Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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When you are romantically interested in some person, there’s nothing you won’t be able to do to acquire information about them. You want to know what they do in life, are they single, what are their interests, what partners do they like, etc.

Some of this information you can gather through their social profiles. One thing you cannot certainly discover through scouring their social profiles is the fact of how compatible you two are.

The means through which you can discover your compatibility with another person is astrology.

By making a natal chart for both you and the individual you are interested in, and comparing the planetary placements in both your charts, you can discover in details how compatible you are with this person.

You can do that by determining the aspects between both your planetary positions and their meanings. If the meanings of the aspects are good in general, so will the relationship between you be, and if the overall aspects are not good, the relationship often doesn’t have a future.

A natal chart of a person also gives you a lot of details about a person’s character, so you can also be aware of the personality of the individual you are interested in.

To do a natal chart, you will need the person’s birth info and yours as well. That means, you will need the accurate time of birth, as well as place and date of birth.

Acquiring this information about another person whom you don’t know well could pose a problem because it might put you in a position of looking weird and rude, and if that is the case, you also have another option.

You can ask for their horoscope sign, which is a less private question.

Horoscope signs have general traits which are shared among people born under the same sign, and by comparing the traits of two signs you can discover how two people might get along in a relationship.

In this text, we are giving details about the compatibility between a Scorpio man and a Capricorn woman in various relationships.

Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is an epitome of masculinity and confidence. These men are determined to pursue and accomplish their dreams. They are also tactful, unlike some fire sign men who often use brutal force to achieve what they want. These men are very good tacticians and also good psychologists.

They are able to read people’s minds and know exactly what to expect from them as well as how to behave.

They are often interested in the mysteries of life and secrets excite them. Many Scorpio men (like Scorpio women) study secret knowledge and are interested in pseudosciences such as numerology, astrology, channeling, etc. A woman who shares such interests with them will immediately arouse their interest.

These men have great confidence in their abilities and have faith in the success of their actions. They don’t approve of excuses and weaknesses, and appreciate people who acknowledge their mistakes. Unlike many men, Scorpio men like women with strong personalities. They represent a challenge for this man.

A woman who is not a challenge, a woman who is weak and is constantly complaining, won’t catch his attention. He also loves mystery, and not being able to determine the girl’s thoughts, sets his imagination on fire.

Scorpio men have very passionate nature and expect their women to have a similar response. They usually don’t like shy women and they don’t mind if a girl is open about her desires. He is turned on by that, but afterwards he might not consider that girl as an adequate person for a long-term relationship. These men often have a lot of experience with women.

They have a magnetic personality and women (and people in general) are drawn to them. Because of that, they have many options and choices, and they often use them. Scorpios can be very promiscuous, but also faithful, when the right girl appears.

Deep down, these men crave for a long-term, committed relationship with a woman they will establish a profound connection both on a mental and a physical level. When such a woman appears, they forget about anything else. These men are very emotional and their emotions can be easily hurt. Having such a powerful personality, when these men are hurt, their reactions can be extreme.

They can range from destructive to self-destructive behavior. Some of these men are capable of harming the person who has hurt them, or continuing to harm other women who come to their lives afterwards.

Some are able to harm themselves, through self-destructive behavior, such as hurting themselves physically, drinking, doing drugs, or through some other reckless and harming behavior.

Their powerful personality can be intimidating to many people. Scorpio men possess enormous energy which is almost visible. This amount of energy of not used properly can cause great damage. If used for creative purposes, their energy can create miracles. These men often lack tolerance, and that is something they need to work on.

Scorpio men are usually very successful. They usually have their goals set and they pursue them unstoppably until they reach them. They always put challenges before themselves and aim high.

One of their significant traits is their brutal honesty. These men will tell everything in your face, regardless of the fact if you cannot accept that. They believe that everyone should speak their mind, and they want others to be honest towards them. Scorpio men are capable of handling the truth, and deal with it. What they cannot tolerate is lying and dishonesty.

If a woman is lying to this man, she might never get another chance with him. That is one of the worst traits according to this man. If you don’t have an incredibly good reason for lying to him, you better forget about him because he certainly will forget about you, no matter how attached he is to you.

Trustworthiness and respect are one of the main traits his woman must possess. If he cannot trust you, and you treat him with disrespect, then you are not appropriate to be in his life.

This man is traditional and although he respects independent and capable women, he needs to be the man in the relationship and decide on its dynamics. If you cannot accept that, you probably won’t end up as his woman.

If this man chooses you to be his woman, you should consider yourself very special. To deserve such a place, a woman must go through a series of tests and when she does pass them, the final reward is himself, in his best edition. 

Capricorn Woman

A Capricorn woman is a lady with a strong personality. She appears distant and reserved, but that appearance often hides a fire inside. This woman needs time to get to know someone to relax. She protects her privacy and doesn’t have the need to share it with strangers and people she doesn’t care about.

Many people can consider her cold and bitchy because of that, but she really doesn’t care about other people’s opinions about her. She is very proud and confident and defends her beliefs.

She doesn’t have a problem speaking her mind, and she is often considered too direct and brutally honest. She also doesn’t have a problem when others are being direct towards her, and she can handle their truth very well.

The Capricorn woman is usually very ambitious and successful. Her career is very important and she puts in effort into her continuous advancement. One of her primary goals is climbing up the ladder of success. She is usually well-off financially and able to provide herself a relaxed lifestyle. This woman enjoys taking care of herself, and she always finds time for that.

Even if she has her own family, she prefers to keep some of the benefits of her single lifestyle and often manages to do that. She is a good wife and mother, but she manages to fight her right to have someone to help her with her choice, as well as for the time to dedicate it to taking care of her body, through beauty treatments, gym, massages, etc.

This woman desires a man who is equally or more successful than she is. She expects him to be able of providing for the family and their needs, and she supports him in his achievements.

Although most Capricorn women continue pursuing their own careers, parallel to their role of a wife and mother, many of them are willing to stay at home and take care of the house, her husband and the kids, but only if their man is capable to provide them all extremely well.

This woman is not a very traditional type, but she is smart enough to give over the steering wheel to her man, if he proves that he deserves that. A Capricorn woman will always find something meaningful to occupy herself with. she is way too ambitious to become a mere housewife. But she is more than satisfied to be a rich housewife.

Capricorn women are usually very emotional and passionate, although they don’t appear as such. They need a man who is capable of fulfilling their emotional, as well as physical needs.

They are good mothers, although at times might appear strict and demanding. They behave like that because they want their children to acquire some good habits and discipline which will benefit them in the future.

A Capricorn woman is the whole package, and is a real deal for a man who knows what he wants.

Love Compatibility

The Scorpio man and a Capricorn woman are a very good match. These two have similar characters, and are both very strong personalities. The Capricorn woman desires to have a strong and smart man beside her, and the Scorpio man is exactly like that.

The Scorpio man will appreciate her personality and her attitude, and he will be attracted to her indifference and distance at first.

These two need time to get to know each other, but when they do, they become inseparable.

Her personality is dominant, but she is willing to give up of that part of herself for a man like the Scorpio man.

She respects his power and he is the kind of man that she imagines by her side. These two have a great chance of getting old together, unless there are some other influences in their charts which point otherwise.

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between a Scorpio man and a Capricorn woman is a common thing. These two often end up together in a marriage union.

The main reason is that they share so many common traits and beliefs.

They are good for each other, and have a great dose of mutual respect. They both admire each other because of their personalities and they easily find a common language and agree on almost anything.

They are good partners and good parents. They both participate in the children’s education, and make sure their children respect them. They both try to instill their values in their children, and that is something they consider very important. 


A Scorpio man and a Capricorn woman make wonderful friends. They have similar interests and both enjoy their activities together.

These two often share the interest in history and often travel to the same places where they can enjoy expanding their knowledge on these subjects.

Cool Facts

The Capricorn woman is usually very reserved, but the Scorpio man has a way of getting her to relax quickly in his presence.

That is partially because of his great experience with women, and partially because of the natural connection which exists between these two.

They have a lot of mutual attraction towards one another, and they usually get along great in bed. 


A Scorpio man and a Capricorn woman make great partners. They are good as girlfriend and boyfriend, husband and wife, as well as friends.

If there aren’t any malefic influences in their natal chart, the relationship between them has a great chance of being a lasting and harmonious one, to their mutual satisfaction.