Mars in 12th House

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The Twelfth House is the most mysterious of all the houses of Zodiac; the house of dreams and illusions, the house of secrets and obscurity.

Mars is a malefic planet, associated with activity, vitality, with anger and competition, with injuries and healing.

The position of planets in houses could tell much about our experience related to specific areas of life. Aspects that planets form affect such an experience in a unique way.

The Twelfth House in Astrology

The Twelfth House is the last and the obscurest one on a natal chart. This is the house of secrets and mysteries, the field associated with everything that is hidden, invisible, mystical.

The Twelfth House is the house of hidden enemies, secret affairs, everything that is not visible on the outside.

This is also the house of everything that is abstract, imaginary, spiritual, unconscious and sub conscious; dreams, intuition, beliefs and spiritual journey, all are in the Twelfth House.

This is also the house of solitude, isolation, loneliness, past, intuition and one’s power of imagination. It is the house of deception end especially of self-deception, which is also associated with self-destruction. This field indicates loss in a wide sense, poverty, debts.

It is associated with abandoned or isolated, gloomy places, such as prisons, hospitals, monasteries and similar objects and institutions.

This house is not all gloomy, of course, but it is obscure and mysterious. It is a powerful house where our ideals are born, the house in which we form our idealistic attitudes. This is the house of imagination, creativity and artistic abilities and tendencies; the house of transcendence, of illusions and of fantastical.

Through the twelfth field, one takes up a metaphysical approach to understanding the world. This is the house of past and of karma.

The Twelfth House helps us consider the karmic connection between people and it makes us think about it. This is a house of karmic journey and of karmic interpretation of the world we live in; the house of karmic experience, so to say. This house is especially associated with secret romantic affairs.

People with a complicated romantic situation would be very interested into what the Twelfth House has to reveal about their love life.

This house is associated with the most mysterious of zodiac signs, with Pisces. This is a Water and a cadent house. Water houses are very interesting, as they were houses of the emotional and of the soul.

Everything that happens on one’s subconscious level is associated with Water houses and planets that sit inside them. People with a strong planetary impact in Water houses are those guided by heart and not the reason.

The Twelfth House is said to be the field that lies even beyond the pure individualism. This house is associated with ourselves being a part of the whole, of something bigger than we are.

Pisces, analog with this house, are lost within the realms that are bigger than reality, one could say; we could say the same thing for this house.

Mars, the intense competitor seems opposite in nature from this house. Let us learn more about it.

Mars in Mythology

Mars is one of the most significant gods of ancient Italy and Rome, besides Jupiter, the supreme god. He was worshipped under different names, by various peoples of these regions.

The official Roman cult worships Mars as the god of war, just as his counterpart Ares was worshipped in Greece, although attitudes of people towards these war gods were very different.

Peasantry of Rome admired Mars as an agricultural god; the dual meaning and purpose of gods was very common throughout Roman lands.

The god of war, the god of all the agricultural works and cattle breeding, Mars was celebrated across the regions.

Festivities in Mars’ name took place in months related to the beginning and the end of the agricultural works seasons, also month that mark the beginning and the ending of the war campaign season; these were March and October.

As both the deity of warfare and agriculture, Mars was worshiped as the god of prosperity, progress, fortune, abundance and well-being of the people of Rome.

The oldest recorded center of Mars’ cult was the shrine that stood out of the old Rome, on the Campus Martius, the field of Mars. The tradition teaches that the legendary king Numa has built an altar dedicated to Mars, at this spot. Ceremonies that took place at this center were related to warfare.

Until the reign of Augustus, shrines were outside the city; the emperor has built two temples in the name of Mars, of which the larges one was at the Forum.

In the old italic cult, Mars was associated with the goddess Nerio. He was also associated with the goddess of war, Bellona. His battle companions were Pavor and Pallor, Fright and Paleness, but also Honoris and Virtus, Honor and Virtue.

However, Mars was adored by Romans, being far subtler than his counterpart Ares.

We could say that Mars was a soldiers’ god in many ways, but also the god of the common folk, admired as a protector of agriculture and peoples’ well being and prosperity.

Ares was considered a bloodthirsty, cruel, merciless, impatient, impulsive and combatant god, whom even his Olympian fellows did not like. Ares was a deity of raw strength, injuries, fight and death, bloodshed and cruelty. T

herefore, Greeks did not like him. However, both Ares and Mars were an embodiment of sublime masculine form and strength.

Depicted as a handsome male, usually equipped with a helmet, sword and spear, Mars and Ares were apotheosis of masculinity.

Mars in Astrology – Planets in Houses

Now, while planetary meanings are older than those gods, they do have a lot in common, especially when talking about Mars.

The planet Mars resembles both of these gods, if we think about its astrological meaning. Mars is a malefic planet, associated with conflicts, fight, competitiveness, courage, injury, but also healing and regenerating, vitality and strength.

Mars is also known as the ‘bloody star’ or ‘bloody planet’. Its quality is hot and dry and it rules Aries and Scorpio.

The planet Mars is of masculine principle and, as such, it represents raw physical strength, our impulses, our animalistic self.

Mars is all about the matter, not the soul. Mars is carnal, lustful, passionate, quick-tempered, aggressive, strong, intense in every sense. Its energy is powerful, driving, active and motivating.

The energy of Mars could be very destructive, if not handled well, but it could be incredibly useful and beneficial. The energy of Mars would make you daring, ready for challenges, brave and courageous.

Mars represents acute injuries, sharp objects, arguments and conflicts, all kinds of troubles, but its energy also makes us strong and capable of enduring and overcoming most of it.

That is the reason why this planet is equally associated with soldiers and generals, but also with engineers, surgeons and others. It strengthens us, but it could also destroy us.

Aspects that Mars form in a natal chart are essentially important, since Mars is one of the personal planets.

Mars is our fury and anger, our motivation and impulse, our drive and our activity. Mars awakens our competitive spirit, our willingness to win and to be victorious. It is associated with vitality and it puts an accent on our physical strength.

Red is the color associated with Mars; jasper, iron, magnetite and rubies are its gems.

Everything that stimulates and purifies our organism is also associated with Mars; all the hot spices and hot peppers, for instance.

Mars in the Twelfth House – Mars in 12th House

Mars in the Twelfth House makes for a troublesome combo. This position indicates difficulties in using the potentials and opportunities; it requires additional efforts to awaken the dormant potential.

Obstacles are very likely to show up on this native’s path to success and he or she would probably have to work hard to overcome them.

Mars is a competitive fellow and a driven one, so it will give the native strength. However, this would not be an easy road.

Stressful situations, conflicts, problems of all assorts may occur, with Mars in the Twelfth House. A native is likely to feel tense, under pressure, blocked and trapped within something. Inadequate reaction is also something that is likely to take place. However, all this is possible to overcome.

The key is keeping a cool head and using common sense. Of course, the development of one’s fate would depend on the overall chart.

It is very likely that people with Mars in the Twelfth House appear mysteries and intriguing to others. They usually do not speak their mind aloud and they keep their secrets.

They appear cold and calm on the outside, while on the inside they were a hot burning load of magma. They appear calm most of the time, but they only need a trigger to burst out in lava and flames.

They have to deal with their karma; previous incarnations were very likely somehow associated with aggressive behaviors, injuries and troubles.

These people are attracted by similar situations like a motto the flame; everything dangerous, hurtful and troublesome seems to attract them, but also things that were mystical, esoteric, obscure and hidden.

One way such a native could resolve the karmic problematic  could be choosing an occupation that is somehow related to death and aggression; for example, he or she could become a doctor, a surgeon, a soldier, a cop or something of the sort.

People with Mars in the Twelfth House are commonly interested into religion, medicine, occultism, army, criminal, psychology and else. There are many way for these natives to deal with their karmic load.

Mars in 12th House – Keeper of Secrets

People with Mars in the Twelfth House could do amazing things for others, by choosing a difficult road, one that requires a lot of sacrifices and dedication. These people stand for those that are weak, outcasts, losers.

They could manage a hospital or a prison; none of which is an easy job. They are very strong and capable of regeneration. They could heal themselves, but they could also heal others.

People with Mars in the Twelfth House would rarely ask anyone for help. They suffer and heal in secret.

People with Mars in the Twelfth House are known for being capable of keeping secrets, which is another heavy burden these natives are willing and fit to take. They are likely to have something to do with law and criminal justice.

For example, they could be great detectives or inspectors. On the other hand, dangers could come out of the darkness, from abandoned places and deserted areas.

This is a heavy and a tricky position. Karma could lead to dangerous areas, to the sphere of the risky and the illegal, which is something one should definitely resist to, even if he or she feels as if such situations are possible to control.

Avoid such temptations. It happens that these natives have trouble with authorities and with following the rules and the established order.

Mars in the Twelfth House – Suppressed Energy

Mars does not feel comfortable inside the Twelfth House, but limited, restricted, as if it is drowning in this ocean of obscurity. The energy and especially the anger is suppressed.

Depending on the aspects, one often suppresses emotions, especially negative ones, which could lead to depression, to outbursts of aggressive behaviors, to violence and self-destruction.

The native is often unable to express the dissatisfaction in a healthy way, so it piles up until it explodes.

There is always a lot of suppressed aggression with such a position of Mars. Fortunately, there is always a solution to get a relief and not to let it consume and destroy you.

The key is to take up a constructive and practical approach, that is, to use all that aggressive energy in a constructive way.

Aggression could be used productively, but you have to transform it into a pure energy. It is not easy and it requires a lot of effort.

First, ask yourself why you are being so angry; it is very common that these natives feel angry, tense and nervous without immediate cause and an obvious reason.

If you find a reason and if it turns out that someone else has made you feel bad, do not suppress it, because then it will turn into hidden, dangerous aggression. Express your dissatisfaction and relieve your tension; just speak it up or admit it to yourself, at least.

If there is no outer cause, you have to admit it was your fault and the greatest fault is very likely that you do not accept your own flaws. It is difficult to do, because combatant Mars hates failures, but in the Twelfth House it feels very limited and caged.

Start using your energy for your own good and do not turn it towards the inside.

There are many ways you could employ it, for you have tons of it, it only needs a makeover, so to say. Some of the ways are occupations mentioned.