Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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For eons and centuries, immeasurable vastness of the space has been intriguing the humankind.

Interestingly, it seems that our ancient ancestors were in closer connection with the divine forces of the heavens above than we are today.

Modern world is technical and scientific; the old world could be considered more spiritual and even magical. Transitions from ancient to modern we call progress.

However, maybe we distanced ourselves from forces that greatly affect our lives, in our strive to explain everything logically.

Nevertheless, ancient disciplines, such as astrology, still live on, although they are unofficial and considered alternative and pseudo approaches.

We would like to remind you that astrology, regardless of its spiritual nature, has all elements as any other acknowledged modern scientific discipline.

Astrology is something more than zodiac signs, although people usually take it for granted, associating the whole discipline with their native signs. It is not that simple at all.

There are many things to consider when analyzing a birth chart, for example.

Your ‘horoscope sign’, the native sign, is one piece of the puzzle that is your natal chart.

Sun Sign

This piece of puzzle is, however, very important one. The Sun sign is the central point in your birth chart, being the defining one, in terms of personal traits, temperament and character.

Simply put, the Sun sign is a person’s Ego, his or hers true, genuine self. The Sun is a principle of life and creation.

Many ancient supreme deities that are, by default, associated with creation myths, are sun gods.

The Sun represents who you are as a person. It is one of the personal planets, which are, also, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. The Sun determines the basics and the most active principles.

The Sun encircles your major traits, the type of your temperament and character as it is. It is about your attitude, dynamics, self-confidence and progress.

It stands for concepts of glory, nobility, warmth, generosity, openheartedness, bravery, knighthood and positivity. Of course, the Sun’s energy manifests as such if aspects are good.

The sign the sun matches, the native sign, will determine the way and the manner of expression of these values and concepts in one’s life.

The field the Sun matches determines the area of your life in which you will have the best opportunity to prove yourself.

The Sun also represents your goals, ambitions and greatly affects your motivation.

It is the planet of vitality, personal strength, mental strength and conscious mind. Its energy is bold, direct and openly manifesting.

Sun in Scorpio

Scorpios are the one of the most mysterious signs of the Zodiac. Many would say they are enigmatic, mysterious, not easy to see through and exotic, in a way.

These people make an impression wherever they show up, even if they remain silent and do not try to take the spotlight.

Although sometimes they might appear as if they are uncomfortable with all that attention, the truth is they enjoy it in their own mysterious Scorpio way.

Scorpios are beings made of intense emotions, very strong, self-controlled, but also very passionate ones.

These people do not openly show all their intentions and commonly none of their true emotions.

However, Scorpio’s mask is not a lie; it is what Scorpio is. These people are honest and honorable. Loyalty and devotion are their principles.

Scorpios are fatally loyal and ready to sacrifice themselves for another or for their cause or else.

They are guided by ideals and passion. Their intuition serves them almost perfect all along the way. They do not let people in their life easily.

Sometimes they do play hard to get. However, once they let you in, they will offer you their own soul and heart on a silver plate.

They love passionately; it applies to not only romantic relationship, but also anything worthy of love in a Scorpio’s life.

These people are possessive and demanding. Betrayal, dishonesty and injustice hurt them badly, although they would never show it.

Moon Sign

The Moon represents something entirely different and yet inseparable from the Sun sign.

The Moon is sub conscious mind, the realm of imagination, of dreams and mystery.

The Moon is, above all, about emotions. The Moon sign defines you as a being made of emotion. The Moon and its strange, mysterious vibrations affect all our feelings.

It has always been associated with mystical phenomena and knowledge beyond our consciousness. Just as the Sun is the ruler of the day, the Moon rules the nightly sky.

Moreover, it is changeable; it travels fast throughout the Zodiac and it visibly changes its phases. The Moon’s phases are common culprit for all sorts of turbulent emotions.

However, its changeability is necessary. It makes us flexible, adaptable, understanding, and capable of feeling something that is not as easy to experience by only using senses and reason.

The Moon makes us soft when needed, compassionate and empathic. It inspires our creative mind with dreams and fantasies. The Moon is your inner voice.

The house it matches represents the area of life that nurtures your emotional self and at the same time the one you would most likely be emotionally vulnerable about.

Your Moon sign is kind of a channel for your emotional energy.

Depending on the very nature of the sign and on other aspects, your Moon energy is going to flow smoothly or not.

Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon in Sagittarius makes for an idealistic, philosophical being, more guided by reason than emotions, but still full of joy, enthusiasm and youthfulness, for which emotionality is crucial.

Sagittarius Moon people are always in search for higher knowledge and purpose and they approach everything with openness of the mind. They are explorative and eager to learn more and more.

They particularly enjoy traveling and meeting new people, learning from them and about them. They feel the best if they can pass down their wisdom and knowledge to someone else.

Moon Sagittarius people are idealists, seekers and adventurers, especially when it comes to learning.

A Moon Sagittarius would rather travel to some foreign city than into the wild; they are social people and humankind is what interests them.

They are tolerant and curious. Their emotional being is satisfied when learning and discovering.

Moon Sagittarius believes in ultimate categories, such as Love, Justice, and Goodness.

Their overall impression of the world is positive. They feel there is so much more to discover, every day. They are honest, joyful people, in search for spiritual depths.

Spirituality makes for a great part of one Moon Sagittarius’ personality.

They believe our purpose is to reach the purest form of ultimate life values, such as those mentioned. They also believe it is possible.

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon Personality

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon is an intriguing personality, indeed.

With all the emotional depth of a Scorpio and philosophical mind of a Sagittarius, this person is fully dedicated to anything of his or hers interests.

These people are fanatically obsessed and enthusiastic about things that move them and it is as good as it is bad. It makes them either super euphoric or hollow, once the inspiration is gone.

However, at such times they retreat and introspect. They analyze their own being, thinking about what is it that they truly want in life.

This is a complicated personality; asking such questions is normal, but Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon will go deeper than others, until they have explored various paths, spiritual, philosophical and else.

Moreover, they are daring, when it comes to that.

Scorpio Sun is not afraid of being hurt, if he or she deems the situation worthy of it.

They do not care about it; if the situation sparks up their flame of passion, if it seduces them and intrigue them and, most importantly, if they see some heroic cause in it, they will gladly suffer.

Their Sagittarius Moon here gives a philosophical touch to it and makes them even more idealistic and fatalistic.

Good Traits

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon is a person who loves learning, one that is open-minded and curious. They are wise, rather than simply being intelligent.

These people are a good company from which you can learn many things about how the world and the people function.

They love this tutorship role and they are excellent in it. Proud and independent, polite, noble and wise are Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon people. Many would describe them as energetic and outstanding.

Bad Traits

Bad sides of this combination easily show up with bad aspects, because there are too many extremes in this personality.

They could become sickly obsessed with their ideas and that is the culprit of everything else turning bad with this person.

They could become very chaotic, if they place themselves before too many grandiose existential questions.

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon in Love and Marriage

These are natural born seducers. They have charms, wits, good talk and fatal looks.

Even if they are not physically considered particularly good looking, their aura is simply magnetic.

They are loyal, honest and devoted lovers. They are very passionate, like all Scorpios and adventurous like Sagittarius.

They need freedom in a relationship, but they would never ever cheat on their lover or anything like that.

Best Match for Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon

The best match for these highly intellectual and deeply emotional people is someone to intrigue their curious mind and awaken their flame of passion.

It is a person one of a kind, not as easy to find.

They know no compromises in love. They will know when such a person steps into their life and they will most likely blow his or her mind away.

It commonly happens that it was someone who shares his or her values, but completely the opposite in expressing it.


These people possess eagerness and youthfulness of Sagittarius, which makes them very dynamic and more sociable than typical Scorpios.

They are more ready to open up to people, but still they maintain their aura of mysticism.

With good aspects, it all works fine. These are noble people, living by principles of ultimate values and passionate about it.