Aquarius in 12th House – Meaning and Info

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Aquarius, the most independent sign of the Zodiac, belongs to the Air element and is ruled by the planet Uranus.

Represented by a man who pours the contents of a jug, it is the only sign of the Zodiac that has a totally human symbolism.

As an Air sign, you need intellectual stimulation and are very social. In addition to knowing what the forecasts are for this year that has just begun, he adds to know the general characteristics that govern Aquarians.

Aquarius – Meaning and Info

People of this sign have a strong and free personality that drives them to rebel against all conventional and restrictive attitude.

Idealistic and innovative, they always have an original point of view and contrary to conservative mentalities and they will not hesitate to impose it even if they are judged to be rebellious and risky.

Aquarians have strong renewing values, a tendency towards the new and a great inclination towards the future, towards everything modern and unconventional. They do not fear change but quite the opposite, they seek it.

These characteristics allow them to move forward with conviction without looking back, thus achieving all the goals they set for themselves, because they are going towards them and nothing holds them back.

Their intelligence and creativity are also highlighted, which allows them to project beyond a limited vision.

Aquarius is the sign of friendship par excellence. Aquarians are interested in all kinds of people, although they find original, intelligent and independent people especially attractive. Having friends is vitally important to them, and their circle of friends is as wide as it is changing.

They are very sociable and like to keep busy and involve their friends in their many diversions. Loyal and compassionate, when they give something they do it without expecting anything in return, altruism is one of their greatest virtues.

Aquarius corresponds to the eleventh house of the Zodiac, which is that of affinity, that of the high ideals of brotherhood. Endowed with a great humanitarian sense, they are ready to give absolute surrender, forgetting themselves in favor of the common good.

His personality is extremely open to any new option, especially if it does not diminish his need for freedom. Nonconformity, rejection of the traditional, curiosity and great sensitivity and intelligence are characteristics that stand out in the sign.

Their idealism, humanism and altruism combine in an explosive union that leads them to fight against hunger in the world, to suffer for people in need and to observe with anger the imbalance of social classes.

True mavericks, Aquarians aren’t afraid to defy convention. They blindly trust their principles even if they are incompatible with the opinions of others and for this reason they are often left alone or feel misunderstood.

However, that struggle motivates them, as does their urgent need to modify the established order.

A great inclination to look to the future without stopping in sentimentality and melancholy leads them to achieve all the goals that they set for themselves, because they go towards them without anything holding them back.

They tend to be successful with careers in the fields of communications, electronics, astrology, and aviation. They hate being stuck in a rut, but it could be for the good of the work community.

They are people who shine in any career that offers them the possibility to apply their ideals and use their unusual talents. They need to have a high degree of autonomy in their workday, and the ability to make decisions without having to constantly obey a superior.

It is true that Aquarians are mental (air sign) and it seems that they do not have feelings, but they do and in quantity.

His thing is not to dive and express in contact with emotion like the signs of water, but to sensitize himself from above, from a detached place that provides them with more vision and objectivity.

In love, Aquarius men and women want to live as a couple, although they must face the fear of compromise.

Sometimes this contradiction can be frustrating, but if you can make a certain commitment without giving up a certain degree of autonomy, you will feel happy and complete.

The Aquarius woman is organized, intelligent, generous, independent and rigid in her convictions. The Aquarius man is original, diplomatic, idealistic, revolutionary and daring in his thoughts.

12th House – Meaning and Info

Twelfth House of Secrets, Sorrows and Self-Sacrifice. The twelfth house is the most mystical, final, final circle. It is not always a bad and gloomy place, but it does define the limits of your life. He rules over disappointment, accidents, troubles and defeats, patronizes invisible forces, secret enemies, escape from reality, mental hospitals, hospitals and prisons.

The twelfth house is called the house of karma, spiritual duty, because it contains rewards and punishments for everything a person has done in this world.

It is also associated with supernatural powers and the ability to comprehend the meaning of life.

Entering the 12th house, we are approaching the end of this development cycle. We are tempted to view the 12th house as a “house of rubbish”, where we dump everything that we could not find a match in any of the eleven previous houses.

And as an excuse, you can offer the following considerations: if in the map you cannot find what you need, if you cannot understand any life situation of your client, or are simply confused, try to analyze the 12th house. You may not find the answer, but you will see something that is often misunderstood, with which it is difficult to interact rationally or that is completely incomprehensible.

The traditional interpretation of the 12th house reflects a rather negative point of view on this house: “karma” (presumably “bad karma”), forced isolation, imprisonment, torture, disorder, deception, drug addiction or other means of escape from reality and even insanity.

This list of horrors never ends. If we look into the “black list” of classical astrology, we will see that Saturn is the most negative planet. Scorpio is the most evil sign and the 12th house is the most terrifying house. What makes you treat them so badly?

In fact – nothing, except, perhaps, the unpleasant force factors that these three “outcasts” have, and nothing more. In fact, they are no more negative than the rest of the planets, signs, houses.

Since the 1st house indicates the emergence of self-awareness, which is analogous to the birth of “I”, the 12th house demonstrates everything that precedes the emergence of self-awareness, precedes birth.

This is all that is below or outside the usual levels of consciousness – in the primary environment, in the “womb”. This house can also relate to dreams or other types of mental creativity, to the receptivity of intuitive messages and images, etc.

If the 1st house is the sphere of a person’s radiation into the environment, his self-manifestation, then the 12th house demonstrates a distance from this environment – isolation from other people. Yes, this isolation can mean a restriction of freedom or a feeling of imprisonment, but such isolation can also be voluntary.

Although the sacrifices are carefully thought out, the process of passing is a matter of no concern. It is necessary to try to eradicate indifference, otherwise the act of sacrifice will not be promoted. To do this, the person must review their own privileges by conducting a detailed analysis of the steps and hidden intentions.

Often, the world around us penetrates deeply into us, and usually we are too firmly attached to it, often with everything that contributes to at least some fulfillment of our desires. Solitude can be a welcome respite.

Periodically, we need to abandon the power struggle. We need this distance from life, we need a return to the primary environment, a calm immersion into the ocean of consciousness, from which we take our origin. We need privacy.

Prolonged retreats, whether on vacation or during meditation or yoga practice, are important to us because they remind us of who we really are, they can refresh our relationship with life. Brief seclusion is also very helpful.

Breaks from work for a cup of coffee are milestones that measure the length of the working day, they literally break the tediousness of daily work to pieces, give us the opportunity to fantasize and thereby deflect the danger of mental shock from us.

The twelfth house manifests itself in two ways: either we are in the world, or some part of us is outside it; or vice versa. It is as if we are standing with one foot in the real world, and with the other on something that has no name.

The trick is not to separate these worlds from each other, not to focus on one world, so that later you do not return like a boomerang to another world.

Properly understood, the 12th house is the realm of positive selflessness – liberation from self-control. It is cultivation through liberation, accomplished for the sake of virtue that comes from true humility. This house calls for the rebirth of the self through liberation.

Yes, the 12th house can be the rubbish dump of spiritual evolution. He can demonstrate disintegration into meaningless parts, withdrawal into fantasy, and a tendency to narcotic illusions.

However, the negative qualities of the 12th house, as well as any symbolic factor of astrology, will or will not appear – it depends on the person.

The requirement of the 12th house is the revival of faith. He insists that we cleanse ourselves from all sins, from all battles, eliminate the fragmentation of the ego and thus harmonize everything that is skewed and angular in ourselves.

Aquarius in 12th House – Meaning and Info

Acrobats noticed that if a person has 12 houses in Aquarius, then he rarely transfers personal problems to the people around him. This is conducive to the occurrence of life-threatening hazards.

There is also an additional negative aspect of the character that is in the extreme tolerance close to the environment, in particular to animals. A person is easily deceived if he inadvertently uses a psycho-logical method to achieve a low goal.

The 12th house in Aquarius is a person’s character. Personality is not interested in various judgments that are considered the way of progression and adoption of new ideas. Such conversations cause a feeling of loneliness and detachment.

A person is rarely found in a depressive state, which has two actions. On the one hand, the psyche is suppressed and communication is lost. On the other hand, the suspected value contributes to the original vision of the world.

Although the sacrifices are carefully thought out, the process of passing is a matter of no concern. It is necessary to try to eradicate indifference, otherwise the act of sacrifice will not be promoted. To do this, the person must review their own privileges by conducting a detailed analysis of the steps and hidden intentions.

This will allow you to highlight and subsequently correct the negative aspects of the character. It is necessary to learn how to find the golden middle between monotony and communication. The person is obliged to allocate to himself the periods of seclusion.

This will allow the city to be better and faster to explore in one’s own nature and understand the surroundings.

It also promotes productive work and the generation of unique ideas. But it is important to be able to get out of the subfield in time to share ideas with the world and take new experience.


It is impossible to explain the reason for this phenomenon, since it is hidden in the depths of suspicion.

The person is negatively related to different limits, inadvertently striving for freedom of action.

Emotional experiences alone are kept under control, internal rebellion is unnoticeable to outsiders.

Such a person has a very developed sense of alertness.

He likes to engage in good health, expressing a good feeling and providing material help to the well-off.

This kind of activity brings personal happiness, which allows one to achieve mental equanimity.

In this way, the mind sees only positive sides in it, since the negative features of the character are not shown.