Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Love compatibility of zodiac signs and of personal horoscopes are some of the most popular parts of astrology. Say you are in love with someone and now you want to know if such a relationship leads to something bigger.

Everything goes so fine and your connection is so harmonious that you think there must be something more to it. It must be destiny; nothing else could explain the wonderful connection you have with someone.

There are other scenarios, of course. Some people wonder why they cannot find a common tongue with another person, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.

There are happy couples that stay together for eons and get married and then there are those who constantly argue and fight over minor mundane things. Why is it so? Can stars tell us more about people’s relationship, particularly romantic ones?

Astrology tries to answers such questions. Birth charts can tell us about our destiny and potentials we have in our life. They reveal potentials of all aspects of our life, including health, love, materiality and many more.

People are in wrong believing astrology gives definite answers so they commonly get disappointed and skeptical about horoscopes and astrological interpretations.

Birth chart is a special kind of diagram. It represents the image of the sky ate the time of your birth. Astrology is based upon the idea of skies affecting each individual’s life and shaping up our destinies. It is something that cannot be explained by pure logic and reason and you could choose to trust it or not.

However, we should remember that some of the greatest civilizations have relied on astrology and not for a negligible part.

If you are interested to know if you and your partner (or someone you fancy or are in love with) match well in astrological terms, you should have your natal charts analyzed and compared.

An expert could tell you much about how well these chart respond to one another, are there favorable aspects and which those are. All he or she needs are dates, times and places of your birth.

Both charts are what we call horoscopes; horoscope is the first association with astrology, in common terms. Zodiac is another one and it is closely related to horoscope. Zodiac signs are an important parameter of horoscopes. Each person is born under one and carries some of the traits characteristic for his or her sign. In reality, there are no ideal zodiac ‘profiles’.

However, understanding zodiac signs and their compatibility could help us understand relationships we have with other people. When it comes to love, many are anxious to know if their sign matches that of the person they are in love with.

Actually, all zodiac signs are compatible, but the future of particular couples depend on many more aspects that are found in individual horoscopes.

Today we are going to find out how Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman fit with one another. Do they represent a natural match or this relationship is going to be complicated?

We will first try to understand each one of them and then are stars in favor with an Aquarius man/Sagittarius woman couple. First we present you incredibly charming Aquarius man.

Aquarius Man

Main traits that describe an Aquarius man are high level of intelligence, sociability, adventurous spirit, intuitive thinking, creativity, inventiveness, loyalty in friendship and love.

Aquarius man is a likeable and charming personality you would easily fall in love with. He usually leads an active social life and loves to work with other people, although he also needs a channel to express his unique talents.

Aquarius man easily make new friendships, even if he is on a more shy scale of Aquarius personality profiles. He is someone everyone loves to have around, because Aquarius man always has some intriguing and inspiring ideas.

His mind is open to new knowledge and new experiences. He is someone who can be very ambitious in character, but it does not have to do with professional or material success.

He is someone who understands others and would like to know more about everyone. There are no taboos for an Aquarius. He values individuality and freedom of thought above everything else.

Aquarius man is a selfless personality, the one who is ready to step in at every moment his friends or closest ones need help. He would always be there for you.

Aquarius man does not hide his emotions, although some would say he is afraid of intimacy.

The thing is, he chooses what to show and what to keep to himself. However, whatever you hear from an Aquarius is true. Aquarius man is interested in many subjects, so you could talk with him about many interesting themes, particularly those about travel, culture, history and art.

He is a philanthropist and a great humanist. Aquarius man would always try to find a peaceful solution for any problem. He does not like confrontation and arguments, but if you betray him, be sure you could never get his trust back. Aquarius man would rather forgive and forget, when it comes to minor misunderstandings, but something big he would not tolerate.

However, he is definitely not a vengeful personality. Aquarius man is a bit tricky one when it comes to love. Although he is known for being a devoted and dedicated partner, it takes time until he actually decides to start a serious relationship.

He likes adventure; there are many things he would like to accomplish before he settles down. So much of the world to see, so many foods to try, so many countries to visit.

An ideal partner would be a lady who wants all the same. An adventurous, exciting and playful relationship is what he would like the most. Of course, such a relationship would be based on mutual understanding and loyalty.

Aquarius men are interested in women with broad minds, those who are intrigued by original ideas and who would share his dreams and ideals. He is an honest person, very romantic and caring of his lady.

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius lady is definitely a striking personality. She is always in search for new knowledge, adventure, new experiences and discoveries. Sagittarius woman is known by her firmness, determination and strong will.

She is someone who feels very comfortable in leading positions. She could be an excellent boss, leader or commander. Her curious mind, natural boldness and optimism make her very successful person.

She firmly believes hard work, organization and will could lead her anywhere she dreams of. Sagittarius woman is a philosopher and she is very good with words. She could talk about literally everything and, what is more important, she knows a lot about all kinds of subjects,

That is because her mind is always open and she is eager to learn new things. She is in an active search for her purpose in life.

She is intrigued by philosophical questions and feels at her best in intellectual circles. She could sometimes underestimate people of lesser educational level from hers. However, she is still ready to listen to others and to admit she was wrong. Well, to herself, at least.

Sagittarius woman is someone who is not afraid of taking risks, although she definitely does not act impulsively when it comes to career or so.

Sagittarius woman is talkative and charming; she would use her attractiveness and intellect to her advantage.

She is someone who thinks high of themselves and all of her efforts are oriented towards personal development. She does not like to be told to do this or that and would very unwillingly accept some minor position. She would see to become her own boss and to control others.

Sagittarius women do not like routine and monotony of conventional living. They need either professionally to build up themselves (to become someone others look up to and who is socially recognized) or to live life of adventures. Sagittarius loves to travel and to explore new corners of the globe and meet new people.

She is self-confident, brave and very energetic person whom you would find hard to resist.

She is also known to be someone who would always make you smile. Funny and intelligent, Sagittarius lady would offer you some serious and motivating advices, but if you only need to cheer u, her she is, with all sorts of funny anecdotes and jokes.

Sagittarius woman is not particularly interested in what is known as typically feminine subjects. She as an adventurer, both physically and mentally.

Speaking of which, she needs a partner who really understands all of this. She needs someone who can follow her energetic pace and with whom she could talk with. A lot! She needs a man who is self-confident and smart.

She remains independent throughout the relationship, meaning she would have nothing damage her integrity and freedoms. She is a true fire, loves to experiment a lot, but stay devoted to her partner.

In a relationship, Sagittarius woman is trustful, reliable and loyal. Although she is curious, adventurous and very open minded, she is cautious about starting a relationship. She always wants to make sure you are the right one for her.

Sagittarius woman do not avoid flirting and love games, but, for a serious relationship, she needs time to open up for.

Love Compatibility

Relationship between Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman is interesting, energetic, and fiery. Both of them are lively, playful, open minded and untamable. They are different, but this is one of those combinations in which differences are compatible.

Differences in temperament and character here play an advantageous role. These two perfectly correspond; they inspire and calm down one another, as needed.

They complement one another on all levels.

Intimate life of Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman is very good. They are very satisfied with it. There is enough flame and enough soothing breeze in this connection. What is very important, they fully trust one another.

There is no reason for disloyalty, jealous and suspicion. Honest and devoted Aquarius man knows he can rely on strong willed Sagittarius.

This relationship is definitely an exciting experience. Both Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman enjoy living fast.

They share many interests and both are open to new knowledge and experience. They are not particularly interested into running a household. They would spend their days talking about big themes, traveling and taking the best life has to offer.

Both are resourceful and capable of handling difficult situation. They could be very cooperative and efficient. They are intelligent, they understand one another, they both think high of themselves and so about their relationship.

There are not many reasons for this connection not to work. Even bad planetary aspect do not lead to a breakup.

These could spoil their usually good communication, but they could work it up.

Marriage Compatibility

This is a very good connection. This is a relationship that is definitely not doomed to boredom. Partners have a continuing interest in one another and they have an excellent physical connection.

Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman would likely get married and you can already imagine them plan a fantastic honeymoon at some exotic, far away destination.

These two adventurous people could have very interesting and fulfilled married life.

They are not likely to start a family early on. They need their married life first to fulfill their individual dreams that are actually shared fantasies.

After they have done so, they could settle down and start a family.

The excitement would not cease; it would only become more suited for a cozy and pleasant family life.


Friendship between Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman is an interesting combination of flirting and friendliness.

It is hard to imagine these two not feeling at least some sort of physical and chemical connection.

Even if all remains in friendly zone, there is always a chance it could turn to something more.

Nevertheless, Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman are good, reliable and faithful friends, with many shared interests and activities.

Cool Facts

There are some rather interesting famous couples of an Aquarius man and a Sagittarius woman.

It is always good to know how these zodiac connections look in real life.

Some of Aquarius man/Sagittarius woman couples examples are Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd, J. Howard Marshall and Anna Nicole Smith, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.


This exciting zodiac match is definitely worth a try and it has great chances to become something more. Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman make a dynamic, energetic couple who would spend a lot of time together, enjoying numerous mutual interests and having fun.

There is a possibility all that excitement and adventurousness could tire them and lead to burnout.

They should at least try to dose their time together. They are two very positive characters and they have all chances to have an intensive, but overall harmonious life together.