Part of Fortune in Sagittarius

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In the center of its obverse there is an image of the coat of arms of the Transnistrian state formation. On it we see the wealth of its bowels: ears of corn, bunches of grapes, sheaves of wheat and fruit.

The sun rising over the Dniester symbolizes a bright future, and the five-pointed star, hammer and sickle – the glorious Soviet past. Abbreviations on tapes with the name of the country in three languages ​​(Moldovan, Russian and Ukrainian) denote the unity of the main peoples inhabiting it.

The image of Sagittarius in the traditional image of a centaur, the graphic drawing of his symbol, the inscriptions “SAGITTARIUS” and “SAGITTARIUS” are transferred to the reverse of the coin.

Aesthetes will be impressed by an unusual Kazakh coin made of two materials: silver and tantalum. And if the first material is often used for minting coins, then the second is quite rare in coinage, because working with tantalum requires skills and filigree craftsmanship.

The copy itself (by the way, very rare, because there are no more than a thousand of them) is made in the style of primitive cave drawings.

On the obverse there is a zodiacal circle with symbols of all signs, inside the circle is the central star of our planetary system.

Other cosmic bodies (stars, moon, and spiral galaxy), the denomination of the coin (100 tenge) and its imprint are also minted on the obverse.

Part of Fortune – Meaning

Sagittarians are easily inspired by new ideas, especially those related to education, enlightenment, missionary, charitable and other “sublime” activities.

Enlightenment, patronage, representation in all kinds of committees and meetings, speeches and sermons – all this is the “diocese” of Sagittarius.

To go on a journey for knowledge, organize a school, lead a religious community, inspire others with his example, and bring the light of truth – this is his highest mission.

Most Sagittarius are characterized by high efficiency, they are reckless, sometimes quick-tempered, but quick-witted, usually work well in a team (especially if they lead it).

Many Sagittarians value and observe traditions and rituals very much, are not indifferent to the front side of life, respect subordination and do not tolerate familiarity.

People of this sign are prone to expansion, but usually in a good way – they are generous and strive to spread their charm, patronage, guardianship, light of knowledge and other equally noble things as widely as possible.

In general, to be born under the sign of Sagittarius, in our opinion, is good luck. This lucky optimist radiates success and brings it to those around him.

You feel good in jeans, sweaters, loose skirts, flat or low heels, in short, in the kind of clothes in which you can go to the sports field, on a trip, or even to the ends of the world.

Your style is safari, as well as the sea, reminiscent of long journeys, the era of great geographical discoveries, the romance of sails and the salty wind.

But in a festive atmosphere, your costume should be strict, expensive, not too extravagant, but still fashionable, besides, it will certainly contain some elements associated with other countries, including jewelry or accessories brought from abroad borders.

Your jewelry should be unusual (stones are only natural), they should resemble either traditional classical rings of knights, clergymen, or archaic ancient forms of jewelry from excavations.

Use sapphires and garnets for jewelry. The colors of your clothes: light blue, deep blue, purple, sand, khaki, white.

The complete frustration of not being able to find a niche in life is not familiar to this person. Wherever he hangs his hat, there is his home. Whichever way he makes a living that is his profession.

Whoever he is in company with is his friend. It is this position that allows his enthusiasm to flow in harmony with the forces of his environment.

This person is able to “cruise” on the surface of life and not be immersed in situations that can negate his inherent optimistic outlook on life. The biggest obstacle to his happiness is trying to see himself through the eyes of others.

This is the self-critical aspect of identifying with the Part of Impartial Consciousness in Gemini. Man radiates joy. He himself is joy.

However, no matter how bright the light may be, it cannot see itself. Other people may see joy in him, and knowing this, he sometimes makes the mistake of hoping to get his image through them.

Positive feedback can cause him to slip into the illusion that he can make others happy. Living with this type of mental commitment, a person can lose their sense of joy. A person with the Part of Fortune in Sagittarius must learn that happiness is something that cannot be passed on from one person to another.

This is one of the main lessons taught by a Piece of Impartial Consciousness in Gemini. Trying to make such an exchange only weakens the person. The world can be his oyster if he just allows himself to be.

When he learns to do this, his life will acquire an enthusiastic spontaneity unmatched by any other zodiac sign. It is through this undirected spontaneity that one can get closer to what Buddha meant, to when he pointed out that the true meaning of life is simply “to be.”

The “pot of gold” at the end of this person’s rainbow is as vivid as the sense of presence he can experience at every moment.

Sagittarius – Meaning

The Sagittarius woman is an independent, strong and domineering person. She does not follow the lead of others, lives by her own rules and does not depend on the opinions of others.

Women born under the sign of Sagittarius are perfectionists and workaholics. They do not accept flattery and slyness, they themselves honestly treat themselves and others. We are ready to admit our shortcomings and boldly point out to others their mistakes, which sometimes frighten off vulnerable and shy people.

Sagittarius are impetuous and unrestrained, the worst thing for them is monotony and boredom. They take on new things with enthusiasm and full dedication.

Sagittarius is easy to learn foreign languages, get an education and any other activity related to opening new horizons.

Sagittarius are very restless and fickle, they are easily carried away and also quickly cool down to new things. Representatives of this sign can fall into melancholy or even depression if someone restricts their freedom.

However, in the company of friends who support their endeavors, Sagittarius are real perpetual motion machines and generators of ideas. They easily create a company around them, make witty jokes and never go unnoticed.

The desire for new things and thirst for adventure make the Sagittarius man not the most reliable companion. He will constantly seek new emotions and sensations. In addition, the representatives of this sign are very amorous.

Sagittarius men are assertive, and sometimes even aggressive, on the way to the goal nothing can stop them.

The relationship with such a man is bright and emotional, but it is almost impossible to keep him in place or to bind him with some kind of obligations.

In the professional field, Sagittarius men are ambitious and proactive, their desire for success can sometimes be mistaken for unprincipledness and a desire to “go over their heads”, but in fact, Sagittarius simply cannot sit around and passively observe the course of events.

The Sagittarius sign belongs to the element of Fire, which symbolizes energy and activity. But this is not the scorching flame of Aries, burning quickly and unevenly, the fire of Sagittarius is rather a searchlight beam directed towards the distant dark horizon.

Traditionally, Sagittarius is depicted as a centaur shooting a bow. It symbolizes great vitality, inspired by a high impulse. It is energy directed towards spiritual spheres, towards higher goals, towards distant horizons.

In character, the influence of the Sagittarius sign usually manifests itself as benevolence, openness, imperiousness, ambition, the desire to patronize and teach, decency, love of celebrations and travel.

These people, as a rule, are independent, energetic, sincere, inclined to speak the truth in the face (without taking into account neither time nor place, which often make enemies for themselves).

Part of Fortune in Sagittarius – Meaning and Symbolism

Here, a person feels the abundant energy of freedom. He strives for open space both mentally and physically and avoids embarrassing situations and circumstances that limit his possibilities.

Of all the zodiac signs, Sagittarius has the greatest ability to experience a joyful life. Being here can be happy and abundant by nature. If this person is not afraid to try his luck, then he discovers that he is lucky from birth.

If he is not afraid to travel, then he finds that the greatest luck comes in the places farthest from home.

Over the years, his living space continues to expand, and the experiences and circumstances through which he passes become more and more significant.

Through the Part of the Impartial Consciousness in Gemini, a person is constantly aware of what others are thinking.

He sees how much of his life can be spent trying to tactfully please others instead of trying to expand his consciousness so that a person will understand how unnecessary such thinking is. Extremely inquisitive, he seeks to wander in search of everything to try in life.

A person finds great happiness from closeness to nature and feels most uncomfortable in the crowded cities, which tend to regulate and constrain his thinking and limit the ability to live with the natural spirit of life flowing through him.

Sagittarius energy is the energy of truth based on an understanding of natural law. Gemini energy is the energy of duality and awareness of duality, based on the experience of human-human communication.

An individual with the Part of Fortune in Sagittarius finds that when he softens words to gain approval or favor from others, or puts himself in the shoes of another to figure out what to say, he becomes unfaithful to himself.

Since in the wide expanse of his consciousness he can almost instantly grasp the entire situation, he feels his best when he is appropriately straight. In this way, he does not question the sincerity of his own truthfulness.

Part of the Impartial Consciousness in Gemini gives the ability to see clearly and impartially the world of visible duality.

This allows the person to quickly review situations or events and enables the Part of Fortune in Sagittarius to synthesize these observations into a new unity.

Then the initial observations take on direction and meaning, and the person can take the appropriate action.

The person with the Part of Fortune in Sagittarius knows that new experiences are always waiting for them to bring more joy and satisfaction.

There is a strong tendency here to be mentally transported into the future and to imagine events and places with which to fill that future.


This trend forms the basis of the prophetic nature of Sagittarius. He sees what will happen, through insight or through tremendous willpower, he sets the future in motion according to his desire.

Great joy comes from the understanding that there is nothing more important in life than living it to the fullest.

Therefore, while a Part of Impartial Consciousness in Gemini sees people trying to choose a direction in life and always feeling unhappy because they think that instead of one direction they should have chosen another, the Parte of Fortune in Sagittarius can recognize all directions at once. …