Aquarius Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Looking for information about someone you like can be overwhelming. Also, you can often make wrong conclusions based on the data you have collected. Today, the main source of information about someone is the internet and the person’s social profiles.

The problem with social profiles is that many people present themselves in a different light than they actually are.

Also, you can get the wrong idea about this person’s life by looking at their pictures.

Another way to discover some details about the person you like is to use astrology. Astrology analysis of a person’s natal chart, or just their horoscope sign, can describe a person’s character in details.

Also, by using astrology, you can determine whether you are compatible with another person.

This is an astrology compatibility analysis and you do it by comparing the natal charts for both and determining the aspects between your planets. Good aspects denote a stable and lasting relationship, while bad aspects indicate conflicts, disagreements and endings of relationships.

To make someone’s metal chart, you need their exact time of birth, as well as their place and date of birth.

If you don’t have these data, you can still use their horoscope sign traits and compare them to your horoscope sign traits, to determine your compatibility and the potential issues which can arise between you two. Their horoscope sign will also give you information about their personality.

In this article, we give you a comparison of the horoscope traits of the Aquarius man and the Virgo woman and their compatibility in various relationships.

Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man is an unusual being, and often very unpredictable. The sign of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of destruction, nuclear power, transformation, sudden events, unpredictability, technology, electric energy, etc. The influence of this planet makes these men very intelligent and different from other people.

These men (just like Aquarius women) are often visionaries who have a gift to see into the future and in some cases create things which will benefit the humankind.

Aquarius men are humanitarians with kind hearts, always ready to help, not just the people who are close to them, but also strangers. They help others selflessly, and without expecting anything in return. These men are loyal friends and some of their friendships last a lifetime.

They love being around people, although they might appear a bit timid at first, before they get to know someone. When they relax in someone’s presence they begin showing their true nature.

These men don’t care much about what others think about them. They often have different points of view and beliefs, and many people consider them weird or unadjusted. These men often have the ability to see through people’s motives and they avoid the ones who don’t have good intentions towards them.

Uranus also rules aviation, astronomy, and extreme events. That drives these men towards extreme sports and activities. They love boosting their adrenaline. These men often choose their professions in Uranus ruled fields, such as electronics, technology, IT sector, innovations, etc. They are drawn to discoveries and new things.

A typical Aquarius man is very creative and full of ideas. His mind is always focused on finding ways to turn his ideas into reality. They can be very opinionated and have strong reactions to other people’s opinions, convincing them that they are wrong.

These men are usually calm and relaxed, but they can have outbursts of anger when provoked by something or someone. Their sudden reactions usually surprise people who are not used that they behave in such a manner.

These men don’t like to be told what to do, and they rebel authorities since their young age.

Their lives can often be filled with some abrupt endings in various areas of their lives. Most of these men have quit their job at least once in their lives due to some circumstances that they were not able to tolerate. They are also prone to sudden endings of relationships or marriages.

These men love women who are smart and independent. The woman they fall in love with must be someone they could admire and be able to learn from. Their woman needs to be interesting enough to keep their attention indefinitely, and she needs to have an attitude.

Women who are weak and could be easily manipulated, as well as women who are nagging, clingy, possessive, and jealous, don’t have anything to do in this man’s life. Aquarius men don’t like such women, and that behavior freaks them out.

When a woman begins behaving in such a manner it is a sure sign that she will chase this man away from her.

Aquarius men are hard to commit, but when they make that decision they are usually loyal and devoted to the woman they have chosen. If that woman demonstrates a lack of trust in their honesty and behavior, that could cause a great disappointment in this man.

He is not possessive and allows his woman the same freedom that he asks for himself, and he expects her to respect that. He doesn’t control her movement because he trusts her, and expects her to do the same.

These men love their freedom very much and keeping a part of it is an important part of the commitment deal for many of these men. They take their time when deciding whether to commit to a woman, and the main reason for that is their fear of losing their independence and freedom.

These men often prefer a friendship relationship with a woman before they realize if she is the one they should be with or not. These men are very honest and don’t like to lead people on.

They are straightforward with their feelings and if they feel that a woman is not the right one for them, they will openly say that to her.

Aquarius men often don’t care much about physical appearance and material things. They love financial security that money and possessions bring, but they don’t enjoy spending it, especially spending it on things like clothes and luxury items.

These men are not bothered by social rules and sometimes enjoy breaking them.

They accept people as they are and don’t try to change anyone. They also don’t like to be pressured into changing to please someone.

Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman often appears very reserved and strict. She often is like that. These women often have a set of unwritten rules about different life matters they obey and often try making others obey them. They can be prone to criticizing and telling others what to do.

These women often have a high opinion of themselves and are convinced that they are always right.

They often act like that unconsciously, but it is a part of their character. Such behavior makes people avoid them, and often causes problems in their relationships, especially their romantic relationships because no one wants to be told what to do.

These women have an eye for details and are excellent at organizing things. They are good at communicating their thoughts and ideas to others and can often be so straightforward to the point of offending people. She doesn’t have a problem telling others her opinion and criticizing them, but she does have a problem accepting others criticizing her and telling her their opinion about her.

These women have a very developed ego, and can’t accept criticism on their account.

Fortunately, in time many Virgo women change their character and become more tolerant towards others.

A Virgo woman can also be very controlling and prone to organize others. That is good if it is a part of her job, but when she does that in her private life, with the people who are close to her, that becomes a problem. Her desire to have every circumstance under her control has a good intention behind, but she often has problems because of it.

First, her controlling attitude causes her issues with the people she tries to control, and second, it causes her stress because she is not able to manage to keep everything under control.

This woman also has a habit of criticizing others (usually the ones that are close to her, and often live with her) for doing things in a way different from the way she does these things.

Her requests are usually considered unreasonable and over the edge and she often gets into conflicts with the ones she demands to follow her way of doing things. Her main task is to learn to respect other people’s individuality and accept them as they are, without trying to change them.

Besides these negative traits, Virgo women are kind beings who love to be of service to others. Most of their negative traits come from their desire to do good for everyone concerned, without realizing that she is controlling people that way.

These women are not very passionate and they don’t show their affection easily, especially in public places.

They need to relax completely before demonstrating their emotions to others. They prefer tenderness to intimacy, but are able to relax and enjoy with the man they love.

These women are very supportive to the men they love, and often help them achieve their goals. Although usually ambitious and career oriented, these women know when the time is to devote their lives to creating their own family.

They are good with money, and love the security it provides them. They are not known as the spenders in the Zodiac and prefer saving money.

Virgo women are reliable and trustworthy. They are loyal and faithful, and expect the same from their man. They take good care of their man and their children, and enjoy pampering them.

She also loves to be pampered and loves the expression of love and devotion from her man and children.

Love Compatibility

A typical Aquarius man and a Virgo woman are not a compatible couple. The main reason for that is the difference between their characters.

The Aquarius man loves his freedom more than anything, and doesn’t like to be controlled, criticized about his actions, and told what to do. The Virgo woman has a habit of organizing others, telling others what to do, and mostly, criticizing others.

Their traits could lead to conflicts and disagreements, and these two would not be able to maintain their relationship unless there are some other influences between their natal charts which bring them closer and keep them together.

Otherwise, their characters and the difference of interests will keep them apart or end their relationship. 

Marriage Compatibility

If an Aquarius man and a Virgo woman get married, that marriage doesn’t have a good chance of lasting, if these two are typical representatives of their signs.

They could argue about the simplest things because they have opposing characters.

She does things that he absolutely detests, and he is a guy she would rather criticize than support.

These two probably marry because they have some other influences which bond them and make their relationship stable and harmonious. If possible, this marriage should be avoided because it doesn’t have much chance of being a harmonious and lasting one. 


An Aquarius man and a Virgo woman are rarely friends.

They might find each other interesting to a certain point because they are very intelligent and have what to say to each other, but they don’t have many mutual interests which could keep them together for a long time. They usually enjoy talking to each other.

This could be an on and off friendship where these two see each other occasionally, when there is an opportunity to participate in some activity which interests them both.

Cool Facts

Both Uranus and Mercury, the ruling planets of the signs of Aquarius and Virgo, rule intelligence, but different types of intelligence.

While Uranus rules sudden otherworldly intelligent insights, discoveries and intellectual progress, Mercury rules everyday intelligence, the one that is applicable in everyday matters. 


The Aquarius man and the Virgo woman usually don’t make a good match.

These two have some similarities, but their differences are far bigger than the good sides of their relationship.

It would be wise to avoid the relationship if they can. That way they can avoid certain conflicts, disagreements, and eventual break-up.