Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Liking someone without knowing much about that person and having the chance to spend more time with them, could be overwhelming.

If you like that person very much and you don’t have a way to find out more about them, you are stuck in your imagination, creating stories about this person and wondering how you two would get along.

A good way to find more about someone is to use astrology analysis.

By using astrology, you can find out a lot about someone’s personality, as well as the prospects and nature of a relationship with them.

Their natal chart can tell a lot about their personality and habits, and the comparison between your natal charts can give you an insight into your relationship.

You do it by comparing your planets to theirs and determining the mutual aspects your planets are making.

If the aspects are generally positive in nature that is a sign you could potentially have a stable and harmonious relationship with this individual. If, the planetary aspects are malefic, you could expect a relationship full of conflicts and disagreements which will eventually lead to its end.

To make a natal chart, both for yourself and the person you like, you need to have your birth data, that is, your exact time of birth and the date and place of birth. If you don’t have this information, you could also do an analysis by using your horoscope signs.

Every sign has some specific characteristics which are shared by the people of the same sign.

By using that fact, you can compare the traits for both yourself and the other person and determine how compatible you two are. Their horoscope sign can also give you details about their personality.

In this text, we give you a comparison analysis for the male Aquarius and the female Scorpio.

Aquarius Man

Aquarius men are often ahead of their time. These men are often visionaries with the ability to see the future way before others. They can often appear strange and otherworldly to the people who don’t have the ability to understand their incredible capacity and gifts. These men (Aquarius women as well) are usually above-average intelligent.

Their ability to foresee the things that are coming often puts them into position to create or do things which no one before them has done.

These men are often inventors and creators of things that will benefit many people. They can appear absentminded and distant, but have a kind heart and are ready to help anyone who asks them, without asking anything in return. These men are philanthropists and humanitarians who love all living creatures and don’t judge anyone’s actions and behavior.

Although they appear absentminded and out of focus, that is only their appearance from the outside. These men are full of ideas and plans, and they are always focused on putting these ideas into motion and fulfilling their goals.

When they appear disinterested, that is most likely because they have some more important things on their mind, than the situation they currently physically participate. These men don’t care about other people’s opinions about them and their actions.

They don’t mind other people’s business and they demand the same for them. They can be perceived as rude and ill-mannered by many people because of their often unconventional reactions and behavior, but it is just who they are.

If you don’t accept them and try to change them instead, it is likely they will leave.

For the typical Aquarius man his freedom is one of the most important things in his life. He doesn’t like to be restricted by anything, and he is often rebellious in nature. That is evident even from his young age, when he tends to confront all authorities, like his parents and teachers.

Such behavior continues when he is older as well. These men also love action, and are usually fascinated by extreme sports and other extreme activities.

They love testing their boundaries and limitations. They often choose professions such as pilots and race car drivers, to maintain the adrenalin rush.

Although they are prone to taking risks, these men take their time to make important decisions and usually don’t do matters hastily. They don’t get attached easily, and for them it is a big decision when they need to make a move towards serious commitment with a woman.

She needs to be special and they need to be very much in love and certain that she is the one to make that decision.

These men are honest and don’t like to lead on others with false promises and deceptions. They honestly say how they feel and let people decide whether their conditions are suitable for them or not.

These men usually take their time to get to know a person before they bond with them. They don’t rush into relationships and they often prefer to be friends with a girl before beginning to date her seriously.

That way he will have time to get to know her and realize whether he wants something more than friendship without hurting anyone’s feelings. These men don’t like to be pressured by others into doing things, and that could be a certain way to get them out of your life.

Even when they are in a relationship or marriage, they like to keep a part of their freedom and be able to do things he enjoys. Their woman needs to be understanding of this need and support him.

That way she will only gain his affection and loyalty. He is usually not prone to cheating and he cannot stand jealousy and nagging. Lack of trust is something he cannot tolerate from his woman, and that can be the way out of his heart.

An Aquarius man might surprise you with his unpredictability and sudden reactions. These reactions are a part of their personality and are nothing strange. They are a sign ruled by Uranus, who rules sudden and unpredictable situations, dramatic changes, and transforming events.

The Aquarius man has a lot of these traits incorporated in his personality. These men are prone to making uncompromising decisions when they feel that they are in their best interests. They can be brutally decisive when the situation asks that of them. These men are also brutally honest and their honesty might be offensive to people who don’t know them well.

It is important to note that they don’t have a bad intention and they simply say what they mean.

Their woman must be intelligent and interesting. She must keep him interested and amazed by what she has to say. She doesn’t have to be beautiful if she has the ability to make him respect her and admire her wit.

These men are stimulated by someone’s personality and intelligence, and the physical side of the relationship is of secondary importance to them.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women are very passionate and have strong emotions. These women are very temperamental and they don’t hesitate to speak their mind.

They can be brutally honest and direct and their approach can be considered offensive by many people who are not strong enough to accept being told the truth. She is very objective and her words aim to help people change for the better and not to offend anyone.

They have strong and determined personalities and they go after their desires. These women are very independent and confident in their abilities to achieve success. Whatever they set their mind into usually becomes a reality.

These women possess strong magnetism which attracts both men and women. They often have a gift of feeling other people’s motives and intentions, and sometimes they can literally read people’s minds.

They often have psychic abilities which enable them to have a glimpse into the future. People find them mysterious and they are drawn to their magnetic energy. They are often interested in secret knowledge and discovering the truths of the Universe.

Scorpio women possess powerful energy which enables them to achieve seemingly impossible things. They don’t get discouraged easily, and obstacles make them more determined to succeed. Difficulties only make these women stronger.

These women (and Scorpio men) are excellent psychologists and have an inner knowing of human nature. They instinctively know what to say or do to make things unfold in their desired direction.

They can be considered manipulative, and they sometimes are, but in fact, they are simply using their natural abilities to their advantage.

Scorpio women are very sensual and love physical as well as emotional intimacy. They prefer men who are passionate as much as they are, but they also need to be emotional as well to match their personality. These women desire a strong man by their side, not to rely on them but to be partners.

Many of these women have dominant personalities and they love organizing others and telling them what to do. These traits are not accepted by men who have similar characters, and these types of Scorpio women often end up with men with weaker personalities because they are the only ones who can agree to their attitude and bossy nature.

Many of the Scorpio women are not aware of their characters and their nosiness.

They have the need to mind other people’s business and give unwanted advice. They do it with the best intentions in their mind, but most people don’t like to be told what to do, Scorpio women in particular. They often need to control their temperament and refrain from interfering in other people’s lives.

These women are good organizers and are able to manage all their affairs, both business and private with perfection.

They are ambitious and enjoy being successful in their career, but they are also good wives and mothers who make sure all things are taken care of. 

Love Compatibility

A love relationship between an Aquarius man and the Scorpio woman can be an interesting match. These two can be attracted to each other because they are both strong individuals and different from most people.

They will both be attracted by each other’s intelligence and at first their relationship might appear like a good idea.

The relationship between these two might work out only if they are willing to make some compromise.

She won’t be able to behave bossy in the presence of this man and will need to respect his decisions as well as his need to keep a part of his independence in their relationship. That won’t be easy because she tends to be possessive.

If he wants to be with this woman, he will need to accept her strong and dominant nature and find a way to keep his individuality while being with her.

If they are not able to resolve the issues which are inevitable in this relationship conflicts and disagreements will occur and eventually lead to its end. 

Marriage Compatibility

Aquarius man and a Scorpio woman can manage to sustain their marriage with a lot of effort and compromise on both sides.

If they are both behaving stubborn and want to impose their will onto the other, this marriage won’t last long.

They are bound to have arguments and disagreements which will weaken the bond between them and eventually end the marriage.

If they have some other mutual bonds in their natal charts, this marriage union could be a good one.


The Aquarius man and the Scorpio woman could be impressed with each other’s qualities.

They usually find each other interesting and love spending time with each other. They both respect each other’s individuality and ability to speak their minds without fear of consequences. They often have some similar areas of interests and can be good friends.

Cool Facts

The Scorpio woman is very passionate and the Aquarius man is not that passionate.

However, this woman’s passion will light this man’s imagination and they can have some wonderful moments together.

They both find each other extraordinary.


The Aquarius man and the Scorpio woman can establish and maintain a good relationship with one another, but they need a bit of adjusting of their characters and accepting each other’s differences.

If they manage to do that, they can have an inspiring and rewarding relationship where both of them can grow.