Cancer Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Do you believe in destiny? Do you think stars could tell if you have met the person of your life? Well. Many doubt the accuracy of astrological predictions, until life surprises them otherwise.

Or it is a mere coincidence! Perhaps we will never know for sure, but it is good to remember that many of the greatest civilizations throughout our history have put much trust in their astrologers, star interpreters or however they were called.

Although astrology, birth charts and compatibility of zodiac signs could not, of course, literally tell you what the life has in its bag for you, all of it could be useful. When it comes to zodiac compatibility, basic descriptions of each sign could help you better to understand yourself and people around you as well.

None of us is an ideal representative of particular zodiac signs, but we definitely feature its major characteristics.

Speaking of compatibility, there is also no combination that cannot work at all. At least, even the most unlikely one has a potential. Whether two people would establish a quality relationship on any level depends on much more factors than their birth signs.

There are other astrological factors to consider and much of real life ones. Our zodiac sign is our astrological foundation stone, to say so.

Each person’s experience, cultural, social, private and all other backgrounds are like a fine tapestry that determines what kind of individual one would be. Add his or hers astrological traits and you get even more complex picture.

Well, we are complex beings and our personalities are carefully moulded. Yes, many times someone would say something like: ‘Oh, well, that’s typical Aries behavior!’, for example.

However, that does not say everything about that person. It is important to analyze someone’s birth chart, for example, to have a better idea on his or hers personality and destiny.

When it comes to compatibility of zodiac signs, it is the same. Here, we are offering some basic interpretations that could help you find further information and perhaps serve as a simple guidebook.

In this article, we talk about a Cancer man and an Aries woman compatibility. Let us find out whether these two people could find a common tongue and what sort of relationship it would be, if they fall in love.

Could they fall for one another at all? Let us find out. Our first step will be to represent each of these signs astrological profiles.

Cancer Man

Cancer man is definitely one of the softest zodiac signs, if not the most tender one. He lives a fairytale; he is a dreamer and an eternal romantic.

While real life often places him before challenges that are rough and tough for his delicate soul. A Cancer man could find a lot of strength in pursuing his fairytale dream.

However, Cancers are pretty well known for being prone to depression, whining and complaining about this and that.

A Cancer man thinks of professional success as a tool to live his dream. He is not overly ambitious, but he is smart, handy and skillful. If he sees a job gives him opportunity to live a pleasant, comfortable life, he is eager to take it. However, he does not handle stress very well, because he has so much of other things on his mind. All the time.

A Cancer man could be professionally ambitious only in terms of building a career he dreams of.

Meaning, if he fantasies about being an explorer or a scientist in particular field, if he dreams about being an actor or an artist, he will go for it. If he is interested in studying some exotic language or is interested in, say, medieval armory, he will passionately get to work on it, no matter if such interests are not considered profitable or whatever.

Tender as he is, Cancer man is not discouraged of trying to make his fantasy alive. Cancer man is artistic, imaginative, emotional, talented and he needs to express himself through some form of a creative work.

There is rarely a Cancer man who has no hobby that occupies almost all of his time.

He could be interested in photography, paintings, collecting something, playing games, constructing and making stuff or so. Anything that he creates, be it a short video, a series of photography or something bigger, like an architecture project, is a channel for his emotions.

Cancer men are reserved, quiet and lost in their thoughts. This man does not open to others easily, he is very cautious when meeting new people. He is also of a changeable nature, like other water zodiac signs; he is all nervous and whiny in one moment and incredibly confident in the next one.

He could unintentionally leave a completely different impression from what he would like.

His mood swings are quite unpredictable, which makes him a difficult person to understand. He feels that and often feels miserable about ‘nobody understands him’ stuff.

This changeability in behavior is similar to that of a Gemini man, although a Cancer is far more tender and more of a melancholic type of personality. If threatened or hurt, a Cancer retreats, rather than attacks.

Sometimes, a Cancer man would appear sarcastic, distant or grumpy on the outside, while inside he is of the most delicate soul found in a man. His woman has to be strong, but not overly ambitious. She has to understand his emotional side and yet do not see him less man because of this softness.

He needs a sharp, confident partner with particularly strong emotional side.

Aries Woman

Aries women are determined and energetic ladies, with some specific kind of inner strength that could move a mountain. An Aries woman is an executive type of personality; what she sets her mind on doing, be sure she will accomplish it.

She does not give easily; she is focused on her goal and very confident about her own strength.

An Aries lady loves to organize things and she is an excellent plan maker. If things go wrong, she moves on; there is no time to waste. Speaking about time, it interesting to note that most of Aries ladies are patient.

Aries men, however, are not. An Aries lady is rational, intellectual and with both of her feet on the ground.

She is fearless, a natural born leader; Aries women do not hesitate taking part in anything commonly said to be ‘men’s business’. This tough girl is very charismatic; she does not neglect her feminine side and definitely makes an impression on men.

Aries women would rather lead than follow and they do not like to be opposed. If an Aries lady is attacked, be sure she would react and boldly defend herself. She is proud and ambitious, always seeking for some excitement, something she could channel her immense fiery energy through. An Aries lady is a dominant personality.

She is not laid back and calm as a Leo woman could be, but she possesses the same energy of ever-burning flame.

Oh, she would argue over things she deems important and would hardly give up her cause. She does not like to admit she is wrong, so she would always find a way to somehow get out of such an uncomfortable situation and preserve her reputation.

When an Aries woman loves, her love is just as everything else in her life; it is fiery. She is ready to cross limits of her own imagination, if she believes a man is the right one. She is tactful in love games and enjoys it.

However, her ultimate goal is not to have fun (maybe at younger age she will simply enjoy it), but to find a suitable partner and start a family.

Love Compatibility

We already see well how different and distant these two are. However, a collision between fire and water is not that unimaginable, although it could be strange and even destructive. But let us not be too hasty.

While relationship between a Fire element zodiac sign and a Water element one are rarely the perfect match, they are not impossible.

Opposites attract, isn’t it said so? Cancer and Aries are diametrically opposite in their nature.

Generally speaking, a Cancer man and an Aries woman, are rarely a good combination. Such a couple is a typical example of a disharmonious combo, but it can work out fine, if each of them is aware they will never be similar to one another. If they search for something so different from themselves, you can bet they would find it in one another.

Aries lady is raw, dominant and spontaneous; she might like organizing things, but he would find an instant and quick solution if thing go in another direction of the one planned. Cancer is, on the other side, moody, quiet and melancholic.

Emotionally, these two are totally uncoordinated, which is a pity, because both have a tone of emotions. Their sense of eros is completely different.

She would like it all and now; she dreams about her man tearing her shirt apart and making love with her wildly, in a flame of ecstasy. Cancer is so not into that; he is sensual and romantic. Oh, he is an excellent lover, smooth, delicate and very handy, but Aries usually has no patience for too much foreplay.

Luckily, a cancer is usually not so sexually demanding, so he would please his Aries lady and be content with it.

They will argue over minor things on a daily basis, which could be very distressing and exhausting for both of them. They do not have many things in common. They realize it as soon as they get over the initial physical attraction and flirt and start talking.

If their magnetism is strong, which is definitely possible between so opposite personalities, they would have to be very thought-out, in order to make this relationship work.

Marriage Compatibility

It is unlikely that such a turbulent connection will live to see a wedding ceremony. However, it does happen, of course. No way could such a marriage be peaceful and harmonious; there will be a lot of arguing. If they initially accept their different sensibility regarding sex life and intimacy and carefully work through it, they can build up something amazing.

Tender and emotional Cancer could teach pushy Aries many things; she would actually learn to enjoy her own femininity and sexuality much more, if she ever allows him to treat her in his manner.

On the other hand, Aries could awake waves of passion in Cancer and turn him into a tsunami, which would definitely suit her raw sexual energy.

If there is no progress in it, the only thing that could save their marriage are children. Both love them and both are caring and devoted parents. For an Aries, a breakup or divorce is a failure, so she is very unlikely to opt for such a solution to an unfulfilling relationship or marriage.

Cancer is, on the other side, tolerant and so imaginative that he could find comfort in his fantasies.


Once a Cancer and Aries break up, if they were in a romantic relationship or married, no way they will ever be friends. If they have never had any romantic tendencies towards one another, they could maybe become friends, but it would be a turbulent friendship.

They could like one another in a strange, love and hate type of relation.

They would argue over everything, but a Cancer would always be there to comfort his Aries lady friend if needed and she would do everything to help her cancer friend if he is hopeless and helpless.

Cancer will teach Aries how to be gentler and he will learn how to be tougher when a situation demands sharpness and courage.

Cool Facts

Can you even imagine these two together? Let us present you a typical Cancer man/Aries woman image.

They wake up with Cancer enthusiastic over something they have planned for the day; Aries woman already jumps out of the bed and starts getting ready.

The very next hour he is all melancholic and incapable of changing his gloomy mood (in fact, he enjoys it, oddly); Aries, of course, yells and calls him names.

She goes out herself, slamming the door! Once they are back together, they act as nothing has happened at all.


Overall, A Cancer and an Aries relationship can work out, but with a lot of effort and understanding and tolerance on both sides.

It is an interesting combination, because here we have a strong and very dominant lady Aries and far more soft and tender Cancer man.

The situation is completely different if sexes are opposite. These two have about fifty-fifty chances for a long lasting relationship.