Jupiter in Libra

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Jupiter is a very big planet; biggest of all in the Solar system. Scientists consider this planet a giant because of the fact that its mass is 2.5 times bigger than the mass of all other planets combined. There’s no solid surface on Jupiter, and it is made mostly of hydrogen.

This planet got its name from the Roman deity of sky and thunder, Jupiter. Jupiter is an equivalent of the Greek god Zeus. Jupiter was a very important deity for the Romans, who considered it a king of all gods. It remained one of the most respected gods in the Roman Empire until Christianity was declared as the main religion in the state.

The planet Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and rules the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. In these signs, this planet has the most powerful influence. This planet was considered very fortunate since ancient times.

When Jupiter is well placed in one’s horoscope, it provides the person with protection from ill fortune and blesses them with good fortune, especially in financial matters. Jupiter is usually responsible for all the wealth, good fortune, and wealth people experience.

In astrological sense, the planet Jupiter symbolizes growth, increase, opportunities, abundance, wealth, progress, fortune, good luck, accumulation, finances, money, financial institutions, bankers and banks, knowledge, universities, professors, traveling, strangers, foreign cultures, distant travel, distant locations, luxury, wealth, luxury objects, luxury lifestyle, happiness, joy, optimism, temperance, indulgence, hedonism, pleasure, religion, spirituality, judges, judicial system, lawyers, etc.

Well placed Jupiter in the natal chart is a true blessing. This planet protects our lives, and helps us get out of difficulties.

People who have such a Jupiter, usually reach high positions and are financially well off. They usually don’t have any financial struggle.

When this planet is badly placed, it usually doesn’t cause disastrous events in our life, although it sometimes might. In such cases, the person usually lacks good luck and fortunate opportunities for progress and earning money.

An important fact about Jupiter is that it needs around a year to go through one sign. That means that people born during that year all have Jupiter in the same sign, and share its traits. In this respect, Jupiter is different from personal planets, like the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Mars.

These planets take a significantly shorter amount of time to pass through a sign, and they help shape a person’s individuality.

Jupiter on the other hand influences whole generations of people born within one year, and to determine its influence on a specific person, we need to consult its position in a natal chart as well as the aspects it is making with other planets.

In the text below, we talk about the traits of people with Jupiter in the sign of Libra.

Jupiter in Libra Man

Men with Jupiter in Libra usually have well-balanced and harmonious personalities. They don’t like conflicts and tend to avoid them at any cost. Many of them have an inborn ability to solve disputes and they use it to mediate between quarreling parties. These men can achieve great success in Libra ruled areas, such as law, human relations, fashion, arts, etc.

They are often in occupations related to beauty. They can be successful as fashion designers, painters, musicians, interior or exterior designers, etc. These men love creating beauty for others to enjoy.

They have strong diplomatic skills and a prominent sense of justice. That is why they are excellent in professions where there needs to be mediation between parties or serving justice in some kind.

These men are polite and have excellent manners. They are pleasant company and have a calming effect on everyone they meet.

Jupiter in Libra Woman

Women with Jupiter in Libra are very pleasant and kind. They strive towards harmony in all their relations and cannot stand loud and aggressive people. They always tend to calm things down and are very good intermediaries between quarreling parties.

They are very diplomatic and measured in their approach towards others. Even when approached with anger and aggression they tend to stay calm and not to lose control over their reactions.

They often manage to turn people’s negativity and enmity into trust and friendship. They have a soothing effect on people who love being in their company.

One of their main issues in life is their tendency to put others in front of their needs. They often end up disappointed because people take them for granted and don’t appreciate the deeds they are doing for them.

They are very creative and artistically gifted. These women love beauty and often choose a profession somehow related to creating beauty, like fashion, art, design, etc. These women are usually very stylish and have a gift to style others as well.

They are very polite and have impeccable manners. 

Good Traits

Some of the good traits of Jupiter in Libra are kindness, loyalty, helpfulness, a talent for mediation, diplomacy, artistically talented, beauty lovers, resolving conflicts between people, calming, balanced, harmonious, tendency to avoid arguments, etc.

Bad Traits

Some of the bad traits of Jupiter in Libra are the inability to stand for themselves, putting others first, overspending, buying things they don’t need just because they are beautiful, etc. 

Jupiter in Libra – General Info

When Jupiter is in the sign of Libra, this sign adds its traits to the overall Jupiter symbolism.

Libra is a sign which rules harmony and balance, beauty, objects of beauty, beauty salons, actors and actresses, affection, all kinds of artists and art, boutiques, compromises, cosmetics and cosmeticians, interior and exterior decorations, precious stones, diplomacy and diplomats, fashion, luxury furniture, social gatherings, jewelry, jewelers, justice, law, law courts, lawyers, litigation, music, musicians, negotiation, negotiators, painting and painters, poetry, poets, piano, pianists, social affairs, etc.

People with this planetary position usually have good luck and opportunities related to the Libra ruled areas.

People with Jupiter in Libra strive towards harmony and balance in their relationships with people, especially business relationships.

They are good coworkers and easily make compromises. They are good for collaboration, and often choose to have partners in their work or business. These people have a taste for quality and beauty, and often end up in professions related to creating beauty in some way.

They are often artistically talented, and can be successful musicians, painters, actors, etc. they can also be fashion designers and designers of space. They have an eye for beauty, and usually very stylish themselves.

These people don’t like conflicts, disputes, arguments, any kind of force or angry energy.

They try to resolve all their issues calmly and without harsh words. They avoid loud and aggressive people because they disturb them and jeopardize their balance which is very important for them.

They have a natural gift to help people end their disputes and are very good intermediaries.

These people are born diplomats. That is why they often choose this profession and are very successful at it.

Because they are so interested in beauty and art, they can either create art or be successful art dealers. Many of these people love jewelry and not just wearing it. They also make jewelry or are in the business of buying and selling jewelry.

Jupiter can provide them with many fortunate opportunities to earn big if they find themselves in these areas of business.

Libra is all about justice and equality. That is the main reason why many people born with Jupiter in Libra choose the legal profession as their main occupation. They become successful lawyers or judges and usually make a lot of money doing their job.

Their sense of justice and fairness mostly comes to the surface if they become judges. They usually end up being well respected and honored in their profession.

These people often benefit from relationships with other people. Often help and support come from their friends and acquaintances or their relations with someone who could be of help to the Jupiter in Libra person.

They are very kind and loyal to their acquaintances and people love their company because it makes them feel relaxed and appreciated.

They seem to have the ability to neutralize conflicts. People can’t seem to show their wicked side when in their company. They always approach others with a kind word and an open heart, as well as good intentions.

People are often surprised by their personalities and usually believe that they are only pretending that to be as good and kind as they appear to be. When they get to know them well, they realize that this behavior is their real personality and not an act they use to get something they desire.

They don’t intend to waste their time on pointless disputes and desire to spend it on more constructive things.

Because of their qualities, they can be very good in the field of human relations and human resources.

They seem to find a common language with anyone, and it is easy for them to get along with different kinds of people. They are well-mannered and very polite. They have an inborn kindness which many people consider fake because it appears so unreal in this day and age.

They also have very charming personalities and pleasant to be around. People are naturally drawn to them and express them their sympathy. They seem to bring harmony wherever they appear and are often an indispensable factor in reconciling differences between quarreling or disagreeing parties.

These people are very hurt by injustice and rude behavior. They try to be kind and just to anyone, and when someone treats them with disrespect, unjust, or in some other rude manner, they take that very badly, but usually don’t do anything to retaliate.

One of their major issues, which is common for all Libra placements, is their tendency to put other people’s needs before their needs. That is why many people take them for granted and don’t appreciate the good they are receiving from them.

The main advice for them is to start minding their own business first, and then think about others. That is the only way others will begin appreciating them more; when they see how much they appreciate themselves first.

If Jupiter in Libra is badly placed and in bad aspects to other planets, this person could have trouble because of their tendency to spend beyond their means.

They love beautiful things and love spending and they need to control their urges not to jeopardize their financial stability.


Jupiter in different signs influences generations of people because it needs a year to go through a sign. Because of that, people born within that year have Jupiter in the same sign, and it influences all of them.

To determine the true influence of Jupiter in a person’s chart, you need to combine the sign, house placement, as well as the aspects Jupiter is making with other planets in the chart.

People who have Jupiter in Libra have a kind and calming nature.

They don’t like quarrels and conflicts of any kind and do all they can to avoid such situations and peacefully resolve the issues they have. They are known for their talent to resolve disputes between people, and mediate between quarreling parties helping them to find the best solution to their problems.

These people are naturally well-mannered and polite, and often get disappointed by people’s rude and inconsiderate behavior and reactions towards them.

They have a kind approach towards everyone they meet; regardless of the approach that a person has towards them. They have the ability to calm angry people down and make them reconsider their actions.

They are very creative and talented for different forms of art. They often choose art to be their profession and are very successful at it. In general, Jupiter helps them achieve success and financial satisfaction in all Libra ruled areas.

In these areas they can expect fortunate opportunities for progress and adequate financial reward.

If Jupiter is badly placed in their natal chart, these people could be reckless with their finances and overspending on things they don’t even need.

Their problem could be a lack of control when it comes to spending money, especially on things they think are beautiful and like very much.