciation is the key to getting more things to appreciate.

A goldfinch in our lives is usually a sign of good luck and fortunate opportunities coming our way.

It could be an announcement of prosperity and abundance which expect us. They are a reminder to enjoy life more and be happy for the fact we have a life. That is our greatest treasure.

When to call on a Goldfinch?

You should call on the goldfinch totem when:

  • You want to be more enthusiastic and appreciative about your achievements;
  • You want to be more adventurous and live life to the fullest;
  • You desire to get rid of negative feelings and things which are causing blockages in your progress;
  • You desire to express your gratitude and appreciation for all your blessings;

Dreams about Goldfinch – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about goldfinches are usually good signs. If you dreamed of goldfinches flying that dream is a very fortunate dream omen, indicating success, optimism, happiness and love.

It reveals the satisfaction and contentment you are currently feeling in your life.

If you dreamed of goldfinches in a nest or goldfinch chicks in a nest, that is a very good symbol indicating family bliss and feeling secure and protected.

If the bird or birds were dead, that dream is a bad sign, usually indicating loss of hope, failure of your goals and aspirations, depression, sadness, etc.